Mashup by Ken Sheetz from Nasa PhotosWhen last we left my super-self in deep space, it was September 22nd 2015, and 19 remaining asteroids were hurtling for earth. This despite the 9 asteroids I’d already mentally destroyed the night of the 21st in an all-niter of 9 planetary meditations back to back. The 28 original asteroids are the nasty mental product of a fear soaked imagination of rapture doom from an obscure Reverend in Puerto Rico. But because humanity’s fear had grown so high, these fantasies of asteroid doom had to nonetheless be debunked by NASA.

The nineteen remaining asteroids visualized by the believers in this Apocalyptic nuttiness of the Reverend and his followers are still enough to wipe humanity from the planet, my higher ET self Ohom tells me, because the Reverend’s fears of doom have tapped into the upcoming Super Blood moon of 9/28/15.

Destroying the first 9 meteors in meditation the night before, some birthday, proved far more challenging and exhausting than I’d imagined.  See Prt 1 Prt 2 before reading onward to get the whole picture of my longest meditation series of my planet saving hobby so far.

Oh, and save the straitjacket, doubters. I don’t literally believe I physically fly into space and smash asteroids with my bare hands. But I do know in my heart that on some level of reality these meditations truly do help in some small way to protect the positive side of our global consciousness. We are all Messiahs these day. No single being is coming to save us.

At the very least these planetary meditations are healing for me as an individual.  And since we’re all connected and every little bit helps. Last its way more fun to experience all these 5D visions than to watch even a great movie like THE MARTIAN for this story-teller of the light.

cropped-is-the-meditation-done-yet.jpg Yes, I’ve come to accept the power of positive vision, which me and others like me are doing every day all over the world to wipe out negative visions as old as the Mayan Calendar.  At his stage, 5 years into my awakening, I just accept and go where I am told by my higher self, Ohom, a 7 foot tall Insectoid from the world of Nektar.

Ohom’s DreamShield planetary missions he guides me to, some at very obscure and unplanned locations, have carried me all the way to Antarctica in real life on 12/12/12. These mission have led to my current home base, Sedona. Sedona is famed for its vortexes and rich soil filled with crystal and iron, which naturally boosts the power of my DreamShield Planetary meditations.

This also led to…proud plug… filming scientist Patrick in Sedona for two years now for a new DVD called THE NEUROPHONE EXPERIENCE just released on Amazon by yours truly, a modern-day Don Quixote. My Hollywood dream begun in 2003 after a highly successful real estate career goes on. Expect my long neglected Antarctica 12.12.12 meditation DVD soon. Stay tuned here and on DreamShield.org for the announcement.  And there will be a private screening party here in Sedona and/or LA.


Because the 9/21 meditations went on into the wee hours of the morning of 9/22 and were exhausting as hell, I gave myself two solid days to blog about asteroid 1-9. Good thing I finished all that meditating and blog writing before my sick brother made an emotional attack on me using my mother as his pawn on the afternoon of 9/22.

Mom resisted my lost ex-convict brother’s insistence to hassle me on my birthday, the 21st. My brother was acting out as he’s in deep pain from the fact I am holding firm to my 2013 vow that he must stay sober a full year or he stays out of my life. My tough love is predicated by the doctors all warning me, after he came out of 3 week induced coma, that my out of control bro would die if he ever drank again. On my 2013 birthday my brother heard my warning and promised me he’d never drink again.  But in 2014 addiction recaptured him and my brother began drinking again in Florida in spectacular fashion and we’ve not spoken since.

So think it’s an accident that only 1/3 of the way through the series of 28 meditations my lost brother tells my mother he wants metal sculpture back he gave me for my 42nd birthday to mess with my head?  He claimed to mom the sculpture was done for his share of 1993 TV show I made called Cook & Rock and he now wanted it back. When my mom called me her voice was so filled with emotion I thought she was going to tell me my lost brother had perished of drink. The poor 87 year-old woman, who has single-handily kept my brother alive was since his spectacular 2014 fall they landed him on Florida NBC TV as a dog abuser, worried about my bitter brother’s claim he’d come to my door in Sedona with the cops if I did not send him the sculpture back.

I said as sweetly as I could, “Relax, mom. Fred’s mad at me for keeping my word he must be clean and sober or 12 months solid to reenter my life. He has no real claim on the sculpture but let him know it will be shipped out to him tomorrow.”  Mom thanked me profusely and continued to share the horror story my brother’s ruined life until I cut her short. “Mom, please. Join me in this intervention to save him. You’re only making it take longer for your son to hit bottom by enabling him.” Mom did not want to hear this about her favorite son as needing her intervention. And so, after my thanking mom for not bothering me with my brother attack on my birthday, we made our goodbyes.


At the end of prt 2 of these meditations I asked for guidance on a visualization of how to rid our dream skies of the doomsayers the asteroids 19 remaining all at once. Much needed after the psychic attack I warded off of my sick brother that day. How amazing I asked spirit for guidance of a way to beat all 19 asteroids at once before all that old family broken record of addiction that robbed me of a normal childhood with aunts and uncles dying off left and right and father who became demon when he drank.

So no sooner did I close my eyes, transform into the Super hero of Superman and fly from Sedona, did I have the super solution. I rocketed for the 199 asteroids hurting for earth.  I felt the menace of these damned asteroids, brimming with humanity’s suicidal negative energy in the form of, you guessed it, addiction.

The very addiction energy killing my baby brother, only 18 months my junior.  Practically my twin.  Sober my brother is a powerful man to have in my corner. But drunk he represents all that was wrong with my drunkard father squared.  Drunk my brother becomes jealous of anyone kind to me, male or female, and resentful of any luck in life. When he’s sick with booze poisoning his mind my kid brother is capable of freaky behaviors; like popping out of manhole covers like a crazed gopher, perching on your rooftop like a demented vulture and messing with all of us in the family living normal addiction free lives, including his own son and my kids. His rage at our healthy lifestyles knows no boundaries. Mass murder seems not out of the question, which terrifies my mother.  As for me. Fear stopped motivating me to humor anyone with my awakening.

In meditation, my x-ray vision sees that all 19 of these asteroids are filled with suicidal dark addiction energy. But I bravely rocket head-on for the menacing asteroids.  This doomsday rescue is personal and this one is for my addict brother and anyone on the earth stuck in addiction.

As the deadly asteroids near I recall my screenplay ELVIS AND ARMAGEDDON, a top ten finalist in a 1998 contest. The first draft of that screenplay was “1 Through 9” and it’s about two hillbilly brothers who must come to peace with each other before they can save earth from 9 asteroids. Coincidence that I was flying for 19 asteroids in meditation, a variant of 1-9? Not for this psychic screenwriter who predicted 911 five years before it happened. I take it as confirmation to knock these fucking asteroids out all at once.

11987212_10153195773617029_7282384572388521974_nIf you follow my DreamShield planetary meditations you know many of my meditations are about ending addiction on earth.  In 2010 I drew a diagram of a circle and a triangle at its center as a way to block the black hole to lead a group meditation in Nashville. My meditations show little mercy for the dark forces. I am a spirit warrior that takes no prisoners when it comes to addiction.  I will destroy this asteroids or die in bed back in Sedona rather than fail.

Then it hits me. “It’s a trap!” A sick looking purple energy of addiction beam lashes out for me from all 19 asteroids. I dodge and dart at super speed. If even one of the beams hit me I will fall into addiction myself. But before any of the 19 beams can lock onto me, a hard thing as I am traveling 12 times the speed of light – I use my super willpower to rip a black hole in the fabric of space at the center of the train of 19 asteroids.

Instantly all 19 asteroids are sucked to the purple vortex beyond this universe. I visualize all of the addictive fear based asteroids off to a nether-dimension from which they will never return. The 19 asteroids rage with a wail impossible to describe as they vanish.

But the killer asteroids aren’t done with me yet. They reach out foe me as one telepathically and yank me for the black. If I fall in there Ohom warns me that I’ll pop out in alley in my home town of Milwaukee, a heroin addict scrounging garbage can for breakfast, my sick brother grinning over me!

The rim of the black hole rushes for me. Desperate, I smack my super hands together with a clap louder than millions of thunder bolts. A cool trick as I am in the vacuum of space where no sound can exist. The black hole slams closed just before I am sucked into my own rage at addiction. Only deep love for saving my lost brother has saved me.  Free of the black holes pull I spin out of control from the momentum and crash-land back in my bed in Sedona.  I take a few deeps breaths and fall straight to a blissful night’s sleep.

The next day, the 23rd, which “happens” to be my addict father’s birthday, I write I loving letter to my brother telling him to look upon the guitar as my gift back to him to remind himself how talented he is. I say in the letter all he needs to do is be 12 months clean and sober and I will be waiting with open arms.

At the Sedona shipping store a customer raves over the beautiful metal guitar my clean and sober brother gave me 19 years ago. I realize right as the clerk starts packing that I was down to 19 asteroids to destroy with my Super Sheetz meditations before my brother asked for this art he created 19 years ago from love when the friendly customer asks me, “What’s the story is behind this amazing sculpture?

I simply smile sadly and say, “Long story.  Just returning it to the artist who loaned it to me for 19 years. He needs it back to get his life together.”

So here it is Sunday October 4th, 2015.  And we all still here on our troubled little blue ball. Earth saved.

Thanks, Ohom and Dreamshield and thanks to my brother, for whose recovery I meditate often, for inspiring the exciting conclusion to APOCALYPSE NOT. Get well, bro.

Ken Sheetz is a film maker and social media expert whose life has not been the same since his 2010 awakening in Italy. If you enjoy his meditation stories, packed with more excitement than most Hollywood films, and want make a contribution via Ken’s PayPal account it’s BuzzBroz@yahoo.com.


Greetings, Earth brothers and sisters!  Ken Sheetz  has given me permission to speak to you, dear reader, directly, about 11.11.11 and humanity’s ascension to a gentle 2012.

This is Ken’s higher self, Ohom. I am from, what you call, the Orion’s Belt star system.  My species looks much like yours except we are 7 feet tall and blue skinned and have wings.  We have lovingly watched over your species for eons.  Some have called us angels.

The good news for humanity is that at joyous events like DreamShield 11.11.11 The Ascension Convention, hosted by Ken and Laura De Leon, well over 5 million people meditated as one at 11:11 AM and PM across the face of the earth, setting the intention of ascension in motion.   Rejoice, for humankind has taken the first baby steps on a journey to the stars as a species capable of caring for your world and therefore full admittance to Galactic Society.

I warn you, however, despite your newfound 11.11.11 success, that ego plots against the heart like a dying movie villain trying to take all with him if he cannot win.  Stay true on the path of heart lest you lose your way like the 1960s when so many light children became ensnared by material pleasures and were consumed by ego.

The time has come to put thought into action. Do something peaceful yet powerful to shake off the greedy selfish ways of a world run by Ego and enter the Golden Age of Heart.

On behalf of all sentient members of Galactic Society, we congratulate you on climbing the 11 ladder on 11.11.11.  Your ascension is at last begun and begun well.  Know that we are at your side to guide and protect whenever you call upon us.



Ken Sheetz back on the computer.  I thought I was done blogging but another message is coming through from an earth angel pal of mine you’ve all met before, the fiery Angus McPherson. Angus leads the Galactic Enforcer Clan, here to help Earth prepare the way for the Shift, despite a temper that sometimes gets the best of him.  He’s a scary to some on the outside, good for his job, but he’s a sweetheart who in the end always gives mercy to those deserving it rather than his swift sword.

In spring of this year, 2011, I witness Angus aid Archangel Michael and a host of his warrior clan touch down in Rome and do battle dark forces that have been corrupting the Catholic Church.  I saw many demons slain to give the church a chance for a clean start.  The victory was swift and sure.  Even now thinking back on this stunning vision, which I’ve told only a few people about until now, gives me chills.  Angus asks now I pass over the computer keyboard to him…

Ocuppy Wall Street Potestors Console Each Other At Zuccotti Park Evictions - Photo Huffington Post

Aye, one look at the day’s news of evictions of the Occupy protestors sweeping the world shows me that my work as a galactic enforcer is far from over!

My hope is that it be of some comfort to you to know that I’ve been in hard at work the eviction business myself for close to a year now.  Truth be known, skirmishes been afoot ever since my delivering the Galactic Council’s eviction notice under the treaty of Pangea. 

Fairly given on December 31, 2010 at 11:59 Earth PST, this eviction notice is for all hostile ET forces to comply with the non-interference provisions or to depart this world via “Love Boats” we have provided no later than December 21, 2012.

Take heart lads and lasses, although the dark forces that have dominated your world for eons, pitting you one against another for pure sport, taking your gold off world to their own and leaving you with on holographic forgeries, and countless other atrocities that make my blood boil,  are demonstrating with their spiteful ways that they will fight to the very end!   Come 12.21.12, the dark ones cannot prevail against your determination and sheer numbers, not to mention the aid of Galactic Society for your ascension as full members.  The dark ones efforts to starve you out, to mock you, the harm you are all being recorded by the beings of light and come 2012 there will be penalties long overdue for these stubborn usurpers.

Aye, my eviction continues as do their evictions of Occupy which serve as a mockery for the kindness we have extended .  Hold firm and be of good cheer.  They can’t stand love in the face of how they seek to throw you into fear.  You victory is assured as I, and the rest of my clan, round the all up.  We do this from Love until the final chance for them to vacate earth come 12.21.12.  After such time there may be no love boats.

Change is coming and we salute you for your bravery and desire for a world where all shall live in joy and abundance.

Your faithful servant,

Angus McPherson

On 11.09.11 I had a vision of Angus and his eviction work.  Seeking a major hostile ET clean up in advance of the many 11.11.11 events happening around the world a battle took place in the sewers deep beneath Wall Street.  All hostile ETs surrendered rather than be slain by Angus and his enforcer clan.

But no “Love Boats” were in earth orbit at that time for evacuations.   But such is Angus’ unlimited power, I once saw him tosses away an entire enemy fleet with a wave of his arm, that Angus flew out over the Atlantic and raised the Titanic from its slumber and landed it at Battery Park to take the hostile ET forces off world.

So it’s no wonder after all that he’s angry about the evictions in Zucotti Park!  Stay tuned.  I have feeling Angus is up to something big in the quest for a gentle 2012.

11.11.11 Mystic Market

Tired of shopping at events held in cramped old hotels with expensive parking or in dusty conference halls with hard concrete floors and bad air? So were we!  So we created one of the most beautiful fresh air markets ever,

Between our dozen ascension workshops and great speakers, guest a shopped break and dined in vegan style and fresh air comfort at beautiful spiritual retreat Rancho De Las Palmas.

Green was the way for the Golden Age and DreamShield 11.11.11 The Ascension Convention, where Peter Pergelides with an assist from Ken Sheetz and Laura De Leon gathered together some of best exhibitors in the biz for our event.

Let’s start with our sponsors Earth Shift Products for 11.11.11’s tropical shopping retreat…



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Sam Kiwasz and his tight knit community of Sacared Friends are one of the most respected exhibitors in New Age community displaying the finest Miron Violet glass and other sacred merchandise.

Says Sam, ” Just before the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, an idea came to me while meditating on top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico. It was simply to create a sacred gathering space in my home where people could come on a weekly basis to support each other’s evolution. Thus was birthed “Transformational Friends of Santa Monica”.

We met every Wednesday night in my 2 bedroom apartment for 1 ½ years. Our evening consisted of a ½ hour silent meditation, music, speakers from the community and consciousness raising movies. We shared our hopes, dreams, fears, and I provided a wonderful wholesome meal for everyone. My intention was that anyone who came into my home would be uplifted on all levels just by being part of our community circle. We had as many as 40 attend my weekly gatherings at Transformational Friends.”

From that early beginning Sacred Friends has grown to include over 800 members.  Says customer and Sacred Friend Ken Sheetz,. DreamShield’s founder, “We are honored, of all the 11.11.11 events happening on this once in a lifetime day, that Sam chose our Ascension Convention to exhibit at over all the others.  Laura De Leon, my partner in DreamShield, and I wanted Sam with us as we are interested in a quality not quantity of vendors for this special day of ascension and Sam fit the bill on all accounts.


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Dr. Mehmet Oz, physician and author, is best known for his numerous appearances as a health expert on The Oprah Show, as well as his own syndicated series, The Dr Oz Show.  In October 2009, Dr. Oz led a serious of discussions with leading experts in the field, during which he repeatedly recommended that homeowners use a water filter. He insists that a whole house water filter is crucial in order to protect their family from the chemicals in municipal water.  Dr. Oz says, “I don’t think you should be bathing your kids in the tub unless you know that water is clean.”

Clean, healthy water is the way to go…just ask Dr. Oz or the friendly and professional LifeSource staff manning the booth at our 11.11.11 Convention.


Psychic since childhood, raised in both mystic and metaphysical teachings, Ron has enjoyed a lifetime steeped in vibrant flavors of divine essence.  Ron has been a professional psychic for over 30 years as well as a contractor with an emphasis on green and sustainable construction for an overlapping 40 years. These days Ron is an organic farmer and co-owner of A Bee Organic Certification Agency in De Luz California. He makes time for readings as they’re mostly fun and these days with changes unfolding so quickly, even the most centered client needs the occasional reality(s) check.

It is Ron’s experience that we create our own realty in relation to the energies, tides, seasons of life. Meaning there are patterns, openings and gatekeepers always present. A lifetime is made up of- reactions to the doorways/patterns or with focused action in partnership to those same doorways and gatekeepers. It’s the optional choice between being hit and tumbledrepeatedly by the tide or swimming to catch the wave. There is no right or wrong but there is a difference in where we end up and the joy and ownership taken in getting there.

Ron is always happy to play with those in the process of awakening!  This man is known for his deep belly-laugh and compassion even as he mirrors the impossible… which is never impossible if the timing is right and the intent is present. A typical Ron client is the being who is relinquishing outgrown family and cultural quagmires and learning to create from new ground. They value the maps, the humor and the fact that he’s good at holding open the doors and offering a steadying hand as they step through…

~11-11-11 Special~

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Golden Spiral WellnessIn 2002 the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame honored Moses with its “Founder of the Year” award for his development of Tai Shan Nine Palms. He received an International Soke Award as the founder of Tai Shan Mantis, a complete martial system that incorporates traditional and neoclassical kung fu.

Moses then began to explore the relations between sacred geometry and the human form. Through years of experimentation, he perfected his theory, extracted from a Fibonacci Spiral, manifested as the “perfect human gear.“ The extent of his discovery is revealed in the book The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein and You. This led to the development of the Phsiostix, a patented apparatus that helps enhance workouts using geometry, alignment and balance.


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Snow for Nashville Addiction Meditation

~ Why is it drug addicts and computer aficionados are both called users? ~ Clifford Stoll

DreamBlogger by Ken Sheetz

As our plane from LA, where it had been 80 and sunny, landed in a driving snow storm and 14 degree temperatures in Nashville.  I wondered if I had done a Bugs Bunny and took a wrong turn at Albuquerque for Mt. Shasta?

Back in my hometown of Milwaukee 4 inches of snow would be nothing for the snow plows and salt trucks.  But here in the south where it hardly ever snows, the country music capital of the world was as paralyzed as Elvis without his fried peanut and banana sandwiches.

At baggage claim I got our Nashville host Lee McCormick of Spirit Recovery on the cell phone and he apologized for not being able to get out to pick us up.  Lee suggested we grab an airport hotel and regroup in the morning.

But Dr. Sarah Larsen was not up for an impersonal hotel in the city she went to med school and met her equally spiritual husband Greg.  Soon radio talk show host and guest for this meditation on addiction, Bradley Quick, Sarah and me were inching through the winter wonderland of the South in the red Jetta of Rachel, a wonderful former classmate of Sarah’s.

Cars lay in the ditches everywhere as Sarah and Rachel chatted joyfully while I white-knuckled it.  Light workers, of which although I do these planetary meditations I do not consider myself to truly be one as yet, are unafraid of most things.  This tends to drive me nuts.  Think “Larry David as a light worker” and you have a pretty close idea of my dynamic in this equation.

The best I could do in Rachel’s car as the tires spun going up a freeway hill was say, “Oh well.  If we die at least I lived a full life.”  Everyone else in the car was having a blast as I wondered why the angels in Italy had picked a man like me, who until Italy, thought UFOs and angels were all nonsense.

The character of the leper, Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, came to mind as we reached the abandoned side streets of the affluent Hillsborough neighborhood, who despite his disbelief performs miracles.

Yes, this is me pretty much in the story I am living about 2012.  Despite seeing beautiful visions  of angels place a energetic shield about the earth, conversing with Elvis, Ramses, Lincoln and my Dad’s ghosts and seeing myself on a higher plane as an alien who scrambled the codes to earth’s chakrahs eons ago, vanquishing the Bermuda Triangle and a host of other energetic spectacles, anyone of which could be a movie, I somehow remain in part an unbeliever in the spiritual work I myself am helping facilitate!

It’s only the impact of reducing 2012 fears, my original mission that keeps me going.  Or as Lee puts it so eloquently “Show up and be of service.  You don’t need to believe in the work for the work to work.”

All this hard internal look at the work erupted over coffee with producer Barnet Bain, of WHAT DREAM MAY COME fame, when he suggested the name of DreamShield itself could imply a fear based mentality regarding 2012.  Had I fallen into the classic trap of trying to counteract fear with fear like so many religions and belief systems had done in the past?

My father’s death, less that 4 weeks ago as I write, has reminded me how much of my life I spent in fear of him coming home drunk or a happy event leading to bender.  And I realized it was snowing as much in my heart as the icy landscape of frozen Nashville.

Enjoying these amazing spiritual adventures?  Make a PayPal donation today at DreamShield.org.

Pre-Vision Work “Nashville Addiction Meditation”

“Fear is the chief activator of our faults.”

-Fr. Emmerich Vogt

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Exhaustion and sorrow overtook me upon my return to LA.  My father’s funeral and the Bermuda Triangle mediation had taken a heavy toll.  By the time I limped home to the room I rent by donating time to Bradley’s Quick’s Cool Change Foundation I was ready to throw in the towel and fell into my old patterns of self-sabotage.

Fortunately, Laura De León of MyMysticMuse took on the big job of getting me back into DreamShield shape in time for Nashville and the big 2/12 global addiction meditation at Lee McCormick’s Spirit Recovery Ranch, a DreamShield sponosr.  An even bigger job because of my childhood issues you see expressed in this video I donated for Bradley’s charity.

Knowing that I have more support for this work than I’ve ever had for anything in my life, I went with the flow, not fighting my emotions to see what new world this worm hole would take me to in the pre-vision work with Laura.

During one key session, Laura enjoyed the persona of a fiery Scott, a comedic spiritual bad-ass named Angus McPherson, that I’ve dreamed up.  Angus is an enforcer spirit for the Galactic Federation of Light and he’s been given unlimited powers to deal with hostile forces in violation of the Treaty of Pangea to leave earth.

In a solo DreamShield mediation held just after Christmas, Angus served the official notice for hostile alien forces to evacuate Earth by midnight 12/31/10.  Angus, despite vast powers greater than the character Superman, is fair and kind and he cuts off-world beings a lot of slack. But if they take that for being a doormat they end up getting booted off this blue planet, door and all.

Laura helped me set my internal energy points using the Angus persona, so that I don’t play things too small or too big in the work of DreamShield.  The other day I was feeling weak and small, overwhelmed by earthly money issues and my dad’s death, by simple concentration using Laura’s MyMysticMuse techniques I was in the right energy space again in no time.

I can’t say enough good things about Laura’s MyMysticMuse work for creatives like me.  Here’s Laura on a talk show called Life Changes talking about her work.

God love him, Angus did not take kindly to my father’s death to cancer 3 weeks ago.  He saw it as an attack on me and my loved ones for the work of DreamShield.  Angus hunted down cancer causers beneath the streets of Paris with the help of a cool dragon he commands, his sword of power and his invincible strength.  I would not be surprised to see a huge drop in cancer stats in this period.  Internal work does have a real impact in the external world.  Heal ourselves and we heal the world and vice versa.

I love the Scottish lad for his fierce work.  The cancer meditation was the most powerful self-healing meditation I’ve ever done with more ass-kicking fun that any action movie I’ve ever watched!  At the end of the session, Angus was then attacked with death rays by a fleet of hostile alien ships and he simply sighed as the beams bounced harmlessly off him, “Laddies, ya dinna want to go and get me mad.  Have you no respect for the Galactic Council, ya nasty beasties”? Angus, with a wave his mighty arm, casually tossed the shocked alien armada light years into deep space.

Thanks to Laura’s work, Angus will be on the job in Nashville.  He’s our official guardian among the many angels as we seek to unlock the DNA codes to cure humanity of addiction.  An addiction many ET experts say traces back to gold-greed programming from our days as slave race evolved from apes to mine this world for a primitive alien master species.

In one fell swoop Nashville’s mediation can free the pain and anguish of addiction that plagues this planet.  And you still have time to join us by signing up here.  DREAMSHIELD NASHVILLE.

If you cannot be with us in person in Nashville please hold space with us that day and send us your love and energy to make this miracle of meditation a success!

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Dreams of war, dreams of liars, dreams of dragon’s fire and things that bite – From “Enter Sandman” by Metalica

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Bill Sheetz 1928-2011

Before we start, the Bermuda Triangle Meditations were done at a time of dark emotional grief over the loss of my father.  I invite you to look upon my words as fictional therapy, fact on another plane of reality, or as both.

Night one of the meditations to heal the Bermuda Triangle got the ball rolling.  But next morning I could not get out of bed until noon.  Except for a 2 hour boat excursion to CoCoCay, a Disneylike version of a tropical island, I was knocked out cold.  I lay in bed realizing this was not me, even if my father’s funeral had been the day before the cruise, this behavior was still not me, I was paralyzed by the enchantment of sleep.

After we set sail for Nassau I walked the deck beneath stormy skies.  The Bermuda Triangle whispered sweet nothings in my ear about the comfort of oblivion on the waves.  I saw myself sitting on the ship’s rail and sliding into the Atlantic.  I shook off the dark fantasy, knowing I was in a life or death struggle and headed back to the safety of my windowless stateroom.

Tossing and turning back in bed again, I realized I’d slept 20 hours out of the the last 24.   As midnight of day two approached my father’s spirit came to me.

I told him to go away and leave me in peace.  But Dad was so eager to go to work it egged me on .  Finally I began to will my sleep-caked eyes to open, calling on help from the angels, the ascended masters, Buddha, Jesus, my dream team of Laura, Sarah, Lee, Mee, Bradley, Mica, Ramon, Matt, Marta, my brother, to join my departed father in helping me get on my feet for round two.  Time to do battle with a force that according to many ET experts was a failed ancient alien experiment gone wrong to create an artificial Merkabah meant to set earth apart from the universe and instead set us on a path of war and self-destruction.

At last I realized why I’d been unable to assemble a mediation team, normally a breeze: The Bermuda Triangle was a potentially lethal experience for someone without the ethereal armor my father had given me as he walked between life and death a few weeks ago before succumbing to cancer.

I struggled from my supernatural stupor to my feet and pulled on some clothes.  The ship swayed and I bumped into the wall of the tiny stateroom.  We were deep in heavy seas.  It had been raining since 2PM. Another excuse that almost kept me in my windowless room.  But I finished dressing and stumbled up the swaying hallway.

As I headed up the elevator for deck 12 I looked at the strange eagle pattern that’s grown in my hair in the mirrors.  A pattern I feel on good days is meant to remind me this is all not a fantasy, but on bad days like this one was makes me want to dye my hair and forget all this as silly nonsense.

Climbing the stairs to the aft meditation spot, loaded with alien looking radar and sonar gear, I saw the diabolical Bermuda Triangle from space.  Negative energy drew lightning from the sea, shooting upwards into the sky, a vision DreamShield’s Laura De León saw of battles as she worked remotely with me from LA.

The decks were slick from the heavy rains that had finally abated as I slogged up the stairs.  It was 11:30 AM 1.22.11, Saturday night, less than 48 hours from my father’s funeral.  I felt my father’s soul was just up ahead on deck, coaxing me on.

I knew if I was not careful this 2nd meditation would end with me blown off deck, never to be heard from again.

My Irish temper to beat this beast of a triangle reared up.  I grabbed the compass, touched my head to the glass.  I envisioned a golden circle circle surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.  Now, with the help of my father, the angels perched on deck chairs and feeding me energy, I willed the golden band to shrink.

No sooner had the OM left my lips than the angels did their magic.  Whoosh!  The mighty triangle of 1.5 million square miles compressed to a tiny pinpoint of light.

Night’s work complete, I staggered against the strong wind for the lower decks.  Comically a ship’s attendant was trying to set up a table for a GIN party who was getting blown around like a puppet in the winds.  I thought this about seeing if this party was actually going to come together but instead I went to bed. I fell back to sleep instantly and had a dream of Neptune battling a sea monster for his freedom.


I awoke, last morning of the trip, feeling much better.  On deck I smiled, pleased the seas were calm.  The sun worked its way through scattered clouds.  We were docked in Nassau.  I looked again for Nadia, but voicemail said she was already somewhere on the island by the time I was up and out.  I’d been to Parsadise Island with a lover 11 years ago and had seen the Atlantis resort. So I instead walked the streets of the city.

A native on a beat up bike selling peanuts seemed to be always near, even when I dodged him in shops.  Sensing he was up to no good, I headed back to the boat.

In the ship’s bar, the Packers were playing the Chicago Bears for the NFC title on TV. For my Wisconsin Dad’s sake I rooted for the Pack, even though I’m more of a Bears fan, having lived in Chicago for 25 years. I felt Dad’s joy once the Packers were on their way to the Superbowl.

This last night of the trip the stars were out and the winds were blissfully calm.  I placed my hands on the compass and there again was the tiny point of light of what used to be the Bermuda Triangle.  The deck was all mine again and I asked the angels.

“Do whatever you think is right to turn this negative energy off for all times and in all dimensions.”

A magnificent golden light explosion rippled across the planet and out into the universe.

“And so it is,” I said and closed the energies.

I had survived and thanks to the love of friends back home, the angels and my father’s spirit we’d beaten the dark energies of the Bermuda Triangle that have been plaguing humanity for eons.  I headed for the stern of the ship and the moon glistened over the sea.  I looked up and saw Orion’s belt, a star system I know I came from in a another life and smiled.  I listened to Katy Perry’s ET song and all was right with Neptune and the earth.

My bubble burst after we docked, low on cash from 60 days in global meditation and the unexpected funeral, even my cell phone was turned off.  Through sheer will and love I managed to make it back to LA with a short-term loan from a pal.

I was feeling blue to say the least, and not blue angel blue.  But no sooner did I arrive back in the City of Angels than Egypt’s people rebelled against their corrupt leaders.  Change so fast after the angels work!  Was it possible?  Where was it all this heading?

I close this blog my father’s motto for living an adventurous life that I read for his eulogy as it rings again in my head:

“Proceed without fear of peril!”

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“There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad.” – Salvador Dali

Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz

As you can read in the last blog post, VOLCANIC VISIONS AT MT. SHASTA , getting our three person dream team to the dormant volcano meditation spot at Mt. Shasta turned into an ordeal like a comedic AMAZING RACE episode.  For the first time on these angel guided events I am late for the 1:11 binary planetary meditation appointment at a volcano, worried if the angels are still here.

Out of breath in the thin mountain air, I scramble onto the cracked asphalt plateau and hear angels laughing at our misadventures.  My stress fades into hoots of joy.  Cali and Chris hurry up the trail to join me.

We place the last of the sacred objects, that Cali and I had each been gathering for decades without know why, upon the old ’91 Saab.  Cali pours water we had taken from the Soda Creek into three depressions on the rusty turned over bottom of the car.  At last we were ready.

Chris, Cali and I join hands and begin to meditate, to call in the angels.  As soon as the first “Ohm” leaves our lips I see two powerful angels spin the heavy old wreck like it’s light as a feather.  Faster and faster the angels spin the old  Saab.  The wreck begins to glow as it bores into the earth.  The drill the angels have made of the Saab cuts through the earth like a hot knife through butter.  In less than a minute the angel drilling team reaches the earth’s core.

Three beautiful female earth angels, that seem Native American, protect each of the human dream team with a shield of golden energy that crackles and sizzles in the fresh mountain air.  Glowing white steam of shoots from the Saab’s drill hole, bursting through the clouds and intersecting with the rainbow.

As Cali, Chris and I raise our arms the steam column hurtles for the edge of outer space.  Now the steam column turns bright orange, feeding magma energy for the DreamShield — the spinning circles of bright energy that ignited my first angel powered vision in Italy back in May — releasing volcanic pressures all over the earth.

A great chorus of angels sing what sounds like a Native American chant to keep the energy flow going.  The heat is so enormous I see the volcano shimmer in the mountain air.  If not for the three angels shielding us our dream team would evaporate.

Satisfied, the angels reverse the spin of the old Saab, raising it up and away from the earth’s core, upwards though the layers of rock, crystals and oil to the surface where this all began.  The angels release the ancient wreck from it’s mighty task and vanish.  Our “ohm” chant ends and the column of magma turns to steam once again and sucks back into the earth with a loud rush of air that almost pulls me into the vortex as the vision fades and reality returns.  I am cold I realize.

Our team breaks hands and I take a deep drink of Mt. Shasta water from my bottle. “I’m beat.  Usually I feel energized after this work,” I worry out loud.

“That’s because we are not done with the work!” says Cali, eyes twinkling in the afternoon sun.


Cali plucks stones from the wreck and jams them into fissures in the reddish purple asphalt looking plateau.  I help her place sticks and flower petals into the wounded surface.  Chris is gazing at the volcano’s top that swirls with clouds.  The mountain peak looks from this angle very much like the profile of the old Native American who had led us on a wild goose chase earlier.

Chris, cynical about New Age stuff, seems to be doing all this work to please his spiritual wife Cali.  But, showing signs of awakening, Chris has been surprising me all day with the angel imagery he spots.  And Chris surprises me once again when he suggests we fan out in a wide triangle.

Chris perches himself on a mound of earth.  And, looking a bit like Moses in the fading sunlight, Chris reaches out his arms to Cali and me below.  The connection I feel between the group re-energizes me.

A triangle of energy forms between our three person dream team that flows with the same blue angel energy I was first flooded with in Italy.  The triangle is nature’s strongest geometric form and our trio’s triangle now pulls energy down from the DreamShield spinning high above the earth.

I’m stunned as a pair of red triangle frames form over my eyes to aid my vision.  The heavenly spectacles allow me to see earth from space.  I gasp as a healing tremor ripples across the entire planet in a triangular shimmering blue wave.  Fissures slam closed deep within the earth.  Unbridled tectonic energies, visualized in movies like “2012” to rip the planet apart in 2012, are slowed to normal.  The blue triangle spreads out, overlapping upon itself to heal the weary earth.

I look up a Chris on the mound, the non-believer still looks like Moses his arms outstretched, giving us his all.  And then, as Chris lowers his arms the work is done and the vision fades along with my heavenly spectacles.  But I know these magical glasses are an angelic gift I’ll be using many times in future planetary meditations with the angels.

“Wow…” was all I can softly say.  I stand tall,  completely re-energized and let loose a “Yahoo!” that echoes in the mountain air.

Later, over lunch at the Black Bear Cafe in town, Chris seems to have returned to being the cynic.  He’s mildly annoyed by Cali and I recounting our spiritual adventures of the day.  Since we are only half done with the Mt. Shasta planetary meditations, still two more to go, I am still hoping Chris will realize everything created on this planet starts first as thought, including us… for what is love but a thought?  And are we not all born from that moment our parents first met and thought, “Wow, I really like this person!”

My cell rings before we can discuss this further. It is Lee McCormick, a country western singer out of Nashville and head of Spirit Recovery, a DreamShield sponsor. In fact, Lee’s being in Mt. Shasta on these dates is the reason we took this trip in the first place.  Chris asks to be dropped off at the Dream Inn to catch up on emails, this was a week day after all. So after we let Chris off to do some biz, Cali and I head over to meet the musician and spiritual guru, a powerful shaman, the amazing Lee McCormick and his dream team from Nashville.

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10/10/10 – “I See Angels”

By Ken Sheetz – I was surfing TV the other day and came across, I am sure not by accident, a treasure of classic film from the 40s, ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD.  Which I found much better than the modern version. And I was struck by how much my life these days is like the grouchy manager of the movie’s ball team whose life is magically and wonderfully turned upside down by angels.

That’s right.  If I were making DreamShield as a movie, and I am a filmmaker, my line would be. “I see angels.”

Only a few short weeks ago I felt compelled to honor the vision I had in Italy on 10/10/10 (more on that to come in future blogs so subscribe).   How would it ever come together without money or time I wondered for my social media company BuzzBroz, less than a year old with one full time employee, me?  Mica Monet, an angel channeler, said all I had to do was start asking for help and it would come together.

Now, my idea for honoring the vision, computer nerd that I am, was to have people do 10 second meditations at their computers at 10AM and 10PM in all 24 time zones.  But earthly angels from Italy, Greece, Nashville and LA staged live events ranging from 1 hour to 3 days!  So now I had the added job to learn the technology to cover them non-stop for 24 hours.

Somehow everything I needed was already in place and somehow my baby operation BuzzBroz brought in just enough paying work to pull it all off.  Truly, after building Oprah’s Harpo Studios and $162 million skyscrapers, I’ve never seen so much done in so little time for so little money.  A week after 10/10/10 as I write, it’s almost hard to believe it really happened.

Special thanks to not one but two doctors who made LA’s 10/10/10 event a hit, Dr. Sarah Larsen (pictured right with me), who created and hosted, and Dr. Robert Cassar who donated the use of his amazing 15 acre Rancho De Las Palmas for the day. We covered the event and had live broadcasts that magically began to work, despite the fact we only had 3G Sprint coverage, as the day progressed.

Three Angels from Italy Joined by Hundreds from the City of Angels

Despite my nerdish tendencies I knew that the spiritual aspects of this day came first. And at 10AM and 10 PM I helped Dr. Sarah lead meditations to sow the seeds for a gentle 2012. That seed angelically took root and I had another vision…

As Dr. Sarah’s adorable 6 year-old daughter Jazzy’s voice led our OM chanting, where about 20 of us were seated in a center ring of chairs I’d arranged, inside of two rings chairs we set up to invite in the angels, I saw angels fill the hall. The angels, hundreds of them, put forth the hands to fill us with a blue energy. I then saw the hall ceiling opening like a crown of white twigs.

A great white tree grew rapidly in size and power in the center of our group, fed by blue energy that pulsed from the angels though us. The morning mediation powered the arches and that with all the many scared symbols, crystals embedded all over the property, fed the tree along with the healers. The great white tree pulsed with powerful luminous white energy with each OM! The white tree rocketed up and over the orange grid of LA to the edge of space.

The DreamShield was powered up.

Such great success with so little money but lots of help, and lots of work and lots of angels. Nothing this sometimes grouchy regular Joe from Chicago would have believed six months ago. We did the impossible and put on the first of many global DreamShield events! Thanks also to angel sponsors SpiritRecovery.com and PrincessKnowitAll.com, on whose wings the 10/10/10 global events were sent flying towards a gentle 2012.

Please be an angel yourself and visit DreamShield.org and donate today and help us of dispell 2012 fear through amazing events like 10/10/10, the next global events on 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 and more brought to you on the web!