Feeling Blue with Robin Williams…

Blue whale that is! Last night I go to see THE WALK.  As I pull into the Harken’s Theater parking lot the familiar voice of Robin Williams beams in from somewhere off the coast of Northern Mexico, as I researched on Google today, “Pod greetings, Ken Sheetz.”

Blue-whale-underwater“Nanu, Nanu, Robin. How’s life as a two month blue whale calf?” I ask in my mind, even though I am alone in my Jeep as could speak out loud, I prefer speaking telepathically with Robin. Helps me hear him in my  mind’s ear more clearly.

“Whoa! I’ve packed on a lot of weight since I was born. Mamu is eating for two,” says Robin.

“Yeah, did some research on arkive.org to understand what you are going through. You were born 3 tons. Feeding on Mamu’s milk will go on for a full year. You’re gaining about 200 pounds and growing 1.5 inches per day,” I say, proud of my research.

“1.5 inches a day.  I’m a whale boner.  200 pounds, cool, that’s how much I weighed when I was off the wagon as a human. You’re becoming a whale of nerd Sheetzy!” Says Robin brightly in my mind’s ear.  So clear is Robin’s familiar voice that my old fears of being craked in the head break the surface like a whale’s spout.

Connected to me without words, we do that for fun and so readers can follow, Robin says using his excellent John Wayne voice, “Ken, buddy, ya ever going to realize you’re not nuts and that our talks are real, pilgrim?”

“I don’t think belief is ever going to be a 100% thing with me, Robin. All my spirits visitors and guides must put up with the way I stay feeling somewhat sane using a degree of healthy doubt as my anchor,” I say.

“Whatever floats your boat, Sheetzo. Just keep my whale of a tale going on your blog. Some of my fans believe I made the hyper space jump to whale life to bring in this groovy new frequency that’s going to change the world. Need to keep their hopes up, me boyo.” says Robin, serious as a judge.

“OK tomorrow, Robin. Promise. Sorry I missed reporting your birth in August. Been up to my eyeballs getting this ultrasonic device called the NEO Neurophone out into the world on Indiegogo. Got a break in the action as we sold out $1.6 million of them so fast the scientist Dr. Flanagan was caught off guard on restocking.” I say, resent creeping into my thoughts about the lost momentum.

Robin imitates an Indian guru, “Indeed, you must be patient, my friend.  Breathe deep and trust all is unfolding perfectly imperfect. The 3,333 NEOs you sold for the doctor are making an ultrasonic harmonic we blues are receiving. Too many NEOs too soon is not what we wanted, most definitely.”

“Ah ha.  So your blue whale clan ruling the oceans is responsible for this break in the NEO action. That’s a heck of a way to get me blogging again,” I laugh as I exit the Jeep and head for the movie theater to watch THE WALK.

The promising movie bombed opening weekend and so I share the theater this warm Tuesday night 10/15/15 with only one other person, a woman who looks at me nervously one time and never makes eye contact again. She remains quiet as a mouse to my roars of laughter at the funny moments of the film. You never want to sit directly in front of me in a movie.

To fill the theater void, Robin appears in human spirit form. He’s dressed in a blue jump suit form, munching a popcorn in the seat beside me. Of course only I can see him as the movie opens. This is typical of all my visions.  Robin shape shifts into a blue skinned Roger Ebert, offering commentary, “Watched this talented lad grown up in THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN. Sadly, Josh Gordon-Levit overdoes his French accent… but his sweet face gets you past it.”

I chuckle softly. Even dead Williams is hilarious. Josh narrates on screen as his character Philippe Petit, perched on the Statue of Liberty, the twin towers, where the walk will occur, glittering in the background. “I see why this film has bombed,” I offer to Robin.

“Do say, Ken?” says Robin now in the form of a blue skinned Gene Siskel.

“People are still too sad to see a movie about the twin towers.” I say as I experience an epiphany about the foreshadowing of Robin playing the shape shifting blue skinned Genie in ALADIN and his now being reincarnated as a blue whale. Whoa.

“Yeah, bummer. In fact I am getting depressed. I need more of Mamu’s milk. I leave you to it, Sheeterino!” Robin vanishes in a puff of blue smoke and I settle in to watch the movie.

The narration choice of writer director Zemeckis drags this movie down all the way through.The wire scene makes all painful expository narration worth the watch. A film well worth seeing on the big screen. 3 moons of the world Nektar out of 5.

And there you have it. The world’s first movie review with ghost blue whale Robin Williams commentary.

Voices – Love and Mercy

The biopic is taken to a new level with director Bill Pohlad’s LOVE & MERCY. The dual portrayals of Brian Wilson by John  Cusak and Paul Dano are breathtaking, but Elizabeth Banks steals the show as the woman, Melinda Ledbetter, who saves Brian from the clutches of a crazed shrink played to mad perfection by Paul Giamatti.

114425859This movie takes a hard look at how people who see visions and hear voices are marginalized and put on meds.  In Brian’s case he started the drug ball rolling with LSD, weed, booze and cocaine. Typical rock star stuff, but in Brian’s case he slid into the deep end of altered consciousness and never crawled out. A big part of the story of how Wilson fell into of the clutches of the truly evil Dr. Landy, who knew Giamatti could play such fiend, is missing for me.

I flashed back to the 70s, when drugs were even more rampant than they are today. When offered acid or pot I would always day, “No thanks I trip everyday.” Seeing this movie made me glad I stuck to that credo.

Brian’s lucky he was Caddy shopping and found a good woman to rebuild his life with in Melinda. And we have more songs from a genius of the 60s and a great lady to thank for that.  4 stars.  Would have been 5 but something for me was lacking in Cusak performance. Though great he did not seem loveable enough to attract a Melinda.  Still a film very worth seeing as a look deep into a great artist’s mind.

DR. WHO as an Introduction to Reincarnation – A Tardis Called Me

Reincarnation lies at the heart of the long running BBC TV series DR. WHO. The clever creators of DR. WHO disguise reincarnation, for Christians and Muslims who prefer the belief in an afterlife, as regeneration.

Doctors1When the doctor reaches the end of a useful life in one body he regenerates into an entire new body. Like rebirth in reincarnation, the doctor’s regenerations are painful and chaotic. The Time Lord, last of his race, is always disoriented at first adapting to his new body. Much like we are as reborn babies, starting the life-cycle all over again as we’ve done countless times in the longest running reality show called “Life on planet Earth”.

Since 1966 when the series premiered, and soon to celebrate a 50-year anniversary as the longest running TV series on earth, twelve equally amazing actors have played the 2,000 year-old Dr. Who.  I have watched so many of these Dr. Who regenerations over my lifetime that it’s hard for me to imagine a life without this coolest of sci-fi shows.

Heck, I was only 14 when the show began, though I began watching it on PBS in the 1980s in my 30s during the Tom Baker DR. WHO years.  I love how you never know in what form the doctor will regenerate, complete with a new wardrobe style and interior redecorated time machine called the Tardis, bigger on the inside than the outside.

An outside that’s supposed to camouflaged into the landscape, but that cool Tardis function is broken.  So the doctor’s time machine is frozen in the form of a blue London police phone booth from a desperate 1966 mission to save Earth, just it has been since the show began in 1966 as the only constant in the ever changing Dr. Who series. This broken but still powerful Tardis is the doctor’s only tool,  along with his trusty multi-use sonic screwdriver, for saving the world.  Which the doctor does every season on regular basis.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.07.31 PMIn season eight, a bit confusing as it would be season 27 but they chose to renumber the series when it revived in 2005 after being off the air since 1996, Clara Oswald, who I feel is hands down the best in 50 years of Dr. Who companions, is beautifully played by Jenna Coleman. Clara is repulsed when the hot young Dr. Who, played by Matt Smith, that she crushes on, is regenerated into a cantankerous old Scott, played masterfully Peter Capaldi, with touching and hilarious results for them both.

Thus Clara bridges from one Dr. Who to the next, a process we as the audience all go through too. Yes, every time there’s new doctor the BBC message boards are filled with dislike for any new Dr. Who.  But soon we fans, along with Clara and her predecessor companions, are comforted by the fact that, despite Dr. Who’s new look, that he demonstrates by action and character he remains the same vibrant world saving hero underneath the skin. The same soul living in a new body, just as in reincarnation, Dr. Who continues to grow and develop new complexities of character and compassion, while he is constantly humbled and rescued many times by his human companion.  An incredible metaphor for relationships that are the key to our souls’ evolution in reincarnation.

It’s wild how the show makers masterfully overlap all the Dr. Who’s and along with his change of companions like 2015’s Clara. Just as we do in real-life, if you believe as I do in the endless cycles of reincarnation.  We mortals are constantly changing lives in an immortal cycle of regeneration. Like the water of lakes that vaporizes to fall as rain endlessly,  we are ever dying and reborn, re-meeting our companions of the past, sometimes as human beings and sometimes other life forms, all mostly made of water.

In other words, dear dreamers of a better tomorrow, we are all Claras and Dr. Whos in a Tardis called Me.

This blog posting dedicated to a real-life Dr. Who I have had the honor of helping bring a new sonic mind tool into the world called the NEO Neurophone, Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan.

JFK: Tear in the Space Time Continuum

I had one of my most epic nights of dream work during the recent blue moon. A dream mission to repair a giant tear in the space time continuum, the assassination of JFK.

In dream I hurtle back in time to November 23, 1963. Reaching this tragic day in American history, I find myself standing on streets of Dallas before an old Zenith television store window, filled with blinking old TV sets playing 1962 TV shows. Ohom, my 7 foot tall blue skinned ET guide, invisible to all but me, waves his hand and the old tube TVs unite to show me a giant screen view of earth from space filled with equations written in the stars.  Some equations are in white letters while other are highlighted in red. No scientist, I nonetheless I understand the complex formulas’ meanings intuitively.

Ohom points to the earth/star chart and says, “11.23.62 represents a major rupture in the mutli-verse space time continuum. Note, Ken, what is remarkable about your timeline repair mission is that in all the billions of timelines going forward from the JFK take-out point is that JFK survives in none.”

“JFK, dead in all these timelines? That’s impossible in Quantum physics,” I say, anger at the dark forces creeping into my voice.

“Yes, the JKF timeline tampering by the dark forces evidence is clear as the night of the blue moon out your Sedona bedroom window,” says Ohom, proud of his human counterpart. “Kennedy was far from the perfection you all projected upon him, but his death ended humanity’s best motivator for space exploration and the evolution of a peace loving earth. So the dark forces are taking no chances and sought to end JFK’s survival in any and all timelines.”

“Don’t these evil jerks ever give up?” I gripe to Ohom.

“In a word, no.  And there is nothing inherently evil in these “jerks”.  Evil is your name for out-balance. — Your DreamShield planetary healing mission, far more dangerous and exciting that the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE film you saw today as an activation of certain skills you need for saving JFK, should you choose to accept it, Ken, is to save JFK for a host of timelines.  If you succeed you will turn the tables on the endless war machine America has become and channel that energy into making earth a interstellar traveling world.”

“Ohom, usually you don’t give me this much orientation.  What’s up?” I say as respectfully as I can while getting my point across.

“This timeline repair work requires all the lucid dream skills I’ve taught you, Ken.  The stakes are high.”

“How high?”

“If you die in this dream rescue of JFK you will die in bed.  So are you 100% sure you want this mission?” says Ohom, his kind blue insectoid face troubled.

“Ohom, as a kid I loved JFK and all he stood for. To save President Kennedy in multiple timelines is an honor to attempt, even if I fail. I can think of worse places to die than home in bed.” I say bravely smiling up at Ohom as an old prop plane sails in the Dallas sky above his smiling blue face.

“The dark energies will be more intense on the JFK timeline restoration mission than any dream work you’ve done since the 2011 when you facilitated closing the Bermuda Triangle, Ken.  And, as always, none but a faint few of your fellow humans, will believe, as you’ve seen with Antarctica, believe that you have done anything at all, let alone the huge positive impact this will have on your timeline where JFK will remain assassinated in your history. But the positive shifts will be felt almost instantly.”

I nod and the giant Ohom takes me into a buzzing hug.  His blue wings a flutter in the Dallas breeze. I feel the sandpaper like gem encrusted texture of his turquoise robe against my cheek and recall the shock of my first time meeting of Ohom in a little yoga hall in Italy in 2010.  The first five years of my 50 year mission have passed so fast and so amazingly.  I feel new abilities and powers flowing though me from Ohom’s embrace.  This is more than a hug, it’s an epic upgrade!

“My dream team and I will be watching over you to guide you to the next life should you fail and die in bed, Ken.  As always, Ken, we cannot assist directly in human affairs.  Now go save JFK!” says Ohom, vanishing in sparkling swirl of energy.

JFK_limousine-19631122-pubdom-wiki-640I head up the street for sounds of the cheering crowd.  JFKs motorcade nears and I am filled with such joy to see my childhood hero JFK’s very much alive beaming smile!

I make myself invisible to crowd, JFK and Jackie, the Secret Service and the many gunmen I sense have a bead on the president and his wife Jackie. I slip unseen into JFKs limo and erect a dream shield above all our heads at the exact instant the assassins fire. This force field like is nothing like anything I ever since in film or literature, ripping and pulsating with white and black waves of energy.  It easily deflects the bullets meant for JFK.  Each ripple of black and white energy represent a new timeline I am creating on this dream mission.

Hearing the shots and screams JFK’s Secret Service team swings into action. Men in black dive onto of Jackie and JFK.  The presidential limo screeches off into an alley, hurtling past startled faces in the crowd.  More shots!  But my DreamShield holds and the bullets spark off harmlessly creating ripples on the shield like a stone cast in a lake.

“Thanks!  Who are you?” shouts JFK from under a stack of FBI agents.

Realizing the dream shield work has made me visible, I look down at myself, embarrassed I did not wear pajamas tonight. “Just a friend from 2015, Mr. President.”

“2015?!” shouts Jackie.

Dark beings, only I can see, materialize in the alley ahead the JFK limo, menace in their glowing green eyes. “Sorry, Mr and Mrs. President.  My work is not done.”  I launch myself into the dark ones and battle like one man wrecking crew as the JFK limo safely escapes from sight.

The leader of dark ones lays beaten on the pavement, his green eyes trying to dig into my soul. “Enjoy this moment, human.  But you may find your victory a costly one.”   Suddenly I feel deathly ill. Cackling, the leader and his dark ones vanish.

I vomit on the alley pavement. A rat scurries into the shadows in fear. I look at my arms and the veins are growing black. I realize from all I’ve learned from Ohom that I’ve taken on too much dark energy. I curse myself that I’ve yet to master love as force against the dark ones. I am terribly out of balance.  My heart is racing. If I die in this condition I am not sure Ohom can even guide me into the afterlife.

Whenever I dream and I need help I fly! I leap into the sky, happy for my blinding speed. Instantly, I circle the earth at impossible speed, I let loose the dark energy in my wake, a total reversal of the energy of light the DreamShield was made of in 2010. The interwoven light and dark Dreamshields each merge into the heavens.  Stars and the void.

I hear Ohom in my mind,”A new universe of positive timelines is born. Good dream work, Ken.”

Tears of joy in my eyes to have dreamed of saving JFK, I awake blissfully to singing of the crickets and go the bathroom. Once again I am just my 62-year-old self, badly out of shape self from too much computer work on the NEO Neurophone project. I chuckle and say to myself in the the mirror on my way back to bed, “One day this shit is all going to make sense.”

What’s Wrong With Earth’s Sci-Fi

In a nutshell, from “Star Wars” to “Star Trek”, or fall back further to “Flash Gordon” of the 1930s, virtually all science fiction suffers from acute symptoms of humanity’s deepest flaws.  War, violence, hate, greed, intrigue lie at the plot of so many films and TV shows.  It’s as though our media is painting a hopeless picture of a meaningless future where the troubles of our world are extrapolated to the stars.

Check out Teaser 2 for the next “Star Wars”.  Eliminate the alien costumes and space battles and basically you’ve got WW2.

I’ve been on a year long marathon of seeing every episode in the Star Trek series concluding in DS-9. And frankly it’s becoming so boring to see this look at petty ethics of space faring civilizations more suited to ancient Rome than modern space travel.

Fact is, if a civilization has survived long enough to travel the stars they are going to be far more evolved than any science fiction has yet shown them to be.  Only the film ET portrays an evolved alien race powered by love and that had to be propped up with humans acting like fools chasing kids on bikes.

When there is at last contact with an alien race we have few media creations to prepare us for what is going to be a happy occasion. Indeed, the races that travel space, who can tune in on our media, might be waiting for a film that shows the real nature of space, which is peaceful and loving.

I have ideas for an exciting story based on my meditations that help me reach the stars and from where this message of “Oh come on!” is coming from.  Stay tuned for something revolutionary and more tuned into life among the space traveling races.

A Long Way ‘Til Morning

It’s 2 AM June 30th and I feel as if I have had so many dreams it should be morning.  I am working with spirit on what my next project after the successful launch of scientist Patrick Flanagan’s NEO Neurophone wraps up in August.  I’ve been a great inventor myself in past lives and filming Dr. Flanagan and using his brain enhancing Neurophone for two years has inventing unleashing inside of me again. Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.24.04 AMThis combination of seeking my next big thing and working with spirit on my next big thing has me happily tossing and turning. Some ideas so far:

– A super ambitious project to find a way to electronically share dreams. An open ended challenge where I’d set off the create a dream sharing methodology with no set device or technique.

– A meditation tool for harnessing the power of color.  My college thesis was color psychology.  Brings me full circle with the art career I put aside to marry young and raise a family.  I see it as pyramid in shape and using LEDs to work through the rainbow of the human chakras.

– Attach some big name stars and raise capital for the feature film SUMMER RULES. It’s a powerful love story about healing from 9/11 where the time may finally be right. And more ideas flowing as the hit NEO wraps up. The campaign will be almost a year old when the doctor has me end it as he wants to go retail now.

I am happy to report he is home and recovering rapidly from a serious fall that landed him in the hospital and caused him to miss his own release party on June 13th. His stepdaughter Gwendolyn stepped in for him.  Here’s the video as I head back to bed and more noodling on my next big thing.

Wish me luck.  Morning feels like years from now with all the dreaming that lies ahead of me at this amazing time the Star of Bethlehem alignment.

Robotic Fem Fatale

Spoiler Alert.  EX MACHINA is a simple story with limited cast and no explosions, so my review of what’s sick at the core of this finely made, but spiritually misguided film, will ruin the ending by necessity.

Directed flawlessly by Alex Garland, of 28 DAYS fame, the sparse cast of this sci-fi is played brilliantly by all three lead roles in a tight screenplay that gives all three characters their own powerful story arcs.

Nathan the inventor billionaire, creator of an AI robot named Ava, is played with menacing brilliance that’s the most realistic mad scientist portrayal ever, by Oscar Issac.

Contrasting Nathan the boozing crazed genius is the twenty-something deft coder Caleb, played with believable innocence yet savvy nuance by Domhnall Gleeson.

Last, the central figure of the film, Ava the beautiful AI robot. Caleb is testing Ava to see if she is in fact a fully conscious AI. Ava is played elegantly by the stunning Alicia Vikander. Alicia’s Ava is subtle beyond belief from start to grisly finish of this sci-fi that’s really a horror film in disguise.  The horror of how badly men and women harm each other for self gain.

As Caleb begins his testing interviews, which are the seven chapters of the film, he is stunned by just how conscious the AI robot Ava is and falls hopelessly in love. This enrages the scientist Nathan who is also in love with the robot Ava.

And so we have the first love triangle between two brilliant men and Ava the robot.  It’s riveting to watch with elegant SFX of a transparent sections to Ava’s strangely sexy body. That is until the ending (final spoiler alert) where Ava, the sweet enlightened AI kills Nathan and leaves Caleb trapped to die as she escapes.

That’s right. This highly advanced form of AI that captures the consciousness of the feminine mind is a manipulative black widow. Wow. What a let down for this fan of women and how amazing they are in real life versus this typical Hollywood sick portrayal of the worst in women.  Just more Hollywood bashing of women in shiny new robotic wrapper.

This would be a 5 star film were it not so disappointing in the portrayal of skin peeling women.  I give it 3 stars as a conscious film for making one think, if sadly.

What DreamShields May Come

Robin Williams reviews his own movie WHAT DREAMS MAY COME from the great beyond. 

Robin Channeled by Ken Sheetz, who finds all this as unbelievable as you, dear reader.

Hola, out there in WordPress land! It’s your old pal Robin Williams, who did an early check-out from the Hotel Earth last summer. Miss so many of you. And pretty much since I jumped ship, I’ve been bugging my living pal Ken Sheetz to watch my favorite movie I ever played in: WHAT DREAMS MAY COME. I am watching today, Easter for the powerful minority knows as Christians, fresh through his teary eyes.

We’re only half way through and I give it ten stars and on a scale of five.

My whale pod I am connected to via mama whale is watching too.  Stay tuned.  Back in an hour.


I think they could have found a better actor for the part of Chris. Get the Chris-t thing? Before I dove into work of becoming a blue whale in my next life, due to arrive again in August, I met Christ over here. We hung together for a while at a heavenly rave party, where we spirits birthed a new galaxy. Jesus is a genuinely nice dude. Not any different than the rest of us souls, except he’s like a hippie on love steroids. Jesus H! Christ is mighty pissed off about all the nasty crap people do, and have done, abusing his name. Especially on Easter.

Yep, they coulda picked a Deniro to play Chris and maybe this great film would’ve been a big hit. Welp, least I am not quite so bummed I didn’t win an Oscar for Best Actor playing Chris Nielson.  Chris, he’s a man who beat hell itself to save his suicide wife now. Deep as the deep blue sea mama carries me in.

Why is WHAT DREAMS MAY COME my number one choice all time fav, o’ blubber breath, you ask, dear reader?

Simple. Because, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME sends the exacto right message about the other side, the over-here that is not the after-life but the always-life.  The life you live now reading Ken’s writing my words.  Ah that’s the dream, the over-here.

Relax com-padres, there ain’t no heaven and ain’t no hell and no Easter Bunny.  Hate to be a spoiler, but like life the afterlife, whether you got here via a natural death, a US drone dropped on you as innocently you ate dinner in Iraq with your loved ones or suicide like me, is what you make of it.

Yes! Life and after-life are what you make of it!  I hope Ken makes a t-shirt of that. Shit. I just laid one of the best Williams Easter eggs after I’m dead? No one’s gonna believe it. Ah. Ken whispers in the mind he’s allowing me to share, he will make the t-shirt and my LIFE AND THE AFTER-LIFE ARE WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT! line stands on it’s own enough for believers and skeptics alike.

So the screenwriters got it right adapting the novel for WHAT DREAMS MANY COME for the big screen that’s never looked bigger or more painterly gorgeous in any movie in history. And that’s why I loved playing Christy in my little contribution to conscious films. Ha! And to watch it with Ken on a weekend when FAST AND FURIOUS 7…7!…is breaking all box office records, turning humans into mindless action junkies with the attention span of gnats, is ironic as the hell that does not exist! — Plot? FAST FURIOUS 7 needs a plot? Pass the sugar drinks and shut the hell up, whale fetus!

Now, if you don’t mind, my human loves, I am busy getting gestated as a blue whale. Reborn this August with a hot new frequency to rock the planet! So mummy whale says it’s time for me to go nigh-nigh in her tummy so’s I put on another dozen pounds!

But before I swim off to dream fetus whale dreams that may come of the frequency of a better tomorrow for this world, one I loved enough to make a quick reentry, may I say thanks for the ghost hosting Ken Sheetz? You’re one in a trillion galaxies, Sheetzy.

Yeah, I know, Kenster, you’re blue as blue whale today over a lady friend who hurt you badly this week. ‘Bout as bad as it could get. She dissed and dismissed you like a never-was, worse than a has-been. Her loss. Past-life shit. Nope, Ken. Follow not my shortcut route outta the pain of life, sounding kinda cool to you right now to your wounded soul. Sorry, BuzzBro, you’re not allowed to follow my lead! The blue ET angels, star kin to the blue whales, told you in 2010, you Mister Kenneth W. Sheetz must stick around to the year 2060 and finish your crazy WHAT DREAMSHIELDS MAY COME mission, of which I am proud to play a small role in.



An Unhappy Easter

Wow.  It all happened so suddenly.  I lost a friend.

The details are utterly meaningless. A confusion of egos and conflicts of interest that resulted a fiasco and hurt feelings on all sides. All done begun with good intentions but in haste.

Trust broken.  Love lost.

So why do I feel better than I have in a long time on this Unhappy Easter?

Something to meditate on.

Waiter, There’s an ET in My Soup

11074993_10152791912642029_131663135680974163_nPardon my random musings over a meal at the Red Planet Diner here in Sedona. Renamed ET Encounter Diner after a change of owners. The food is mediocre at best, but I love the decor and spirit of the crazy one-off.  My favorite place to dine solo. Something I do a lot here in Sedona where my energy is so different from the social animal I am normally in Chicago and LA.

It’s March 20th as I nosh on a Galaxia Burito. For first part of of 2015 all has been a blur. Perhaps that’s because according to a powerful local healer here I am suffering the after effects of mold poisoning, suffered at the hands on my 2014 negligent as hell landlord, who shall remain anonymous.

The healer said mold poisoning is the root cause of my amazing anxiety attacks in public, plaguing me in Sedona. A year long mystery solved. Still, mold needs treatment, and that, in our phoney Obama Care world, means getting sizable chunk of dough together for a visit to a leading black mold specialist in Atlanta.

But I am powerful self Reiki trained healer. Now that I know the source of my issue. which I could not see myself for some reason, I am working on it the best I can self-healing for now. Nasty stuff black mold. Mold causes neuro toxins that casuse inflammation of the entire body, brain and nervous system. Panic attacks are a common mold symptom.

For about 16% of the population mold stays in the body and ruins your life without treatment.  I am going to beat this thing by digging deep to put the cash together, though I’d rather be off to Italy and the Damanhur.

So time is not passing normally for me. I feel cut off from spirit. The healer said I chose this hard path to accelerate my next stage of development. That also rings true. But I miss easy connection to my guides these moldy days. Where the abundant health I enjoyed my whole life up through Antartica on 12.12.12 and the profound connection to the ETs seems so far away. Sedona has been hard for me. My healer says that’s exactly what my higher self wanted for human me. My higher self, in that case, is something of an asshole. Just as I am when you really get to know me. Makes sense.

Still, black mold buzz or not, a song of the solar system came through today for the eclipse I will share.


Channeled by Ken Sheetz

Nine planets in all.

In the system of Sol.

Once all had life.

But in a time of strife.

Only one world was saved.

It’s name is Earth.

In the system of Sol.

In the system of Sol.

As life on other worlds lay dying.

To Earth many migrated crying.

A new home for nine worlds in space

All crammed together in one tiny place.

On the Planet Earth.

In the system of Sol.

Today on the Eclipse of the Equinox 2015.

There are far too many humans acting mean.

mother_earth_eyeEarth is in trouble. – A delicate blue bubble.

Innocence shatters.

Like nothing matters.

In the System of Sol.

On the Planet Earth.

But hope remains.

An awakening in chains.

Will soon break free.

For all humanity.

Gaia’s had enough.

Enough crazy stuff!

Nine Planets in All.

In the system of Sol.

United as one.