Snow for Nashville Addiction Meditation

~ Why is it drug addicts and computer aficionados are both called users? ~ Clifford Stoll

DreamBlogger by Ken Sheetz

As our plane from LA, where it had been 80 and sunny, landed in a driving snow storm and 14 degree temperatures in Nashville.  I wondered if I had done a Bugs Bunny and took a wrong turn at Albuquerque for Mt. Shasta?

Back in my hometown of Milwaukee 4 inches of snow would be nothing for the snow plows and salt trucks.  But here in the south where it hardly ever snows, the country music capital of the world was as paralyzed as Elvis without his fried peanut and banana sandwiches.

At baggage claim I got our Nashville host Lee McCormick of Spirit Recovery on the cell phone and he apologized for not being able to get out to pick us up.  Lee suggested we grab an airport hotel and regroup in the morning.

But Dr. Sarah Larsen was not up for an impersonal hotel in the city she went to med school and met her equally spiritual husband Greg.  Soon radio talk show host and guest for this meditation on addiction, Bradley Quick, Sarah and me were inching through the winter wonderland of the South in the red Jetta of Rachel, a wonderful former classmate of Sarah’s.

Cars lay in the ditches everywhere as Sarah and Rachel chatted joyfully while I white-knuckled it.  Light workers, of which although I do these planetary meditations I do not consider myself to truly be one as yet, are unafraid of most things.  This tends to drive me nuts.  Think “Larry David as a light worker” and you have a pretty close idea of my dynamic in this equation.

The best I could do in Rachel’s car as the tires spun going up a freeway hill was say, “Oh well.  If we die at least I lived a full life.”  Everyone else in the car was having a blast as I wondered why the angels in Italy had picked a man like me, who until Italy, thought UFOs and angels were all nonsense.

The character of the leper, Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, came to mind as we reached the abandoned side streets of the affluent Hillsborough neighborhood, who despite his disbelief performs miracles.

Yes, this is me pretty much in the story I am living about 2012.  Despite seeing beautiful visions  of angels place a energetic shield about the earth, conversing with Elvis, Ramses, Lincoln and my Dad’s ghosts and seeing myself on a higher plane as an alien who scrambled the codes to earth’s chakrahs eons ago, vanquishing the Bermuda Triangle and a host of other energetic spectacles, anyone of which could be a movie, I somehow remain in part an unbeliever in the spiritual work I myself am helping facilitate!

It’s only the impact of reducing 2012 fears, my original mission that keeps me going.  Or as Lee puts it so eloquently “Show up and be of service.  You don’t need to believe in the work for the work to work.”

All this hard internal look at the work erupted over coffee with producer Barnet Bain, of WHAT DREAM MAY COME fame, when he suggested the name of DreamShield itself could imply a fear based mentality regarding 2012.  Had I fallen into the classic trap of trying to counteract fear with fear like so many religions and belief systems had done in the past?

My father’s death, less that 4 weeks ago as I write, has reminded me how much of my life I spent in fear of him coming home drunk or a happy event leading to bender.  And I realized it was snowing as much in my heart as the icy landscape of frozen Nashville.

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