Conscious Film Reviews

By Ken Sheetz

cropped-is-the-meditation-done-yet.jpgLook me up on IMDB sometime.  I am a former Chicago real estate mogul who dropped out of that hamster wheel in 1995 to become a Hollywood based conscious filmmaker.  A monk-like switch, monetary wise.

Distributing three of my own documentary and short narrative films on Amazon led to my offering my expertise in socially conscious social media via

I won’t be reviewing every movie I see.  As a Hollywood filmmaker I see the good flicks along with the bad as part of my work.  Rather, here you will find here my periodic reviews of conscious films making a difference or film I feel are tools for brainwashing that strike a cord I wish to awaken my readers so as to avoid.


By Ken Sheetz

I saw PLASTIC OCEAN at the 2017 Sedona Film Festival with  my love Elizabeth England, who co-founded  Folks, the plight of oceans is worse than we know. Plastic never goes away. Single-use plastics like bags and straws one of the worst culprits.

The film shatters the Urban Myth of a massive island made of plastic adrift in the Pacific Ocean.  But don’t breathe a sigh of relief. You see, the film goes onto show plastic makes it’s way to the oceans in its multitude of forms, only to be broken down into tiny particulates. The fish and birds then mistake this plastic for food and deadly cycle that ends up on your dining room table ensues.

People can no longer treat the ocean like a dumping ground for our plastic nightmare we’ve created with our over consumption.

5 stars.


I did not expect a planetary healing from such a violent film as SICARIO. Spoiler alert.  I can’t explain the impact of the film on me without giving away the best secrets of the story.  Then again, my fans know the films I review are a springboard for me to talk planetary change.

Emily Blunt is the innocent Phoenix police officer dragged into a CIA scheme to assassinate a cartel leader. A part she plays to confused brilliance that makes her one of the most believable cops characters, male or female, in film history. The CIA needs a domestic officer to expand jurisdiction into Mexico and Emily is it.

The broken town of Juarez is where action centers. Josh Brolin is the CIA’s master disruptive player. All law has broken down in Juarez as the cartels battle.  It’s a chilling look at how thin the line between anarchy and civilization truly is.

Blunt’s character is watched over by Benicio Del Toro’s dark angel. He’s a free agent, a Columbian lawyer turned assassin, out to kill the cartel leader who beheaded his wife and killed his teen daughter, boiling her alive in acid. Nothing will stop this Sicario, which means “hit man” in English, not even his affection for Blunt, who reminds him of his daughter.

The first 10 minutes of this film are very hard to get through as Blunt uncovers 20 mutilated corpses in a Phoenix bust. I’ll admit I closed my eyes to get past it.

The amazing ending, which I will not spoil for you, is just as hard to endure. Violence here is not gratuitous.  It’s a documentary to the real zombie apocalypse we face. SICARIO offers a deep look into our sick society, decaying from the inside, fueled by the greed of men that seek to send humanity into a hellish dark ages.

As the credits rolled I stood to go home after my matinée break. Then a soulful Mexican guitar solo in the credit score broke the 2 hour tension. I retook my seat and soon my ET guide Ohom asked me to meditate on making sure the world does not go the violent way of Jaurez. The meditation enemy once again, addiction.

I closed my eyes and the sweet guitar sounds swept me away. Ohom asked me to go beyond addiction to seek in my mind’s eye the root cause. I saw many of my neural pathways were badly ruptured from the nightmare of the first 20 years of my life in family as a helpless kid ruled over by a drunken father. They neurons were the red exploded remnants.  How could I still be so PST damaged on the inside after decades of many kinds of therapies I wondered?

Ohom showed me the neuron reroutes I had created to function as normally as possible. Then he and his team began helping me heal my damaged neurons and neural pathways at super speed. In less than 2 minutes 2 decades of mental and physical abuse I’d suffered as child survivor of frequent bloody fatherly beatings were healed, along with my broken my heart from when my mother did not rescue me from hell but abandoned ship. A pain far worse than the broken arm my drunken father would give me.

Again I may never know if this amazing ET shit’s real, it just works for me as gateway to higher energies and I do feel more whole. I’d not expected this kind of breakthrough this warm fall Sedona afternoon, and accepted this ET healing with tears of joy in the dark movie house.

I see now clearly the root cause of addiction is seeking to numb our pain via self-medicating with drugs, both illegal and prescription, booze and loveless sex. My addiction of choice has been my work. Getting older and not being able to work at my crazy pace, still far more than men half my age, is buying me time to smell the roses and moments like this.

As always the personal healing begets a planetary healing and I sent out the bliss of my healing across the world.

The credits ended. As I stood to go a young theater attendant asked me, “How was SICARIO?”

And I said with wry smile, “Useful.”



Reincarnation lies at the heart of the long running BBC TV series DR. WHO. The clever creators of DR. WHO disguise reincarnation, for Christians and Muslims who prefer the belief in an afterlife, as regeneration.

Doctors1When the doctor reaches the end of a useful life in one body he regenerates into an entire new body. Like rebirth in reincarnation, the doctor’s regenerations are painful and chaotic. The Time Lord, last of his race, is always disoriented at first adapting to his new body. Much like we are as reborn babies, starting the life-cycle all over again as we’ve done countless times in the longest running reality show called “Life on planet Earth”.

Since 1966 when the series premiered, and soon to celebrate a 50-year anniversary as the longest running TV series on earth, twelve equally amazing actors have played the 2,000 year-old Dr. Who.  I have watched so many of these Dr. Who regenerations over my lifetime that it’s hard for me to imagine a life without this coolest of sci-fi shows.

Heck, I was only 14 when the show began, though I began watching it on PBS in the 1980s in my 30s during the Tom Baker DR. WHO years.  I love how you never know in what form the doctor will regenerate, complete with a new wardrobe style and interior redecorated time machine called the Tardis, bigger on the inside than the outside.

An outside that’s supposed to camouflaged into the landscape, but that cool Tardis function is broken.  So the doctor’s time machine is frozen in the form of a blue London police phone booth from a desperate 1966 mission to save Earth, just it has been since the show began in 1966 as the only constant in the ever changing Dr. Who series. This broken but still powerful Tardis is the doctor’s only tool,  along with his trusty multi-use sonic screwdriver, for saving the world.  Which the doctor does every season on regular basis.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.07.31 PMIn season eight, a bit confusing as it would be season 27 but they chose to renumber the series when it revived in 2005 after being off the air since 1996, Clara Oswald, who I feel is hands down the best in 50 years of Dr. Who companions, is beautifully played by Jenna Coleman. Clara is repulsed when the hot young Dr. Who, played by Matt Smith, that she crushes on, is regenerated into a cantankerous old Scott, played masterfully Peter Capaldi, with touching and hilarious results for them both.

Thus Clara bridges from one Dr. Who to the next, a process we as the audience all go through too. Yes, every time there’s new doctor the BBC message boards are filled with dislike for any new Dr. Who.  But soon we fans, along with Clara and her predecessor companions, are comforted by the fact that, despite Dr. Who’s new look, that he demonstrates by action and character he remains the same vibrant world saving hero underneath the skin. The same soul living in a new body, just as in reincarnation, Dr. Who continues to grow and develop new complexities of character and compassion, while he is constantly humbled and rescued many times by his human companion.  An incredible metaphor for relationships that are the key to our souls’ evolution in reincarnation.

It’s wild how the show makers masterfully overlap all the Dr. Who’s and along with his change of companions like 2015’s Clara. Just as we do in real-life, if you believe as I do in the endless cycles of reincarnation.  We mortals are constantly changing lives in an immortal cycle of regeneration. Like the water of lakes that vaporizes to fall as rain endlessly,  we are ever dying and reborn, re-meeting our companions of the past, sometimes as human beings and sometimes other life forms, all mostly made of water.

In other words, dear dreamers of a better tomorrow, we are all Claras and Dr. Whos in a Tardis called Me.

This blog posting dedicated to a real-life Dr. Who I have had the honor of helping bring a new sonic mind tool into the world called the NEO Neurophone, Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan.

April 26, 2015


Reviewer Ken Sheetz

Spoiler Alert.  This is simple story with limited cast and no explosions, so in this case read my review with care as to get to the heart of what’s sick at the core of this finely made but spiritually misguided film will ruin the ending by necessity.

Directed flawlessly by Alex Garland, the sparse cast of this sci-fi is played brilliantly by all three lead roles in a tight screenplay that gives all three their own powerful story arks. Nathan the inventor billionaire, creator of an AI robot is played with menacing brilliance that’s the most realistic mad scientist portrayal ever by Oscar Issac. Contrasting Nathan the boozing crazed genius is the deft coder Caleb, played with believable innocence yet savvy nuance by Domhnall Gleeson. And the central figure of the film Ava the beautiful AI robot Caleb is testing to see if she is in fact a fully conscious AI is played elegantly by the stunning Alicia Vikander.

As Caleb begins his testing interviews, which are the seven chapters of the film, he stunned just how conscious an AI Ava is and falls hopelessly in love. This enrages the scientist Nathan who is also in love with the robot Ava.  And so we have the first love triangle between two brilliant men and Ava the robot.  And it’s riveting to watch, that is until the ending, final spoiler alert, where Ava, the sweet enlightened AI kills Nathan and leaves Caleb trapped to die as she escapes.

That’s right. The highly advanced form of AI that captures the consciousness of the feminine mind is a manipulative black widow. What a let down for this fan of women and how amazing the are in real life versus this sick portrayal of the worst in women.  So more Hollywood bashing of women in shiny new robotic wrapper.

January 20, 2015

By Ken Sheetz


Heartbreaking film. Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle, the most deadly American military sniper of all time.

As a filmmaker who meditates daily on bringing world peace and runs a media campaign for a product designed to accelerate the Shift with the NEO Neurophone, this was a hard film for me to view.

Sweet guy Chris devolves into a killing machine of a military industrial complex bent on selling more weapons by creating needless mindless war. One of the saddest character arcs ever seen on the big screen. Chris stays likeable to the end with his story he tells himself that he is saving American lives while missing the fact the Iraqis he kills are just as valuable to this little world we sail through space together.

One can’t imagine what Vets who served four tours of duty and lost so much must feel watching what is happening in Iraq these days. What was the point of their sacrifices?

Master director Clint Eastwood expresses the insanity of war and loss of human dignity without excuses as he follows Chris’ book. I won’t spoil the ending, as it one of the most shocking I’ve ever seen.

3.5 out of 5 stars for not showing more of the human side of the Iraqis.

July 14, 2014

By Ken Sheetz


Film Review by Ken Sheetz

“If only a small fraction of what is already known about the effects of sugar were to be revealed in relation to any other material used as a food additive, that material would promptly be banned.”—John Yudkin MD, Ph.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S.C., F.I. Biol., Prof of Nutrition at London University

original5 stars for FED UP the new documentary film from Exec Producer Katey Couric, who also narrated the film, as it lays bare the sweet conspiracy of a mad food industry poisoning us all.

I have two kids born 1979 and 1982 who battled obesity their whole childhoods.  My ex-wife cooked the same hearty meals as her mother and my mother and yet our kids became obese.  I too started to pack on weight.  Something I fought to keep off with hours of daily exercise.  My kids were born right on the turning point of when, as FED UP shows in great detail, something went very wrong in our collective consciousness.  In compensation for following pressures by the heath gurus to reduce fat in food the food industry began removing the fat but replacing it with sugar.  A substance you learn in the film is 4 times more addictive than cocaine!

I always felt like I was somehow better than my kids to be in great shape.  Yeah, you would not have liked me in the 80s, but as it turns out with a high sugar diet, and I used to consume 3 cans of Coke per day, I was likely a FILO, fat on the inside light on the outside.  America is considered 30 % obese right now, h0wever factoring in the FILO, like me, America is actually 51% obese.  And at the rate we are going we will be 75% obese in 10 years as a nation.

High sugar in my kid’s diet made them overweight, lethargic and vulnerable to being incorporated into one of the most evil aspects of America’s Sweet Conspiracy. Ritalin.  I can still remember the day my little Jonathan, whose name means Gift of God. was called into principal’s office with my ex-wife for what amounted to nothing less than the spiritual assassination of my boy.  A boy simply eating processed food saturated by sugar and sent into a junkie’s high.  I see this so clearly thanks to this amazing film.  Depression was how it hit my overweight daughter, Janelle, whose name also means gift of God.

Our kids minds are messed up by so much processed foods.  MSG, flouride, chemtrails, sugar, so much more.  Is it any wonder we see all these school shootings happening?  All of us victims of America’s Sweet Conspiracy.  Well, there’s hope when you see films like this that Katie is bravely leading the charge with.

The film even documents to corruption of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign for healthy eating, kidnapped by the big fast food makers, now providing 80% of kids school meals.  The film brilliantly places today’s soft drink makers denying the harmful effects of sugar right beside the tobacco player who were outed in the 90s.

Blessedly, my kids were never as obese as the poor kids featured in this film.  At least not on the outside.

Share my outrage at America’s Sweet Conspiracy and share this film.  Take your entire family to see FED UP.  And one day mark it as a DVD to own one day and to use as tool to enlighten you, your loved ones, a planet.

My highest recommend, and part of the magic of the 1.11.11 meditation to transform Hollywood into a tool for change.  And stay tuned at for a new meditation that this video inspired to free this world for the Sweet Conspiracy.

July 4, 2014


The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity – much less dissent. – Gore Vidal

Film Review by Ken Sheetz

The first film for my new consciousness film blog page is the new documentary about the extraordinary life of an extraordinary writer and liberal political commentator, Gore Vidal.

For those of you who are not a baby boomer like myself, Gore Vidal was a creative, passionate, bright light of reason and considered to be the last lion of liberalism. Gore burst onto the public scene in the 60s, seemingly all at once in books, TV appearances, and screenwriting. Against his own upper class childhood, Gore spoke out loud and clear and consistent on the issues plaguing an American political system taken over by corporations.

When all were praising JFK, Gore spoke of our country’s epic slide into decadence starting with Kennedy’s ill-fated invasion of Cuba that led the world to the brink of an all-out Nuclear war. Gore was also outspoken on Kennedy sending 20,000 troops to Vietnam. A JFK blunder that would launch a war that would claim the lives of 58,000 baby boomers and maim mentally and physically countless others.

After JFK’s death, Gore imagined that if the iconic Kennedy had not been assassinated that he would have proven no better than LBJ in escalating the Vietnam War. Amazingly, the harsh look at JFK was Gore’s criticism for a president he liked and who was blessed to personally experience life in John and Jackie Kennedy’s inner circle. Sadly we, longer see this kind of brilliant objectivity in any major media people of this era of dumbed down news as entertainment.

Gore’s liberalism carried into his personal life as one of the first popular voices of the Gay movement. In his Hollywood years, Gore became a magnet for brilliant intellectual parties with buddy Paul Newman.

Young documentary filmmaker Nicholas Wrathall became interested in Gore’s famed 911 pamphlets that took the controversial POV that America had brought destruction on itself and that the Neocons used to the fear of future attacks to negate the constitution. And Gore took a liking to the young filmmaker giving Wrathall full access to his life and life’s work.

He tells Gore’s life story with masterful brilliance that goes beyond Moore’s as he respectfully stays behind the camera. Nicholas first shows us Gore’s family roots as member of elite society. We meet his Senator grandfather who Gore was a page to and his brilliant aviator father who was an adviser to the president. And we learn of his tumultuous relationship to his estranged mother.

On this firm foundation Nicholas then takes us on a journey through Gore Vidal’s brilliant life, a life that ended in his eighties. He lived long enough to see his prophetic warnings about America’s decline to perpetual war machine come sadly to life.

Throughout the telling of Gore’s epic life, where he mingled with all the greats of his time from the world’s top film, literary and politicos, secluded as a self-imposed exile in Italy in mountain villa. Gore held court like a king media.

Footage is gathered from a wide variety of sources, including filmmaker/nephew Burr Steers and the late Christopher Hitchen. Nicholas blends this seamlessly with footage from Vidal’s legendary on-air debate with ultra conservative William F. Buckley and other footage from Gore’s time in the media spotlight from the 60s to his passing in 2012.

And Gore remained outspoken until his dying day as one of the first people to see through the insincerity of Obama.

I rate film five-stars, my highest recommend. I saw the film with my beautiful 45-year-old and 27-year-old friends at the Mary Fisher fine arts film theater for a one-time screening, thus giving us three generations’ POV when we discussed it after over wine at the Hopi here in Sedona. All three of us agreed the Vidal doc is a truly marvelous tool for freeing of the mind. It shows you what the mainstream does not want to show you: America has become modern war machine killing the planet with war driven over-consumption that stays in power by use of brainwashing and sheer brute force that would make George Orwell blush.

This movie, like its subject, Gore Vidal, takes on the establishment, or the Matrix as many in today’s PC-neutered lingo describes it today, so you won’t likely be seeing this film at your local theater. I suggest getting the DVD and hosting a private screening party. You’ll have lots to talk about after about the sorry state of America and the world in general.

Unlike Gore I do have hope for humanity. The wheel is turning. More of us that are grounded in reality are awakening to the higher realms. Replacing the old regime with new idealists is not enough. We must and shall transcend the old as we create a better world in harmony with nature.

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