Vision Art

My major in college was interior architecture and my minor in college was oil painting. Today I express my art digitally in films and digital paintings.  I’ve gathered a few of my favorites here for you to enjoy.  – Ken Sheetz.

Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 11.32.14 AM.png

Ohom Banner FB

Robin the Starfish

CoolestMeditationEver under reconstruction

5 6 vision

A better day is coming

July 4th Eve 2018 Art of Powerful ET download and visit from Ben Franklin.

Art for blog

From my Meditations on Trump with he as a Jackson Pollack-style political artist.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 5.23.37 PM

From my short story of a visit from Kirk and Spock to stop Trump from launching WW3.


cropped-10985215_10153518113557029_6379335949987927344_n5.jpg_DSC4312telepathic penguinAbundance Poster With Elizabeth

cropped-the-league-of-ghost-worlds1.pngcropped-sub-levitation11.pngPeter Pan and the battle of area 51A talk with 1991 meFlanagan and NatalieThe Flanangan Experiments Sedona486153_10151145534227029_694404148_n(1)Cure for Human Insanity

Photo by Stephen Collector

Angels in italy393427_336211663060513_169754619706219_1550636_2112870605_nget-attachment-9

Dr. Sarah Larsen in Nashville on Valentine’s Day

Cool change New personal for brad73912_490260621457_607501457_7203794_1968246_nKen 2 at Dreamshield

This last piece is inspired by musical artist Julian Forest. Julian makes music that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  During a Julian sound healing on June 30, 2016 I had a vision of an entire universe getting born, living and dying.

Enjoy some of my favorites from my series of my vision videos.

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