New Tool for the Shift

There’s a lot of darkness in the world these days.  We can’t seem to catch a break from scandals and horrors. So good dreams are most welcome, and I want to share a big one to shine some love and light that came my way like a bolt out of the blue yesterday.

In my dream I see a distant giant domed structure much like the one in DC but this one is topped with a slender shaft of light that pokes from the mists against a gorgeous sky.  Fascinated, I will myself to fly to the dome. I land beneath the magical dome. The color palate of the amazing building is pure whites and pale golds.

My love Elizabeth is at my side dressed as a Greek warrior goddess. We are accompanied by our little rescue dog Lincoln, who at my request transforms into a white dragon. He and Elizabeth stand guard for our visit to this power place as I do my meditation.

I reach my hand up toward the gold encrusted dome ceiling. I gently will the shaft of light to me. It gracefully descends to become a staff that’s pointed at both ends, almost like a spear.  I take hold of the staff, feeling a thrill of freshness and light.

Our mission accomplished Lincoln returns to his Chihuahua form and we all vanish before we are noticed.

A better day is coming

I sit up in my Sedona bed, still in a light trance.  I thrill to the feel the 6 foot long staff made of pure white energy. It pulses with vitality in my grip. I realize it’s made of solid energy, as real as the desk I am writing this blog from in the wee hours of Sedona.

Then I hear a sweet but powerful familiar female ET voice I’ve not heard since she gave me the mission for the Antarctica meditations of 2012! Madame Chairwoman of the Galactic Council’s voice echoes in my mind, “Commander Sheetz, it’s good to finally reach you! There is much corruption on your world seeking to halt the shift. Use this staff — named for a sister planet Hipacrin, which survived the same madness that now grips your blue world — as a tool. A gift from the Galactic Council to help bring forth the new era.”

I offer thanks, but the ruler of Galactic Council almost sheepishly adds. “However, to wield this staff — made of pure energy from your North Pole — in planetary meditations, you will need to give up the eating of meat.”

I worry because I’ve tried to be vegetarian three years ago and failed, but I nod my agreement to try to give up eating meat once again.

“Farewell for now then, Commander Sheetz. And remember no meat or the staff of Hipacrin will cease to exist.”

Elizabeth sees me sitting on the edge of the bed and I tell her about this first DreamShield vision in over a year. Our little dog wakes too and now our mission trio is happily reunited in the 3D world.  While we cuddle play with Lincoln, still afraid of me in real life, I tell Elizabeth of how I must give up meat to use the staff. She pulls me into a loving kiss.  A real-life goddess, Elizabeth has been wanting us to go vegetarian almost from she came to join me in Sedona two years ago.  So this is a happy morning.

Thus far I’ve gone my first 36 hours without meat quite easily.  And I’ve already done several powerful planetary meditations with the new white staff of Hipacrin. I am seeing visions of it shattering holds of the dark energy on the shift already. A better day is coming!

If you follow the blog you know, the ETs have been telling me for years that we humans will never evolve to our highest selves if we kill and eat out fellow earth creatures. I hope you’ll join me in at least trying to give up meat. We need to change something in the equation.  A lot of us quietly giving up meat cannot be controlled by the dark status quo.

Yes, abstaining from meat is the white staff of power we can all take up and reduce pollution of world both physically and spiritually.  But however it turns out for any us seeking to kick our meat addiction, no regrets!



Part Two of TRUMP MIND MELD added! Wow. Trump makes a brilliant baddie.

Coolest Meditation Ever

Humor is the best meditation in the face of fear and in that spirit proudly presents…


warning abort mind meld blank

The USS Enterprise glides through the stars, passing a huge asteroid. We hear the familiar voice of Captain Kirk.

“Captain’s Log, stardate 2264.2. The Enterprise is accelerating to time travel speed on a journey to the eve of World War III. All in the hopes of altering the timeline and averting the loss of billions of human lives.”

We join Kirk in his cabin, feet propped up on his desk, dictating to the ship’s computer.

“What the outcome of such a drastic timeline shift for our own time, the 23rd Century, is anyone’s  –”

A knock on the cabin door stops Kirk’s log dictation. Annoyed, he says, “Enter.”

A troubled Spock steps through the pneumatic doorway. A fidgety Dr. McCoy right behind him.

Before McCoy can speak Kirk…

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The NC-17 President

I just read Michael Wolff’s FIRE AND FURY tell-all. I give it 4 stars. For me, the biggest moral shocker is Wolff’s claim the president of our country takes pride in seducing other men’s wives.

But just I was finishing the book along came the Stormy Daniels scandal!

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.57.39 PM

Something of a personal and professional confession, I met Stormy Daniels myself in 2006, four years before my 2010 awakening. After three years in Hollywood and not yet producing a hit for my investors, I was desperate to win the good graces of my Chicago backers when along came a top ten ranked line-producer in Hollywood. He had the unlikely idea of making a PG-rated reality show for a mainstream TV audience about the behind the scenes world of Wicked Pictures featuring Stormy’s efforts to become a legit director and invited me to be his producer partner. The chance to work with one of Hollywood’s top producers, a recognized genius, was too tempting so I got on board as a producer and began talks with Wicked Pictures.

Weeks later, I reported to my executive producer that it was clear from my preliminary talks with Stormy and the CEO of Wicked Pictures that these renegade porn pros would never accept the waivers and censoring required to make a clean show out of a dirty business. And, well, I was more than relieved when my report nipped the show I felt dubious about in the bud.

So it felt mighty strange for me to have Stormy be my sixth degree of separation connection to Trump. When I interviewed Stormy in 2006, a strong, sexy and charismatic business woman, I was thankful for the angels watching over me that kept the nature of my connection professional. Whereas, Trump supposedly had sexual relations with Stormy that she described in salacious detail in an IN TOUCH article, effectively making the Trump presidency NC-17 rated.

A fitting end to a tumultuous year one for a man in far over his head morally and intellectually as our shameless president. One has to wonder: How far can the Christian right bend before breaking away from Trump or breaking itself?

To think only one year ago I was in DC with my love and partner Elizabeth England for the inauguration, fearing the worst but hoping for the best for Trump’s presidency. Unfortunately, the worst has happened. Now we set the intention in our meditations for all the darkness coming forth to be converted to light to usher in a golden era of ethics and good conscience in American politics. And the sooner the better.


Humor is the best meditation in the face of fear and in that spirit proudly presents…


warning abort mind meld blank

The USS Enterprise glides through the stars, passing a huge asteroid. We hear the familiar voice of Captain Kirk.

“Captain’s Log, stardate 2264.2. The Enterprise is accelerating to time travel speed on a journey to the eve of World War III. All in the hopes of altering the timeline and averting the loss of billions of human lives.”

We join Kirk in his cabin, feet propped up on his desk, dictating to the ship’s computer.

“What the outcome of such a drastic timeline shift for our own time, the 23rd Century, is anyone’s  –”

A knock on the cabin door stops Kirk’s log dictation. Annoyed, he says, “Enter.”

A troubled Spock steps through the pneumatic doorway. A fidgety Dr. McCoy right behind him.

Before McCoy can speak Kirk cuts him off, “Bones, Spock and I are set for this mission to 21st century America and that’s all there is to it.”

“Damnit, Jim! As ship’s doctor I hereby file my formal complaint you are ignoring grave dangers to Spock’s sanity when he melds with Trump the Mad Dictator.”

“Captain, I assure you I am quite ready for this mind meld,” Spock says.

“Spock, you’re a bigger idiot than Trump if you can’t see the man has to have mind to have a mind meld!”

“Gentlemen, must I call security to escort you back to your quarters?” says Kirk, hiding a smile.

“Captain, the doctor is just being his normal illogical and annoying self,” Spock says.

“Bones, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the… Trump?” say Kirk, making a lame joke no one laughs at.

McCoy throws up his hands in disgust.”Well, if you two very stable geniuses want to roll the dice on Spock’s sanity and the very existence of Star Fleet, who I am to stop you?!” Dr. McCoy spins on his heels and exits Kirk’s cabin in a huff.


A short time later in the mess hall Kirk pulls a Big mac and french fries from the food replicator and sits them before Spock.

Spock analyzes the meal with his tricorder. “Most peculiar, Captain.”

“Spare me the niceties. Analysis.”

“The Mac object has nearly zero nutritional value. Worse, it is filled with enough grease substance to clog the ship’s drainage system in sufficient quantity,” says Spock shoving the Big Mac away in disgust.

“Eat, Spock.  If you’re going to mind meld with Trump it will help to eat as he does.”

“Captain, there must be some mistake. I’d have to be insane to eat…”

“Exactly. I swear to you, Spock.  Our archeologists say this was Trump’s daily diet.”

Spock takes a nervous bite of the Big Mac and his eyes go wide in horror. “Is this meat, Captain?”

“Sort of,” says Kirk as he sniffs the Big Mac.

“But I am vegetarian, sir.”

“Well…Try the French fries, Spock.”

Spock shudders, downing a fry whole without chewing. He coughs.

“You look greener than usual, Mr. Spock,” says Kirk, laughing at his own joke.

Spock cracks a rare smile and says, “Permission to vomit, sir.”

Kirk and Spock laugh about Trumps diet

Spock projectile vomits all over Kirk.

“Permission granted?” says Kirk, his face dripping Big Mac and fries.

“Apologies, sir.  This McDonald’s of your past is most toxic.”

“Caught me off guard with your rare smile, Spock.”

“Sorry. On Vulcan a smile can warn of eminent expulsion.”

“More like an ‘explosion’, OK, I’d say this concludes our 21st century dietary experiment,” says Kirk as he wipes vomit from his eyes.

“It’s a wonder your species survived the Big Mac.” says Spock as he helps clean off Kirk.


A short time later a cleaned up Kirk is perched in his captain’s chair. The viewing screen on the command deck beeps and boops as the ship buffets through layers of crystalline rainbows.

Kirk spins his command chair to Spock at the science station, “Glad to see you’re not smiling, Mr. Spock. Report.”

Spock, his eyes aglow from his personal view screen. says,”Undoubtedly a convergence point of timelines reaching epic proportions,”

“A clusterfuck of timelines,” says Kirk to Spock’s dazed look. “21st century slang, Mr. Spock.”

“Ah, yes, clusterfuck of timelines. Affirmative, Captain.”

Scotty bellows over the ship’s intercom, causing Kirk to almost spill his coffee, “Timeline turbulence! It be tearin’ our wee ship ta bits, Captain! I canna — ”

“Hold her together, Scotty. Blah, blah, blah,” says Kirk, bored with Scotty’s typical bellyaching.

“Meeting Trump the Mad Dictator already got you off your game, Jim?” teases Dr. McCoy.

At last the battered Enterprise exits a red-colored rip in space and glides into orbit over the USA.

“The Enterprise has successfully entered 21st century earth space, Captain.”

“How can you be so sure, Spock?”

“Confirmation from the Twitter-verse. Trump’s virtual realm,” says Spock.

“Please be more precise, Spock.”

“Picking up news chatter on their primitive newscasts that — ”

“Correction ‘fake news’, Spock.  Speak Trumpese.”

“Duly noted, Captain. The precise time is January 11th 2018 at 11:11 PM Eastern Clusterfuck time,” says Spock.

“Ah. Three weeks before Trump’s preemptive nuclear strike on North Korea. Excellent work, Spock,” says Kirk. “You get a raise.”

Spock reacts in puzzlement, “A raise? To where?”

“A joke, Spock. Um, when we reach Trump you best leave the humor to me,” says Kirk with proud smirk.

“With pleasure, sir.”

Chekov pipes in, “Captain Kirk, vith all due respect, sir.  Vee Vould have much better chance of success approaching the Russian who runs Trump… Putin.”

“We’ve been over the timeline computations a thousand times, Mr. Chekov. Trump has a far more suggestive mind for melding than Putin’s.”

“On that we can agree,” says McCoy.

Sulu palms his forehead, “But, sirs. Historical records report Trump’s acting like a fool was just that, an act! Truth is Trump is a mental giant who will crush — Uh, sorry Mr. Spock.  No offense intended.”

“Clusterfuck you, Mr. Sulu,” says Spock.  Kirk rolls his eye in disgust.

“History shows Trump was, ‘like, wherry smart’,” adds Chekov in his thick Russian.

“‘A very stable genius!'”says Sulu, spinning from the navigation consel.

Bones goes refaced and says, “Keep your damn eyes on the screen, Sulu! You and Chekov have been hoodwinked by 200 years of propganda and myth surrounding Trump the so-called Great. Ha. Great fat ass, maybe!”

“Who can blame them, Doctor? History is always written by the clusterfucking victors,” offers Spock, proudly eying Kirk who looks down in to his coffee to avoid Spock’s eye contact.

“Bones’ son, a highly skilled timeline archeologist, has determined the so-called genius Trump the Great was in fact barley literate and a, um…” says Kirk trailing off.

“Moron?” says McCoy with grin as he catches up to Kirk and Spock heading for the ship’s turbolift.

“I was going to say “fucking moron’, like his Secretary of State Tillerson called him,” says Kirk.

“Do you not meaning clusterfucking moron, Captain.”

“You’re overdoing it with the cluster thing, Spock. Fucking is sufficient.”

“Sounds like you could give my son a run for the money on timeline trivia, Jim.” says McCoy as they reach the turbolift.

“Sorry, Bones. Need you to stay on board in command in case anything happens to me and Spock,” says Kirk as he tugs his top off to prep for a quick costume change.

“Damnit, Jim. I’m a doctor. Not nursemaid to a presidential idiot. SI am sending Nurse Oberon in my place. She’s waiting for you in the transporter room. And, Jim, keep it in your pants for a change.  You and Trump are more alike than you know,” says McCoy as the elevator door to the turbolift closes and Kirk’s annoyed face.


Spock and Kirk enter the teleporter room. Scotty is so busy flirting with the gorgeous Nurse Oberon, a voluptuous green skinned Orion he misses the entrance of the Captain dressed as Men in Black FBI. Spock’s disguise as a 21st century Trump fan hilariously complete, down to his pot belly and red MAGA hat.

“Captain on deck!” says Spock, annoyed at Scotty.

Scotty and Nurse Oberon snap to attention. “Captain, Mr. Spock, may I present Nurse Oberon. She’s fluent in 21st century American.”

“Oh, and why is that, Nurse Oberon?’ says Kirk as he takes her slender green hand and shakes it a bit too long.


“I am one quarter human. My grandmother was abducted from a Trump rally by the Orions for psychological study shortly after the completion of the wall.”

“Ah yes, the famed wall with Mexico. One of Trump’s few campaign promises he kept resulting in his reelection in 2020,” notes Spock.

“Not quite, Mr. Spock. It was Trump’s second wall project, the one with Canada in 2022 where my Grandmother was taken.”

“What precise phycological condition were the Orions seeking to understand in examining your grandmother?” says Spock.

“Granny never wavered in her faith in Trump, despite his single handily triggering Word War III, the abolishment of the FBI, the end of a free press, the Great Depression of 2020, and over 100,000 fact checked lies he told while in office,” says Nurse Oberon.

“An impressive record of Trump’s laying waste to earth but that still does not answer my question about why the Orions were interested in your grandmother,” says Spock.

“You see the Orions sought to understand Trump’s hold on her and his core supporters, ” coos Nurse Oberon reaching, takubg iand stroking Spock’s Vulcan ears, “Oh, I can already see have to be very sharp with you, Mr. Sexy Ears,”

“Save it, Nurse Oberon. Spock’s immune to your considerable charms,” says Kirk.

“Captain, may I have a word with you in private?” says Spock.

“By all means, Mr. Spock,” says Kirk, amused Nurse Oberon has shaken up the Vulcan.

Kirk and Spock step into the hallway as Nurse Oberon finishes applying flesh colored makeup to hide her green skin and puts on a frumpy outfit over her Star Fleet uniform.

“Captain, I most uncomfortable about Nurse Oberon’s selection for this away team.”

“I can see that Spock,” jokes Kirk.

“Jim, please take me seriously. Given the nurse’s ancestry she might be overly susceptible to the charms of Donald J. Trump,” says Spock.

“My gut tells me she’ll do just fine. Let’s go. Trump only sleeps 4 hours a night,” says Kirk, leading a reluctant Spock back into the teleporter room.

Spock steps onto the teleporter pad beside Nurse Oberon’s and the Captain’s pads.

Nurse Oberon complains, “Why must my outfit be so frumpy? Aren’t my assets an asset for handling Trump?”

“Aye. Blame me, lass. The mission is too important to allow distractions for the Captain,” jokes Scotty with a wink to the Captain.

The Vulcan examines his red Make America Great Again hat, “If we succeed, Captain. Perhaps America shall in fact be great again.”

“It’s all comes down to you, Spock. You must plant the fear within Trump’s warped mind that a war with North Korea ends in his impeachment for abuse of war powers.”

“Captain, I find it deeply disturbing that your ancestors saw fit to entrust your president, a single human, and in this case a highly unstable one, with the power to press a button and start a thermal nuclear war,” observes Spock.

Kirk shrugs flirtatiously to Nurse Oberon and says to Scotty, “Energize.”

Once the trio de-materealize Scotty pulls out a Big Mac and takes a huge bite. He rolls his eyes in ecstasy.

“Those things can kill a horse, Scotty,” says bones from the view screen.

“Aye, Doctor. But the horse will die happy!”


Kirk, Spock and Nurse Oberon silently materialize in a dark corner of Trump’s bedroom.

Art from the “failing according to Trump” NY Times

The trios eyes go wide watching Trump stuff his face with two cheeseburgers at once. Still, the president furiously tweets,“Wolff’s book is just more fake…..”

Kirk whispers, “Fire –“.

Nurse Oberon stuns Trump mid tweet and he slumps to the bed, doing a face plant.

“Why did you stun Trump, Nurse Oberon?”

“You did say ‘fire’, Jim,” says Spock.

“I was commenting that the book FIRE AND FURY is what he’s so angry about.”

“Oh,” says Nurse Oberon.

“It seems we are most cluster-fucked, Captain.”

“Fucked is sufficient, Spock. Wish he’d finished his tweet before we stunned him.” says Kirk.

“Not to worry, Captain. Trump was known to tweet erratically, sometimes not continuing a tweet for up to several hours. And of course there was the famed Covfefe tweet.”

Nurse Oberon struggles to get the president onto his back and says, “The prez weighs a ton! He needs air! Help me turn him!”

“239 pounds my ass!” grunts Kirk helping turn Trump.

It takes all three of the away team to flip Trump onto his back. At which point he begins to choke on his cheeseburgers.

“Help him, Spock!”

“Captain, if I may be so bold. Might we our mission be better completed if we do nothing?”

“No one would doubt death by cheeseburger,” says Nurse Oberon.

“21st century America was rife with conspiracy theories. In  any case, too big a hole in the timeline!” says Kirk, watching Trump turning blue.

Spock yanks Trump into the Heimlich maneuver. Trump coughs his cheeseburgers into Kirk’s face and gasps for air.

“McDonald’s is your nemesis, Captain.”

“Mind meld time, Mr. Spock.”

The door handle jangles. Kirk points to Nurse Oberon, “You’re on!”

Nurse Oberon pulls off her dress and Climbs atop Trump just as Don Jr. enters.

“Whoa!  Love the green skin!  Sorry, pops!” says Don Jr. making a quick exit.

“Now, Spock, before Melania shows up!” says Kirk.

“My computations show there is only a one in 10,056.75 percent chance of that happening, sir.”

Nurse Oberon and Kirk groan in unison, “Spock.”

“Sorry. I shall begin then. Silence please. I wish to return from this meld with all my marbles I believe is the 21st century slang for –”

“SPOCK!” shout Kirk and Nurse Oberon.

Spock places his fingers over Trump’s head. “Sir!  It’s real!”

“I am sure, Spock.  His mind must be a real sivv of larceny and deceit!”

“No, sir. I’ve not melded yet. His famed fake hair. It’s real!” says Spock roughing up Trump orange hair. “Granted the orange color is not –”

“Spock, are you sure you are up for this mission?” says Nurse Oberon sweetly as she puts her dress back on.

Spock adjust his fingers over Trump’s right temple,”My mind to your –” Spock winces in pain.

“What is it Spock?!” says Kirk.

“Trump… Much… difficulty…never encountered such… an unfocused… mind… Must go deeper…” say Trump and Spock in unison.

Nurse Oberon monitors the condition of both Trump and Spock.  She reports to Kirk, “Pulse rate up by 50% already! Call off the meld.  We could lose them both.”

Spock and Trump speak as one,”Only focus seems to be… composing Tweets about Bannon the traitor… absolutely no thoughts on… matters of state.”

“Go deeper, Spock.  There must be some way to reach Trump,” says Kirk.

“Pulse rate up 77%!” reports Nurse Oberon.

Tears pour from Trump and Spock as they speak as one,”Daddy… why don’t you love me?”

Inside the foggy mind of Trump, Spock watches as Fred Trump yanks young Donald’s nose to a stack of money. “You see this pile of cash?”

“Um , yeah,” says little Trump.

“That’s all that matter is life. Cash is king!” shouts Fred Trump. Spock steps behind Fred Trump and does the Vulcan nerve pinch.  Fred Trump falls to floor and little Trump screams.

“Alien! You killed my daddy!” says little Trump.

“He’s fine, young Donald, none of this is real. See I can make myself your age,” says Spock shrinking himself to little Trump’s size.

“Wait. I read your mind! Your name is Spock!”

“Correct. Our minds are as one, Donnie.” says Spock reassuringly.

“Cool beans.  My turn to play the daddy game!” says Trump growing to adult size while Spock shrinks to kid-size.

The surroundings morph into Spock’s childhood home on Vulcan. Sarek, Spock’s father passes young Spock in tears in a hallway, “Tears? You’re no Vulcan.”

“Hey, big shot. Stop being so mean to Spock!” says Trump and blows Sarek off his feet with a shotgun.

Young Spock gawks at Donald Trump the hole in his dead father’s chest. A begrudging smile steals of young Spock’s face.

Meanwhile, back in the real world:

“Pulse rate up 150%, sir,” says Nurse Oberon to Kirk’s glare. “Well… it is.”

“President Trump, history has given you a great responsibility. Billions will die if you continue to escalate –”

Trump and Spock shout in unison at Kirk, “You think I give a flying fuck what happens to the world? I have my shelter all set up with all the champagne and broads a man could want! It’s the great shelter of all time. And anyone can join me down there for only $10 million a head.”

“What is $10 million going to be worth when the world is a nuclear wasteland?”

“A lot!  As the world population shrinks my market share gets bigger. I am going to go live with the Trump-acaplyse 24/7!” say Trump and Spock laughing madly in unison.

“This is hopeless. Abort the mission!  Break the mind meld.”

No reaction for Trump and Spock.

“Can’t fight him, Captain. Trump is accessing… my memory of Star Fleet history.  –Cool, lot of inventions here I can take credit for!”

Spock backhands Kirk and send him flying into a wall.

“Sorry, Kirk, can’t give you your first officer back. He’s Trump property now!”

Kirk manages to get to his feet and says, “Why aren’t you helping, Nurse Oberon?”

“What can I say I love a good three way?” Spock and Trump toss Nurse Oberon into the bed.

“Spock, I hate to… but it’s the only way.” says Kirk drawing his phaser.

But Spock is faster on the draw and Kirk is disintegrated.

“Sorry, Jim,” says Spock.

“Fuck the asshole. With the tech in your head we have a galaxy to conquer.”

“Granny, I see what you saw!” says Nurse Oberon as she pulls Trump and Spock into bed.


“Captain’s Log, stardate 2264.2. The Enterprise is accelerating to time travel speed on a journey to the eve of World War III. All in the hopes of altering the timeline and averting the loss of billions of human lives.”

We join Kirk in his cabin, feet propped up on his desk, dictating to the ship’s computer.

“What the outcome of such a drastic timeline shift for our own time, the 23rd Century, is anyone’s  –”

A knock on the cabin door stops Kirk’s log dictation. Annoyed, he says, “Enter.”

A troubled Spock steps through the pneumatic doorway. A fidgety Dr. McCoy right behind him.

Before McCoy can speak Kirk cuts him off, “Save it, Bones. I’ve decided to abort the Trump mind meld mission,” says Kirk walking to his portal window.

“Well, hallelujah. What on earth made you come to your senses?”

Kirk is as silent as space.

“Jim?” say Spock, forgetting rank in the confusion.

Kirk points to an asteroid to a laser inscription burned into it’s side. Spock and Bones look in wonder as they read the carved asteroid:


warning abort mind meld

The End of This Clusterfuck Timeline





Already the #1 best-seller on Amazon before its original January 9th 2018 release, FIRE AND FURY, by Michael Wolff, is destined to be a historic book marking the beginning of the end for the Trump presidency.

The book released January 5th, four days ahead of schedule after Trump sought to block its release yesterday.  It sold out in less than 20 minutes after midnight at a DC bookstore where a line of eager politicos waited in the cold to be the first to own FIRE AND FURY.

Why am I so sure Trump is effectively finished as president? Two reasons.

One: Because Wolff had the full access of a Tom Yates level, an author character where art imitates life in HOUSE OF CARDS, to the reality show known as the Trump White House. What’s particularly damning is that the Trump administration players’ quotes that Wolff patiently gathered from Election Night through 2017, most notably profane gems from Steve Bannon, were captured on hundreds of hours of tape.

Two: I admit I am biased and I simply want this nightmare to be over. So I couldbe all wet on this.  I was furious election day.  I have disliked Trump dating back all the way to the 80s when I was something of a real estate mogul myself, building Oprah’s Harpo and a $162 million skyscraper.

The deepest Bannon barb from the book describes the Trump Tower dumb as dirt meeting between the president’s less than brilliant son Don Jr. and a group of Russians during the 2016 election campaign as “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.”  Trump’s reaction to Bannon’s quotes in the book might have looked like this art.

Art from the “failing according to Trump” NY Times

My opinion as a filmmaker that’s covered politics on film for over 20 years is that this tell-all of all tell-all books — compounded with the ever-widening Mueller Russia investigation — makes Trump a dead-as-a-cheeseburger-walking-president.

The history making book also recounts how Ivanka and Jared got drawn into all this by their aspiration for her to be America’s first woman president one day. She’s even quoted making fun of her father’s disaster-waiting-to-happen comb over.

I do want add to my post here after finishing the book that it ends rather weakly.  It’s almost two books and the ending reveals Wolff had more access to the toady Bannon than Trump. So what we have is dynamite first half a book, when Bannon was riding high, and Wolff had more access, followed by weaker second half where we see no deeper into Trump than a day looking at the news could give you.



“So what does all the Trump insanity and decadence mean on a spirit plane?” I ask my ET spirit guide Ohom.  But it’s earthly spirit guide Robin Williams I first tune in on from the Pacific where he is a reincarnated female blue whale, “Told you Trump’s presidency would be hilarious, Kenster!”

Ohom sighs deeply, answering my call for clarity, “Robin is right.  Keep a sense of humor about it all, Ken. Trump is symptom of deeper problems in your culture as a whole that his leaving office will not solve.”

I telepathically answer Ohom, “Hard to swallow that when Trump is trying to provoke a war with North Korea to distract the people.”

“Trump has fulfilled his purpose to expose the dumbing down of your country, rampant racism, sexism, a corrupt congress, corporatocracy and more. His work is done even if he still uses your insane legal system to tie up his dismissal  until the end of 2020.  Meanwhile, fulfill your mission. Keep sending him and he supporters love as you did at his inauguration,” says Ohom, echoing in my mind with that cool reverb effect his inter-dimensional communication creates.

“I’ve been wondering why you sent us to Trump’s swearing in, Ohom, ” I say over the web here and in my mind with no small amount of annoyance, realizing this has been blocking my connection to Ohom of late.

“Same as I always tell you, Ken.  When you ask me over and over again. Hold a space of unconditional love in the midst of the field hate and rage. That’s mastery,” says Ohom sounding a bit more testy than I’ve ever heard him.

“Wait.  Hate and rage equals ‘Fire and Fury.'” It’s all starting to fit.  Sorry to be so dense. Ok, Ohom my new old/friend. I’ll promise to keep holding a space of love that will help bring a peaceful end to Trump’s hopefully short presidency.  Um, even though that’s hard as hell at times.”

My past life Hopi self, Laughing Skies, adds with a chuckle, “Hard? Why hard, Ken? Trump is simply a symbol of the dying energy of the old ways that destroyed my people,” sounding quite amused at my difficulty mastering the chaos of the Trump shift.

“You won’t be laughing if a desperate Trump starts a war with Kim Jung Un,” I grump inwardly.

“Ha! Trump and Un are already as dead and one corpse cannot kill another,” says the Hopi shaman I once was.

I decide I am not going to win this debate over Trump and all he represents, so I fully my consciousness return to this sunny January 4th 2018 at my trusty Mac.

Well, dear reader, I don’t take comfort that Zombie stories did not exist in Laughing Skies’ time 1000 years ago here in Sedona where many, besides me, thankfully meditate for peace in these troubled times. But here’s to hoping my guides, cosmic and earthly, are right.

We the People must reunite the left and right to oust this rascal and, those like him, tpemerge from this idiocracy safe and sound.  We are in the flames being forged for better times.  Better than the overly idealized Kennedy and Obama years.

Posting some comedy for Robin:

Let’s Grow Up Before It’s Too Late

I lost a young friend yesterday to the rot of our society’s cesspool of disinformation that swirls about Trump on the right and a media that hates him on the left.

Now, I knew in my heart things might end badly because I noted this promising young man loved Trump to an alarming degree from the day we were introduced. But I chose love over fear in getting to know the young man because I saw a spark of genius in him.

Let’s call him Bob for the rest of this blog.

What set Bob off yesterday was my expressing fears on FB that Trump has perhaps lost what little marbles he had before taking office. BTW, can you believe it’s still not one year yet since the tweeter in chief has squeaked into office?

But I digress at Trump’s agonizing slowing of time space. – Time is relative. For Trump lovers the first year must seem the joyous blink of an eye. – Bob was inflamed by my questioning Trump’s sanity based his recent FBI hostility on my home FB page.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 5.45.13 PM

Later that same morning, after making the above self-serving tweet, minutes before heading off in shinny limo to speak at the FBI’s National Academy, Trump blustered to the rattled press gathered on the White House lawn for god knows what stupid thing he might say, “It’s a shame what’s happened with the FBI” and claiming there are “a lot of very angry people that are seeing it.”

The mere fact I noted on FB how Trump’s erratic behavior towards the FBI might be evidence that president is showing sign of cracking up was to young Bob – who I’ve only treated with kindness and hosted in my home – grounds for his accusing me of being brainwashed by agreeing with the liberal media’s assertion, what he called a “party line story”, that Trump is increasingly becoming unglued.

Sorry, Bob, who unfriended me after I puzzled how, in private message, he could be so gung-ho about a racist. sexist wannabe dictator. I admit I goaded Bob into unfriending me because I wanted to shock him into seeing how blind he is about his blindness to the reality of Trump.  I regret doing that but I was frustrated that after nearly a year of Trump wrecking our republic in a multitude of ways; from pulling out of the Paris Accord to appointing a record dozen young inexperienced alt-right unqualified judges into our federal court system with lifetime spots we’ll be stuck contending with for the next fifty years.

Trump has had lots of help from the a Republican Party taken over by the Tea Party crazies.  And with the help of GOP, shamefully endorsing a potential sex abuser for election, rubber stamping Trump is doing damage on taxation and the freedom of our internet.

And still… Bob had not moved an inch to the center.

Now, in fairness to him, Bob may have gotten the wrong impression that I was sympathetic to Trump because he was fan of the meditations I did in DC earlier this year with Elizabeth England at the Inauguration of Trump. In the meditations we set intentions for Trump to rise to becoming one of our greatest presidents. Ambitious indeed.  But intentional meditation is scientifically proven as a powerful force for good. However, before we even left DC to return to Sedona, Trump was proudly singing an executive order to trample on the rights of the Standing Rock tribe.

Trump is sadly for us all might be immune to elevating his consciousness. We were not the only planetary healers hoping for the best and seeing that hope die over 2017. It appears his greed, copious diet of McDonald’s and paranoid anger to all who question keeps Trump on a low vibrational plane.  He has therefore chosen to be part of the old world of male white privilege decaying before our eyes on the basis of demographics alone.

It appears Bob confused my meditation intentions for Trump to rise to become a great president with the sad reality he’s been a god awful leader who will take us into a nuclear war unless removed from office. His low approval ratings bear me out.

Yes, Bob, my Trump sanity fears, are all my own. Fears formulated with my own observations of Trump’s tweets and quotes and a thing called my brain. And what I see in meditation are two reasons for Trump declining mental health.

One: Trump’s fear over the Mueller investigation is causing him to fall into a rage filled depression and he is suffering a nervous breakdown.

Two: Trump is suffering from Alzheimer’s or clogged brain arteries from his Ronald McDonald diet.

Besides his obvious FBI propaganda stunt to discredit the Mueller Russia probe, if we truly look we see in Trump’s behavior there are many other signs that the tweeter in chief is in rocky shape. Take his slurred and or incoherent speech patterns, extreme rage displays to staff punctuated by twitter outbursts, delusions of grandeur and radical overeating. All symptoms any of us with an open ears, eyes and mind can observe for without the filter of media, left or right. It’s an inescapable reality/horror show happening in real time.

What I find stunning is a fine young man like Bob is trying to actually make living as a journalist without a shred of objectivity. That’s not journalism. That’s being a mouthpiece for right-wing propaganda.

I meditated on this deeply and I am being totally honest with myself that I am not doing the same thing on the left as Bob. I am an independent who has voted as many times for the Republicans as Dems. Note I was no fan of Obama and his failed health care plan and back door dealings.

Back to Bob.  What is the magic of Trump’s ability to bamboozle Bob and other Trump supporters to the point they will not make their own judgements about Trump themselves and buy his fake news BS? For the answer I refered back to the famed book ESCAPE FROM FREEDOM by Eric Fromm that I studied at Northwestern University in abnormal psychology class.


Shortly after World War Two Fromm wrote his book to psychoanalyze Hitler’s rise to power. He writes of how all dictators share a common trait as possessing a vacuous souls. This vacuum of the heart makes dictators an empty screen we the people can project all the values we want to see in whoever is latest fearless leader.

And the reason we humans blindly do this over and over, not just with a Hitler, throughout history, according to Fromm is incredibly simple.  Fromm postulates that we as a species desperately want a father (note we’ve not had female dictator yet) who will gladly shoulder the burden of freedom and tell we babies what to think and do.

Looking on the bright side, the trick in meditating about dark things in dark times, is perhaps Trump at some point when the insanity grows worse will serve as the last straw that forces us to grow the hell up as species. We must rise to love our freedoms instead of seeking escapes in petty dictators. Bob, you, me, all of us, must learn to see disinformation on the left and right and to tune out media pundits of both persuasions.

Together let’s stop blaming our money making niche media and look outside our little bubbles and find the center of our own conscious convictions in balance and harmony.

Let’s grow up before it’s too late.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

A movie whose message that anger begets more anger is so beautifully expressed it transcends its theme. I was deeply moved by this masterfully told human tragedy that has some hard won laughs at the absurdity of white male privaledge.

5 stars and the likely best actress Oscar wins for Frances McDormand, best supporting for Woody Harrelson and best actor for Sam Rockwell.

Highly recommended THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI as antidote to a Hollywood season filled with Hollywood remakes for dealing with actual human grief and rage and giving us a female hero in Frances’ Mildred willing to stand up to the world of men.