Griding: You’ll Never Think of Driving, the Same Way Again!

I first heard of the term “griding” (a.k.a. gridding) in 2010, near the outset of my spirit awakening almost 7 years ago as I began traveling.  Griding, I discovered in travels and higher consciousness talks with spirit peeps across the planet, is based the fact every human has an energy signature in their auras. It’s unique as a fingerprint.

In the time lapse we see something like griding in the taillights and headlights of cars and trucks on the highway.

Long Exposure Night Highway Motion Traffic Light

When an auric field is in motion a person leaves an snake of invisible energy wherever they travel, land. A signature I am blessed to be able to see this unconscious griding we are all doing, awake or not, when I use my third-eye.  This griding effect was intuitvely expressed in the movie TRON. Don’t worry, in real-life our energy snakes overlap harmlessly, except when we are at war.

In 2012 I got so tuned into this that on the LA freeway I began to see the hearts and minds of people light brighter than the headlights and taillights.  The griding I saw was so overwhelming in a city as dense with humanity as LA that I had to tune what I saw spiritually down to be able to drive.

When I look to the sky and see jet full of people I see huge grid line. The more people the more powerful the grid line, most powerful being the large cruises ships griding the planet.  Crisscross these griding energy fields in human movements across the planet and it makes a glowing of sacred geometry across the planet.


Shout out to a new friend Gary I told about griding and who saw no one has written about it before. So this is first.

Meditating for a Peaceful Day 100

Love Trumps Hate cmeIt’s not been my favorite mission. When my spirit guide Ohom suggested Elizabeth and I go to Washington DC for the inauguration and shift fear to love I almost said no. Well, if I’m honest, “NO WAY!”

But Elizabeth was more up for it than I was when I told her about Ohom’s mission. And so we went, with only 2 weeks to prep and filmed and meditated in the energy field of our newly minted prez.

I’d hoped when we got home that would be the end of the mission but Ohom guided me that it was beneficial to the planet that Elizabeth and I keep a close eye on what Trump was up to and hold that space of fear to love during his first 100 days.

It’s been hard not to go into fear and staying in an empowered state of love as Trump’s presidency is practically a new train wreck a day.

Tomorrow is day 100, which I hope he spends as the golfing-est president ever.

Stay in your empowered space of love and visualize the future you want for day 100 and beyond. Meditation makes a difference.


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The Spirit of Sedona Welcomes You

I’ve been blessed to be living in Sedona for 4 years now. Devi’s write up is one of the best descriptions for what makes Sedona an oasis in these times.

Mohans World Blog

Everyone has their ‘Sedona story’, I was told. Sedona, the magical location is a magnet for souls who aim to transcend all illusion and attain Oneness with Divine. It has been recognized as a special, high-energy place by Native Americans since ages.

Pic 1 - Devi smelling the flowers, Boynton Canyon, Sedona Vortexes.jpg Devi smelling the flowers, Boynton Canyon, Sedona Vortexes

During the unforgettable 10 days that Mohanji and I spent in the high vibration of Sedona vortexes among the amazing Sedona people (as well as the beautiful souls we met at the Sedona Yoga Festival 10 – 12 March 2017 and during Mohanji’s Retreat in Sedona 14-17 March), so many intense inner experiences took place that I felt the inner pull to honor them through this experience sharing. I hope my words will convey the intensity and beauty of these experiences. I offer all these words to the consciousness that brought us to Sedona.

Pic 2 - Sedona Rocks and their vibrations.jpg Sedona rocks and their vibrations


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Reality, You’re Fired!

What does one say about a reality star that refuses to face reality? When he was running and visualizing victory by saying, “When I am president…” I took it as good positive thinking, ala THE SECRET.  But then on day one his presidency Trump went straight off then reality rails by imagining his crowd size for the inauguration to be greater than anyone in history and I knew we were in deep do-do.

Not even side by side photos from the National Park Service convinced him he was not loved by the masses. Left is Obama’s 2009 inauguration, right is Trump’s.


Winning the election was not enough for Trump’s massive ego issue.  He has to be #1.  Ironically, he now enjoys the lowest rated president in history.

But fear not. His lack of respect for reality will end up being food for the spin doctors and comedians.  I can see it now, Sean Spicer takes the podium to explain how brave Trump is to suffer low approvals to fight for the little guy.

Reality, you’re fired.

Trump Jobs



On just his second day in office, before our two person meditation team even left Washington DC, Trump signed an executive order resuming work on both the Keystone and Dakota Access oil pipelines. He did so without so much as a mention of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe at a North Dakota site whose lands and waters may become forever poisoned by this decision.

As backers of the water protectors, we at are outraged Trump began his presidency in such a disrespectful fashion. Despite all our good wishes for his becoming a successful president in attending his inauguration, our meditation team was thrown for a loop by his support of the oil industry over treaty law.

We sought cosmic guidance in many meditations upon our return to our base in Sedona Arizona. Still, our spirit guidance remained clear — transmute fear centering around Trump, a thin-skinned man with his finger on the nuclear trigger, to love. We were reminded daily by spirit, during Trump Twitter fits and his Muslim ban, that this transmutation is ALL we are to do through Trump’s first 100 days, daily, and then intermittently for his entire presidency.

No matter how distasteful and scary we sometimes find the meditation work to offset this man’s potent energy, even when he seems at times unhinged, we must and will carry on. Your support with both your donations and in spirit joining in the intention to shift fear to love is so appreciated and far more important than you can know.

It’s been explained to us by our spirit guides that the USA as the #1 consumer and polluting nation–an invisible empire fueled by corporate greed, lust for oil and war–must be shifted to the light if humanity is to survive.

We must surrender to the fact that, for however how long he lasts in office, the universe selected Donald J Trump to be exactly where he is currently — stirring the pot.  Indeed, in the face of so many bizarre lies from the Trump administration, including a flat out effort to curtail if not eradicate the free press–a valuable freedom ever with all it’s faults–we are seeing a renaissance of protesting and activism. For in every action there is an equal an opposite reaction.

However unpleasant and painful Trump’s time in office is to we who love mother earth and all her creatures great and small on this precious blue world, we must hold the space that LOVE TRUMPS HATE.

Deep thanks to all who have been contributing to our Indiegogo that has paid for the trip to DC and our initial filming. Our next phase of the work is to interview conscious leaders about how to cope with the fear field Trump engenders and to meditate for solutions.

Please contribute yourself if you like what we are doing to bring hope to a hopeless seeming situation at LOVE TRUMPS HATE. 3 days left of the campaign as of this posting!



An Inauguration of Love

Why The Inauguration of Love Meditation?

A million people will be in D.C. for the inauguration–all carrying strong and polarized emotional energy–creating a powerful fluid field of energy for seeding 24 intentions for quantum change. The extreme polarization of liberals versus conservatives from the contentious 2015-2016 election cycle show no signs of abating. It’s time for an ‘Inauguration of Love.’

Right now the Trump presidency looks hopeless to most liberals–fears are running wild of attack on, or neglect of civil rights and the environment, and anxiety about looting or warmongering by a cabinet of detached billionaires.  While many conservatives are elated, many are worried their world of ‘business as usual’ has been turned upside down by the brash Trump and his Tweets.

Love him or hate him, Trump is about to be our 58th president. Let’s choose love over hate. And do so with a sense of humor.


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Exactly 4 years from its original filming, THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12 premiered to a sold out the Sedona Film Festival Mary Fisher theater on 12.12.16.

This happened despite a crowded local press field due to the holidays and resulting drought of normal local press.


“Director of Buzzology Elizabeth England packed the theater using our many page on FB, Twitter, Instagram and our highly targeted email list,” says Ken Sheetz.

“I was happy to step up and free Ken to finish the movie in time for the premiere,” adds England.

“I needed that time to add the great notes Elizabeth gave me on editing,” says filmmaker Ken.

A meditation event followed the film along with the Q&A. A successful format that will be repeated at a number of special screenings.

BuzzBroz plans to show the film theatrically in Sedona in January and be onto other markets like LA and Chicago.  And you can now watch on Vimeo OnDemand!