Pre-Vision Work “Nashville Addiction Meditation”

“Fear is the chief activator of our faults.”

-Fr. Emmerich Vogt

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Exhaustion and sorrow overtook me upon my return to LA.  My father’s funeral and the Bermuda Triangle mediation had taken a heavy toll.  By the time I limped home to the room I rent by donating time to Bradley’s Quick’s Cool Change Foundation I was ready to throw in the towel and fell into my old patterns of self-sabotage.

Fortunately, Laura De León of MyMysticMuse took on the big job of getting me back into DreamShield shape in time for Nashville and the big 2/12 global addiction meditation at Lee McCormick’s Spirit Recovery Ranch, a DreamShield sponosr.  An even bigger job because of my childhood issues you see expressed in this video I donated for Bradley’s charity.

Knowing that I have more support for this work than I’ve ever had for anything in my life, I went with the flow, not fighting my emotions to see what new world this worm hole would take me to in the pre-vision work with Laura.

During one key session, Laura enjoyed the persona of a fiery Scott, a comedic spiritual bad-ass named Angus McPherson, that I’ve dreamed up.  Angus is an enforcer spirit for the Galactic Federation of Light and he’s been given unlimited powers to deal with hostile forces in violation of the Treaty of Pangea to leave earth.

In a solo DreamShield mediation held just after Christmas, Angus served the official notice for hostile alien forces to evacuate Earth by midnight 12/31/10.  Angus, despite vast powers greater than the character Superman, is fair and kind and he cuts off-world beings a lot of slack. But if they take that for being a doormat they end up getting booted off this blue planet, door and all.

Laura helped me set my internal energy points using the Angus persona, so that I don’t play things too small or too big in the work of DreamShield.  The other day I was feeling weak and small, overwhelmed by earthly money issues and my dad’s death, by simple concentration using Laura’s MyMysticMuse techniques I was in the right energy space again in no time.

I can’t say enough good things about Laura’s MyMysticMuse work for creatives like me.  Here’s Laura on a talk show called Life Changes talking about her work.

God love him, Angus did not take kindly to my father’s death to cancer 3 weeks ago.  He saw it as an attack on me and my loved ones for the work of DreamShield.  Angus hunted down cancer causers beneath the streets of Paris with the help of a cool dragon he commands, his sword of power and his invincible strength.  I would not be surprised to see a huge drop in cancer stats in this period.  Internal work does have a real impact in the external world.  Heal ourselves and we heal the world and vice versa.

I love the Scottish lad for his fierce work.  The cancer meditation was the most powerful self-healing meditation I’ve ever done with more ass-kicking fun that any action movie I’ve ever watched!  At the end of the session, Angus was then attacked with death rays by a fleet of hostile alien ships and he simply sighed as the beams bounced harmlessly off him, “Laddies, ya dinna want to go and get me mad.  Have you no respect for the Galactic Council, ya nasty beasties”? Angus, with a wave his mighty arm, casually tossed the shocked alien armada light years into deep space.

Thanks to Laura’s work, Angus will be on the job in Nashville.  He’s our official guardian among the many angels as we seek to unlock the DNA codes to cure humanity of addiction.  An addiction many ET experts say traces back to gold-greed programming from our days as slave race evolved from apes to mine this world for a primitive alien master species.

In one fell swoop Nashville’s mediation can free the pain and anguish of addiction that plagues this planet.  And you still have time to join us by signing up here.  DREAMSHIELD NASHVILLE.

If you cannot be with us in person in Nashville please hold space with us that day and send us your love and energy to make this miracle of meditation a success!

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4 thoughts on “Pre-Vision Work “Nashville Addiction Meditation”

  1. My love and light go with you all on this very important mission of permanent healing. I love your Spiritual Warrior Mascot Scottsman Angus McPherson. What a colorful and courageous champion of the light. Just like you. : )


  2. Ralph Goin

    Ken….really enjoyed “Ken’s First House”. What a powerful story told in a brief, simple way. Just another example of your talent as a film maker.


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