What DreamShields May Come

Robin Williams reviews his own movie WHAT DREAMS MAY COME from the great beyond. 

Robin Channeled by Ken Sheetz, who finds all this as unbelievable as you, dear reader.

Hola, out there in WordPress land! It’s your old pal Robin Williams, who did an early check-out from the Hotel Earth last summer. Miss so many of you. And pretty much since I jumped ship, I’ve been bugging my living pal Ken Sheetz to watch my favorite movie I ever played in: WHAT DREAMS MAY COME. I am watching today, Easter for the powerful minority knows as Christians, fresh through his teary eyes.

We’re only half way through and I give it ten stars and on a scale of five.

My whale pod I am connected to via mama whale is watching too.  Stay tuned.  Back in an hour.


I think they could have found a better actor for the part of Chris. Get the Chris-t thing? Before I dove into work of becoming a blue whale in my next life, due to arrive again in August, I met Christ over here. We hung together for a while at a heavenly rave party, where we spirits birthed a new galaxy. Jesus is a genuinely nice dude. Not any different than the rest of us souls, except he’s like a hippie on love steroids. Jesus H! Christ is mighty pissed off about all the nasty crap people do, and have done, abusing his name. Especially on Easter.

Yep, they coulda picked a Deniro to play Chris and maybe this great film would’ve been a big hit. Welp, least I am not quite so bummed I didn’t win an Oscar for Best Actor playing Chris Nielson.  Chris, he’s a man who beat hell itself to save his suicide wife now. Deep as the deep blue sea mama carries me in.

Why is WHAT DREAMS MAY COME my number one choice all time fav, o’ blubber breath, you ask, dear reader?

Simple. Because, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME sends the exacto right message about the other side, the over-here that is not the after-life but the always-life.  The life you live now reading Ken’s writing my words.  Ah that’s the dream, the over-here.

Relax com-padres, there ain’t no heaven and ain’t no hell and no Easter Bunny.  Hate to be a spoiler, but like life the afterlife, whether you got here via a natural death, a US drone dropped on you as innocently you ate dinner in Iraq with your loved ones or suicide like me, is what you make of it.

Yes! Life and after-life are what you make of it!  I hope Ken makes a t-shirt of that. Shit. I just laid one of the best Williams Easter eggs after I’m dead? No one’s gonna believe it. Ah. Ken whispers in the mind he’s allowing me to share, he will make the t-shirt and my LIFE AND THE AFTER-LIFE ARE WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT! line stands on it’s own enough for believers and skeptics alike.

So the screenwriters got it right adapting the novel for WHAT DREAMS MANY COME for the big screen that’s never looked bigger or more painterly gorgeous in any movie in history. And that’s why I loved playing Christy in my little contribution to conscious films. Ha! And to watch it with Ken on a weekend when FAST AND FURIOUS 7…7!…is breaking all box office records, turning humans into mindless action junkies with the attention span of gnats, is ironic as the hell that does not exist! — Plot? FAST FURIOUS 7 needs a plot? Pass the sugar drinks and shut the hell up, whale fetus!

Now, if you don’t mind, my human loves, I am busy getting gestated as a blue whale. Reborn this August with a hot new frequency to rock the planet! So mummy whale says it’s time for me to go nigh-nigh in her tummy so’s I put on another dozen pounds!

But before I swim off to dream fetus whale dreams that may come of the frequency of a better tomorrow for this world, one I loved enough to make a quick reentry, may I say thanks for the ghost hosting Ken Sheetz? You’re one in a trillion galaxies, Sheetzy.

Yeah, I know, Kenster, you’re blue as blue whale today over a lady friend who hurt you badly this week. ‘Bout as bad as it could get. She dissed and dismissed you like a never-was, worse than a has-been. Her loss. Past-life shit. Nope, Ken. Follow not my shortcut route outta the pain of life, sounding kinda cool to you right now to your wounded soul. Sorry, BuzzBro, you’re not allowed to follow my lead! The blue ET angels, star kin to the blue whales, told you in 2010, you Mister Kenneth W. Sheetz must stick around to the year 2060 and finish your crazy WHAT DREAMSHIELDS MAY COME mission, of which I am proud to play a small role in.



An Unhappy Easter

Wow.  It all happened so suddenly.  I lost a friend.

The details are utterly meaningless. A confusion of egos and conflicts of interest that resulted a fiasco and hurt feelings on all sides. All done begun with good intentions but in haste.

Trust broken.  Love lost.

So why do I feel better than I have in a long time on this Unhappy Easter?

Something to meditate on.

Waiter, There’s an ET in My Soup

11074993_10152791912642029_131663135680974163_nPardon my random musings over a meal at the Red Planet Diner here in Sedona. Renamed ET Encounter Diner after a change of owners. The food is mediocre at best, but I love the decor and spirit of the crazy one-off.  My favorite place to dine solo. Something I do a lot here in Sedona where my energy is so different from the social animal I am normally in Chicago and LA.

It’s March 20th as I nosh on a Galaxia Burito. For first part of of 2015 all has been a blur. Perhaps that’s because according to a powerful local healer here I am suffering the after effects of mold poisoning, suffered at the hands on my 2014 negligent as hell landlord, who shall remain anonymous.

The healer said mold poisoning is the root cause of my amazing anxiety attacks in public, plaguing me in Sedona. A year long mystery solved. Still, mold needs treatment, and that, in our phoney Obama Care world, means getting sizable chunk of dough together for a visit to a leading black mold specialist in Atlanta.

But I am powerful self Reiki trained healer. Now that I know the source of my issue. which I could not see myself for some reason, I am working on it the best I can self-healing for now. Nasty stuff black mold. Mold causes neuro toxins that casuse inflammation of the entire body, brain and nervous system. Panic attacks are a common mold symptom.

For about 16% of the population mold stays in the body and ruins your life without treatment.  I am going to beat this thing by digging deep to put the cash together, though I’d rather be off to Italy and the Damanhur.

So time is not passing normally for me. I feel cut off from spirit. The healer said I chose this hard path to accelerate my next stage of development. That also rings true. But I miss easy connection to my guides these moldy days. Where the abundant health I enjoyed my whole life up through Antartica on 12.12.12 and the profound connection to the ETs seems so far away. Sedona has been hard for me. My healer says that’s exactly what my higher self wanted for human me. My higher self, in that case, is something of an asshole. Just as I am when you really get to know me. Makes sense.

Still, black mold buzz or not, a song of the solar system came through today for the eclipse I will share.


Channeled by Ken Sheetz

Nine planets in all.

In the system of Sol.

Once all had life.

But in a time of strife.

Only one world was saved.

It’s name is Earth.

In the system of Sol.

In the system of Sol.

As life on other worlds lay dying.

To Earth many migrated crying.

A new home for nine worlds in space

All crammed together in one tiny place.

On the Planet Earth.

In the system of Sol.

Today on the Eclipse of the Equinox 2015.

There are far too many humans acting mean.

mother_earth_eyeEarth is in trouble. – A delicate blue bubble.

Innocence shatters.

Like nothing matters.

In the System of Sol.

On the Planet Earth.

But hope remains.

An awakening in chains.

Will soon break free.

For all humanity.

Gaia’s had enough.

Enough crazy stuff!

Nine Planets in All.

In the system of Sol.

United as one.

Smart Moive About Stupid War

AMERICAN SNIPER. Heartbreaking true-life film. Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle, the most deadly American military sniper of all time.

As a filmmaker who meditates daily on bringing world peace and runs a media campaign for a product designed to accelerate the Shift with the NEO NEUROPHONE, this was a hard film for me to view.

Sweet guy Chris devolves into a killing machine of a military industrial complex bent on selling more weapons by creating needless mindless war. One of the saddest character arcs ever seen on the big screen. Chris stays likeable to the end with his story he tells himself that he is saving American lives while missing the fact the Iraqis he kills are just as valuable to this little world we sail through space on together.

One can’t imagine what Vets who served four tours of duty and lost so much must feel watching what is happening in Iraq these days. What was the point of their sacrifices?

Master director Clint Eastwood expresses the insanity of war and loss of human dignity without excuses as he follows Chris’ book. I won’t spoil the ending, as it one of the most shocking I’ve ever seen.

3.5 out of 5 stars for not showing more of the human side of the Iraqis.

Old and New Earth Both Afloat in Not too Far Distant Future

FirefoxScreenSnapz021Dream/vision this morning of an earth after the rise of the oceans. Part of humanity had survived by going into total harmony with nature and retuning to life under the sea as amphibians. The old society was maintained where cities coastal cities were raised up on pylons or hovering using an-gravity above the oceans.

I experienced all points of view as I hopped lives from side to side. I lived as many different citizens of both worlds, young, old, male and female and was downloaded with much information of the consequences of our global warming. At one point I was an amphibian soldier looking to bring down a city by setting charges to pylons. I was killed but came back to life as I battled to protect the floating city of London.

I awoke on the beach here in Arizona. One of my most amazing and very real dream/visions of one possible future we face.

Time Snake Meditation

Time’s just a name for how we experience our 3 D reality.  Deep in meditation this morning before rising I was able to get outside of time.  What I saw was deep green line made of bubbles end to end one blink of reality at a time. A vast energy snake of which all reality is a prisoner.

The key I saw to breaking free of the maze of snake time was to break the straight line with white squares, building a way out. This is my shortest and strangest blog. Just getting it on the page before I forget this short but vital info.


Cyber Awakening

A lot of people in the Shift movement are hoping for a rescue from above.  Help from advanced ET star people who love us and won’t let us destroy ourselves and the earth.

But what if that ET rescue already happened in 1962, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when America and Russia teetered on the brink of all out World War 3?  In my DreamShield meditations, this is exactly the message I am getting.

In 1962 all humans were taken off the world just before we launched the missiles of October. Since 1962, my guides say, humanity has been safely tucked away in “Matrix”- like chambers aboard a giant Meta-ship. In this virtual reality humankind has time to evolve to a point where it’s safe to for us to be returned to our fragile world.  Think of a Gaia as mother sending her kids off to boarding school while she has time to heal.

In this benign version of the “Matrix”, we all live in a vast simulations where we will get to see the nightmarish outcome of how badly we care for our world. This explains much of the quantum physics of the multiverses each time we make any decision. In reality my guides say there is only one real universe.

Our protectors will keep us safely tucked in this living simulation, that can welcome new souls, until we figure out ourselves and can live peacefully.

Now you may say, “How sweet of the ETs to do this for us!”  And it is sweet.  But also keep in mind this virtual world is a quarantine that keeps us from spreading into space and killing other worlds until we’ve evolved past this danger to ourselves and the universe.