Cyber Awakening

A lot of people in the Shift movement are hoping for a rescue from above.  Help from advanced ET star people who love us and won’t let us destroy ourselves and the earth.

But what if that ET rescue already happened in 1962, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when America and Russia teetered on the brink of all out World War 3?  In my DreamShield meditations, this is exactly the message I am getting.

In 1962 all humans were taken off the world just before we launched the missiles of October. Since 1962, my guides say, humanity has been safely tucked away in “Matrix”- like chambers aboard a giant Meta-ship. In this virtual reality humankind has time to evolve to a point where it’s safe to for us to be returned to our fragile world.  Think of a Gaia as mother sending her kids off to boarding school while she has time to heal.

In this benign version of the “Matrix”, we all live in a vast simulations where we will get to see the nightmarish outcome of how badly we care for our world. This explains much of the quantum physics of the multiverses each time we make any decision. In reality my guides say there is only one real universe.

Our protectors will keep us safely tucked in this living simulation, that can welcome new souls, until we figure out ourselves and can live peacefully.

Now you may say, “How sweet of the ETs to do this for us!”  And it is sweet.  But also keep in mind this virtual world is a quarantine that keeps us from spreading into space and killing other worlds until we’ve evolved past this danger to ourselves and the universe.

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