“The proper tools for the proper job.”  – Source Unknown

4:01 AM AZ Time 7.23.14.  Covering spirit news is great but the hours suck

After a relatively quite spell for my vision work as a spirit reporter for the unseen and the amazing help earth is getting from ETs and earth angels alike, an odd beat for this former corporate real estate exec to end up with, my visions have been growing in power and number over the past two weeks.  I am activating for the end of the doorway of the new Mayan age on 12.13.14 and I am strongly called to back Antarctica, where I made it for 12.12.12 and the coolest meditation ever, still #1 on Google, by the blue Orions of the world Nektar, who have a base deep beneath the ice sheet, on what was once a tropical paradise called Atlantis.

Is the meditation done yet
Penguins join my 12.12.12 meditations to save earth.

How life has changed since I wore a suit and tie and earned millions as a greedy corporate worker bee in the hive of Chicago.  Back then I had over 300 people working for me a  $162 skyscraper called One North Franklin I owned and built-in the heart of the Loop.  It was 1991, building Oprah’s Harpo Studios had earned me the developer of the year award.  Yet I was unhappy and driven.  No amount of money ever seemed enough to fill the black hole inside me.

Just one year later, 1992 I had lost it all in an epic commercial real estate crash that cost me, not only my fair share of the failed skyscraper losses on $80 some million, but an 18 year marriage and that sadly estranged me from two great, but lost-in-the-Matrix, kids.  Kids who live in fear that their dad has lost it, seeing and talking to ETs.

Looking back in 1992, and losing it all, I see now I was freed of life as corporate slave by my higher self Ohom.  My kids will see this one day, as will my grandkids.  Onward and upward.  Way upward.  High above the earth…


Cloaked Mothership Refuels Over SedonaLast night I found myself aboard a vast research spaceship. a mothership with complete with a living benign zoo filled with holographic dynoramas.  The dazzling light speed ship, capable of time and dimension travel, teamed with many races of aliens caring for the experimental zoo.  Enough ET races to make Lucas or Rodenberry blush.

As I explored the vast ship many ETs saluted me with pounds to their heart, some in odd places.  It was then I realized I was not longer Ken Sheetz.  I looked in a mirror and the my blue face beloing  ET being Ohom, my higher self grinned.  Ken was forgotten.  I was Ohom fleet commander.

Nice having a higher self on high places. Right?   But this mission was no cake walk or prize.  Ohom was extremely nervous, like the fate of the universes depended on his, because it did that night.

Ohom’s multi-race crew had abducted a great many CEO’s, the “hyper success driven” destroyers of the earth, to study in our corporate zoo.  The zoo is so amazing the CEOs had no idea they were billions of miles from earth.

Ohom and the team of researcher had at last devised a cure for the insanity virus.  A virus foisted on humanity by dark forces out to wreck worlds for reasons unknown ever to themselves.  Always there is dark and light in the universe.  The light and dark work actually together well when left alone to balance and energize each other.  But Earth has been unfairly tampered with in the form of this insanity virus by the dark side, a side that’s ego constantly wants dominion over other.  So by the rules of reality the light side is allowed to right this wrong upon humanity.

Time to save humanity from itself, Ohom urged the crew, was running out,”Brothers and sisters of the League of Ghost worlds.  Gaia is losing heart with humankind and the greed of their corporations consuming all and making a nightmare of her nature.  She worries most about her sea beings that are being slaughtered in countless numbers by radiation from Fukushima, oil exploration gone mad and outright contamination of her oceans by dumping of toxic waster by men who care only for profits and more profits.   Humans have proven resistive to all our cures for the insanity virus… so far.  Tonight I believe we shall be successful with our CEO test subjects.  Let us join our minds and visualize the freeing of humanity this very night!”

A cheer rose up from the alien throng of tireless scientists.  A short time later Ohom entered the zoo.  He became invisible and strolled into the office simulation of a busy oil CEO speaking curtly to his frumpy virtual reality secretary, “I don’t give a swimming crap about any dolphins our new rig might be killing.  There’s no proof of that, Ms. Martinez.  Zilch, zero, nada.  Just some vegetarian kelp eating hunch of yours.  Dolphins be damned.  Send the order to the manager of the Orleans rig he’s to be fired if I do not see a 33% increase to oil production by –”

Ohom waved his hand and the oil CEO froze mid-sentence.  Ohom deftly reached into the skull of a major oil company CEO, defying the physics of reality.  With a quick twist of Ohom’s wrist, a cylindrical brain core protruded about an inch over the forehead of the peacefully resting and clueless oil CEO.  Ohoml gently lifted the CEO’s brain core free.

It looked gross, as the missing core left of circular hole, about 3 inches in diameter, in the middle of the forehead of the sleeping exec.  The hole extended down to where his pineal gland had also been removed.

The oil company excec’s brain core was filthy with contaminated, bad food, bad water, bad ideas and bad psychic oil.  Ohom’s beautiful young assistant, think of a humanoid elephant-form, took the core from Ohom and washed it in a blue gel solution.  She had one word to say about the CEO brain core, “Yuck!”  Satisfied the core was clean she proudly returned Ohom.  He carried it gently, like one might with bomb, to a work station where a dolphin-like being radiated the CEO’s brain core with new information, and tested the core to make extra sure the insanity virus was extinguished.

Ohom turned to a screen that the several thousand strong research crew watch, “Rejoice.  Humanity is cured!  Please send the signal to Gaia to hold off unleashing her fury upon her human children.”

As aliens hugged and danced for joy, the virtual secretary’s image shifted.  Gone was her drab grey suit and frumpy hair style.  The secretary shifted into the dazzling beauty known as Gaia, complete with her gown of green and she shouted, “Silence, all of you!  As you dance and rejoice over nothing seven whales and seven hundred dolphins have perished to man’s greed!  Tell me, Ohom, must we go down this road again of your endless cures that fail?  How many more of creatures must die before humanity is cured as falsely promise over and over again?!  HOW MANY?”

Ohom hung his blue head sadly and offered, “That I cannot say Gaia.  For the insanity virus has had a total grip on humankind for several thousand years now and –”

“Shut up!  I am tired of your excuses, Ohom!  The humans are my children all seven billion of them, but they are beyond salvation.  I must unleash all my furies upon them before they kill all their brother and sister creatures.  You are too late!”

MENSAJEPARABUENASNOCHES“Gaia, please.  Be patient just a little while longer,” said Ohom softly.

“What exactly is “A little while longer?” said Gaia glaring deeply into Ohom’s bee-like eyes.

“Um, a cosmic blink of an eye, uh just 46 years more years and you will be so proud of your sane humanity,” said Ohom, awaiting Gaia’s fury.

“46 years?  46 years you expect me to wait for yet another ” insanity cure” of yours to take at last take hold?  Why, in the mere seconds we have stood here babbling over one million birds have perished in slaughter houses of corporate farms!  What you ask of me, Ohom, and you have asked for eons now on humanity’s behalf, well, this time mercy is not an option!” shouted Gaia in Ohom’s face.

The entire crew watched in horror on the jumbo screen as Ohom mustered all his persuasive powers, “Gaia, my beautiful old friend, extinguish humanity and you extinguish yourself.”

“Ha!  I’ve lived for five billion years without humanity upon my world.  To use human slang, they are but mere a typo in the blog of my life story.   Humanity is nothing more than a missed comma,” huffed Gaia.

“Wrong, earth’s goddess.” said Ohom in a whisper.

“OK. fairly warned.  I will take my chances then.  It’s far better than sitting idly by for another of your failed cures while my forests and oceans die and I lose billions of years worth of my work!”

“Gaia,” said Ohom taking Gaia’s hand, “We have been friends through millions of my lifetimes in lower form on your world.  And aside from my home world of Nektar, your earth is my favorite place to reincarnate.  I am one of your dolphins, besides my human form of Ken, and I can tell you we as species will not appreciate you killing our brother and sister humans.”  Ohom shifted to a combination of his ET self and dolphin self.

Gaia’s face, nonetheless, remained as firm as the stone of Mt. Everest.  The vast spaceship trembled with her simmering rage.  All aboard knew if she erupted all would perish. And so did she so she mastered her rage and calmly hissed, “I’ve made up my mind.  In time you will all see I am right to wipe out my ungrateful children.  Whelps who could have shaken off this virus ages ago if they had the powerful souls they proclaim in their silly religions, another form of their insanity to see themselves as lords of a universe thy barely comprehend.  Sick creatures living for thing called money that is not real.  It will be a mercy killing to end their rein in terror over all their brother and sister creatures and their vile abuse of my resources, meant to be shared equally!”

Ohom shifted back to his seven-foot tall blue insect-oid angel looking form and said, “Gaia, you know I live outside time and space.  And what I have seen is that what you created in humanity has a far greater role than any of us could have ever known…”

Gaia laughed spitefully and cooed sexily, “Oh, Ohom.  Hilarious.  Now you sound like one the human priests.  Fool.”

“Gaia, I have seen humanity, sick as it is, is literally holding all the universes and dimensions together.  Destroy humanity and all of space and time across all realities will unravel.  This I swear upon my dead world Nektar that lives on outside time,” said Ohom with deep sincerity.

Gaia turned to face the greedy oil exec to process what Ohom had just told her.  Tears began to well in her eye and she let loose a scream of agony and frustration that echoed into deep space, where no echo should carry in the vacuum of space.

“Please, Gaia.  Return to the simulation.  Let the fate of earth, the fate of humanity, the fate of all reality hinge on what final action this oil CEO takes now that he is cured,” said Ohom bravely, not really sure his cure had in fact worked.  But there was no other way.  The dice must be rolled.  The time for words was past.

Gaia wiped her tears and shifted back into being the frumpy virtual reality secretary.  Ohom waved his hands and the oil CEO continued bellowing right where he left off, “33% and not and iota of increased production less.  And never mention this dolphin crap again!”

The secretary Gaia looked pleased at the clear failure and headed for the office door.  Ohom appeared before in a transparent form the oil CEO could not see and whispered, “Ask him again, Gaia.  He was mid-thought when I cured him.  Momentum of the insanity virus carried him on.  Please!”

The secretary Gaia spun on her high heels and said gently, “Mr. Capricorn, have you ever swam with the dolphins?”

The oil exec cleared his throat nervously, wondering what was happening to his drive to conquer any all before him, and said in amazement at his own words, “Can’t say as I ever have, Ms. Martinez.”

“Sir, would you be willing to try?  My treat.  Dolphin swim on me,” said Gaia as the secretary, hope swelling in her great heart.

The oil exec pondered in pleased confusion, not knowing the fate of his species, all the universes hung on his word and finally he smiled warmly and said, “Ha, by God, do you know how long it’s been since anyone treated me to anything, Ms. Martinez?”

“There’s a beautiful dolphin pen, just five minutes away off Waikiki Beach.  I could take you over lunch hour.  I’ll even buy lunch, long as it’s vegetarian, ” said the secretary Gaia.

The oil exec chuckled as he ran a hand through his wavy grey mop of hair and said in stunned disbelief of his words, ” And afterwards, if I decide that I don’t give a damn about your precious dolphins, do you promise to stop nagging me?”

“Deal,” said the secretary Gaia shaking the oil exec’s hand.

Ohom froze reality again and Gaia stepped out of the secretary’s body with a deep sigh and said, “46 years, Ohom.  46 years to show me a lot more progress than a dick like this going for a dolphin swim with his secretary.”  With a clap of thunder and flash of lightning Gaia was gone and humanity had bought some more time.

I awoke with a start, knowing this was not an ordinary dream, but a powerful vision dream, a download.  This really happened on another plane of reality.  Though only getting about 4 hours of real sleep I am full of energy and light.  And so, dear readers, fellow humans, it’s my joy to share with you the end of corporate insanity is at hand.  Ah.  No one will likely believe me as usual.  That’s the magic of all this hiding in plain sight.


Today the Washington Post ran a story about how the world as we know it almost ended in fact in 2012 from a massive solar flare than barely missed earth.  Ohom guided me to hold a save the earth from solar flare mediation event LA’s Gateway with Dr. Sarah Larsen on 1.4.11 to prevent that destruction.  And we were not the only meditation team focusing on saving earth from solar flares that day.  This project has redundancy upon redundancy, all teams hidden in plain sight and marginalized by the establishment as nut jobs.   Occupational hazard.

1959357_10152209470532029_1800558175184875059_nOhom knows the power to small shifts in advance of things and how that ripples out to save this world.  In quantum psychics it’s called the Butterfly Tsunami effect. In June of 2014 he called me to Chicago for a small butterfly of an action at the very building I built One North Franklin.  This action I was guided to do will created positive tsumai emanating from the center of the windy city, parallel to an ET portal called the Bean on the lakefront that will save not only earth, but the entire universe.  Afterwards, I enjoyed a musical called MOTOWN like nothing had happened with my shocked associate.

It’s not an ego trip that I help save the world.  I’ve been doing it regularly since 2010.  Rather, I am part of many doing this work to protect this world.  Earth is very connected to the universe.   Quantum physicists will back me up that at the moment before the big bang, everything was together in one ball of energy.  So a small hole in the fabric of reality can unravel this entire universe.  I cannot say more of my Chicago surprise mission to save the universe for a few months, but I had a witness to it all with me to confirm it all.  It was a secret mission I did  not get instructions for until I was half way to Chicago in the sky.  Not unlike the 2011 meditation that closed the Bermuda Triangle that is here on the blog.  A written record of all the amazing real life spirit adventures to save earth from dangers both internal and external.

Once again, I can’t wait to watch the news and see the shift of our mentally sick CEOs to true health really happen.  Perhaps already happening as linear time is an illusion.  I called in a rainbow right on camera the other day in this LINK to THE RAIN OF TRUTH.  Things are getting pretty darned amazing and being in Sedona and working with a great scientist like Patrick Flanagan on his NewNeurophone project.

Meantime, Ohom and the med crew will be working on curing many other CEO’s.  This vision is a direct result of the pain expressed by my friends in their posts about the planet’s plight at the hands of insane CEOs and corporations and the video this inspired.  This lucid dream is the answer to the video’s challenge to take this world to the corporations to the  light.






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