Old and New Earth Both Afloat in Not too Far Distant Future

FirefoxScreenSnapz021Dream/vision this morning of an earth after the rise of the oceans. Part of humanity had survived by going into total harmony with nature and retuning to life under the sea as amphibians. The old society was maintained where cities coastal cities were raised up on pylons or hovering using an-gravity above the oceans.

I experienced all points of view as I hopped lives from side to side. I lived as many different citizens of both worlds, young, old, male and female and was downloaded with much information of the consequences of our global warming. At one point I was an amphibian soldier looking to bring down a city by setting charges to pylons. I was killed but came back to life as I battled to protect the floating city of London.

I awoke on the beach here in Arizona. One of my most amazing and very real dream/visions of one possible future we face.

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