Smart Moive About Stupid War

AMERICAN SNIPER. Heartbreaking true-life film. Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle, the most deadly American military sniper of all time.

As a filmmaker who meditates daily on bringing world peace and runs a media campaign for a product designed to accelerate the Shift with the NEO NEUROPHONE, this was a hard film for me to view.

Sweet guy Chris devolves into a killing machine of a military industrial complex bent on selling more weapons by creating needless mindless war. One of the saddest character arcs ever seen on the big screen. Chris stays likeable to the end with his story he tells himself that he is saving American lives while missing the fact the Iraqis he kills are just as valuable to this little world we sail through space on together.

One can’t imagine what Vets who served four tours of duty and lost so much must feel watching what is happening in Iraq these days. What was the point of their sacrifices?

Master director Clint Eastwood expresses the insanity of war and loss of human dignity without excuses as he follows Chris’ book. I won’t spoil the ending, as it one of the most shocking I’ve ever seen.

3.5 out of 5 stars for not showing more of the human side of the Iraqis.

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