Soft Nashville Landing

Rachel & Robert

” A friend is someone who understand your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are”- Unknown

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

When last I left you, dear reader, I had just been rescued from a blizzard at the Nashville airport by a friend of Dr. Sarah Larsen, Rachel Paul, a professional photographer and former college roomie.  Rachel is amazingly big-hearted, like many of the friends of Sarah’s I have been lucky to meet in this unexpected spiritual journey that grew out of my social media BuzzBroz work.

Rachel drove the 3 hour round trip through ice and snow that normally would have been half an hour without a single gripe.  At last we safely reached her lovely house, tucked deep in the woods of a secluded Nashville affluent area.  Her husband Robert, a gentle lion of a man, happily helped us carry our bags into the house as he welcomed us in.

A big fire Robert made for the impromptu event greeted us in the old hearth of this lively home of these two talented artists.  Old timbers and warm wood floors perfectly reflected the charm and Southern hospitality of this couple who made me feel instantly at home in the reflection of their love for Sarah.

Dr. Sarah Larsen at Spirit Lodge

Rachel and Robert made a tasty dinner for us from stuff we had picked up at the grocery store after the escape from the airport where others less fortunate we had met prepared for a night sleeping on airport chairs.  But the best part of dinner for ice cream lover Bradley Quick, my guest lecturer and supporter in this planetary meditation, was the three flavors of ice cream they set on the table for desert.

Bradley Quick lived up to his name and quickly called the couch.  So I ended up in a sleeping bag on the floor.  I was cold all night despite all the many blankets Rachel gave me, but my inner Larry David was silent for a change.

During the night many downloads, a term light workers use to describe the info that flows to us from who knows where, came to me like energetic snowflakes.  We were here after all for a DreamShield mediation I’d had in a vision 2 months ago to free the earth of addiction at Lee McCormick’s amazing Spirit Recovery Ranch. But I was nervous about this mediation.  Life with my dad as a kid had been plagued by his drinking and I was in short, no fun for anyone to be around, even the angels or ETs or wherever this data for DNA transformation was coming from.

The next day it was still so unusually cold for this part of America that the roads were still not safe to travel to Lee’s Ranch, 4o miles west of town.  But Rachel and Robert were happy to extend our visit and I was almost as happy as Sarah to be here.

As Sarah and Rachel whipped up an amazing breakfast while getting caught up on life, I caught myself laughing that the couch had turned out not to be so comfortable after all for the quick Mr. Quick.

BTW, here is Sarah and Bradley in a interview on where you can see the great healers in action.

Lee and Mee

That night Lee treated us all to an amazing concert with a collection of great artists led by Sean Gallaway, a pal of Sarah’s husband Greg at the lovely Bellcourt Theater to a packed enthusiastic crowd.   In the Bellcout lobby I at last met Mee Tracy, Lee’s amazing wife, has been a client of my social media company BuzzBroz for almost a year now but we’d never met until the concert.  I promote her amazing Princess Know it All YouTube channel that is over gotten of a quarter of a million views so far.  I am huge fan of Mee’s work, client or not.  A trained Hollywood actor, Mee’s videos carry a beautiful message of hope and health that rock.  Here’s a sample.

What I’d not expected is that Mee looks so much larger than life on film, as so many stars in Hollywood do!  I towered over her as we said hello for the first time in person.  It felt great to have Rachel and Robert join us as guests for the concert.

I enjoyed Sean Gallaway’s music with a message of change for 2012 and beyond.  One song hit all my buttons, The Real More.  It’s about people who get rich only to find they are unhappy and in search of the real meaning of life, which I have come to learn, at least for me as a guy who once built Oprah’s studios and was worth about 12 million bucks before hitting 40, is about giving to the world. Here’s a taste with an intro by the man himself, Lee McCormick.

After the concert we were treated to a party on Nashville’s Music Row at a new sober living house that Lee had just opened with his partner from England.  I was bushed and despite the lovely crowd I headed for the quiet peace of Rachel and Robert’s home.

Yep, I was still exhausted over the loss of my dad and the 3 nights of solo DreamShield meditations in the Bermuda Triangle.  I was nervous and unsure I’d be up for the important work.  Later, Sarah Wellborn from Mt. Shasta joined Sarah Larsen at Rachel and Robert’s.  I was not very good company after the big day and talked about perhaps taking a long break from DreamShield after Nashville.

My inner Larry David was kicking up again and all this good will and peace was giving me a headache.  Luckily for me everyone was having too much fun to pay much attention to my self doubts.

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