Film Review: Gore Vidal – The United States of Amnesia

The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity – much less dissent.  – Gore Vidal

By Ken Sheetz


The first film for my new consciousness film blog page is the new documentary about the extraordinary life of an extraordinary writer and liberal political commentator, Gore Vidal.

For those of you who are not a baby boomer like myself, Gore Vidal was a creative, passionate, bright light of reason and considered to be the last lion of liberalism. Gore burst onto the public scene in the 60s, seemingly all at once in books, TV appearances, and screenwriting. Against his own upper class childhood, Gore spoke out loud and clear and consistent on the issues plaguing an American political system taken over by corporations.

When all were praising JFK, Gore spoke of our country’s epic slide into decadence starting with Kennedy’s ill-fated invasion of Cuba that led the world to the brink of an all-out Nuclear war. Gore was also outspoken on Kennedy sending 20,000 troops to Vietnam. A JFK blunder that would launch a war that would claim the lives of 58,000 baby boomers and maim mentally and physically countless others.

After JFK’s death, Gore imagined that if the iconic Kennedy had not been assassinated that he would have proven no better than LBJ in escalating the Vietnam War. Amazingly, the harsh look at JFK was Gore’s criticism for a president he liked and who was blessed to personally experience life in John and Jackie Kennedy’s inner circle. Sadly we, longer see this kind of brilliant objectivity in any major media people of this era of dumbed down news as entertainment.

Gore’s liberalism carried into his personal life as one of the first popular voices of the Gay movement.  In his Hollywood years, Gore became a magnet for brilliant intellectual parties with buddy Paul Newman.

Young documentary filmmaker Nicholas Wrathall became interested in Gore’s famed 911 pamphlets that took the controversial POV that America had brought destruction on itself and that the Neocons used to the fear of future attacks to negate the constitution. And Gore took a liking to the young filmmaker giving Wrathall full access to his life and life’s work.

He tells Gore’s life story with masterful brilliance that goes beyond Moore’s as he respectfully stays behind the camera.  Nicholas first shows us Gore’s family roots as member of elite society.  We meet his Senator grandfather who Gore was a page to and his brilliant aviator father who was an adviser to the president.  And we learn of his tumultuous relationship to his estranged mother.

On this firm foundation Nicholas then takes us on a journey through Gore Vidal’s brilliant life, a life that ended in his eighties. He lived long enough to see his prophetic warnings about America’s decline to perpetual war machine come sadly to life.

Throughout the telling of Gore’s epic life, where he mingled with all the greats of his time from the world’s top film, literary and politicos, secluded as a self-imposed exile in Italy in mountain villa. Gore held court like a king media.

Footage is gathered from a wide variety of sources, including filmmaker/nephew Burr Steers and the late Christopher Hitchen.  Nicholas blends this seamlessly with footage from Vidal’s legendary on-air debate with ultra conservative William F. Buckley and other footage from Gore’s time in the media spotlight from the 60s to his passing in 2012.

And Gore remained outspoken until his dying day as one of the first people to see through the insincerity of Obama.

I rate  film five-stars, my highest recommend.  I saw the film with my beautiful 45-year-old and 27-year-old friends at the Mary Fisher fine arts film theater for a one-time screening, thus giving us three generations’ POV when we discussed it after over wine at the Hopi here in Sedona.  All three of us agreed the Vidal doc is a truly marvelous tool for freeing of the mind.  It shows you what the mainstream does not want to show you: America has become modern war machine killing the planet with war driven over-consumption that stays in power by use of brainwashing and sheer brute force that would make George Orwell blush.

This movie, like its subject, Gore Vidal, takes on the establishment or the Matrix as many in today’s PC-neutered lingo describe it today, so you won’t likely be seeing this film at your local theater.  I suggest getting the DVD and hosting a private screening party.  You’ll have lots to talk about after about the sorry state of America and the world in general.

Unlike Gore I do have hope for humanity.  The wheel is turning.  More of us that are grounded in reality are awakening to the higher realms.  Replacing the old regime with new idealists is not enough.  We must and shall transcend the old as we create a better world in harmony with nature.

Birthday Visit

For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.  – Carl Sagan

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

I’m not talking about my birthday visits yesterday.  A birthday filled with love, my best ever.  The day started with clearing cobwebs from the former horse stables, where I am staying at though the big 11/11/11 event,  as my daily chore, then a 20 miles bike ride to Laura de Leon’s, my partner in DreamShield, where I was greeted with a rendition of Happy birthday by Laura and her husband Bob, then quickly off to a session with Philippo Franchini to rehearse a song about transformation that Laura composed over 20 years ago that I filmed, then an amazing coffee where Laura did an amazing healing for my inner child, a birthday dinner with Bob an Laura at Miceli’s where Peter Pergelides sang a hilarious birthday rendition and fianlly watching one of my favortie spiritual films HOLY SMOKE on the amazing home theater at Bob and Laura’s.

No, not about my birthday visit but my father’s.  Dad passed of cancer on January 17th of this year, just before I left to meditate on closing the Bermuda Triangle.

A mysterious place many experts believe is a failed ancient alien experiment that caused the fall of Atlantis and all of our wars.  My father’s ghost was with aboard ship with me and cheered me on all through the three nights of meditations.  Stormy nights where I was blessed, Dad at my side, who had clad me in ethereal armor the former welder had made himself, to witness the angels battle the dark forces and triumph in closing the evil triangle for once and all.

There were many more visits from my father’s spirit all the way through March, one where he applied a blue angelic balm to my back to heal psychic wounds of a childhood trauma he put me through.  His apology and the balm worked wonders on healing my heart.

The last visit from my father’s ghost had been on May 5, 2011 when he appeared during a meditation. Dad gave me 12 horses and a golden chariot as a one year anniversary present of the day I saw the angels build an energetic shield around the planet while deep in meditation in a yoga hall that was a former horse stable in Italy.

This morning, a day before dad’s birthday, a new rescue dog, that Laura and Bob took in from a fellow light worker who needed a home for her pooch as she was to be traveling the world through 2012 and who they renamed Zoe because it was named Bella, same as their first rescue dog – this couple have amazing hearts – woke me a 6 AM to go outside.

Half asleep, I walked Zoe out into Bob and Laura’s backyard paradise where we’ve hosted many DreamShield events.  My father’s distinctive regular Joe voice came to me.

“Morning, son. Happy birthday.”

I smiled.  Glad to hear his voice again after all these months. “And you too, for tomorrow, Dad.  The Equinox falls on yours this year.”

“I know,” Dad’s voice echoed in my head.  “And there’s a big surprise coming.”

“In honor of your birthday?”

“Nah.  The Equinox, ” he chuckled in a way that used to annoy me like it was a put down. Something the former drill segeant did too often in life.  But joyously there was no pain in my heart from his teasing,  “Something big for the world happens tomorrow.”

“Can you be more specific, Dad?”

“Let it be a surprise,” he said.

“Come on.”

Never great with secrets Dad quickly hinted,”OK, it’s your birthday, so I will tell big stuff will happen in many places in the world and especially America.”

“Where?” I asked, realizing sounding like I was more a reporter than a son talking to his dead father so I added. “Please, Dad, give me another hint.”

“Look up.”

“First contact with ETs?!” I said out loud I was so excited.  Zoe looked over from where she was sniffing on the other side of the pool.

“Not allowed to say more, sonny boy.  Just tell people, ‘Don’t be afraid.'”

Just then I noticed Zoe had disappeared.  It shook me from my contact with Dad.  There are hungry coyotes in the hills here in Studio City and Zoe would make a tasty breakfast for the beasts who roamed these hills long before even the Native American did.

I began soflty calling for the little white dog, not wanting to wake my hosts.  After an sleepy search of the property I found the little dog had scratched on Laura’s door and was safely tucked away on Laura’s bed.  Laura was startled as I peered in the door.  It was only 6AM and so she asked to go back to sleep.  So I decided to share the message from my dad, who says he likes Laura, over breakfast with my hosts before I bike back to BushWillows and the converted horse stables I am living in through the 11/11/11 event Laura and I have named The Ascension Convention.

Morning, earth.  Look to the skies tomorrow and fear not.  If I guessed right from my Dad’s hints right we are to experience first contact on the Equinox tomorrow.  But if I guessed wrong and Dad was pranking me, something he loved to do endlessly in life, it was good to hear from my father anyway and bask in my best birthday ever.

After note.  I guessed wrong.  My dad was talking about the NASA satellite the size of a bus that fell to earth at 3AM PST the 24th of September, his birthday, off the Pacific coast of America.

Ken, Laura and Bob


“There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad.” – Salvador Dali

Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz

As you can read in the last blog post, VOLCANIC VISIONS AT MT. SHASTA , getting our three person dream team to the dormant volcano meditation spot at Mt. Shasta turned into an ordeal like a comedic AMAZING RACE episode.  For the first time on these angel guided events I am late for the 1:11 binary planetary meditation appointment at a volcano, worried if the angels are still here.

Out of breath in the thin mountain air, I scramble onto the cracked asphalt plateau and hear angels laughing at our misadventures.  My stress fades into hoots of joy.  Cali and Chris hurry up the trail to join me.

We place the last of the sacred objects, that Cali and I had each been gathering for decades without know why, upon the old ’91 Saab.  Cali pours water we had taken from the Soda Creek into three depressions on the rusty turned over bottom of the car.  At last we were ready.

Chris, Cali and I join hands and begin to meditate, to call in the angels.  As soon as the first “Ohm” leaves our lips I see two powerful angels spin the heavy old wreck like it’s light as a feather.  Faster and faster the angels spin the old  Saab.  The wreck begins to glow as it bores into the earth.  The drill the angels have made of the Saab cuts through the earth like a hot knife through butter.  In less than a minute the angel drilling team reaches the earth’s core.

Three beautiful female earth angels, that seem Native American, protect each of the human dream team with a shield of golden energy that crackles and sizzles in the fresh mountain air.  Glowing white steam of shoots from the Saab’s drill hole, bursting through the clouds and intersecting with the rainbow.

As Cali, Chris and I raise our arms the steam column hurtles for the edge of outer space.  Now the steam column turns bright orange, feeding magma energy for the DreamShield — the spinning circles of bright energy that ignited my first angel powered vision in Italy back in May — releasing volcanic pressures all over the earth.

A great chorus of angels sing what sounds like a Native American chant to keep the energy flow going.  The heat is so enormous I see the volcano shimmer in the mountain air.  If not for the three angels shielding us our dream team would evaporate.

Satisfied, the angels reverse the spin of the old Saab, raising it up and away from the earth’s core, upwards though the layers of rock, crystals and oil to the surface where this all began.  The angels release the ancient wreck from it’s mighty task and vanish.  Our “ohm” chant ends and the column of magma turns to steam once again and sucks back into the earth with a loud rush of air that almost pulls me into the vortex as the vision fades and reality returns.  I am cold I realize.

Our team breaks hands and I take a deep drink of Mt. Shasta water from my bottle. “I’m beat.  Usually I feel energized after this work,” I worry out loud.

“That’s because we are not done with the work!” says Cali, eyes twinkling in the afternoon sun.


Cali plucks stones from the wreck and jams them into fissures in the reddish purple asphalt looking plateau.  I help her place sticks and flower petals into the wounded surface.  Chris is gazing at the volcano’s top that swirls with clouds.  The mountain peak looks from this angle very much like the profile of the old Native American who had led us on a wild goose chase earlier.

Chris, cynical about New Age stuff, seems to be doing all this work to please his spiritual wife Cali.  But, showing signs of awakening, Chris has been surprising me all day with the angel imagery he spots.  And Chris surprises me once again when he suggests we fan out in a wide triangle.

Chris perches himself on a mound of earth.  And, looking a bit like Moses in the fading sunlight, Chris reaches out his arms to Cali and me below.  The connection I feel between the group re-energizes me.

A triangle of energy forms between our three person dream team that flows with the same blue angel energy I was first flooded with in Italy.  The triangle is nature’s strongest geometric form and our trio’s triangle now pulls energy down from the DreamShield spinning high above the earth.

I’m stunned as a pair of red triangle frames form over my eyes to aid my vision.  The heavenly spectacles allow me to see earth from space.  I gasp as a healing tremor ripples across the entire planet in a triangular shimmering blue wave.  Fissures slam closed deep within the earth.  Unbridled tectonic energies, visualized in movies like “2012” to rip the planet apart in 2012, are slowed to normal.  The blue triangle spreads out, overlapping upon itself to heal the weary earth.

I look up a Chris on the mound, the non-believer still looks like Moses his arms outstretched, giving us his all.  And then, as Chris lowers his arms the work is done and the vision fades along with my heavenly spectacles.  But I know these magical glasses are an angelic gift I’ll be using many times in future planetary meditations with the angels.

“Wow…” was all I can softly say.  I stand tall,  completely re-energized and let loose a “Yahoo!” that echoes in the mountain air.

Later, over lunch at the Black Bear Cafe in town, Chris seems to have returned to being the cynic.  He’s mildly annoyed by Cali and I recounting our spiritual adventures of the day.  Since we are only half done with the Mt. Shasta planetary meditations, still two more to go, I am still hoping Chris will realize everything created on this planet starts first as thought, including us… for what is love but a thought?  And are we not all born from that moment our parents first met and thought, “Wow, I really like this person!”

My cell rings before we can discuss this further. It is Lee McCormick, a country western singer out of Nashville and head of Spirit Recovery, a DreamShield sponsor. In fact, Lee’s being in Mt. Shasta on these dates is the reason we took this trip in the first place.  Chris asks to be dropped off at the Dream Inn to catch up on emails, this was a week day after all. So after we let Chris off to do some biz, Cali and I head over to meet the musician and spiritual guru, a powerful shaman, the amazing Lee McCormick and his dream team from Nashville.

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He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind. – Leonardo da Vinci

Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz


The  meditation will be to shed the cocoon of the last full year of the old Mayan calendar, 2011, and prepare for the butterfly of the New Age starting in 2012.

Musical artist, mystic, Ceremonial Priestess, Spiritual Channel. Voice energy healer and Reiki Master Laura de Leon, pictured below, has kindly dedicated her stunning home nestled in the Hollywood hills for this intimate scale DreamShield event.

Laura will lead the ceremony with me, your humble newcomer to spiritual matters and Reiki healing, at least in this life.  Sparkling beverages, fruit and birthday cake will be served after the meditation.

Date: 1/1/11
Time: 12PM to 4PM
Place: Laura de Leon Residence Near Universal Studios, Address Given Upon RSVP

To keep the integrity of the Ceremony the Gates will be Closed at 12:45 PM. Ceremony begins promptly at 1PM.

Please wear WHITE or any BRIGHT beautiful colors to celebrate stepping into the New Year in a Powerful Positive way.

Also, please think about what OLD patterns you are intending to release this day. We will have an area set-up where you can write it out on a piece of paper when you arrive. Once we are in circle the papers will be placed in the fire to be RELEASED and TRANSFORMED into NEW ENERGY so that you may walk forward from this day, centered in your Heart standing Powerfully in your PURPOSE.

The ceremony is very powerfuL and transforming.

The suggested Love Offering is $20 or whatever you can easily give. Please feel free to donate more if you are able. It will help us to create more wonderful events. You can use Paypal now at or pay at the Gate


DreamShield 1/1/11 is above all a celebration of the guidance of the angels, blue angels to be precise.  Guidance for me and other DreamShielders who get the calling to travel all 24 time zones for the important work of facilitating angelic celestial meditations to achieve our dream of a base of 5 million DreamShielders by 11/11/11.  Yes, angels dream big.  But with their help and yours we cannot fail.

Laura and I can also use a couple of angelic volunteers for 1/1/11.  Please let us know.

Angels will attend.  Will you?

Look for the invites on our group events Facebook page and how to reserve you spot at soon.  Don’t delay on the RSVP guest size is very limited.

Note: The 1/1/11 event will be filmed for DreamShield and BuzzBroz’s use and universal distribution purposes at our sole discretion.  Your attendance is consent to have your image and voice recorded for such for all time. We invite you to share your vision with the world about what life is going to be like the New Age.