He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind. – Leonardo da Vinci

Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz


The  meditation will be to shed the cocoon of the last full year of the old Mayan calendar, 2011, and prepare for the butterfly of the New Age starting in 2012.

Musical artist, mystic, Ceremonial Priestess, Spiritual Channel. Voice energy healer and Reiki Master Laura de Leon, pictured below, has kindly dedicated her stunning home nestled in the Hollywood hills for this intimate scale DreamShield event.

Laura will lead the ceremony with me, your humble newcomer to spiritual matters and Reiki healing, at least in this life.  Sparkling beverages, fruit and birthday cake will be served after the meditation.

Date: 1/1/11
Time: 12PM to 4PM
Place: Laura de Leon Residence Near Universal Studios, Address Given Upon RSVP

To keep the integrity of the Ceremony the Gates will be Closed at 12:45 PM. Ceremony begins promptly at 1PM.

Please wear WHITE or any BRIGHT beautiful colors to celebrate stepping into the New Year in a Powerful Positive way.

Also, please think about what OLD patterns you are intending to release this day. We will have an area set-up where you can write it out on a piece of paper when you arrive. Once we are in circle the papers will be placed in the fire to be RELEASED and TRANSFORMED into NEW ENERGY so that you may walk forward from this day, centered in your Heart standing Powerfully in your PURPOSE.

The ceremony is very powerfuL and transforming.

The suggested Love Offering is $20 or whatever you can easily give. Please feel free to donate more if you are able. It will help us to create more wonderful events. You can use Paypal now at DreamShield.org or pay at the Gate


DreamShield 1/1/11 is above all a celebration of the guidance of the angels, blue angels to be precise.  Guidance for me and other DreamShielders who get the calling to travel all 24 time zones for the important work of facilitating angelic celestial meditations to achieve our dream of a base of 5 million DreamShielders by 11/11/11.  Yes, angels dream big.  But with their help and yours we cannot fail.

Laura and I can also use a couple of angelic volunteers for 1/1/11.  Please let us know.

Angels will attend.  Will you?

Look for the invites on our group events Facebook page and how to reserve you spot at DreamShield.org soon.  Don’t delay on the RSVP guest size is very limited.

Note: The 1/1/11 event will be filmed for DreamShield and BuzzBroz’s use and universal distribution purposes at our sole discretion.  Your attendance is consent to have your image and voice recorded for such for all time. We invite you to share your vision with the world about what life is going to be like the New Age.

7 thoughts on “1/1/11 1:11PM ANGELS WILL ATTEND. WILL YOU?

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