Malala-YousafzaiMalala is a brave Pakistani girl who spoke out against the Taliban at age 15, despite knowing it might mark her for execution when she became an adult. But she and her amazing father were shocked when the Taliban shot her in the head a few months later. Such was their fear of this bright new voice standing up for the rights of women to be educated.

Malala Yousafzai lying in hospital bed

We in the West are clueless how the Taliban slowly invaded Pakistan and turned women’s rights back to the Middle Ages. One screening of director Davis Guggenheim’s new film HE NAMED ME MALALA changes all that. I have such a deeper understanding of the true complexity of the extremists of Islam after seeing this fine film.

The film follows Malala’s life story from birth to her near fatal shooting and beyond to her becoming the youngest person ever to win a Nobel Peace Prize. It shows her as both a regular teen and how her father trained her to be a speaker of amazing power.


The film is slow in places but the power of Malala’s story, new and the ancient martyr hero she is named for, is faithfully told with gorgeous animation  so you are happy to wait through any dullness.

I highly recommend this fine film.  4 BuzzBroz Bees out of 5.




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