NEO co-creators, Patrick Flanagan and Stephanie Sutton

Our Indiegogo ended October 5, 2015, with a fab $1.6 million raised, for the NEO Neurophone. We sold out the entire 3,333 NEOs Dr. Flanangan allotted us. Yay and  What a dream of a DreamShield team we make!

Soon as he’s better from the injury that caused him to miss his own release party in June, the doctor is raring to work on NEO 2.0. He shocked me when he said he wants to investigate the possibility of a $99 Neurophone, much more basic than NEO. Pat did his best on making a $99 Neurophone but failed to achieve 2013-2014 as he could not find the right American maker at that price point. Still his striving to reach $99 gave us the $444 NEO, a great improvement in quality and features at a 45% price reduction over the NF3.

As of this posting there are only a handful of NEO 1.0’s remain at  I have no idea when the 2.0 will be here so I’d grab that last bit of the first batch of NEO bliss that was for 5,000 NEOs while you can while we all wish Patrick Flanangan a speedy recovery!

And you can see all the fun you missed in the new DVD on Amazon THE NEUROPHONE EXPERIENCE or watch on Vimeo online.

Pat’s been recovering in Mexico and Hawaii, his wife Stephanie faithfully at his side. Let’s hope to see him back in Sedona soon and back to work on NEO 2.0.

Even though it’s sold out until Patrick restocks the NEO please visit the smash hit Indiegogo to learn more.

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