The NC-17 President

I just read Michael Wolff’s FIRE AND FURY tell-all. I give it 4 stars. For me, the biggest moral shocker is Wolff’s claim the president of our country takes pride in seducing other men’s wives.

But just I was finishing the book along came the Stormy Daniels scandal!

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.57.39 PM

Something of a personal and professional confession, I met Stormy Daniels myself in 2006, four years before my 2010 awakening. After three years in Hollywood and not yet producing a hit for my investors, I was desperate to win the good graces of my Chicago backers when along came a top ten ranked line-producer in Hollywood. He had the unlikely idea of making a PG-rated reality show for a mainstream TV audience about the behind the scenes world of Wicked Pictures featuring Stormy’s efforts to become a legit director and invited me to be his producer partner. The chance to work with one of Hollywood’s top producers, a recognized genius, was too tempting so I got on board as a producer and began talks with Wicked Pictures.

Weeks later, I reported to my executive producer that it was clear from my preliminary talks with Stormy and the CEO of Wicked Pictures that these renegade porn pros would never accept the waivers and censoring required to make a clean show out of a dirty business. And, well, I was more than relieved when my report nipped the show I felt dubious about in the bud.

So it felt mighty strange for me to have Stormy be my sixth degree of separation connection to Trump. When I interviewed Stormy in 2006, a strong, sexy and charismatic business woman, I was thankful for the angels watching over me that kept the nature of my connection professional. Whereas, Trump supposedly had sexual relations with Stormy that she described in salacious detail in an IN TOUCH article, effectively making the Trump presidency NC-17 rated.

A fitting end to a tumultuous year one for a man in far over his head morally and intellectually as our shameless president. One has to wonder: How far can the Christian right bend before breaking away from Trump or breaking itself?

To think only one year ago I was in DC with my love and partner Elizabeth England for the inauguration, fearing the worst but hoping for the best for Trump’s presidency. Unfortunately, the worst has happened. Now we set the intention in our meditations for all the darkness coming forth to be converted to light to usher in a golden era of ethics and good conscience in American politics. And the sooner the better.


Malala-YousafzaiMalala is a brave Pakistani girl who spoke out against the Taliban at age 15, despite knowing it might mark her for execution when she became an adult. But she and her amazing father were shocked when the Taliban shot her in the head a few months later. Such was their fear of this bright new voice standing up for the rights of women to be educated.

Malala Yousafzai lying in hospital bed

We in the West are clueless how the Taliban slowly invaded Pakistan and turned women’s rights back to the Middle Ages. One screening of director Davis Guggenheim’s new film HE NAMED ME MALALA changes all that. I have such a deeper understanding of the true complexity of the extremists of Islam after seeing this fine film.

The film follows Malala’s life story from birth to her near fatal shooting and beyond to her becoming the youngest person ever to win a Nobel Peace Prize. It shows her as both a regular teen and how her father trained her to be a speaker of amazing power.


The film is slow in places but the power of Malala’s story, new and the ancient martyr hero she is named for, is faithfully told with gorgeous animation  so you are happy to wait through any dullness.

I highly recommend this fine film.  4 BuzzBroz Bees out of 5.