2015: End of a Remarkable Year

If all you watch is the nightly news, clogged with who Trump insulted that day or some moronic racial slur he made, coupled with depressing stories of world at war abroad and at home, you might think not much good happened in 2016.

But step back and look at the breakthroughs of Elon Musk heralding in an end to oil dependency and launching humanity for the stars, then look at my personal friend and planetary meditation backer, Dr. Patrick Flanagan, and his NEO Neurophone – which happily raked in over $1.6 million for his updated ultrasonic brain bliss machine – and we see in fact a lot of good is going on.

Never forget one of the big sponsors of the nightly news is the Pharma industry, vampiric-ally looking to depress you into becoming dependent on their little pills for life. Free your mind with meditation not medication.

On a personal note, 2015 saw the completion two of my new feature documentary films. First THE NEUROPHONE EXPERIENCE, now on Amazon DVD and OnDemand on Vimeo. I edited over 100 of my exclusive videos of the famed doctor into a powerful, fast paced, yet meditative, 70 minute film of this genius’ work.

After that project was done I visited my son in Chicago. There in his sweet new home with his lovely new wife, we reunited for the first time since I began reporting on my visions in 2010. I met my two gorgeous new 19 month-old twin granddaughters. Happy, happy times. I can’t describe the joy in words of hearing my son say I was a good father as we hugged.

Then I headed back to Sedona and onto editing the 24 meditations that I reluctantly at first followed spirit to perform in Antarctica on 12.12.12. All to close out the 5,125 year Mayan calendar and welcome in the next Baktun by setting positive intentions to shifts in human consciousness. Heady stuff and a long intense day of filming on the ice, but it came out wonderfully.

I can honestly say I got to like myself more in the 3 months it took me, toiling 15 hours a day, to edit this remarkable new documentary together. Watching myself day after day meditating on camera on ice to help heal this world was healing for a low childhood self-worth caused by an abusive father.

THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12, releasing 6.16.16, is unlike any other film in the world out there. It shows that any of us are capable of far more in effecting transformation of this troubled world than we know.

Amplifying all this joy, both professional and personal, I fell in love in late 2015 with an amazing woman, Elizabeth England. I’ve had a crush on her since I first laid eyes on Elizabeth at a 1.1.11 DreamShield Coolest Ever Planetary Meditation.

Elizabeth England, silver jacket center, first time I saw her on 1.1.11

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As I looked over the deck of the Ushuaia, sailing back from Antarctica and gazing at a gorgeous sunset, I made a vow never to travel to such a beautiful place solo again. At that painful lonely moment on a the deck of a ship filled with happy couples, Ohom, my ET spirit guide, told me Elizabeth England would make an ideal soulmate.

So as soon I was back in LA on Xmas 2012 I called Elizabeth and invited her for drinks at the Sportsman Lodge. There in the cocktail lounge, that was decorated like modern ice cave, I told Elizabeth of the ET Ohom’s dating advice. She was a bit taken aback to say the least and she gently explained she was still in a committed relationship. Bummer.

But we kept in touch as friends for the next 3 years and in November 2015, on one of my many trips to LA,  Elizabeth wanted to see me. Happily she accepted an invite to stay in my guest room a few nights and help me host a Thanksgiving feast I was throwing for my dear LA friends Brian Kutza and Ellen Stern.

Elizabeth Does Martha Stewart.png
Elizabeth England’s First Visit to Sedona for Thanksgiving 2016

Sedona swept away Elizabeth’s LA cobwebs and I could see in her eyes it was as though she was seeing me for the first time and seeing the kind of life Ohom had promised in 2012, while I was still in Antarctic waters. We connected in a profound way and both of us knew we were soulmates with many past lives.

So much joy and new life have found me since Elizabeth joined me in Sedona, just a little over a week ago. And her LA friends and formers housemates had a great party for her. Even her former mentor and love wished us well.

Quite a different world than what you see in the news. I am not saying we should stick our heads in the sand, but Ohom tells me focusing on the positive is a must to lift this world to new heights. And somehow, this gentle giant of an ET being is always right, at least where love is concerned.

Yep. 2016 is going to an amazing year for rapid transformation on a planetary scale. It begins within each of us. Do your part by staying 100% positive, no matter what seems to be contrary, and great things will be yours.

Ken and Elizabeth at Enchantment
Lucky me with Elizabeth at Enchantment to Celebrate her move to Sedona

Oh, one last synchronicity: 6.16.16, the release date I chose for THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12, something I chose before we united as soulmates, 6.16 happens to be Elizabeth’s birthday.


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