11.11.11 – Gentle is Powerful

Gentle is Powerful

There’s never been a convergence of “oneness like all the ones in the 11/11/11 date in our lifetimes. And never, in this way, on the home stretch to 2012.

This week Laura De Leon and I completed 2 months of hard work of Los Angeles site selection and preparing what she and I came to call THE ASCENSION CONVENTION. Meant to be a playful name for the big day, I still worried the ascension theme was going to frighten some people, opposite of our mission of 2012 fear reduction, until Laura assured me, “The Shift is within. We are shifting from an ego based existence to living from our hearts.” Once we had that energetic clear we were ready and great people and starting showing up.

Finally, the launch of early bird ticket sales at BuzzBroz is here! We gave great thought to making it affordable for most people while being able to provide the kind of talented speakers and musicians such an event deserves to honor what the angels are creating.

Early birds are going to get an entire day of spiritual workshops, some of the best yoga on the planet, top speakers like world renowned UFO expert Renato Longato, music by the amazing Philippo Franchini and his group Alchemy, galactic performance art by famed Aros Crystos, sacred ceremony by Laura who will also sing, accompanied by Philippo, green vendors, top healers and I’ll step from behind my camera, take the stage and perform an angel guided meditation. I expect the angels to be there in force again, this lovely venue of Club Rancho De Las Palmas in Moorpark, CA, just east of Malibu, where DreamShield took some its first tentative steps a year ago, before I even knew what all this wonder was.

And all this will be capped by the 11.11.11 activation at 11:11 PM. I’ve been to Mt. Shasta and paid $100 for an activation alone and nothing of this scope where Laura is getting messages about an awakening of the heart of Gia. But 11.11.11 early birds get the above for an entire day of spiritual growth and joy for only $65.

Here’s the wonderful poster Laura designed. Which is included in the video beneath.

Looking forward to ascending with you on 11.11.11. I’m not expecting some of the dramatic shifts with earthquakes and UFOs. The divine forces behind all this want not to shock us. It’s gentle. But gentle is powerful. Imagine how gentle the notion of us all waking up and caring more about our fellow human being and the planet and all life. Earth will be transformed into a paradise over a very short time. Gentle is powerful.

Namaste, Ken Sheetz


One thought on “11.11.11 – Gentle is Powerful

  1. luannehunt

    Hello Laura! I came across your site today while doing some research about 2012. I listened to your absolutely beautfiul 9-11 song and was moved to tears. I am a music producer in So. Cal and if you are ever interested in recording a full production, I would be happy to help you. I have access to a high-quality studio and world-class musicians. I also own a record label, Star Creek Records.

    Email me at starcreekrecords@gmail.com if you’d like to chat further. And again, awesome job on the song! One of the best I’ve heard in a while!


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