9/11/11 Meditation Tomorrow

“In my mind you will be standing for all time” – Laura De Leon from her original song about 9/11 “Still Standing”

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

It’s been almost a year since the angels behind DreamShield led me to the site that is my energetic home for the work of the shift.  It’s a small monument to the lost of fight 93 in North Hollywood park.  I’ve had many visions here at this spot, visits from David Angell, who tops the plaque, visits from my father.

Bob Jenkis and Laura De Leon (Jenkis)

But it would be a visit from an earth angel, Laura De Leon, when she came to join a meditation I held there that would have the biggest impact on my life.  Laura was touched when I washed the monument and asked me after if she could join in creating sacred ceremonies for the project.  It was just what the project needed and I needed.

Laura and her husband Bob are tireless supporters of the work of DreamShield’s planetary meditations.  At the beginning of the year Laura became my partner in DreamShield and our events have never been the same. Laura is a consummate master of the sacred for the Shift and with Bob’s help, as one of Hollywood top editors, my video work has gone up a big notch.

Here for the first time on the web, in honor of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is Laura’s original song STILL STANDING. Ten years ago Laura was in NYC when the planes struck the WTC.  She experienced fristhand the terror and loss of that day in a way I cannot imagine.  A powerful psychic, Laura felt the wave of shock and sorrow sweep over her and a violet light of spirit fill the sky.  Tomorrow, if she is up to it, Laura will perform this amazing song live, a cappella.

Link here to the event page on Facebook.  It’s a free event.  Hope to see you there.

Please donate to DreamShield at the PayPal link on our website.

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