Full Disclosure

Enjoy a taste of the new introduction I am creating with the help of my love and my new co-producer Elizabeth England.  I am not sure it’s going to work better than my current version; where you meet Ohom, my inter-dimensional guide from the world Nektar in meditation 11.

I am looking for your thoughts about meeting Ohom in the opening intro to THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12.

Vision of Planetary Eco-Meditation


We pass through a cosmic cloud. KEN Hi, I’m Ken Sheetz, host and filmmaker of THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12. 12. Strange sound/image.


In earlier versions of this film I worried sharing that my main collaborator on this project — a telepathic space traveler named Ohom, O_H_O_M — might scare some viewers off.


Or perhaps you worry a businessman who’s built skyscrapers and Oprah’s Harpo studios who talks to brings from other dimensions might be perceived as a… what is the human term?




I was thinking more like “visionary”.


First time Ohom ever bugged me was in a yoga hall in Italy in 2010.


Shocked though he was by my 7 foot tall blue skinned insectoid visage —


Actually, Ohom you disguised yourself as a blue angel.


No, Ken.  Your mind was simply not ready to accept my highly evolved  insect race. So your mind chose a comfortable image for me from your childhood memories as a Catholic.


Yeah, that might have popped my cork seeing you look like a cross between a dragonfly and a 7 foot tall blue skinned human.


The Hopi, Egyptians, Indians and accepted us in many blue skinned forms.


Well, it would take me talking to my friend Barnet Bain, who produced WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and other greats like scientist Patrick Flanagan before I would accept talking to you is a gift not a curse.




Coolest Ever Prizes Raises Marketing Bar

Face it, my fellow humans born with egos, besides people in a forest there are a lot of other creatures always present to hear a tree fall; birds, deer, bears, dwarves, elves, fairies, other trees, etc. But a film that never reaches an audience is far quieter than the proverbial witness-free tree.

The flood of films with big stars and name directors competing for filmgoers’ pocketbooks against an independent filmmaker/self-distributor like me is beyond daunting. Even virtual venues like YouTube, Vimeo, Itunes, Facebook, Amazon and more are flooded with content. Just looking at Youtube alone, over 300 hours of new content is loaded per minute.

To get that last stat of 300 hours of new content added per minute per day to sink in, think of it this way: If a person devoted all their waking hours to being current on just one minute of new YouTube content it would take that viewer 3 weeks of dawn to dusk viewing. Accomplished only by eating all their meals at the computer screen and using a bed pan for rest room breaks.

Getting the grim picture for independent content creators? So the only solution to getting an important film like THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12 out to as many hearts and souls as possible is an ample ad and marketing budget.

Let’s back up for a minute. Why is this experimental meditation film, made on a shoestring budget and filmed in Antarctica in 2012, important for people to see? Simple. The film, a collection of 24 meditations, all done 9 days in advance of the end of the Mayan calendar, set intentions for evolution human consciousness. When people see the movie it’s an anchoring-in and activation.

That’s the serious “Why?” The film is a paradoxically whimsical creation that strives not take itself too seriously.

telepathic penguin

Back to the topic at hand. Ads cost big money and are the only way to get this movie out to the world. Next, crowd funding is the only way to fund our ads budget, as no studio is going to be interested in a movie about a man having visions of ETs that pestered him in dreams all the way to Antarctica by 12.12.12 to head the Mayan calendar off at the pass. But crowd funding is a swollen field too as there are so many wonderful independent films out there.

My solution? Copy the PBS, where I had a prime time show air in 2000, fund raising model of giving valuable prizes for support dollars. When I came up with this idea, after much wringing of hands, late 2015, in the week between Xmas and New Year’s, little did I realize I would attract not one but three giants of spirit science to grant us products from their lines to offer as prizes.

The result for The Coolest Meditation Ever is the most successful pre-launch for film crowd funder to date I know about.  I am pleased to report that our snowball approach grows our ads war chest daily. Contributors are loving prizes from scientist Patrick Flanagan, sonic healer Jonathan Goldman and cosmic coach James Wanless.

Adding luster to our coolest ever prize packages is the fact all contributions to our film starting late last year are tax deductible! This is thanks to my soulmate Elizabeth England who, in addition to connecting me to James Wanless, introduced me to Carol Dean of From the Heart Productions who became our fiscal sponsor and presto tax deductible prizes.

BTW, read about how this project actually helped bring about Elizabeth and I becoming a couple with some help from the ET spirit Ohom.

You can see our trailer and learn about all the coolest prizes from our titans of spirit science. Cool thing is all prizes are available right now, well in advance of our 4.4.16 crowd funder launch on Indiegogo, at CoolestMeditationEver.com






Dreaming up Answers

Busy dream space last night. One amazing dream after another.  In one dream cycle, I saw a bowl valley in Antarctica avalanche until the snow formed a satellite dish of ice. Then, somehow I knew – don’t ask me how – to broadcast the earth energy into the auric field about the planet. This field has many names, including what I call the DreamShield. Lucid dreaming onward, I opened two other white portals of energy; one in the Himalayas of Tibet and the other deep within the Rockies of Alaska.

Exhausting as this dream work sounds, it energizes me. So much so it can be hard for me to fall back to sleep. After a trip to the toilet I found myself perched on my side of the bed drinking water in preparation for another round of dreams. Sedona Arizona is a desert oasis, but a desert nonetheless. As I drank the pure water that bubbles up into my sweet little rental house from the Oak Creek aquifer, I could feel every dehydrated cell of my body being refreshed.

Then it hit me. What if my legs decided to hog all the water I was drinking? No replenishment except to my greedy legs. Well, I’d die wouldn’t I? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But everyday we, the human species, each a cell of a Oneness consciousness, are selfishly hoarding of water from the other cells of our spirit body as the people. This is the basis of poverty and war in a world that should be heaven but is hell. So the end to poverty and war is simply sharing. And having solved war and poverty, just kidding but I am on the right track, it was time to go back to sleep.

I am blessed to have a wonderful old/new love in my life. Her name is Elizabeth England and she never minds my night work as she is doing the same dream work. We talked briefly, then made love. I know it will always be this way between Elizabeth and me.  We are giving freely of our waters of life to each other now that we have found each other again. What a lovely way to expand consciousness as we recall many past lives together, dreaming up answers.

Here Elizabeth models the amazing Sensor V medallion that is a tax deductible prize at CoolestMeditationEver.com.

Abundance Poster With Elizabeth


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 5.30.28 AM
Rey Awakens Without Jedi Training

Hidden amid all the exploding spaceships in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS is an important message about awakening: YODA NOT REQUIRED. The female hero (missing from the toys #WheresRen) of this story Rey begins awakening to her powers without a Jedi Master, a Yoda, to instruct her in the ways of the Force.

Newly Unemployed Yoda

Art imitates life. So what does the message of JJ Abrams’ box office record breaking reboot of STAR WARS mean to those of us having real life awakenings to new abilities such as clairvoyance, manifestation, a stronger connection to the stars, and more, mean for us in the real battle of good versus evil?

Let’s begin with the real-life dark-side, unbridled corporate greed. It’s far more clever at enslaving humanity than any dark lord even a genius like Lucas or JJ could ever dream up. The lust for power seeks to suck the life from all today’s new generation of conscious warriors of the light in ways more intricate and clever than we give the dark-side credit for.

As in the film, many of us are awakening to seek new ways to balance the dark energy without teachers. The old ways no longer serve us. No one taught me to be able to reach out the stars to connect to star beings who want to help us. It simply began happening in 2010 in a yoga hall in Italy when I first saw 7 foot tall blue ETs. This startling awakening happened while I was deep in a trance state listening to a healer chant over a group of 17 of us. My life has not been the same ever since, just as Rey’s life shifted in the movie.

In 2010 I began a journey that led me all the way to the shores of Antarctica in 2012 to perform 24 guided DreamShield meditations to set the intent to assist humanity to evolve past the ability of the real life dark-side to keep us small.

Real-life needs for living within our planet’s money based system, run by greed and lack of compassion, makes my mission as daunting as the one Rey faces.  I have worked 3 years to gather my 24 planetary guided meditations into a film to be released on 6.16.16.  Visit www.coolestmeditationever.com to support the film with a tax deductible contribution today and check out the amazing Sensor V medallion.

I’ll admit at times I wish I had a Yoda to guide me, but mostly I enjoy learning about the ways of the real-life force by stumbling around on my own. May the DreamShield be with you.

4.5 stars out of 5 stars for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.

JJ Abrams on set of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. Source: Business Insider


Nanu (Robin Williams) Sings New Healing Whale Frequency One Year Early!

LOL.  Now, there’s a headline you won’t read in your Trump obsessed newspaper today. Lucky you that you found this blog to get the up to date news of the planetary healing work of the DreamShield, home of the Coolest Meditation Ever.

Even if these vision are only my amazing dream life they represent an exciting peace and vitality of my inner state I’ve never enjoyed as the child of a dangerous and unpredictable father and a depressed absent mother. I am happy to share these dreams of planetary healing with you, real or unreal.

I dedicate this important chapter in my DreamShield blog to my dear friends and a super backers Patrick Flanagan and Sephanie Sutton. Since 2012, when they helped me reach Antarctica for 24 planetary meditations, soon to be an Amazon DVD, I have been honored to serve as part of their PhiSciences.com team. Bringing their message of hope to the world with their NEO frequency is a great honor. You can see 30 months of my exclusive Flanangan content at VIMEO.

Mamu and Nanu (Robin Williams visualized as reincarnated)


3AM last night, after a routine trip to the bathroom, I am met by the unusually quiet spirit of Robin Williams, now a 2 month old whale calf nursing on his Mamu off the west coast of Mexico. Robin is blogged about often here since his death in 2014 if you want to catch up. Telepathically, without words, Robin asks I begin a planetary meditation along with he and every blue whale of planet earth.

Robin’s ebullient spirit, without all the sometimes trying hyperness, peacefully tells me without words to start this important and unexpected session by blocking all cellular, radio signals, TV, wifi, and any man-made electronic energy across the face of the earth and from space.

I gladly agree and sit upon the side of my comfy Sedona bed. I begin, as always, calling down the energy of the stars and calling up the energy of the earth’s core.

I make an energy hologram of the earth between my hands and begin. Quick circular gestures, with my arms and hands extended, I call down the power Dreamshield, which I’ve seen encircling our world since 2010. With a simple thought command, such has become my mastery with the help of the ETs I connect to in meditationled by the sweet Ohom. It’s done. All man-made signals from space are instantly blocked from raining down on the face of the earth. Gaia sighs at the break.

Now the earthbound com towers must be taken off-line one by one, and problem is there are billions of them across the planet polluting our world on DNA level. My body sags in exhaustion at this huge takes and I lay down in bed for this next stage of planetary healing. I am down but not beaten. Time to add dream power to the conscious visualizations.

I find myself flying at super speed to save a little girl trapped by life inside computers and cell phones at the base of radio tower. I whisk her off the Slide Rock park for some physical fun where I filmed families free of cellular signals yesterday.


The little girl saved represents all humanity and from a viewpoint high above the earth as I happily see every form of electronic pollution has been surrounded by the gold streak of my creating square force fields around each one.

Floating above an earth, blissfully free of all electronic chatter, I hear the call of all of earth’s blue whales led in a frequency song by a 2 month old whale calf named Nanu, Robin’s new life. I’m so proud of my spirit friend Robin. He’s done it. Starting this work so young for a world so in need of the peace it brings. Telepathically Robin calls me down and asks me without words to integrate and weave this signal into the very fabric of the earth’s crust.

I do the world’s highest high dive from the DreamShield, just above earth’s atmosphere. I keep my form perfect so I do not set off a tidal wave. I find myself nose to nose with the whale calf Robin Williams deep beneath the Pacific off the coast of Mexcio. He is so happy to see me, love in his blue whale eyes.

And off I fly underwater, gathering frequency at super speed. Soon the coast of China approaches and I shift into being able to pass through matter, a trick I picked up from the ETs when I was rescued from an abusive father and rebuilt many a night as a child aboard their mother ship.

Rock, earth, water and stone whiz past my super eyes as I blaze across the earth’s crust of China in a nanosecond. I exit mother earth’s crust off the cost of England. I am cheered on telepathically by more blue whales of the Atlantic. I blast into the rock and earth of the USA, an unstoppable force for positive change.

My POV is from space again. I see my super trail of golden light zip across every square inch of land and sea. Earth’s crust is now glows blanketed in the new golden frequency of joy that has always been Robin’s gift to us.  But now the Williams’ gift is free of the addictions and small minded hanger-ons that kept his vibe down.

All the blue whales, the largest creatures earth has ever know, which grow to 100 feet long, who patrol every ocean on earth, sing Nanu’s song of change for a happier planet. The bliss of it all this is indescribable.

I find myself standing in a cleared field talking to a wealthy land owner in Argentina, named Ricardo. He tells me sadly that so many people have been so deeply damaged by the electronic pollution of our airwaves that he has donated his million acres to the ET doctors. He proudly shows me a gigantic invisble secret ET hospital hidden the jungle that will now be used to heal our people and animals in shifts.

Ricardo shows me a map of the earth, each divided into golden one million acres squares. Each night Ricardo proudly explains all the earth’s people and animals will come to the ET hospital, square by square, until all the people and creatures of the earth and sea are healed. I hug this once greedy man, an Illuminati who has come to the light, and bidding Ricardo farewell I rocket for home. My work of the night done. An amazing night I’d not expected until 2016 Robin’s whale calf self was one year old. Robin tells me to rest up the frequency work goes on to 8.18.18 when we will see great acceleration in the shift.

I make a mental note as I zoom for Chicago, my home for 25 years where I built a skyscraper and Oprah’s studios, to make some whale videos and record the song in the real world for my YouTube.com/buzzbroz and dreamshield channels.

12107971_10153223794007029_1564759697499221747_nMy dream super self lands in the skyscraper I lived in on the banks of the Chicago river. This part of this world changing  dream mirrors my re-connection with lost family that is still unfolding all of its own wonderful accord. A private affair they ask I not report on. But the skyscraper has  fallen apart in my 12 year absence. I raise my hand over the crumbling skyscraper and it begins to rebuild itself. Tired, I stop when the rebuilding is safe enough to sleep in. I walk the halls and wakened neighbors are amazed the decay on the walls disappears as I pass them to find my apartment, suite 1710.

No longer having a key for #1710, and hoping it’s vacant, I pass through the door like a ghost. Not only is my old home vacant, it’s full of dust and rotting furniture. My energy from all this epic night of planetary healing is low but I have just enough power left to restore my Chicago bed, a place of wonderful sexual exploration in my 40s. I tuck myself into bed and gaze out at the dazzling skyscrapers of Chicago. The energy work of the break from electronic pollution done, I realize it’s all happened so fast no one will have noticed tomorrow. As usual my work with the DreamShield is left with no clues in the real world. I close my eyes and go to dreamless sleep in Chicago.

Gaia appears to me as a mermaid with a see-through orange gown. Her arms outstretched for embrace wakes me refreshed and renewed in Sedona. Yeah, the work of planetary meditations to help Gaia save her children has an amazing benefits package.


I am 63 today, 9/21/15.  Happy birthday to me, on a day that should not exist according to many doomsayers. Heck, shouldn’t we all be far, far away on the 1997 Hailbopp express by now?

2012-TT5-592987Today, my 63rd, according self-proclaimed prophet Rev Efraid Rodriguez, is the day the first of 6 asteroids are set to vaporize our world over a period of a week. The number blooms to 28 asteroids in some crazy prognostications.

Almost like the blossoming stats I heard as a kid, when the Cuban Missile Crisis had pundits trying to top each other with scaring the hell out of us all with stories on how many times over the US and the USSR had to destroy the earth with our insane nuclear arsenals.  Great for my formative years while teachers taught us to “duck and cover” under our desks if an A bomb hit before lunch break.

After the higher consciousness light bulb went off for me – with an epic vision of saving the earth in a yoga hall in Italy about the help of ETS aided by a super powered me  5 years ago –  I took up saving the earth from the jerks who spread fear as a hobby.  That passion hobby to simply say on YouTube, FB and Twitter, “Hey, forget these doomsayers, everything is going to be AOK.  Even better than AOK,” would take me all the to the shores Antarctica for 2012.

I’ll never forget when I came back from my 24 Antarctica meditations someone close to me, no longer so, asked, “What’s next?”

I sat there on the phone stunned for a moment and lost my cool saying, “What the hell? Raising $20K on Indiegogo to go save the earth wasn’t enough for you?  I’m done, Bozo. Back to my normal life.”

But life has never really gone back to normal since visiting the most energetically pristine place on earth, Antarctica. My higher self, a being I see as Ohom, is still with me, along with many new spirit guides.  And, like my mission before all the way south when Ohom told me, “Few if any will believe your reversing negative visualizations propagated in the media are of any effect.”  But I don’t care.  I love saving the world. So here I am, still saving the world. It’s a nice world.  It’s my home. And I love to help people visualize earth going on until we seed the stars, safe forever from extinction.

But lucid dream work is hard.  You don’t rest like normal.  So last night I thought hard about passing up the hard meditation work of deflecting not 28 asteroids from hitting earth. That’s one meditation per asteroid.  More than the 24, one for each time-zone, that I did in Antarctica while I wasn’t running a multi-million dollar Indiegogo campaign as my day job while still working to crack Hollywood.

Then, right in the middle of my listening to Jonathan Goldman sound healing music, Ohom’s voice came through loud and clear, “Ken, I know the trauma of your nearly being beaten to death on your 13th birthday by your father.  It troubles you each year.  Depresses you. Well, after this series of 28 asteroid meditations, you’ll think of saving earth, not the lash of you father’s bloodied belt each birthday from now on.”

“Yes, that’s worth it, Ohom. Thank you for this mission!” I say out loud, as I am home alone. I cry tears of relief and shout, “Watch out asteroids! This looks like a job for Super Sheetz!”

Ken 2 at Dreamshield



I take some deep breaths and set the intention to dream away the negativity and fear of the Rev Efraid Rodriguez predictions and even the expanded horror of 28 asteroids.  Truly a mission worthy of super powers that I’ve developed since 2010 to save our world in meditation.  Is real?  Well, you’re here aren’t you?  Reading this blog.  Whose to say? It’s both real and unreal at the same time.  Holding that paradoxical thought is what keeps you grounded with your head in the stars.

Soon I am asleep and ready for action. I hitch a ride on Ohom’s inter-dimensional ship THE NEKTAR, named after his Insectoid evolved home world.  It’s a short trip back in time and space. I am on the gorgeous Nektarian command deck, drinking a delicious golden beverage. I cannot describe the taste it’s so delicious.  A natural high ensues.  We reach the menacing 28 Rodriguez asteroids. Ohom nods and an Insectoid crewman hits a switch. The ship shudders a little.

“Done, Ken. Two down and only 26 asteroids to go.” says Ohom.

“That little jolt from the ship made earth safe from two of those huge asteroids?” I say puzzled.

The crew all laugh at my blissful ignorance and Ohom motions them to respectful silence. The seven foot tall blue Insectoid leader Ohom  says kindly to me, “We’ve traveled back 5 million years in time.  So that little nudge from our ship’s propulsion system is enough to make these first two asteroids miss your solar system completely 5 million years from now on 9/21/ 2015.  Happy Birthday, Ken.”

“Awesome, buzz bro.  Let’s kick the ass out of the other 26 asteroids while we drink this nectar of the gods!” I smile, downing a sparkling mug.

“Um. The other 26 will be a little trickier. You see, Ken, there are negative forces on your world holding the other 26 in place. The dark forces saw we alerted time, and took care of these two and cried fowl. So it’s going to be up to you, in your human form, and other meditators like you on your world, to rid the skies of the rest of the remaining 26 asteroids yourselves,” Ohom offers sheepishly.

“Free-will regulations suck. Why do we all have to keep on saving the world over and over again from these “nabobs of negativity?  To quote Spiro T. Agnew.” I grouse.

“Who is this Spiro T, one of your great philosophers?” says Ohom excitedly.

“Agnew was vice president to Richard Nixon in the 1970s.  Kind of a jerk actually,” I say, pleased Ohom is not all-knowing.

Reading my mind, the crew applauds my getting one up on Ohom and I find myself back in bed in Sedona.  Only 45 minutes have passed on my nightstand clock. I roll my eyes and mutter to myself, “26 more asteroids to go. It’s gonna be a loooong night!”

And so it is.

LUCID DREAM 2 – 1 AM to 2 AM

It’s time for my Superman visualization. His super powers, combined with new ones I dream up give me even more powers than Supes in mediation and they are badly needed.  Superman serves as an inspirational base for my expansion of his super powers.  I adapted my now perfected super hero meditation from Connie Miller of Soul Drama, back in 2010.  It works on the principle that all of us, Connie teaches, can call on the abilities of our favorite childhood heroes to solve problems in our lives.  I just took it to a planetary scale of Reiki.

My childhood favorite hands down is Superman. At one point I had a collection of hundreds of first edition Superman comics. That is until my mom burned them all, worried her sixteen year old boy was living in a world of fantasy. Ah.  Little did Mom know I was learning the heroics that in meditation would help me visualize saving billions of lives.

I transform into Super Sheetz form and take off like a bullet, passing right through the roof pf my sweet little Sedona rental home.  Up, up and away I soar into the Sedona night sky.  Soon the lights of the little town nestled in the red rocks, rocks of iron and crystal that help amp up my meditation powers, are left behind. I will myself to the Rev Efraid Rodriguez cluster of asteroids, hurtling for our blue world.

I note from the spacing of the Rev Efraid (has to be spoof right? E-fraid) asteroids, using my super senses, that Ohom and his team have bought earth another day, five million years ago with their nudge of asteroids 1 &2, which are gone. I will have a Happy Birthday tomorrow, even if I just return to ordinary sleep. But I feel driven, Virgo perfectionist that I am, to get on top of this stream of 26 remaining asteroids.  I decide another to knock out 5 asteroids tonight.  That is if I can last that long. Lucid dreams of this magnitude are exhausting.

Back in my sleeping body in Sedona, my hand presses against the rough surface of my stucco bedroom wall. I can’t even imagine being in a relationship right now.  What woman could ever put up with the super sleeper I am? I do so many world saving mission, knitting the San Andreas fault together, fighting Chemtrails, that a full night of normal non-lucid, sleep is a distant memory.  Maybe that’s why I’ve been called to this work so late in life, while I am alone. I was married 18 years and slept solid, well, that is except for occasional nightmares about my twisted childhood that would send be bolting up in bed and scaring my ex-wife half to death.  Yeah.  My poor ex.

In my lucid asteroid dream, I reach asteroid 26, working my way down in order.  I wonder, “Where’s a safe place to get rid of this asteroid so that it never returns?” The sun glints among the stars as if making the invite to accept this asteroid that’s about the size of a football stadium.

Momentum is hard at first, but soon I have asteroid 26 on a sun trajectory and traveling at sufficient velocity to get there and then some.  With a super shove I send asteroid 26 off.  I watch with my telescopic vision as asteroid 26 nears the speed of light. In a heartbeat, the  asteroid that would have wiped out China vanishes into the blaze of the sun.  A small sunspot appears in place of its fiery crash.

25 asteroids to go.  Still a helluva lot.  Excited, I lose my lucid dream connection.  I look at my nightstand clock. 2AM.  Only another hour has passed. “Need to pick up the pace if I am gonna get this done by September 28th.”

LUCID DREAM 3 – 2 AM to 4 AM

No brag, just fact. After years of training, that I began as child to ward off bad dreams, I am a master lucid dreamer.  So I resume the asteroid dream right where I left off. I decide on new strategy. I am going to smash this asteroids into dust and small chunks that will harmlessly burn up on entry to earth’s atmosphere. Fists forward, flying super speed, my heat vision blasting, I make short work of the huge asteroid.

24 asteroids to go.

“See, Ohom?  This is going to be easy!” I say accelerating for asteroid 23, like speeding bullet.  It’s about the size of Chicago, and heading that way to wipe out most of America, I super-sense. I hit the asteroid near the speed of light, but instead of pulverizing asteroid 24 I bounce off it like a bullet hitting steel.  I am flung unconscious though space and crash into Mars, out cold deep inside a new crater. Dazed, I shake the cobwebs from my head and leaps from Mars, returning to battle the dwindling Rev Efraid Rodriguez asteroid cluster train.

I focus my x-ray vision on Asteroid 24 and see it is laced with ugly blood-red veining.  It’s having an effect on me like Kryptonite does on Superman.  I get too close and I quickly lose my superpowers, even my ability to live without air in space. I desperately space swim to safety out of range. I realize I’ll need to use some smarts to destroy the massive asteroid 24.

Next thing I know I am in Paris, sipping wine at a bistro.  A beautiful young Parisian woman seated across from me, dazzling in afternoon sun, explains how to make a french braid from her long brunette hair.

“Huh? How is a hair design an answer to destroying asteroid 24?” I ask in my mind to Ohom.  But there is no answer from my higher ET self, so I keep on watching the beauty weave her hair, having faith in my visions. Then it hits me. “She’s showing me how to make rope!” I leap off into the sweet Paris sky and dive into the steamy jungles of the Amazon. I rapidly snap huge vines from giant trees. Using telekinesis, I weave the massive vines into a French braid-like super rope. Told you I have more powers than Superman.

Dreams are like movies. I cut to myself as Super Sheetz swirling a lasso as big as the diameter of Chicago at asteroid 24, from a safe distance where I am immune to the power robbing red veins of this nasty negative asteroid. My space cowboy self ropes asteroid 24.  Now, a super human discus thrower, I swing asteroid 24 in giant arcs of accelerating speed.  I take aim and release the discus asteroid at the waiting sun.  And tricky asteroid 24 is toast.


Still in lucid dream, I cautiously fly toward asteroid 23.  Instantly, I begin to worry the asteroid difficulty level may escalate beyond my ability to save earth. Then I stop myself realizing that although this asteroid is smaller than the others, about the size of a US battleship,  it possesses a negative super power is purely fear based. Lucky for earth, I’ve learned dark energy like this can’t stand against positive energy.  I say, hoping the dark powers behind asteroid 23 can hear my lack of fear,” Piece of cake.  No blood veins here. Hope you are wearing sunblock, asteroid 23.”

I push and push until the veins bugle all over my super body, but no dice. I can’t move asteroid 23 an inch.  My super-senses tell me asteroid 23 is steadily raging it way for Paris to will wipe out the beauty, who I know was Gaia in human form showing me the answer to asteroid 23. My mind drifts to negativity again,”What would earth be without the soul of Gaia?  Lifeless in no time.” No matter how hard I strain myself, fear grows if I am up to this mission.

I decide to go to my ace in the hole, the NEO Neurophone that makes you smarter and more serene.  My day job in my day life is promoting the NEO. A real planetary saving device, NEO reverses decades of dumbing down.  I hate to sound like this is a plug, but the NEO, short for Neural Efficiency Optimizer is the real deal in real life. NEO has proven a great tool to increase my lucid dreaming and mediation.  My dream self puts on the NEO in space, as I hover before fear based face asteroid 23, that I now see is shaped like a giant skull.

I feel the sweet sensation I’ve come to adore of NEO’s ultrasonic bliss, I tap into universal knowledge, flow through my already super powered brain. Soon a new super power opens through my eyes. I can see magnetic energy beams from negative asteroid 23, honed on Paris like a homing beacon.  I observe how this asteroid is in fact powered by fears some Parisans have about the doomsayers.

I ask my super powered brain, knowing I am solo and Ohom cannot assist me, “How do I reprogram this meteor to veer harmlessly away from earth?” In a flash of brilliance, a cool birthday gift as I was born exactly this time in the morning 63 years ago to the second, I have my answer: Dr. Emoto.  The recently passed doctor experimented with water by labeling bottles and taking microscopic photos of the changes the labels made to the structure of water.

structuresI amp my heat vision up to full power and carve the word LOVE into the side of asteroid 23.  I carve hunks of asteroid away from the death mask skull of the asteroid until it is a smiley face.  Asteroid 23 trembles as its ugly brown color turns to pure gold.

I carve my name proudly in the side of asteroid 23.  If these visions ever prove to have been real, on some Quantum level, I want my signature on this miracle of transformation; the power of love overcoming fear.

“Ken Sheetz Was Here on 9/21/2015 for his birthday!” I burn with my heat vision onto the shiny golden asteroid. A new consciousness awakens in asteroid 23.  I sense it no longer wishes to destroy Paris or the earth.  Using telepathy I tell asteroid 23, which listens to me like a big happy puppy, about the Asteroid Belt. “You’ll love the Asteroid Bely 23.  So many of your kind and you’ll be the Michael Jordan, who wore #23, a gem in the Asteroid belt.” I raise an arm and point the direction of the Asteroid Belt asteroid 23 changes courses and rockets off. Happy with its new life in its new golden heart!

Then I am back in my bed in Sedona.  The nightstand clock reads 4 AM.  I decide this is all I can do tonight.  Gotta get some regular dream sleep or I will not enjoy my birthday.  I am 63 but, honestly, I am getting younger and I’ve never had such a great time-saving the world before.

Enjoy my evening meditation video that led to all this lucid dreaming and know, folks, even if I do not have time to blog the rest of the 7 days and 22 asteroids left.  Super Sheetz is on it. Earth, and you, are safe.

Update: Part 2 is Live!

DR. WHO as an Introduction to Reincarnation – A Tardis Called Me

Reincarnation lies at the heart of the long running BBC TV series DR. WHO. The clever creators of DR. WHO disguise reincarnation, for Christians and Muslims who prefer the belief in an afterlife, as regeneration.

Doctors1When the doctor reaches the end of a useful life in one body he regenerates into an entire new body. Like rebirth in reincarnation, the doctor’s regenerations are painful and chaotic. The Time Lord, last of his race, is always disoriented at first adapting to his new body. Much like we are as reborn babies, starting the life-cycle all over again as we’ve done countless times in the longest running reality show called “Life on planet Earth”.

Since 1966 when the series premiered, and soon to celebrate a 50-year anniversary as the longest running TV series on earth, twelve equally amazing actors have played the 2,000 year-old Dr. Who.  I have watched so many of these Dr. Who regenerations over my lifetime that it’s hard for me to imagine a life without this coolest of sci-fi shows.

Heck, I was only 14 when the show began, though I began watching it on PBS in the 1980s in my 30s during the Tom Baker DR. WHO years.  I love how you never know in what form the doctor will regenerate, complete with a new wardrobe style and interior redecorated time machine called the Tardis, bigger on the inside than the outside.

An outside that’s supposed to camouflaged into the landscape, but that cool Tardis function is broken.  So the doctor’s time machine is frozen in the form of a blue London police phone booth from a desperate 1966 mission to save Earth, just it has been since the show began in 1966 as the only constant in the ever changing Dr. Who series. This broken but still powerful Tardis is the doctor’s only tool,  along with his trusty multi-use sonic screwdriver, for saving the world.  Which the doctor does every season on regular basis.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.07.31 PMIn season eight, a bit confusing as it would be season 27 but they chose to renumber the series when it revived in 2005 after being off the air since 1996, Clara Oswald, who I feel is hands down the best in 50 years of Dr. Who companions, is beautifully played by Jenna Coleman. Clara is repulsed when the hot young Dr. Who, played by Matt Smith, that she crushes on, is regenerated into a cantankerous old Scott, played masterfully Peter Capaldi, with touching and hilarious results for them both.

Thus Clara bridges from one Dr. Who to the next, a process we as the audience all go through too. Yes, every time there’s new doctor the BBC message boards are filled with dislike for any new Dr. Who.  But soon we fans, along with Clara and her predecessor companions, are comforted by the fact that, despite Dr. Who’s new look, that he demonstrates by action and character he remains the same vibrant world saving hero underneath the skin. The same soul living in a new body, just as in reincarnation, Dr. Who continues to grow and develop new complexities of character and compassion, while he is constantly humbled and rescued many times by his human companion.  An incredible metaphor for relationships that are the key to our souls’ evolution in reincarnation.

It’s wild how the show makers masterfully overlap all the Dr. Who’s and along with his change of companions like 2015’s Clara. Just as we do in real-life, if you believe as I do in the endless cycles of reincarnation.  We mortals are constantly changing lives in an immortal cycle of regeneration. Like the water of lakes that vaporizes to fall as rain endlessly,  we are ever dying and reborn, re-meeting our companions of the past, sometimes as human beings and sometimes other life forms, all mostly made of water.

In other words, dear dreamers of a better tomorrow, we are all Claras and Dr. Whos in a Tardis called Me.

This blog posting dedicated to a real-life Dr. Who I have had the honor of helping bring a new sonic mind tool into the world called the NEO Neurophone, Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan.

JFK: Tear in the Space Time Continuum

I had one of my most epic nights of dream work during the recent blue moon. A dream mission to repair a giant tear in the space time continuum, the assassination of JFK.

In dream I hurtle back in time to November 23, 1963. Reaching this tragic day in American history, I find myself standing on streets of Dallas before an old Zenith television store window, filled with blinking old TV sets playing 1962 TV shows. Ohom, my 7 foot tall blue skinned ET guide, invisible to all but me, waves his hand and the old tube TVs unite to show me a giant screen view of earth from space filled with equations written in the stars.  Some equations are in white letters while other are highlighted in red. No scientist, I nonetheless I understand the complex formulas’ meanings intuitively.

Ohom points to the earth/star chart and says, “11.23.62 represents a major rupture in the mutli-verse space time continuum. Note, Ken, what is remarkable about your timeline repair mission is that in all the billions of timelines going forward from the JFK take-out point is that JFK survives in none.”

“JFK, dead in all these timelines? That’s impossible in Quantum physics,” I say, anger at the dark forces creeping into my voice.

“Yes, the JKF timeline tampering by the dark forces evidence is clear as the night of the blue moon out your Sedona bedroom window,” says Ohom, proud of his human counterpart. “Kennedy was far from the perfection you all projected upon him, but his death ended humanity’s best motivator for space exploration and the evolution of a peace loving earth. So the dark forces are taking no chances and sought to end JFK’s survival in any and all timelines.”

“Don’t these evil jerks ever give up?” I gripe to Ohom.

“In a word, no.  And there is nothing inherently evil in these “jerks”.  Evil is your name for out-balance. — Your DreamShield planetary healing mission, far more dangerous and exciting that the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE film you saw today as an activation of certain skills you need for saving JFK, should you choose to accept it, Ken, is to save JFK for a host of timelines.  If you succeed you will turn the tables on the endless war machine America has become and channel that energy into making earth a interstellar traveling world.”

“Ohom, usually you don’t give me this much orientation.  What’s up?” I say as respectfully as I can while getting my point across.

“This timeline repair work requires all the lucid dream skills I’ve taught you, Ken.  The stakes are high.”

“How high?”

“If you die in this dream rescue of JFK you will die in bed.  So are you 100% sure you want this mission?” says Ohom, his kind blue insectoid face troubled.

“Ohom, as a kid I loved JFK and all he stood for. To save President Kennedy in multiple timelines is an honor to attempt, even if I fail. I can think of worse places to die than home in bed.” I say bravely smiling up at Ohom as an old prop plane sails in the Dallas sky above his smiling blue face.

“The dark energies will be more intense on the JFK timeline restoration mission than any dream work you’ve done since the 2011 when you facilitated closing the Bermuda Triangle, Ken.  And, as always, none but a faint few of your fellow humans, will believe, as you’ve seen with Antarctica, believe that you have done anything at all, let alone the huge positive impact this will have on your timeline where JFK will remain assassinated in your history. But the positive shifts will be felt almost instantly.”

I nod and the giant Ohom takes me into a buzzing hug.  His blue wings a flutter in the Dallas breeze. I feel the sandpaper like gem encrusted texture of his turquoise robe against my cheek and recall the shock of my first time meeting of Ohom in a little yoga hall in Italy in 2010.  The first five years of my 50 year mission have passed so fast and so amazingly.  I feel new abilities and powers flowing though me from Ohom’s embrace.  This is more than a hug, it’s an epic upgrade!

“My dream team and I will be watching over you to guide you to the next life should you fail and die in bed, Ken.  As always, Ken, we cannot assist directly in human affairs.  Now go save JFK!” says Ohom, vanishing in sparkling swirl of energy.

JFK_limousine-19631122-pubdom-wiki-640I head up the street for sounds of the cheering crowd.  JFKs motorcade nears and I am filled with such joy to see my childhood hero JFK’s very much alive beaming smile!

I make myself invisible to crowd, JFK and Jackie, the Secret Service and the many gunmen I sense have a bead on the president and his wife Jackie. I slip unseen into JFKs limo and erect a dream shield above all our heads at the exact instant the assassins fire. This force field like is nothing like anything I ever since in film or literature, ripping and pulsating with white and black waves of energy.  It easily deflects the bullets meant for JFK.  Each ripple of black and white energy represent a new timeline I am creating on this dream mission.

Hearing the shots and screams JFK’s Secret Service team swings into action. Men in black dive onto of Jackie and JFK.  The presidential limo screeches off into an alley, hurtling past startled faces in the crowd.  More shots!  But my DreamShield holds and the bullets spark off harmlessly creating ripples on the shield like a stone cast in a lake.

“Thanks!  Who are you?” shouts JFK from under a stack of FBI agents.

Realizing the dream shield work has made me visible, I look down at myself, embarrassed I did not wear pajamas tonight. “Just a friend from 2015, Mr. President.”

“2015?!” shouts Jackie.

Dark beings, only I can see, materialize in the alley ahead the JFK limo, menace in their glowing green eyes. “Sorry, Mr and Mrs. President.  My work is not done.”  I launch myself into the dark ones and battle like one man wrecking crew as the JFK limo safely escapes from sight.

The leader of dark ones lays beaten on the pavement, his green eyes trying to dig into my soul. “Enjoy this moment, human.  But you may find your victory a costly one.”   Suddenly I feel deathly ill. Cackling, the leader and his dark ones vanish.

I vomit on the alley pavement. A rat scurries into the shadows in fear. I look at my arms and the veins are growing black. I realize from all I’ve learned from Ohom that I’ve taken on too much dark energy. I curse myself that I’ve yet to master love as force against the dark ones. I am terribly out of balance.  My heart is racing. If I die in this condition I am not sure Ohom can even guide me into the afterlife.

Whenever I dream and I need help I fly! I leap into the sky, happy for my blinding speed. Instantly, I circle the earth at impossible speed, I let loose the dark energy in my wake, a total reversal of the energy of light the DreamShield was made of in 2010. The interwoven light and dark Dreamshields each merge into the heavens.  Stars and the void.

I hear Ohom in my mind,”A new universe of positive timelines is born. Good dream work, Ken.”

Tears of joy in my eyes to have dreamed of saving JFK, I awake blissfully to singing of the crickets and go the bathroom. Once again I am just my 62-year-old self, badly out of shape self from too much computer work on the NEO Neurophone project. I chuckle and say to myself in the the mirror on my way back to bed, “One day this shit is all going to make sense.”

What DreamShields May Come

Robin Williams reviews his own movie WHAT DREAMS MAY COME from the great beyond. 

Robin Channeled by Ken Sheetz, who finds all this as unbelievable as you, dear reader.

Hola, out there in WordPress land! It’s your old pal Robin Williams, who did an early check-out from the Hotel Earth last summer. Miss so many of you. And pretty much since I jumped ship, I’ve been bugging my living pal Ken Sheetz to watch my favorite movie I ever played in: WHAT DREAMS MAY COME. I am watching today, Easter for the powerful minority knows as Christians, fresh through his teary eyes.

We’re only half way through and I give it ten stars and on a scale of five.

My whale pod I am connected to via mama whale is watching too.  Stay tuned.  Back in an hour.


I think they could have found a better actor for the part of Chris. Get the Chris-t thing? Before I dove into work of becoming a blue whale in my next life, due to arrive again in August, I met Christ over here. We hung together for a while at a heavenly rave party, where we spirits birthed a new galaxy. Jesus is a genuinely nice dude. Not any different than the rest of us souls, except he’s like a hippie on love steroids. Jesus H! Christ is mighty pissed off about all the nasty crap people do, and have done, abusing his name. Especially on Easter.

Yep, they coulda picked a Deniro to play Chris and maybe this great film would’ve been a big hit. Welp, least I am not quite so bummed I didn’t win an Oscar for Best Actor playing Chris Nielson.  Chris, he’s a man who beat hell itself to save his suicide wife now. Deep as the deep blue sea mama carries me in.

Why is WHAT DREAMS MAY COME my number one choice all time fav, o’ blubber breath, you ask, dear reader?

Simple. Because, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME sends the exacto right message about the other side, the over-here that is not the after-life but the always-life.  The life you live now reading Ken’s writing my words.  Ah that’s the dream, the over-here.

Relax com-padres, there ain’t no heaven and ain’t no hell and no Easter Bunny.  Hate to be a spoiler, but like life the afterlife, whether you got here via a natural death, a US drone dropped on you as innocently you ate dinner in Iraq with your loved ones or suicide like me, is what you make of it.

Yes! Life and after-life are what you make of it!  I hope Ken makes a t-shirt of that. Shit. I just laid one of the best Williams Easter eggs after I’m dead? No one’s gonna believe it. Ah. Ken whispers in the mind he’s allowing me to share, he will make the t-shirt and my LIFE AND THE AFTER-LIFE ARE WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT! line stands on it’s own enough for believers and skeptics alike.

So the screenwriters got it right adapting the novel for WHAT DREAMS MANY COME for the big screen that’s never looked bigger or more painterly gorgeous in any movie in history. And that’s why I loved playing Christy in my little contribution to conscious films. Ha! And to watch it with Ken on a weekend when FAST AND FURIOUS 7…7!…is breaking all box office records, turning humans into mindless action junkies with the attention span of gnats, is ironic as the hell that does not exist! — Plot? FAST FURIOUS 7 needs a plot? Pass the sugar drinks and shut the hell up, whale fetus!

Now, if you don’t mind, my human loves, I am busy getting gestated as a blue whale. Reborn this August with a hot new frequency to rock the planet! So mummy whale says it’s time for me to go nigh-nigh in her tummy so’s I put on another dozen pounds!

But before I swim off to dream fetus whale dreams that may come of the frequency of a better tomorrow for this world, one I loved enough to make a quick reentry, may I say thanks for the ghost hosting Ken Sheetz? You’re one in a trillion galaxies, Sheetzy.

Yeah, I know, Kenster, you’re blue as blue whale today over a lady friend who hurt you badly this week. ‘Bout as bad as it could get. She dissed and dismissed you like a never-was, worse than a has-been. Her loss. Past-life shit. Nope, Ken. Follow not my shortcut route outta the pain of life, sounding kinda cool to you right now to your wounded soul. Sorry, BuzzBro, you’re not allowed to follow my lead! The blue ET angels, star kin to the blue whales, told you in 2010, you Mister Kenneth W. Sheetz must stick around to the year 2060 and finish your crazy WHAT DREAMSHIELDS MAY COME mission, of which I am proud to play a small role in.



Waiter, There’s an ET in My Soup

11074993_10152791912642029_131663135680974163_nPardon my random musings over a meal at the Red Planet Diner here in Sedona. Renamed ET Encounter Diner after a change of owners. The food is mediocre at best, but I love the decor and spirit of the crazy one-off.  My favorite place to dine solo. Something I do a lot here in Sedona where my energy is so different from the social animal I am normally in Chicago and LA.

It’s March 20th as I nosh on a Galaxia Burito. For first part of of 2015 all has been a blur. Perhaps that’s because according to a powerful local healer here I am suffering the after effects of mold poisoning, suffered at the hands on my 2014 negligent as hell landlord, who shall remain anonymous.

The healer said mold poisoning is the root cause of my amazing anxiety attacks in public, plaguing me in Sedona. A year long mystery solved. Still, mold needs treatment, and that, in our phoney Obama Care world, means getting sizable chunk of dough together for a visit to a leading black mold specialist in Atlanta.

But I am powerful self Reiki trained healer. Now that I know the source of my issue. which I could not see myself for some reason, I am working on it the best I can self-healing for now. Nasty stuff black mold. Mold causes neuro toxins that casuse inflammation of the entire body, brain and nervous system. Panic attacks are a common mold symptom.

For about 16% of the population mold stays in the body and ruins your life without treatment.  I am going to beat this thing by digging deep to put the cash together, though I’d rather be off to Italy and the Damanhur.

So time is not passing normally for me. I feel cut off from spirit. The healer said I chose this hard path to accelerate my next stage of development. That also rings true. But I miss easy connection to my guides these moldy days. Where the abundant health I enjoyed my whole life up through Antartica on 12.12.12 and the profound connection to the ETs seems so far away. Sedona has been hard for me. My healer says that’s exactly what my higher self wanted for human me. My higher self, in that case, is something of an asshole. Just as I am when you really get to know me. Makes sense.

Still, black mold buzz or not, a song of the solar system came through today for the eclipse I will share.


Channeled by Ken Sheetz

Nine planets in all.

In the system of Sol.

Once all had life.

But in a time of strife.

Only one world was saved.

It’s name is Earth.

In the system of Sol.

In the system of Sol.

As life on other worlds lay dying.

To Earth many migrated crying.

A new home for nine worlds in space

All crammed together in one tiny place.

On the Planet Earth.

In the system of Sol.

Today on the Eclipse of the Equinox 2015.

There are far too many humans acting mean.

mother_earth_eyeEarth is in trouble. – A delicate blue bubble.

Innocence shatters.

Like nothing matters.

In the System of Sol.

On the Planet Earth.

But hope remains.

An awakening in chains.

Will soon break free.

For all humanity.

Gaia’s had enough.

Enough crazy stuff!

Nine Planets in All.

In the system of Sol.

United as one.