Universal Shift

My home base for this phase of the Shift

“…we have to use the brains God gave us in every conceivable way in order to make the people laugh, cry or sit on the edge of their chairs the world over!”

Carl Laemmle 1915 – Founder of Universal Studios

Ken Sheetz, observer of the unseen work of the Shift here, reporting from a beautiful light worker sanctuary called Bushwillows., on the far north side of LA in Shadow Hills, where I am snuggled in for the work of a gentle 2012.  Or is it a gentle 2011?

Yesterday morning, 8.19.11, I was on a long bike ride from Bushwillows, pedaling my way back into shape through the valley to visit my partner in DreamShield Laura De Leon in Studio City.  Passing Universal Studios on Lankershilm something universal happened…

I saw the DreamShield – the powerful energetic force field that I witnessed born of three 7 foot tall blue ET angels in Italy, born to aid humanity in the Shift to a gentle 2012 – come down from the heavens and pass through the the surface of the earth, cleansing away outmoded thought patterns.  The DreamShield continued to pass through earth’s crust, all the way down to the molten core.  The DreamShield paused briefly to recharge itself on the magnetic thermal core energy.  Restored to even greater power than ever, the DreamShield rocketed back up through the earth’s crust and out to space again, passing through me again, the big crowds at Universal Studios and through the billions of humans and other species across the earth.

Stunned into stopping my bike, one word came to me from a voice, not my own, as the purpose for this shift in the DreamShield, “Apathy.”

Laura visiting me at beautiful Bushwillows

Once I made it up the steep hill to Laura’s amazing home in the Hollywood hills overlooking Universal Studios I asked the Mystic Muse,”How the heck does a DreamShield vision that powerful end with a drab word like ‘Apathy?'”

Laura chided me with a reminding grin, “I have an idea, but ask your higher power.”

Later, as I finished the long trip back to my new home base at Bushwillows, I took a seat in the wonderful meditation garden, hand-cared for daily by owners Deborah and Steve, and emptied my mind.  I willed communication with my highest self. The words came fast, strong and clear…

“The DreamShield was called down by the people of Earth to Shift consciousness to a higher vibration.  Humanity’s fascination with the dark side of its nature therefore ends in ‘Apathy’ towards self destructive behaviors like greed, hate, fear and violence.”

“Wow!’ I said out loud, ending my contact to my higher self; wars, violence, greed, etc., all will grind to a halt from sheer boredom.  Yep.  The angels have it figured out.  Free will must be in the equation, we are not puppets but powerful lost spiritual beings, and this Shift of consciousness allows for our active participation.  We asked for help and we are getting it.

Truly, it makes perfect sense that the bright ET angelic beings behind DreamShield, or our collective intelligence, or God, or whatever is really behind all the miracles so many of people are witnessing; that the Shift would not wait until 2012.  A time humanity when would all be expecting and fearing it.  Surprise, everyone, the shift is on.

A Universal Shift witnessed at Universal Studios. Yes, the angels have a poetic sense of humor.

Me at Universal Studios

Did the Shift work?  I felt a wave joy and transformation as the DreamShieldpassed though me on its way through the earth and as it passed back into space.  Today I feel no fear and my tolerance of pain is greater.  Tested when I passed a kidney stone last night.  Scary stuff for me as 5 years ago a kidney stone would land me in the ER.

They say the pain of passing a kidney stone is greater than child birth.  And yet at one point last night, when the pain was at its most intense, I simply marveled how the body is this amazing machine that is pushing this stone from me.

Yes, the Shift has worked.  Fear and pain are a bore.  I feel myself evolving.

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