Vault # 3 of 11

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way!  On a quiet day, if you listen carefully, you can hear her breathing.”–Arundhati Roy

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

A few months ago I began a series of meditations to warm the hearts of corporations.  So far Disney and Microsoft meditations are an energetic success.  But Bank of America Corporation has been the greatest meditation challenge so far.  As I began my morning meditation here at the amazing light worker sanctuary of BushWillows , on this hot August 27, 2011, I asked the mysterious forces behind DreamShield, “Why is this one so tough?  So far everything I asked of you has been accomplished with relative ease and grace.” The answer came back quickly…

“Each corporation heart your group chooses to awaken warms all the corporate hearts around the world in their particular industry.  Hence, difficulty is high.  After all, these corporations are the ones polluting your world, strangling your food supplies, causing wars over resources, consuming all in the name of profits.  Awakening these artificial beings’ hearts is no easy task, even for us. Keep faith.  We will succeed, and the rewards will be limitless for Earth.”

Inspired, I began my meditation breathing and visualized vault #3.  It appeared as a vast white chamber with a solid gold vault door that hung in the air.  “Huh, ” I chuckled at my feeble visualization, fearing yet another failure, “Kinda Matrix.”

Determined to move past vault #3, and the dozens of failed meditations that were exhausting me, I humbly asked the angels that power DreamShield to crack this lock.

The ET like blue angels’ work, first witnessed in Italy May of last year that set me on this gentle 2012 mission, constantly surprises me.   But what the angels created to crack vault 3 was the topper of dozens of these planetary meditations.

My daughter, ex-wife and ex-mother-in-law materialized in the white vault chamber.  They sat in silence surrounding me, perched in leather wing back chairs, like the one Morpheus used in “The Matrix” when he enlightened Neo on the reality of the world.  The ET angels were taking my Matrix visualization to a whole new level with these three important women in my life story, grouped in a triangle, me at the center.

“Am I on trial?” I said to the women.  No answers from the trio but intense glares that made me squirm.

An angel’s voice coached me, “Fear is the enemy of the work of a gentle 2012.  Have faith.”

Concentrating deeply, I forced fear from my mind with the power of faith. Faith all this would reveal itself as good.  The angels were with me.  They are kind and gentle.  But gentle in a kickass way.  The tide is gentle, yet it shifts the earth every day.

Art in my room at BushWillows

“Have faith.  Have faith, ” I said to myself, waiting for the three women staring deep into me to say or do something.  Suddenly I was filled with gratitude, knowing the angels were helping unlock not just the sticky vault #3 door, but the vault within my heart.  Then I knew what part I must play.

Hands in prayer, I bowed to my ex-mother-in-law.  A mother-in-law I’d battled with from the time I started to date her daughter.  I was the son of blue collar worker and Mary wanted a doctor or lawyer for her baby.  I sensed Mary was ill somehow and said, “I wish for your good health, former mother-in-law.  So often I wished you ill during and after my marriage to Gloria.  I chose only to see the negative in all you said.  Though harshly delivered, much of what you saw wrong in me was true nonetheless.  Therefore, with respect I ask your forgiveness.”

Mary, now well into her 80s, glared at me coldly.  But I noticed the trace of a tear well in the corners of her wrinkled eyes.  I bowed to Mary again, as to a master, and turned to meet the icy gaze my ex-wife of 18 years, my college sweetheart.

Despite being divorced nearly as long as we had been married, I dream often I am still wed to my ex.  Again I bowed, hands in prayer.  “Gloria, I wish I would have appreciated you more deeply.  We married so young.  Marriage was too much about sex for me.  The lack of which was direct result of my own callous treatment of you.  Yes, I thought I was so much better than my father in his drunken abuse of my mother in my simply being a loud verbal bully.  And though I was never the destructive monster my father became when he drank, I was at times too rough with you.  I make no excuse for the wrongs I did to you.  Lacking a good father figure, where it concerned treating women with proper respect, I should have sought out teachers in order to learn to be a good husband to you.  But pride and fear did not allow me to change in time.  Therefore, I wish you healing from from the pain I caused and I ask your forgiveness.”

Gloria reacted only with a slight drop of her head,  breaking of our gaze.  I turned now to my greatest pain and guilt, my daughter Janelle.  I dropped to one knee and took my daughter’s cold hand.  Despite this she would not meet my eyes.

“Sweetie, you were only 10 when I left your mother.  I am so ashamed on my abandonment of you, your brother and mother.  I left because pride would not let me listen to your mother’s rage over the family fortune I gambled away building a skyscraper when what I should have been building was a secure life for us all.  And then, even after the divorce, where to my shame I did not fight as hard for joint custody as I should have, I left you further alone when I fell in love with a Canadian who lived far from Chicago.  I should have counted every day of your childhood as precious.  It was my job to nurture your artistic gifts, not just with an expensive art college like I did, but by lovingly teaching you my gifts as my true legacy.  Janelle, I humbly ask your forgiveness as a man who became a father while he was still a child.”

My daughter, now 29, the age I was when she was born, simply sighed.  Was she feeling sorrow like I was?  Was there any hope for my forgiveness?

Before I could ask, the three women all stood and extended their arms.  Energy rays of many triangles unfolded from their arms in glowing tangents that were infinite and touched the hearts of all women across the globe.  Triangles of divine feminine energy spun vault #3’s mighty tumblers and with a rumble like thunder the 7 foot thick door swung open.

The boring white Matrix vault became filled with flowers of incredible beauty.  I sadly left the trio of women behind and ventured into the darkness in search of vault #4.

I cried softly in my pillow as I stirred myself from this powerful meditation to start my Saturday.  I was immensely grateful for the help from my heart’s image of these three important women in my life.  Help opening vault #3 I know do not deserve, but which my heart saw these earth angels do for the sake of the world and the cause of a gentle 2012.

Am I just unlocking my own heartless life as a corporate executive?  Or am I imagining all this out of guilt and shame for being such a heartless jerk who cared more about his pride and money than his own family?

Has my learning to respect and repent my shortcomings in this meditation touched the hearts of these three women in real life, two of whom never speak to me anymore, and my daughter who I’ve not heard from in eight months since my father’s funeral?

Does it matter?  As Laura De Leon the Mystic Muse has taught me, we are all connected and healing ourselves heals the world.

Yes, I feel it.  A shift has occurred in my heart, vault #3 of 11 is open.  But it may be a while before I have the energy to work with the angels to crack vault #4.

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