Awakening the Corporate Heart for 2012

“A man should never neglect his family for business. ” – Walt Disney

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Me far right on '91 With the O

Before I turned to Hollywood filmmaking, that “accidentally” set me on the amazing spiritual journey of DreamShield, I was a fairly successful Chicago real estate developer.  During most of my career I served large corporations as a highly paid consultant to build world headquarters for giants like Target Stores and Chase Bank (then Manny Hanny).  I did over a billion dollars worth of deals as one of the Windy City’s top deal makers and eventually built a $162 million skyscraper and Oprah’s Harpo Studios before the crash of ’91 humbled me.

In the process of learning about corporations, while forming them for my own multi-million dollar ventures, I was amazed to discover that it was not until shortly after Lincoln’s demise – as one of the last staunch Presidential opponents to expansion of corporate power – that corporations became recognized as artificial living persons under the law.

So Earth’s collective consciousness formed an Agreement over 100 years ago creating these artificial life forms, eternal ones so long as they make profits, that eventually became masters of our lives and governments.  The lawyers of Lincoln’s day could never have imagined things would go this sour with corporations run amuck – polluting our world, toppling governments, poisoning our souls – all in the name of profits and unchecked greed.

But the spirits who ignited the DreamShield some 15 months ago for the work of gentle 2012 have told me that there is a way out of this mess for Earth.  Accepting these corporations are alive, because we humans have agreed for them to be so, then it’s reasonable to assume that corporations have hearts.

Our mission then, is to awaken the hearts of corporations through meditation to reprogram corporations to serve humanity with love and compassion instead of greed.

DreamShield planetary meditation work awakening corporate hearts began in earnest in Spring 2011 talks with Laura De Leon of MyMysticMuse.  When I spoke to Laura of wanting to meditate on this vital topic the singer and psychic’s eyes lit up.  She felt it was a natural for me to lead this work given my years of corporate life.  She told me the work in turn would fully integrate who I was with who I am now as, a light worker for the cause of a gentle 2012 and a businessman.


I chose to start meditating on awakening the first corporate heart while I was on a trip to Wisconsin.  It was May 21, 2011, about 4 AM when the faint whisper of my father’s spirit called me to his front living room.  A living room where in January my father spent his last days in a hospice so brief I did not make it in time to be with him at the end of his amazing life.

My fondest memories of my father was as of him as a “Disney Dad”, a big kid who never really grew up.  He’d love taking us to a carnival all day, then off to pizza and cap the day off with miniature golf.  Despite his promises each year, we never did make it to Disneyland.  This was serious source of some disappointment in my father I had struggled with for years.

I took up a seat in my dad’s easy chiar where he loved rooting for the Packers.  Off the big deck my dad built the night sky twinkled over my father’s fishing pond.  For the first time I peacefully realized this 40 acres of Dad’s was Disneyland of a property he built for the family.

And so my first meditation was of the awakening of the heart of The Walt Disney Corporation in my father’s honor on this trip home.  A trip I made to spread his ashes on his beloved land in private ceremony just the day before this DreamShield meditation.

DreamShield meditations are not like other meditations.  They carry a special power of the Shift to a gentle 2012 with them. I treasure this experience and it’s talked about over and over in these blogs (we invite you to join us on our new Faceboook fan page to participate in them).  So for this impossible seeming job I called in the angels who created the DreamShield in May of 2010 over Italy for help.  Visions came instantly.  Partly I guess because I was half asleep from the early hour.

The Disney castle appeared over my father’s fishing pond.  Tinkerbell sprinkled her magic dust on me and I whisked for the castle wearing the ethereal armor my father had given me for this powerful spirit work.  I landed upon a black stallion that thundered for the castle.

As we reached the drawbridge to the Disney castle a giant dragon rose, spewing flames at me.  But the flames were no match for Dad’s ethereal red armor.  I pulled a sword I’d been given by the archangel Michael and easily slew the black dragon.

Onward I rode on the fearless stallion, hacking thorns bushes that guarded the doorway of an inner courtyard.  Covered in sweat I reached  courtyard center and dismounted.

I caught my breath as I surveyed a giant heart that was metal and sickly looking.  “Looks hopeless,” I worried to the black stallion who whinnied in annoyance at my lack of faith.

But the angels never fail and so I called to the sky for help with these world, “Great spirits, awaken this corporate giant’s heart that controls so much of the world’s media.  Remove Disney’s’ constraints of profits as their first priority.  Bring this metal heart to life.  Give this heart compassion not to mindlessly entertain us but to help us to be enlightened better human beings.  We humbly ask it be done for the sake of a gentle 2012.”

A warm wind blew through the castle plaza that I could see as glowing energy.  The glowing swirled about the dead metal heart.  The earth trembled.  The metal began to glow red-hot then white-hot.  I covered my eyes from the intensity.  As the white light dimmed I could see veins and arteries on the metal heart that had, like Pinocchio, become real.  It beat with a strong soothing pulse that sent me back to my father’s living room.

I opened my eyes not expecting to any longer see the Disney castle over my father’s pond.  But it glowed brightly.  Disney music mixed with angelic singing filled the night air, thick as honey.  To my amazement I was given a performance by Michael Jackson as Captain Eo, doing his famous moonwalk across my father deck overlooking the pond.


My first meditation was a success.  A few night’s later, still in Wisconsin, I would try to awaken the heart of Microsoft.  But there was intense shielding that was blocking me from entering a giant computer that holds that.  No one night success here.

But I asked the angels to keep at it.  Three months later, just a few mornings ago, I was told in a dream by Walt Disney’s spirit that the mission had been achieved.  The sign was the Microsoft logo of the butterfly appearing to me at Laura’s amazing home beside her pool.  How did the angels do it?  I don’t really know the answer.  I’ll be sure to let you know when they tell me.  I’m just happy it’s done.

Pumped from these two giants’ hearts awakening I’ve asked the angels that Bank of America be the next corporate heart they awaken.  The guide in this work is Walt Disney himself, who loves what DreamShield did for his namesake.  So far the angels have cracked three of the tough vaults.  We’ve seen there are 11 in total.  We invite all of you earth angels to help awaken the heart of Bank of America.  This is the ultimate bank job!

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3 thoughts on “Awakening the Corporate Heart for 2012

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this amazing blog Ken. You have made the journey so are the perfect one to show how it can be done. I am so in awe of your writing and of your dedication to fulfilling your mission. Namaste, Laura


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