Father’s Day Solstice Meditation

““Men weren’t really the enemy — they were fellow victims suffering from an outmoded masculine mystique that made them feel unnecessarily inadequate when there were no bears to kill.” – Betty Friedan

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Back in Spring, my amazing partner in the work of DreamShield, Laura De Leon, of MyMysticMuse.com, and I looked at June 21st, date of a summer Solstice, for a planetary meditation we were guided to perform.  The mission: Balance earth’s masculine and feminine energies.

Since the Solstice fell on a week day we decided on Sunday June 19th as the date for our first larger scale DreamShield event since March 11th’s Oneness Dance.  But 6.19.11, we’d later figure out, fell on Father’s Day.  “Good!” we realized; a perfect day for the topic of balancing earth’s gender energies around a powerful Solstice time!

Trouble was I was traveling all through May in the Midwest for: 1. Rest from a solid year of 29 planetary meditations, 2. Returning home to scatter my father’s ashes, 3. Scouting for a 11.11.11 meditation site in the Midwest, 4. Meeting to talk to potential backers for DreamShield’s second year of work.  So the majority of the work of pulling the 50 guest event together fell on Laura’s shoulders.

Laura, who is beating chronic fatigue with the help of the angels who adore her work, was to have help from Dr. Sarah Larsen.  But the holistic doctor became overwhelmed by plans of her husband Greg’s to move to Minnesota with the kids to start a self-sustaining farm.  Enter Peter Pergelides, Natalie Koltz and Michelle Walters as Laura’s support team!

Laura, DreamShield’s mystic muse pictured in the poster to the left, created an impeccable ceremony, for which she also graciously donated her Studio City home, along with ace editor Bob Jenkis, as our location.  Then with some social media work from BuzzBroz, me, from the road populating the event and returning 3 days prior to ready Laura and Bob’s amazing backyard with some fresh paint and elbow grease, we were ready.  How’d it go?  Did people enjoy balancing the male and female energies of the planet?  Check out the happy faces in the video with a score by the incomparable Philippo Franchini.

Notice all the suns cutouts with photos of fathers tied around our necks in the video?  On the back of each sun Laura had us write thoughts on evolving the masculine energy.  Then there was a lovely fire ceremony Laura devised to release any negative energy towards an important male figure in our lives that we were carrying.  It was powerful and effective.

Drum in hand, I led an infinity loop dance around the property. Laura gave a beautiful ceremony about creating the New Masculine. A healthy, wise, evolved being that leads from the heart. Then the multi-talented diva sang sacred and popular songs with the talented Peter Pergelides and Filippo Voltagggio to keep the mood reverent yet upbeat.  Great live music was provided by Adam Rosenblatt and a fantastic song about a better relationship with dads was performed by Greg Larsen.  Topping it off, there was a sun pinnate bust up for some family style fun!

Amazingly, Laura MC’d the entire event as well, while her husband, Bob Jenkis, recorded all for the web (many videos to follow).

There were great speakers, Alfonso De Rose, spoke of the “balls” the masculine needs in the coming age, Dr. Sarah Larsen, exhausted from getting her family packed for Minnesota, one too many good-bye parties and baking a cake for the day, managed to come alive to speak of the significance of the Solstice, Dean Thomas spoke of herbs and spices for a healthy male, I spoke about DreamShield and my father’s need to balance the dark and light side of male energy as symptomatic of what the world needs and Laura spoke of the deep need to evolve earth’s the masculine from the heart, from where the mystic muse always speaks.

One speech that was missing, as it came to us too late, was from a young Hollywood talent and one of the earth angels of DreamShield, Ramon Govea.  I’ll close with an excerpt from his thoughts that Laura would have read in the ceremony.

When we strive to be better than we were yesterday every day, change in the form of evolution is inevitable. For me, becoming a man has meant a lot of repairing and healing with my father who firmly represented the old paradigm of classic chauvinist, rigid control. Growing up Catholic only enforced these fundamentalist ideals, and being a rebellious spirit, I was determined to subconsciously get revenge for the control. I was afraid. Afraid of authority and specifically masculine authority. So, when I was 17, I rebelled with such anger and sadness at the core of my choices that I alienated most people in my life at the time. I used anger as a defense to keep from being hurt or abandoned any more and not consciously, I was determined to sabotage any happiness I found in others before “they could.”

My body reflected that, my new relationships embodied it, and my mind was so hazy, focus was impossible. I didn’t speak to my father for 3 years when I found out he was divorcing my Mother. I was filled with such rage and hate for those college years that I was surely on a path to self destruction.

I was powerless. I was a victim. I had succumbed to circumstance. But where there is darkness, only light can show a new path and so it was that years later after much trudging through the bowels of anger and fear something inside of me was awakened and here we are now — each of you awakened. Awake and not only ready for change but consciously creating it. You have decided that enough is enough and the old ways of fear and control no longer serve us.

Remember, the value in the experience was seeing the darkness first hand so that we can now walk with light and understand those who are still resonating in that frequency. Hidden underneath that fear is love and you are choosing it today. You choose to surround yourself with other amazing souls dedicated to feeding this energetic “love” paradigm and only by choosing that can we hope to decrease the fear and step into our true power.

This time is about discovering power. Force is the old way of having control, but today’s shift is about power that lives so deep in our hearts that it cannot be taken. The new balance of masculine and feminine is a beautiful mix of power through unconditional love. When our reactions are based in this energy, nothing can prevent miracles in our daily lives.

So, what does it mean to be a man in this new paradigm? Of that I can’t give a definitive answer, I mean I’m 28 and still feel like a kid sometimes, but I do know that the man I am becoming will be one who loves.

As DreamShield launches into its second year of Ken Sheetz’s Italy angel inspired mission to help manifest a gentle 2012 we need your donation. Please visit DREAMSHIELD.ORG and donate at the PayPal link bottom of the home page today!

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