William Rests in Wisconsin

“May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.” Irish Proverb

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Tomorrow I finish three weeks of resting at my father William’s home he rebuilt with his wife of 29 years, Jackie.  When dad, then age 67, bought this place 15 years ago I never thought they’d be able to take care of it.  Instead, the two of them, with a lot of help of family and friends, me included, managed to create a slice of paradise.

Back in January Dad passed away after a sudden bout of cancer at age 82.  I was stunned by how hard his death hit me.  I can’t thank Laura De Leon enough for helping guide me through a grieving process that happened smack in the middle of the most intense part of the Gateway to 2012 process.

Last week we held a private ceremony and spread his ashes in the marsh seen in this video.

In meditation, I’ve felt and spoken to my father’s spirit many times since his passing but he was nowhere on this world for his ash spreading.  A few nights later I’d spend an angry talk with him for that absence.  But as dad explained the body was never a big thing for him.  He didn’t care about his ashes.  He never treated his body kindly, preferring a stiff drink to a glass of water.  Hard work to exercise.

I’m deeply touched by how much my father’s farm neighbors, and the medical people who kept him alive the past dozen “extra” years his heart transplant bought, all loved my father.  They miss him to the point of tears.   Dad was, after all, an Irishman who could entertain endlessly.  He gave help and gifts of wood carvings generously to all around him.  He’s left a legacy of love for Jackie will enjoy until she and Bill are back together again.

It’s been so peaceful here.  And Jackie has been so kind and supportive.  I won’t be worrying about her anymore. She is doing great, right down to a great physical she had today.  I wish I had her blood pressure.

Yes, I am far more rested than when I arrived, but somehow my energy still has not fully returned fully. Still, I have a great sense of closure over losing Dad.  I am ready for the final leg of this trip with a series of business meetings in Chicago to find backing for a documentary about the Gateway to 2012.

Love to you all.  Ken

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