Year Two of DreamShield Begins

The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly.  ~G.K. Chesterton, “Orthodoxy”

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Even though my vision of 7 foot tall blue angels placing energy bands across the earth in a meditation hall  in Italy happened in May of 2010, it was not until July 15th that I got up the nerve to forget what family, investors and the world thought and accept the mission, the voice of God, my higher self or ETs or whatever set me on this path gave me.


1. Power up the DreamShield on 10.10.10 with events across the earth in Greece, Italy and America.  Done thanks to the love and financial support of many!

2. Foster topical meditations to prepare earth for a gentle 2012 on various issues ranging from earthquake reduction, balancing the male and female energies of the planet and healing earth of child abuse.

Year one done, year two commences today and there is much work to be done!  A large part of 2011 work is going to warming the hearts of major corporations.

3. Facilitate 5 million people meditating by 11.11.11.

4. Facilitate 1 billion meditating  by 12.12.12.

5. Travel around the earth through 2012 to hold meditations at scared locations and to unlock earth’s scrambled chakrahs.

Not an easy list the angels have assigned those of us who love the DreamShield the angels started and which becomes humanity’s full responsibility come 2012.  What’s behind all this you may be asking?  Why does it matter?

Let me share a big secret now that we’ve reached about 33% of our angel guided mission’s goals: We are saving the world.

No fear!  DreamShield cannot and will not fail, even if we all quit today.  But here’s the double think.  We really do have to get from here to there and show up and do the actual work.  There’s redundancy in all the system of the angels work with other light worker groups but we must see the job we began through to 12.21.12 and beyond.  We do this not out of fear but to honor the blessings the angels have already bestowed on us.

This work means travel for a team of DreamShield people, myself begin foremost.  Travel means money.  I am an expert at budgeting and raising money for film and skyscrapers.  Expert to the tune of over $1 billion of projects I have created over a distinguished film and real estate career that saw me build Oprah’s Harpo studios and raise cash for a PBS doc.  But a work like DreamShield that exists primarily on a spirit plane is a special challenge.  I estimate our July 2011 to July 2012 budget will runs about $50,000.  Not an outrageous budget by mainstream Hollywood standards I am sure you’ll agree, especially with all our travel.

How?  Enter you.  We ask for your donation.  You, our loyal readers and followers of of video recordings of the work who made year one such a success with the help of great sponsors who we hope will step up to the angelic plate with us again.

The paradox of all this work at this time is that these are times of great financial upheaval of The Shift of 2012.  We ask you to dig deep and visit and click the PayPal link to donate today so that we can live up to a challenge given by angels.  Thank you for helping us save the world by manifesting a gentle 2012.

As you open your checkbook ask yourself a simple question, “How often have you been asked to help angels save our world?

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