Last summer I was guided to join a tour group headed up by Dr. Sarah Larsen and her husband Greg Larsen that was heading to Egypt. It had been meeting Quest Tour’s founder Mohamed Nazmy, author of Love Is My Religion, that had clinched my decision to join the epic March 2016 journey.

I had not had such strong spirit ET guidance since 2012 and Antarctica; and I decided this time to not have the trip go down to the wire again so I bought my expensive ticket early, way back in September. Then something wonderful and quite unexpected happened. My soulmate Elizabeth England came into my life at the end of 2015.

Ken and Elizabeth at Enchantment

I immediately called Sarah Larsen and told her about Elizabeth and I uniting and how I did not want to go to Egypt without my soulmate.  It had taken a lifetime to reunite us in this lifetime and I told Sarah I would rather postpone the trip to 2017 when the Larsen’s Miracle Makers would go to Egypt again. And that seemed the end of 2016 Egypt.

But Sarah and Greg surprised me by holding a 2016 space for Elizabeth, a friend they had known for years, to come to Egypt with me.  They arranged for me to pay the trip off in installments. I hate debt but this felt right and so I agreed to the payment plan. What’s amazing is the money materialized and I was able to pay Greg and Sarah Elizabeth’s ticket before departure for Egypt.

The miracles don’t stop there. Two weeks before departure for Cairo where the journey would begin, I received an amazing message from my ET guide, Ohom.  I was to receive a download in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza that I would relay into the collective consciousness to end global warming – ending warming of the oceans is a mission Elizabeth passionately shares via her awareness raising Ocean-Nation.org project.

Elizabeth is far more of planner than I am and she wowed me with a series of YouTube videos about Egypt. This was sure to be the trip of a lifetime and Ohom my spirit guide had told me of Elizabeth being a perfect mate for me way back in 2012. Ohom should open an ET dating service as it has been perfect indeed. Yes, we have our ups and down like any couple but we get through the downs fast and come out of it with a positive POV.

So on our way to Egypt, we traveled through LA from Sedona to join the Larsens’ Miracle Makers group and had a fun night of Karaoke with our LA pals. Soon it was time to leave.

Travel on 4 flights for 25 hours was grueling. And stressfully, an Air Canada person took my trusty carry-on I’ve been using for years, saying it was too big when it’s not. The attendant made such a fuss we gave into having her check the bag, afraid we were going to be kicked off the flight. Despite my telling the irritating Air Canada we were on the way to Cairo via Toronto the bag was short tagged and lost in Toronto.

Elizabeth and I arrived, minus my carry-on, at the 5 star Mena House Hotel practically on the same grounds as the Giza Pyramids about 11PM Cairo time. Sarah and Greg had waited up for our group’s arrival with the others members of the group I later nicknamed The Loving Eight. But we were all too tired to stay up as our group wake up call was for 5AM to see the Sphinx and begin two weeks of initiations at sacred sites representing the seven chakras.


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5.5.11 DreamShield is 1 – The 12 Horses of 2012

To ride a horse is to ride the sky.  ~Author Unknown

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Looking back on how fast the first year of DreamShield went, December 21, 2012 is almost here.  Well, as I write it is still 595 days, 8 hours, 22 minutes and 11 seconds away.

One year ago, in a yoga hall that was a former horse stable in Italy, I had powerful vision of  3 ET style blue angels joining our SoulDrama group of 12 humans who were deep under the meditation spell of Guilia, the healer of Santa Maria Del Sole, who was chanting over us in words of ancient Hebrew, words that she has kept secret so far, even from me.

In that yoga hall vision on 5.5.10 I saw the 3 ET style angels join their blue energy to we dozen humans.  This in turn, over a period of about a week of successive visions, created an energetic shield around the earth to ensure a gentle 2012 that I named the DreamShield.

This first vision has been recounted many times in ceremonies and on the web and has been seen by thousands of people all over the world.  See our first of 220 videos on the topic of 2012 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg4wDtw3vD4

I somehow thought I could go back to my normal life after the big 10.10.10 event, an event that an angelic voice guided me to conduct, and come back to the DreamSheild global events I’d also been guided to do in Italy last year on 11.11.11, only 6 months away now, and the finale on 12.12.12.  But just a few weeks after the fabulous 10.10.10 event a series of planetary meditations came to me again from the mysterious voice starting November 1, 2010.

The 11.1.10 event ceremony was at NoHo Park at the 9.11 monument and was conducted by Isabella Stoloff, the Shaman who had conducted opened our 10.10.10 event.  Profound visions happened to me now for the third time in a row.  And they have never failed to happen every time I meditate on the mission of a gentle 2012.

Moving forward from 11.1.10 Isabella would not be available as she was in Orange County and busy with her own interpretation of 2012 and Sarah, despite her amazing skills as holistic doctor and third generation palmist and social butterfly, had a young kids and a busy practice to juggle.  So I was a bit lost on how to move forward with a series of planetary meditations I was being guided to perform on binary dates that were rolling up fast.

Enter the amazing Laura De Leon to the DreamShield story!  Now with her help and Sarah plus Lee McCormick’s help in Nashville as our sponsor and Nathaniel Hansen’s as our website guru we were ready for anything.

Laura became a dear, dear friend in the process.  She has a practice helping Hollywood talent reach their full creative potential called MyMysticMuse.  And she became my personal guru along with DreamShield’s and I became her social media guru with my BuzzBroz.com buzz biz.

Ramon Govea and Kara Mooney would also step up to meet the challenge of the Gateway year of DreamShield in hosting our very first dance meditation at the Temple of visions on 3.11.11.  And Laura would amaze me by singing sacred music at the event despite the loss of a family member that week.

Together our global team would perform 25 DreamShield meditations between 10.10.10 and today 5.1.11.  They cover a broad range of issues from tectonic plate activity reduction, to solar flares, greed, clean energy, to the the intimate like healing the earth from child abuse and addiction.  None of the of us have take any pay for all this.  DreamShield a labor of pure love supported by love donations at DreamShield.org. Where we hope you please visit to donate.

But stay with us for this important 1 year anniversary DreamShield vision before you run off to give.


This morning I was deep in meditation in my studio at The Cool Change Foundation, a bit sad that I’ll be leaving soon as all the video and web work that I have donated to that charity has blossomed into a production schedule that makes it too busy for me to have the peace and quite I need for my meditations and writing.

In the vision my father, who passed in January on 2011 after a sudden cancer took him, came to me.  He’d not been to visit me from the after life for weeks.  Last time I saw him he having an adventure aboard a sleek silver spaceship traveling faster than the speed of light for the center of the universe.

Dad had changed much.  He was young again. He looked to be in his 30s. His cancer wracked body of 82 years a distant memory.  Dad glowed with an inner light now.  He leaned to me said to me, “Sorry I left you nothing in my Last Will and Testament, Ken.”

I explained I’d not expected a thing as my step mom, 15 years his junior, needed everything to get by plus I added, “Other thing is I think you thought you’d never die.”

My father smiled proudly at my unselfish behavior and said, “Here’s my inheritance for you son. A gift to help your work of ensuring a gentle 2012.”

A white horse appeared before us that rivaled the beauty of Pegasus. Before I could say a word another horse, black as the dark of space appeared beside the white horse, followed by a Palamino with white mane.

“One horse for each month of your first year with DreamShield, Ken. – 12 horses for the work of 2012,” my father proclaimed as ten more horses appeared in rapid succession.  Each glowed with an inner light shining dazzling hues and shades of the rainbow upon Beck Street in North Hollywood, where we stood in the vision that morning as the sun rose.

Now a golden chariot appeared behind the powerful team of 12 horses.

“Get on!” my father said chuckling at my hesitation.  “Take these. You’ll need them.” Dad, a former welder, placed 12 lightning bolts in my hand and swatted the lead horse, the white horse on the butt.

The team of 12 mighty horses charged up Beck Street and spun right onto Chandler Boulevard heading west.  Car tires screeched.  Horns honked at the spectacle.

The horse team took to the morning air, carrying my chariot along like a feather .  I spun the team east on Laurel Canyon Blvd and flew for the sun.  Soon I could see LA and the Pacific far below.  Whales cried out to us from the sea as we left the atmosphere.

I saw the DreamShield pulsing white and strong below.  “Wow!”  I wondered to myself thinking of what to use the lightning bolts for.  Happy of the magic of these beautiful and healing spiritual adventures.  Not just a lifetime but for all time in every incarnation I have ever had in every dimension.

Please give today in honor of the one year birthday of DreamShield as there is much to do in preparation for 11.11.11, another global celebration like 10.10.10.  No official word yet but for Greece we may be gaining access to an ancient temple.  I feel guided to travel to Greece for that one and hope Sarah and Laura will feel the call to be there as well.  Help make it happen.  We have thousands of fans now,  If all gave what they can, even if it’s only $10 or $20 we’d be all set.

Donate here!

Sorry to be so pushy.  The angels made me do it:)

Road Work Ahead: Solving the Merlin Code

“The air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great, that I thought I was in a dream.”
– Jack Kerouac, On the Road

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Mt Shasta lay under heavy cloud cover and a blanket of fresh snow for our entire visit.  The reason many UFO experts at Mt. Shasta had speculated, if speculated is the word as these light workers show no doubt when they speak of UFOs, was to hide the many spaceships that were convening for earth’s formal admittance as a  protected species of galactic society.

So on the way home that December 23, 2010 it came as no surprise to all in our minivan of light workers that the Winter Solstice moon appeared soon as we were a few miles out of town.  How happy were we?  Looney happy.  Take a look and listen.

Part of all this joy was we had not not slept in back to back meditations at Mt. Shasta that had an all night driving session in a blizzard as its prelude.  The joy of it all kept me from feeling exhausted, that and lots of Red Bull.  Yeah, we were looney for good reason.

As we got back on 1-5 and everyone fell asleep for the all night drive home, I had some time to reflect on one of my dreams while staying at the Dream Inn BLOG POST HERE. In the dream I am Ohom a 7 foot tall blue angel.  I fly in for landing before the Galactic Council beneath Mt. Shasta.  I plead the case to remove the MERLIN code on earth.  Yes, Merlin was not a person but a brain scrambling program that I, the Ohom me, had designed.


Yes, I was the laughing stock at the Galactic council because I in fact had created the Merlin code and then forgot that I forgot.  All this before I created MERLIN and all the other earth blocking chakrah’s myself in another incarnation, an alien one.

MERLIN was the key, if that could be unlocked then the rest of earth’s chakrah’s would follow and humanity would progress to a gentle 2o12.

Random stations began to pop on and off and snapped me out of my dream memories.  Sarah Larsen woken to the odd radio mix.

“Sorry, want me to turn off the radio so you can sleep?” I asked sleepy eyed Sarah.

“No.  I think it’s a UFO message!” said Sarah, now wide awake with excitement.


“From the ETs?” said Sarah.

“More like a broken radio,” I grumped as I downed some Red Bull.

“No look at the radio control.  They’re codes,” she said pointing at the radio.

“Hmm.  I was just thinking about how we need to crack that Merlin Code dream I told you about when the radio went nuts.  This is your family minivan.  Has this ever happened before?”

“No!  I need a pencil!  Some paper!” said Sarah digging through her big purse.

Now, something like the Merlin Code is cool, but what I find even more amazing is how women can dig in their big purses and find things.  Sure enough Sarah found something to write with and began copying down the codes on the radio.

“What was the first word of the Merlin code?” said Sarah as the radio played bits and pieces of various songs that were making sentences.

“Wow.  I’ve had too much Red Bull.  These songs seem to be making a pattern.”

“The first word?!” Sarah shouted in her excitement.

“Mind. ” I yawned.

“Are you sure you’re OK to drive?” Sarah worried.

“Red Bull’s kicking in.  Wow, if I were alone I’d think this radio thing was a too much sugar and lack of sleep hallucination.”

Numeric and letter codes flashed across the radio dial.  Songs from retro 50s to dance electronica popped up in random order with that made so much sense in the context of this work that I laughed.  One string of songs sang in code,”Love/forgotten/hidden stars/human races/I am a butterfly.

“M-I-N-D… ” Said Sarah counting the numeric codes.

“What are you doing? Matching up the codes to the alphabet.”

Dr. Sarah worked on the codes for the next half hour, carefully matching and mixing words and letter.

“Got it, the first unlocking “spell” spells ‘MEMORY'”.

“Makes crazy sense.”  I said shaking my head in disbelief.  ERASING is next.”

Another hour of codes on the radio and frantic writing Sarah had the counter code and giggled, “E-N-E-R-G-Y!”

“Wish I had more, ” I said tugging back on more Red Bull.  I was wishing we had some budget to stay an extra night at Shasta rather than this crazy all night drive.

The next one, the scary one that came up the Merlin Code sequence was RANDOMIZER.  The time Randomizer was the tricky one that my dream Ohom self had used to make it humanly impossible to solve Merlin without help when the for gentle 2012 had arrived.  Help like the code that was coming in on Sarah’s minivan radio.

I explained to Sara, “The RANDOMIZER keeps humanity from uniting as each day at sunrise before we wake when it scramble time and people like eggs.  One day you go to sleep as Bob in 1952 and next day you wake up as Marsha in 1602.  That’s messed up.  Nice work, Ohom.  My other self was one clever bastard.  Billions upon billion of split time lines converging and emerging to scatter humanity.”

“Yes, ” Sarah said, “There have been countless time loops leading to this moment.  But always when we would get close to solving the Merlin code the RANDOMIZER would scatter our light worker teams and we start over, go to before 2012 to try to get it right.”

I decided to swallow my disbelief in UFOs and help the doctor by sharing this crazy story of the Randomizer.  “Sarah, if we don’t solve the Merlin code by sunrise we are going to forget everything and be Randomized again.”

“Let’s keep working!”

Two hours later of the UFO broadcast of symbols and songs Sarah had another the RANDOMIZER code breaker. “Reality!” Sarah shouted lous enough I shushed her for the sake of the sleeping Dream team in back.

“I’m getting we need to recite these words to break the code a sacred spot once we have them all.  But where?”

It will come to us.  Let’s keep working.  What’s the next word of the Merlin Code?”


“Well, this one’s easy my heart says it’s LOVE.

“Too easy?” I worried she had used the same method to solve the code as the other words.

“Love is easy.” Sarah giggled,

“Never has been for me.”

“All the more reason I know LOVE is right.”

INFINITE was next and it took a couple of hours that seemed infinite as my Red Bull was wearing off and this was all starting to feel like a silly kids game to my inner cynic that believes none of this.  My ego was taking over, as Laura De Leon of Mystic Muse keeps telling me.  The ego fights for its story of a conventional world versus the world of the unseen.  How I wished Laura was with us now to work this out.  But she had passed on the trip as she was not feeling up to the outdoors of winter at Mt. Shasta.

“IMAGINE!”  squealed Sarah like a kid holding up her scribblings from the radio codes.  A psychic and 3rd generation palm reader Sarah was full of boundless energy for this sort of work.

“I’m amazed I’m not sleepy.” we crested the road down to the Simi Valley into LA and the lights of the city sparkled beneath a sky beginning to brighten for day.  Time was running out to solve the code.  “Last word is NULLIFIER.”

“Normalize, ” said the doctor as we made our way through the city to drop off our first passenger in Passendena.

“The Rose Bowl.  I think that’s where we do the mediation to unlock the code.”  I said.

“Why there?  I thought the beach in Santa Monica would be nice.” Said Sarah, finally yawning now that the codes had been broken.

“Because that’s where the guy who hitched a ride back to LA is from Passadena and we’d never make it to Santa Monica before the suns comes up and we Randomize,” saying secretly to myself that if all this UFO radio stuff was in our heads at least Id be home sooner.  Bonus.

At that moment, as if to give me faith, the radio stopped surfing and settled into one station.

The other passengers woke as they sensed we were nearly home.   Sarah turned to explain about the crazy radio stuff and said, “We broke the code the unlock the mind chakrah. Is everyone OK with a side trip to the Rose Bowl for a DreamShield meditation?”

The young guy who had hitched a ride from Mt. Shasta, Da, wanted to be dropped off.  Sarah smiled at me because I was right that with him as the first drop off we’d never make it to the ocean before sunrise and we be randomized.

As we dropped the bedazzled Da off I got out of the van to take a whiz in the alley.  I picked an out of the way spot from the passengers and did my business.  I looked up as I zipped up into the eyes of Jesus in a crown of thorns, drawn in pencil on the whitewashed fence.

As I hopped back behind the wheel I saw Mica had gone back to sleep.

We hit the main drag of Passadena looking for sign to the Rise Bowl. That should be easy right?  Wrong.  So borrowing someone’s Iphone  Sarah pulled up a Google Map.  We were heading in the complete wrong direction and the sky was brightening.

Fatima, who was now wide awake in the far backseat, said we might only have about 10 minutes left to sunrise as I spun the minivan around.  I didn’t fully believe in all this stuff but like always I had a “Why take chances?” attitude.  I was determined to break this code I’d dreamed I had created in another incarnation.  Was I racing the clock to beat my own past incarnations RANDOMIZER program, or high on too many Red Bulls, I wondered.

Finally after getting lost one more time, which seemed like the work of a spell but could just as well have been exhaustion we arrived at the Rose Bowl.  We walked onto the grounds, in preparation for the Rose Bowl parade and did our meditation.  Sarah read the unraveling of the MERLIN code.

And as we left I could see angels inside the Rose Bowl cheering our success.  Every bit of science fiction writing or reading I’ve ever done pales by comparison to this strange other worldly/real-life adventure in which I am a skeptical player.

Time has actually felt more linear to me since we did this work, the first time we as a race go to bed in one life and awake in the same time line.  I am constantly amazed by this project’s beauty and the fact we are not the only people doing this work. There are hundreds if not thousands of light workers involved.  Whether this is real or a product of our imaginations it sure is fun and exciting.  And that’s going to raise our world’s vibration.  Ripples of a new future for humanity are spreading one person at a time.

Mother earth is alive and getting healthier every day as we race for a gentle 2012.

Enjoying these amazing spiritual adventures?  We need your support.  Please make a PayPal donation today at DreamShield.org.


It’s often just enough to be with someone. I don’t need to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between you both. You’re not alone.  -Marylin Monroe, on the topic of Enough

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Lee McCormick’s amazing 2000 acre Spirit Recovery ranch, site for the 2/12/11 DreamShield Planetary Addiction Meditation, had only one drawback for out of towners… lack of nearby restaurants.

Me and my fellow spoiled brats from LA for this trip, Bradley Quick and Dr. Sarah Larsen, were desperate for the health food choice we enjoy back home.  The only restaurant options, still about a 15 minute ride from the ranch, are McDonald’s or an all you can eat buffet, where the choices are… fried this or fried that.

So when Renato Longato, world famous UFO expert, finished his presentation on ETs and their role in 2012 and Lee herded us back to the all fried food you can eat spot again, I let a groan slip out.  But, even though the food was deadly, the company of large group who stuck us for the meditation made up for it with their lively passion and curiosity about DreamShield.

I griped to Lee that all this bad food was going to blur my visions at the wheel.  Lee simply chuckled and went on eating his fried chicken. Lucky for me not much phases Lee.  As a recovery guru and cattle rancher he’s seen it all.  Lee was the perfect host for this spirit shindig to balance out all my nervousness and exhaustion over this very personal mediation.  You see, I had just given the eulogy at my father’s funeral only 3 weeks prior to this event.  A father whose drinking escapades were legend in my home town of Milwaukee. Drinking which had decimated my childhood and made me into the lovable neurotic who blogs this stuff as much for self-therapy as to report to you on the birth of the New Age.

Reports I make as objectively as I can, while being the dude having all these visions to help usher in a gentle 2012 and trying to film it all at the same time.  How about a budget for an assistant and camera man, angels, ETs, whatever you are?  Maybe even a private jet as they’ve told me I need to do DreamShield personally in all 24 times zones and activate a billion people by 2012.  Guess they like to keep me humble with lack of funding.  Makes this funnier and they do love to laugh at this cynic of a psychic.  I swear this all is some kind of futuristic reality show at times where we are the cameras.

Heavy snows two days before had turned the field, where Lee 10 years earlier had built the medicine wheel, to mud.  My inner Larry David of a perfectionist said about the mud and cold, “Couldn’t the angels have picked a pleasant day in May for all this?”  But I stopped myself from griping out loud before I annoyed Lee again.  “Enough with the whine festival, ” I told myself.  “This mud is going to be perfect for grounding this great group of people to the earth.  We are electrical energy after and and what better conductor than the mud the fates had provided?”

The medicine wheel was working already.  I had officially stopped my negative self-talk that re-erupted in me after Dad’s funeral, like some dormant volcano of fear.  I was feeling up to the task of this great day my higher self had brought about.  Laura De Leon of MyMysticMuse‘s work finally kicked into gear. I was ready to do battle with addiction.  Or least not go off and down a bottle of tequila out of fear of messing all this up for earth’s gentle 2012.

“A church without walls”, as one of ranch hands described Lee’s medicine wheel, is the perfect description.  The energy of the growing crowd was palpable.   Lee personally selected the stones of his medicine wheel from the old Pinewood estate after it had burned.  The stones of that estate have great energy because Pinewood’s owner would buy slaves and then set them free on these lands!  Lands where also a great Native American people had ruled in total freedom before the white man came along and poisoned the tribes with their fire water.

Yes, I sensed the Native American spirits wanted this addiction meditation to work.  I sensed also the spirit of Kokopelli leading his people in this mighty task for earth many times on this trip.  He was showing up in pranks.  Kokopelli is part trickster spirit after all.  I had almost named my film company for him eight years ago when I moved to Hollywood before chickening out.  Maybe when I am done with all this 2012 stuff and can get back to making movies I will name a new film Kokopelli Films in his honor.  Yeah.

Lee’s medicine wheel for this DreamShield meditation to free earth of addiction by 2012 was therefore a perfect choice.  More perfect than I knew at the time of my vision, complete with diagrams of how to shape and work the group that came to me in dreams months ahead of time.

Lee McCormick walked the medicine wheel while Sarah Wellborn placed crystals from Mt. Shasta on the stones.

The group grew as trucks made their way through the muddy field loaded with cargoes of excited people.  People who felt so empowered  for the work by Lee’s great day of events leading to this that I could feel their passion for today’s work from a mile off.  I mean that literally, a mile off.  Putting my inner cynic aside, I can sense amazing stuff ever since Italy, where my DNA got activated and my life got turned upside down.

Here at Lee’s wheel, I realized the angels — or ETs who guide this strange and wonder filled work from a cloud or spaceship or my own overactive brain — had picked this sacred spot for this DreamShield meditation, as much for it’s location on the earth’s chakrah system for the amazing Tennessee folks who were now showing up in droves.  Numbers of people I’d not expected in such a remote location 40 miles from Nashville in the middle of Lee’s cattle ranch that doubles as one of America’s leading recovery centers.  Such is Lee’s respectability in the amazing Conscious Nashville group he has helped foster.

I made sure I had pals Sarah Larsen and Bradley Quick beside me as I was still feeling weak from the funeral and nearly 3 months of non-stop DreamSheild planetary meditations without any real budget.  I was running a global project from modest social media fees via my BuzzBroz company.  It had all seemed so simple after Italy.  Have a 10.10.10 global celebration and then go back to my normal life.  That was 26 planetary meditations ago…

So I was exhausted for the big one.  The meditation that meant more to me personally than any other.  I had not evolved much,  I had simply become a spiritual-aholic instead of a work-aholic.  Yeah, this meditation was needed for me personally.  I’d missed most of my kids’ childhoods working to be Chicago’s number 1 commercial real estate broker.  Nothing was ever enough.


What energized me was Lee’s advice to me and the crowd, shouting over the stiff cold wind, “We gather today for a noble cause.  Our reality is what we choose to make it in this world.  And we choose to believe there can be an end to addiction on this world.  It’s time.  And the cool thing is we don’t have to believe in this work for it TO work.  We just have to show up and express our intent.  Feel it with our heart and soul.  In our bones.”

With that Lee turned it over to me.  “This is Ken Sheetz of DreamShield who will conduct this planetary meditation.  He sees things.”

Smiling at Lee’s perfect intro, I went with the flow and got the crowd laughing saying, “Think of me Larry David of the spirit world.  I don’t know how or why the angels chose me in Italy for this work… when I don’t believe in them half the time.  But Lee is right.  Somehow the job gets done anyways when I just show up where they tell me to go.  I’m happy the angels let me see what they are doing, despite my lack of 100% faith in what they let me somehow see.” Excited relief spread through the gathering as I added, “And don’t feel bad if you don’t see what I see or see nothing at all in this meditation.  You might even count yourself lucky you see nothing all this angels stuff has turned my life upside down.”

Later a meditation guest would thank me for “keeping it real.”

I passed the mediation ball to Dr. Sarah Larsen to open this meditation with her beautiful OMs.  She picked 13 OMs as the number to get the group into an energized connected space.  As Sarah OMed, the magic in my mind began to happen once again.  I saw, eyes closed, hundreds if not thousands of earth angels watching us 60 souls gathered to form the intent to rid the world of addiction.

My voice cracked as I told the crowd what I was seeing.  You see dear reader, I’d thought my visions were somehow at an end but here they were a host of angels ready to protect us and amplify our energy as we set the intention to end earth’s addiction at Lee’s medicine wheel!

This art piece by Gore Dustave is very close to what I saw.  I opened my eyes and shared my relief and excitement with the group.  “These are not like the angels I saw in Italy.  The are human formed, earth angels.”  I felt proud these were not the wonderful, if scary, ET angels from Italy working this meditation with us.  These were are kindred earth angels curing the earth of addictions.

I closed my eyes again and for the first time with such a large group and shared vision as they came into my head.  About my head for a bit.  I feel it’s overly large and that I’d easily weigh in under 200 pounds with a more normal sized head.  But I digress. Back to Lee’s medicine wheel…

I told the crowd, “I see a golden tumbler that holds the DNA code in this earth chakra beneath the medicine wheel.  We are going to unlock this tumbler of gold.  Gold that represents, according to some ET experts, humanity’s enslavement from the time we were genetically engineered from apes to mine this world of gold.  And it’s this ET engineered drive to never have enough that lies at the heart of all our addiction here on earth.  The time has time for us as a species to rise above our enslavement.  Let the ancient aliens have their gold we want to be free!”

Note: All this is as close as I can recall my words or anyone’s at the wheel.  I don’t have a camera crew at this stage of this underfunded and over ambitious gentle 2012 project.  So I may have inadvertently made myself sound better than real life in this blog.  Such is the benefit of not having a camera crew.

I then led the group in a meditation chant while we visualized a golden triangle forming within the black hole that lies within each of us as follows:

“Happy.  Healthy.  And whole!” Four times we repeated this simple triangular mantra together.  Success.  I saw another tumbler in the earth unlock like a telescope of gold that extended to the earth’s core.  It fed us an enormous energy surge I could feel in the mud as I held out my hands.

An angel whispered to me at the wheel, “You will become a new species of homo sapiens.  One that will care for each other and this world as equals in ways you cannot even imagine.”

My head was happily spinning in this deep waking dream of healing for earth in the mud at the wheel. This was going far better than I had possibly hoped.  I introduced Sarah Wellborn of the west coast spiritual mecca Mt. Shasta.  This other Sarah, many Sarah’s have appeared in this work as their name means “Light of God”, had earlier told me she had some very special songs she wanted to share at the wheel.  I saw at this moment that her songs were sonic codes to unlock the golden DNA tumbler in the earth’s chakrah.

As a former builder, a man of schedules and budgets who built Oprah’s Harpo studios, I often wonder why the angels don’t give me more clear plans ahead of time.  But I went with the divine guidance flow and turned things over to Sarah Wellborn.

The group and I chanted along with Sarah Wellborn’s very beautiful and other worldly sounding singing, singing that I hope to God Lee’s videographer captured for history and I was too busy running a mediation to film.  Just as I was fussing about this to myself in my hyper mind I saw the Virgin Mary in glory, radiating healing energy down upon us from a cloud above.  You heard me.  The Virgin Mary.

UFO expert Renato had told us in his lecture before the DreamShield that ETs, looking not to shock us, would appear to one race as say Shiva, or Muhamed or as the Virgin Mary depending on  your cultural heritage.  I wonder now as I write if this was what was going on here at Lee’s amazing medicine wheel.  You see I am not religious.  So I’d be about the last guy you’d expect to see angels, let alone the mother of Christ.

Note: This is not the the best photo of what I saw of the Virgin Mary, unlike the fairly accurate angels one depicted above in the blog.  This Virgin Mary was more classic in my vision and radiant in all directions not just her hands.  Without a CG artist I can’t describe the majesty of the parting clouds that Mary appeared to me from.  Sigh.  This is hard on me as filmmaker as I want to truly share all this amazing stuff with you fully.  I guess in the hopes you might believe me more.   That’s silly I know.  The best books do not come with pictures.

It’s taken me days to get the nerve up to write of this because it all sounds so crazy.  I keep thinking the men in white jackets are coming for me when, as Lee said, I “see things.”  Well, at least I am getting faster at accepting these amazing visions.  It took me three months to get up my nerve to report on the angels in Italy.

Yes, dear reader.  This blog is the first I am sharing of the Virgin Mary vision.  The goddess as the light workers see her, the divine feminine was with us.

I relaxed into Sarah’s beautiful song deeper.  She invited us all to join her in our own tones.  We sounded alien.  A bit like the choir from 2001, only prettier. That damn song annoys me after a while.  Sarah’s song was beautiful, but 2001-like-ape scene is how it felt.  We were like the apes ready to evolved when we unlocked the golden DNA tumbler in the earth here 40 miles west of Nashville.  Lee had explained to me our DreamShield team earlier that day that the earth on this part of the globe holds huge limestone deposits and is naturally one of the purest points on the planet for what we were doing.

I held forth my trembling hands and grabbed hold of the golden tumbler I could see in my mind’s eye.  With each of Sarah’s new combination tunes and chants I turned the giant golden lock within the earth.  Gone was the scared, little Ken, I was fully my higher self working with the spirits of angels, Indains, cowboys, the Virgin Mary, ETs an my new Nashville and old LA friends.  I smiled at Sarah Larsen and Bradley Quick who had somehow moved, without my directing them, into the triangular pattern you see in this diagram that came to me in a dream last fall.

Diagram for Addiction Meditation that Came to Ken Sheetz in a Dream in 11.1.10

Suddenly I saw my father having a Guiness in bar in heaven.  He downed half a glass and with a pleased look of satisfaction said, “Enough.”

Then Dad smiles at me as he pushed away from the heavenly bar.  I shouted this vision to the group and asked if anyone else was seeing visions or feeling something.  A young man shouted, “I see a new golden leaf!”

“Yes!”  I shouted back like an excited kid.  “New growth for the Golden Age that dawns here today!  I see the DNA beginning to shift!”

Sarah Wellborn’s amazing song of alien sounding stopped.  She paused and said, “This next one is very playful.  It’s for the elementals.” Her song for the elementals that followed was so playful and joyous that it kept me from getting to serious over my Dad’s Guinness appearance at the wheel. Not at the wheel but in a dream the next morning I would see these brown muddy fields we stood filled with grass of a green spring and thousands of white elementals dancing about Lee’s medicine wheel.  The playful white creatures looked a like the elementals in SPIRITED AWAY, only not so weird.

The shift was on, as singer Shawn Gallaway had sung the night before at the Lee’s Conscious Music before a packed crowd of 300.

Later I’d tell my middle brother only the part of my vision of Dad pushing away after half a Guinness, who before the trip to Nashville had expressed complete disbelief in this DreamShield meditation’s ability to heal earth’s addiction.  My brother, who been an even bigger cynic than me about this addiction meditation, was touched and said, “Yeah, Pops never left a drink half-finished beer in his life.”

It’s my deepest wish and desire that we accomplished the mission of freedom for the earth from all addiction.  But for me and my family the vision of Dad in heaven satisfied with his half Guiness means more to me than all my visions since May in 2010 put together.  Sorry, Virgin Mary and host of angels.  I’m just being honest here while thanking you for all your blessings and help.

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“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.” – Ancient Native American Proverb

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Jesse James

Night’s sleep on the ranch was filled with incredible pre-vision dreams for the big meditation the next day.  In one dream I saw the spirit of Jesse James, who stayed on this ranch once back in the day, riding a ridge, gunning down addiction spirits with his six-shooter.  I was up with the birds and morning sun as it dawned over Lee McCormick’s Spirit Recovery Ranch, about 40 miles west of Nashville.

Sneaking for the kitchen not to wake the other DreamShielders, I looked over the new recovery home which we were the first guests to ever stay here.  Lee told us the day before that he hand-picked all the furniture for the cozy place that sleeps 4 with two full baths.  The first one up, I made some coffee and sat out on the porch on one of the beautiful white rockers that overlooked one of Lee’s many cattle fields on the 2000 acre ranch.

As the sun rose above the tree line i thought back to a painting I’d done from my imagination back in college of a sunrise.  I’d know before getting out of bed that this would be that same sunrise that I’d had painted some 30 years earlier.

My ex-wife hated the painting and it spent the entire 18 years of my marriage in the basement.  After the divorce, and the painting coming back into my life, I noticed it had fine cracks from all the years of exile in the damp.  When I painted over those cracks they revealed amazing symbols that remind me of a past life as a Native American and the great spirit of Kokopelli.

Here’s the Kokopelli painting featuriing a lovely woman named Amy who dropped in and out of my life in a single day.  Amy was lost in Agoura Hills and asked for directions when she passed me on the street in her white Lexus.  Amy looked like she had perhaps enjoyed a few to many drinks over dinner at the nearby Mexican restaurant and so I invited her into my place for coffee until she was fit for the road.

Amy loved my Kokopelli painting so much that she asked to take this picture front of it. What are the odds that a buzzed stranger would wander into my life for a blink and be in a 30 year old picture of a painting to end up in this blog about healing earth of addiction?  I used to say these things were “weird” now I say they are “perfect”.  A perfect example of the precision of the universe.

Dr. Sarah Larsen at Spirit Lodge

As I sipped on my perfect coffee at Lee’s ranch, I thought back on last night after dinner.  Sometimes I think the angels picked me for this work because I am a Hollywood comedy writer ,when I am not helping usher in a gentle 2012 or working in my day job as a social media dude.  It’s hard for me resist an easy joke in a funny situation.  This part of me grew from having a lovable dad who sadly was also the classic “mean drunk”.  My job as kid, I somehow felt, was to keep Dad laughing.  Long as he was laughing the mean stuff was kept at bay.  And thus Ken the family joker was born.

My Dad’s recent passing had reawakened my trickster self.  So when I saw a chance for a prank in the form of a noisy trapdoor that popped open whenever you opened the door to Bradley’s room I could not resist.  I selected Dr. Larsen as my prank target and told her something strange was happening in the closet she had to see!  When I sprung the little trap door Sarah nearly jumped out of her skin.  Imagine my surprise when instead laughter and a playful swat, my usual family comedy result, Sarah shot me hurt look and burst into tears.

Bradley had sensed in advance the joke was too scary.  Now I regretted not following his advice to forget pulling the prank.  Bradley shot me a “Told you so” glare as he gave Sarah a warm hug until she calmed down.  I felt like a heel.  I wanted laughter but here were tears.  We talked it out.  Sarah Larsen forgave me.   But it would take me a couple of days to forgive myself for unintentionally scaring her so much.

Lee McCormick Gets Pranked by Kokopelli With a Flat Tire At Spirit Recovery Ranch

My prank had fully awakened Kokopelli energy and the rest of the trip was filled with funny moments.

Kokopelli’s topper happened on a ride back from the medicine wheel with Lee.  No sooner had the other Sarah on this trip — Sarah Wellborn of Mt. Shasta ,Califironia, who it turns out is a fellow prankster — kidded me that we should rename DreamShield to Light Pranksters, than Lee’s truck hit a huge spike in the field!  Pow!  Flat tire!  Ba-dum-dum!

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Personal Healing for Addiction Work in Nashville

“Self-Sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen.” – Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Having conducted 26 official DreamShield planetary meditations and countless personal ones aimed at ushering in the gentle 2012, I thought this DreamShield about curing earth of addiction was going to be easy at Lee McCormick’s amazing Spirit Recovery Ranch.

After all we’d done meditations to shield earth from asteroids, holding the tectonic plates together, erased the dreaded BermudaTriangle and on glorious angel work on.  What is addiction compared to all that?  Answer: A LOT.

Addiction to oil is killing our world, creating wars.  Addiction to media and the cyber world is robbing us of our human connection.   Addiction money rips parents from their children.  Addiction to substance as Lee McCormick put it is the least of our many addiction problems here on earth.

Angel Guided Diagram to Cure Earth of Addiction by Ken Sheetz

This all got started when I awoke one morning with a vision November of 2010 of a black hole at the heart of all humanity, complete with a diagram on how to cure this addiction flaw to our DNA.  And I saw that Lee’s 2000 acre cattle ranch that doubles as one of America’s leading recovery centers with a staff of over 80 was perfect in every way.  After just one phone conference Lee accepted the challenge of this enormous vision to cure earth of addiction by 2012 with gusto and coolness.

Unfortunately, as the big addiction meditation approached… my father died.  I was thrown for a cosmic loop and lost touch with the angels in my cloud of gloom and pain.  You see, my dad was loving family man when sober but when he drank he turned him into a human wrecking ball for me and all around him.  In talks at Dad’s funeral with my second youngest brother, Dad’s favorite, who took more of the brunt as of dad’s black hole than me, my brother said, “Addiction can never be cured, Ken.  What your doing is nuts.”

Doubts began to fill me.  I shrunk backwards on my spiritual growth.  By the time I returned to LA from my Dad’s funeral and the Bermuda triangle meditation I was a spiritual basket case.

One day when my client and roomie Bradley Quick, who I had invited on the trip to Nashville, made an innocent, if fat-headed, remark about making up time away from his social media work for dad’s funeral I lashed out with a promise to vacate our working arrangements.  I went so far as to leave the call to Lee if he wanted Bradley to join us after all.  Lucky for me Lee is a pro with all the issues of not just addicts but their family members like me and he got things straight between Bradley and me with grace and respect.

How cool is Lee McCormick?  Here we are with Lee arriving at his Spirit Recovery Ranch on 2/11/11.  You’ll get it.

Fortunately also, Laura De Leon of Mystic Muse worked with me like I was a prize fighter, getting me back into spiritual shape for the big fight in Nashville.  And thanks to her work I eventually saw that I was projecting my own fears and doubts about this vital mediation onto Bradley.  Who is also an addiction pro when it comes to the kids of addicts like me and took my emotional roller coaster ride with gentle calm.

What finally got me ready for 2/12/11 was giving up on being strong about all this.  Surrendering, as they say in AA, to a higher power.  I was humbled before this mighty task.  After apologizing to the angels and Bradley, I told him Lee and Sarah and another Sarah joining our meditation team, Sarah Wellborn of Mt Shasta fame, that I needed all their love and support, as well as Laura’s and all our team around the world, to get through what was going to be my most difficult, and very personal, meditation for DreamShield.

The night before the event Bradley spoke to a group of recovery at Lee’s amazing Spirit Recovery Ranch.  I marveled as he touched their hearts.

How good was Bradley’s speech? In the Q&A a client asked him what was his proof that God exists.  Bradley did not even miss a beat as he told the client about his proof in God, or higher power is the perfectness of what is, which you can see in this video where Lee and Bradley interact.

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Soft Nashville Landing

Rachel & Robert

” A friend is someone who understand your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are”- Unknown

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

When last I left you, dear reader, I had just been rescued from a blizzard at the Nashville airport by a friend of Dr. Sarah Larsen, Rachel Paul, a professional photographer and former college roomie.  Rachel is amazingly big-hearted, like many of the friends of Sarah’s I have been lucky to meet in this unexpected spiritual journey that grew out of my social media BuzzBroz work.

Rachel drove the 3 hour round trip through ice and snow that normally would have been half an hour without a single gripe.  At last we safely reached her lovely house, tucked deep in the woods of a secluded Nashville affluent area.  Her husband Robert, a gentle lion of a man, happily helped us carry our bags into the house as he welcomed us in.

A big fire Robert made for the impromptu event greeted us in the old hearth of this lively home of these two talented artists.  Old timbers and warm wood floors perfectly reflected the charm and Southern hospitality of this couple who made me feel instantly at home in the reflection of their love for Sarah.

Dr. Sarah Larsen at Spirit Lodge

Rachel and Robert made a tasty dinner for us from stuff we had picked up at the grocery store after the escape from the airport where others less fortunate we had met prepared for a night sleeping on airport chairs.  But the best part of dinner for ice cream lover Bradley Quick, my guest lecturer and supporter in this planetary meditation, was the three flavors of ice cream they set on the table for desert.

Bradley Quick lived up to his name and quickly called the couch.  So I ended up in a sleeping bag on the floor.  I was cold all night despite all the many blankets Rachel gave me, but my inner Larry David was silent for a change.

During the night many downloads, a term light workers use to describe the info that flows to us from who knows where, came to me like energetic snowflakes.  We were here after all for a DreamShield mediation I’d had in a vision 2 months ago to free the earth of addiction at Lee McCormick’s amazing Spirit Recovery Ranch. But I was nervous about this mediation.  Life with my dad as a kid had been plagued by his drinking and I was in short, no fun for anyone to be around, even the angels or ETs or wherever this data for DNA transformation was coming from.

The next day it was still so unusually cold for this part of America that the roads were still not safe to travel to Lee’s Ranch, 4o miles west of town.  But Rachel and Robert were happy to extend our visit and I was almost as happy as Sarah to be here.

As Sarah and Rachel whipped up an amazing breakfast while getting caught up on life, I caught myself laughing that the couch had turned out not to be so comfortable after all for the quick Mr. Quick.

BTW, here is Sarah and Bradley in a interview on where you can see the great healers in action.

Lee and Mee

That night Lee treated us all to an amazing concert with a collection of great artists led by Sean Gallaway, a pal of Sarah’s husband Greg at the lovely Bellcourt Theater to a packed enthusiastic crowd.   In the Bellcout lobby I at last met Mee Tracy, Lee’s amazing wife, has been a client of my social media company BuzzBroz for almost a year now but we’d never met until the concert.  I promote her amazing Princess Know it All YouTube channel that is over gotten of a quarter of a million views so far.  I am huge fan of Mee’s work, client or not.  A trained Hollywood actor, Mee’s videos carry a beautiful message of hope and health that rock.  Here’s a sample.

What I’d not expected is that Mee looks so much larger than life on film, as so many stars in Hollywood do!  I towered over her as we said hello for the first time in person.  It felt great to have Rachel and Robert join us as guests for the concert.

I enjoyed Sean Gallaway’s music with a message of change for 2012 and beyond.  One song hit all my buttons, The Real More.  It’s about people who get rich only to find they are unhappy and in search of the real meaning of life, which I have come to learn, at least for me as a guy who once built Oprah’s studios and was worth about 12 million bucks before hitting 40, is about giving to the world. Here’s a taste with an intro by the man himself, Lee McCormick.

After the concert we were treated to a party on Nashville’s Music Row at a new sober living house that Lee had just opened with his partner from England.  I was bushed and despite the lovely crowd I headed for the quiet peace of Rachel and Robert’s home.

Yep, I was still exhausted over the loss of my dad and the 3 nights of solo DreamShield meditations in the Bermuda Triangle.  I was nervous and unsure I’d be up for the important work.  Later, Sarah Wellborn from Mt. Shasta joined Sarah Larsen at Rachel and Robert’s.  I was not very good company after the big day and talked about perhaps taking a long break from DreamShield after Nashville.

My inner Larry David was kicking up again and all this good will and peace was giving me a headache.  Luckily for me everyone was having too much fun to pay much attention to my self doubts.

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The Dream Must Go On

We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.  William Shakespeare

Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz

My father, William Kenneth Sheetz, age 82, passed away today after a 3 month battle with cancer.  He died peacefully at home after the doctors felt his cancer was hopeless and sent Bill, as he liked to be called, home to hospice.

For the past few weeks my father’s spirit has traveled between the world of the living and the dead, looking in on me many times out here in Hollywood many times.

Once while I was at radio show called Life Changes with Filippo, with medium Suzane Norhtrop.  Suzane asked the audience, “Is there someone here who has father who has passed or may be in the process of passing?”  I raised my hand and Suzane said, “Your father wants you to know that he’s sorry he made some mistakes as a father but that he did the best he could.  He did not have a good example he says because his father died so young.”  I was breathless.

At the 1.1.11 New Year’s Day meditation I could feel Dad enjoying the infinity cookies we made a new universe from.

At 1.4.11 The Solar Flare mediation I felt my father, a welder, let me look through his welding helmet’s dark glass, as he did when I was a child, deep into the sun.

At the 1.11.11 TAKING BACK THE CITY OF ANGELS meditation this week I felt my father join our circle at the Hollywood sign during the meditation and make eyes at Marilyn Monroe.

This morning I was in a DreamShield planning meeting with Laura when she said, “I strongly feel you father’s presence.  And he says he likes me.” Just a few minutes later I got the call that 30 minutes after he was granted last rites that my father had passed.

Bill Sheetz, my father, was raised Irish so he wouldn’t want you to feel sad for his leaving us for his angelic work of 2012.  Rather he’d like you to celebrate his long, vibrant and adventurous life with a toast to life in this amazing world he loves so much, now and forever.

And today I felt my father wanting to me to take DreamShield to Ireland and to kiss the Blarney Stone, which inspired this tribute video to my “da”.

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Galactic Rug in the Mt. Shasta Pyramid

What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists?  In that case, I definitely overpaid for my rug. – Woody Allen

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

12/21/2010 – Hailing from Chicago it’s hard to believe I used to think it was time for short sleeves if the temps got about 30 in the winter.  But now all these 8 years later after moving to LA the blood has thinned.  So as our dream team walks through the snow for a farm that is home to the Mt. Shasta Pyramid at the base of mountain behind the town, the 27 degree temp cuts through me as does the falling snow.

156966_478773002028_7714071_nOur LA group, made up of fellow organizer Dr. Sarah Larsen, angel expert Mica Monet, Mago, and I finally reaches the farm-house and meets the rest of the dream team that’s gathered from across America to do this DreamShield meditation.  As we tug off our winter gear, I meet Joy Phoenix from New Zealand, currently residing in San Diego. I feel a fleeting sense of meeting someone I know despite this being our first contact.  Same for Jay Frankenberger, world-renowned ET expert, who journeyed here all the way from Arkansas to be here.  I meet Fatima, also from LA.  She informs me that as a person of Hispanic and Arabic decent that she has been studying the Mayan culture intensely.  All in all we are 11 in the pyramid.  A good number for DreamShield’s binary work.

The three “Sarah’s”, Saralise, Sarah Larsen and Sarah Wellborn, our guide from Shasta Spiritual Journeys who led us to this place, chatter away as we use the pyramid builder’s rest room before for the final march to the pyramid.  Why?  There’s no rest rooms in the Mt. Shasta Pyramid. A modest pyramid by Egyptian and Mayan standards, built of plywood 9/9/09 in time for the important New Age work ahead thru 2012 and beyond, it is 24 feet by 24 feet at its base.

The rest stops complete and redressed we sludge our way through the driving snow.  I’m feeling mighty glad about the new waterproof boots I bought for the trip at this point.  Passing a tall circle of pines that guard the entrance to the pyramid I am reminded of a short screenplay I’ve written about Xmas from the POV of Christmas trees.

Some of the people from this trip like Marta have never seen snow, now they are seeing in abundance!

At last we reach the Mt. Shasta Pyramid.  I look up into the winter sky that offers not glimpse of the lunar eclipse, hidden high above the snowy cloud.  Anxious to start the DreamShield work.  We quickly shed our snowy clothes in the anti-chamber of the pyramid we are reminded once again that no metal of any kind is allowed inside.  So much for filming!

By now, 7 months into the DreamShield work, I am used to the fact much of this work cannot or does not want to be filmed.  But I do know somewhere in the Galaxy this adventure is getting filmed through our very eyes and all our senses in a way that makes our 3D movies seem primitive.  Every human being on earth from the super wealthy to the poorest all have billions of fans throughout the universe.

I meditated a few nights before in bed and asked the spirit guides what would be the best configuration for our group once inside the pyramid.  No sooner had I asked than a spirit who called himself Ramses appeared.  When I excitedly ask Ramses if he was now one of my spirit guides.  He calmly tells me,

“No, Ken, I am guide to the DreamShield team for the great work ahead. Now pay attention, my time with you is short.  A pyramid, even one as small as the one you’ll be inside of, is very powerful.  For every pyramid you see across the face of this world there is a mirror image pyramid of pure energy, forming the sacred geometry of power. And the circle form your group will take will channel this energy to allow your work to tap into both the infinity at the core of the earth and the infinity of the universe. Do you understand, Ken?”

I nod yes and the awesome presence of Ramses is gone.

As we climb up the ladder at the end of tunnel from the anti-chamber I am happy to see a gorgeous handmade round rug sits in the center of the pyramid.  The rug is patterned with circles in a rainbow arrangement that starts with red at the outer edge and runs the color spectrum to the center.

Joy Phoenix

Joy Phoenix, however, is not happy with the how the candles are set at the center of the rug.  The group spends a few minutes properly adjusting that and placing the various crystals we’ve all brought along for the work under Joy’s guidance.

I had read, or heard somewhere, that it would be about 68 degrees farenheit in the pyramid but it’s more like 40 and I am freezing.  Mica finds me a blanket to wrap around me and I am now able to concentrate.  I thank everyone for making the enormous effort to get here from across the country and in the snow and in what remains a bad economy for most of us mortals.  I explain we’ll be healing the ozone layer of Mother Earth in this meditation and that this will help reduce cancer.

After seeing how the group accepted her leadership setting up the crystals and candles and enjoying her great charm I choose Joy to lead the meditation.  She asks me for my vision.  I tell Joy that I saw the colors of the Galactic rug acting like color therapy for the earth’s ozone layer.  Joy nods with an inspired smile.


After an introduction by this trip’s host Dr. Sarah Larsen of what DreamShield is and a lovely opening ceremony by Saralise to the four winds and 11 Oms we are ready for the serious work of healing earth’s ozone layer.  I sense four giant angels, one guarding each face of the pyramid, as Joy begins with improvised words that flow like poetry. I see the spin of the galaxy in the rug pattern and know that each nub in the rainbow rug represents a member of the Galactic Federation.  Thousands of intelligent worlds are joining in the work.

Joy’s beautiful New Zealand accent recalls to me the narration for The Lord of the Rings.  Joy guides us to breathe in the color of each ring of the Galactic rug one at a time and project them each onto the earth.  As we breathe the colors onto mother earth, hovering above the candles and crystals, the lunar eclipse is at its peak above us.

Today, 12/21/10 is the winter solstice and this alignment of a lunar eclipse and the solstice will not repeat itself for another 400 years.   Looking around by the candlelight I am touched by Sarah Wellborn and her boyfriend Jacob’s young faces.  I look to Sarah Larsen, her blissful eyes are closed, as we heal this precious earth of ours.

The meditation winds down, we hug each other good-bye and are once again in the snow storm, slugging our way to the car.  Except for a nap I’ve been awake for nearly 48 hours, but I’m oddly not tired.  Mica Monet leads the way to the minivan and warmth.

I consider myself a great snow driver and expect to get us onto the road from our parking spot on the back road.  But Sarah Larsen’s family minvan is quickly stuck against the edge of the ditch.  Embarrassed I turn the wheel over Saralise.  With a little pushing from the group she has us moving and keeps us safely on the road on the foothills of Mt. Shasta.

Indeed, when a can-do guy like me turns over the wheel to a woman we are already in the New Age.

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Angels Want to Party

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” – Albert Einstein

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

I finished the previous blog post at exactly midnight and got into bed hoping for a good night’s sleep as tomorrow is the Butterfly Meditation.  But I was woken at 2:22 AM to do a “data transmission” meditation.  Seems we mortals don’t need as much sleep in the New Age.

This is a night photo of LA from space that I was directed to post for you, dear reader.  See the Butterfly?

I thought the name for our meditation came to our team because of the cocoon to butterfly thing. Old age to New age stuff. But angels work on many levels and dimensions at once.  And so I now know we picked the butterfly name for today’s planetary meditation because there’s huge quantum physics are work here to shift us into a gentle 2012.  We are being given the tools to reshape reality through quantum physics and raising our vibrational frequency.

Through Dr. Sarah Larsen and an amazing 6 hour physics video she armed me with, I am up to date and the solution to Einstein’s unified field theory and how its been totally worked out by today’s brilliant scientists.

You’ve not seen or heard much of this in mainstream media because they have not woken up yet to how what infinite vast beings we really are and how interconnected we all really are.

Long and short of it is that every person has trillion of atoms that they are made of and at the center of each of a black hole. We are literally flicker in and out of existence millions of time per second, at the speed of light. Considering that film created the illusion of reality at 24 flickers per second, imagine how tiny of a fraction of the universe we really only see… so far. Watch, these science people, they tell it way better than me.

So the Butterfly Meditation all fit together now. We are infinite beings the are the event horizon for the infinite large outside us and infinite small within, all of us butterflies.

OK, last thing, before I go back to bed if the Celestials guiding DreamShield will let me sleep. 2011 is the year we will solve all the programs used to scramble earth’s chakras. All the programs can be undone and are hidden in ancient myths. Put into our consciousness for this work. After half an hour of meditation where my eagle-self soared over the Middle East, for what I thought was a meditation on peace.  Instead I was given this info by our team guide Ramses who been blowing my mind since guiding the meditation for Mt. Shasta in the pyramid guided by Sarah Wellborne.


The Bible's Tower of Babel













Rames, who speaks to me as a great father figure, tells us the real Tower of Babel was in Brazil and was a space elevator, a way people on earth got off world. This was millions of years ago when we were given the keys to some primitive ships to explore our solar system by the ancients who helped shape our race’s DNA.  But we showed we deemed not ready and the space elevator was dismantled and our chakras were all scrambled to give us time to evolve to where we are right now, on the threshold of manifesting a better tomorrow.  This ancient tale eventually became the Bible, story of the Tower of Babel.

We’ve learned from cracking the Merlin code on the Mt. Shasta mission, the head charkra, that we must find counter codes to the above. I’ll leave that to the team. But once we crack it we will have better communication with the angels and the celestial beings guiding the work of a gentle 2012.

Night. Sorry for any typos. I’ll fix them when I am awake.  Over out.

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