No man, no matter how great, can know his destiny.  He cannot glimpse his part in the great story that is about to unfold.  –  From the ScyFy TV Series MERLIN

Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz

The all night 9 hour ride from LA passes quickly and smoothly on a cloud of joy and love.  After a snowy ride into Mt. Shasta and breakfast at the Black Bear Cafe, our 4 person part of the dream team heads over the Woodsman Inn to check in.  But the rooms we had booked are not ready because the heavy snows kept the housecleaning staff away.

After checking with the Dream Inn where I had stayed in November we are all set.  Dr. Sarah Larsen, Mica Monet and Marta all love the fact we have a floor of a house all to ourselves; complete with a two bedrooms, a full bath, kitchen, living room and dinning room, all filled with spiritual knickknacks.

Mt. Shasta’s pure air fills me with energy.  And even after going 36 hours without sleep Sarah and I venture across the street and film this video.  Sorry for the time warp in the title.  I was going to fix it but I love the fact it’s 12/20/2012, eve of the New Age.  A Shasta Vortex adventure indeed!

Filming finally made me became sleepy.  After 36 hours without sleep I was out like a light.  This was perfect as we were going to be up most of the night for meditation in a lunar eclipse meditation pyramid that was built on 9/9/09, just for groups like our looking to raise Earth’s vibration.

I began to dream about reporting to the Galactic Council in a giant auditorium in a great cavern beneath Mt. Shasta…


Ben Stiller from The Oscars

The snow storm and cloud cover was doing a fantastic job of hiding our spaceships that had come for this meeting. A meeting of all the worlds fostering intelligent life in this galaxy to take a vote on Earth’s freedom and admission as a protected world of the Galactic Federation.

I am once again Ohom, a 7 foot tall blue being with wings, pleading before the full council of a rainbow of alien races.  A few creatures bigger than whales, housed in great tanks, are scattered in an alien crowd that George Lucas would love.  I almost wake up to my human Ken Sheetz form at that thought but fight to remain with the council as Ohom.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Galactic Federation Council, I implore you to vote with your hearts. Vote for Earth, not only as protected world, but to lift the veil of forgetfulness from all its inhabitants.”

Grak, my Reptilian nemesis interrupts me, as always, “Madame Chairman!  Can we please stop this infernal game?  I weary over a program Ohom himself designed, put himself into and forgot he forgot.  The cursed MERLIN.”

All eyes of the council turn to me.

“I was Merlin?”  I say.

A Lumarian in the front row can no longer contain his laughter and soon the entire cavern beneath Mt. Shasta roars with the thunderous laughter of thousands of beings from all across the galaxy.

Grak glares at the Lumarian who stops laughing along with the crowd, “MERLIN is not a person but a program.  A cursed program that you yourself devised to create the veil of forgetfulness.  The legend of Merlin was created as a way to help you remember on this very day.”

“Ha.  You can’t toy with me, Grak.”  I say not sounding very confident.

More roars of laughter before I can open my mouth again.  A stab of pain takes me to my knees and the laughter stops.  And suddenly I remember…

“Dear God, MERLIN.  It wrote the code.  M.E.R.L.I.N.: MIND, ERASING, RANDOMIZER, LINEAR….  LINEAR.  Too painful.  Can’t remember the rest.”

Grak leans over me, his snake like tongue darts out.  For a second it’s terrifying but then I see the pity in his orange and black eyes. “LINEAR, INFINITE, NULLIFIER.  That last part of the spell, old friend, your spell for confusing the head Chakra of the Earth, has nullified you from seeing all the good my Reptilian race has done for this world and for you.”

“But you killed Cara.  Last council!”

My lover, beautiful Cara, stands in the crowd and giggles and blows me a kiss. “Ohom! Here I am!”

“How?!” I shout overjoyed.

“The Randomizer part of your damn Merlin program, it bedazzles the mind with false memories.  I’d no sooner kill Cara than you, old friend. Remember our young days in Atlantis? Think!” Shouts Grak into my face while shaking me with his great strength.

A thousand memories flood into my mind in an instant: A young Ohom and a young Grak swimming with Dolphins, playing dice in a casino on the moon, teaching caveman humans to make fire…

“Yes!  Grak, my brother! How can I have forgotten?” Now it’s my eyes that fill with tears.  Tears of shame.

Grak hugs me to him.  He’s nearly 2 feet shorter and his skin feels like a basketball I had as the human child Ken Sheetz.

Grak’s dazzling Reptilian eyes look up to me, “Wanna know the really sad thing, Ohom?”  To my fervent nod Grak says,”Come sunrise you forget about MERLIN and we will all Randomize and start this nightmare over again for the millionth time.”

Cara shouts from the now somber crowd.  “We are all stuck in an endless jumbled non-linear time loop, Ohom.  You must crack the Merlin code to free not just Earth, but the Universe.”

But before I can ask how to begin a sound wakes me with a start that takes away my breath.


I awake, back at Dream Inn, Ken Sheetz an aging overweight filmmaker once again.  Me.

I stumble around in the dark looking for where the knocks are coming from.  Dr. Sarah Larsen and Mica, Marget are nowhere in site. I remember they have headed off for a hot spring. I open the door and a lovely woman, covered in snow, introduces herself as Saralise.

Saralise is passionate about the great work she is doing in Mt. Shasta as she urgently speaks to me.  But with only 2 hours sleep her words are not getting through to me.  She tries to brief me on Mt. Shasta’s important mission in the New Age to come but she may as well be briefing a brick wall.

Soon the dream team ladies are back and all are chatting with Saralise  All this is a blur to me as I write.  The dream of the MERLIN Program is more clear and shocking.

“I am crazy?” I wonder in my dream addled mind to myself as the girls chatter. To imagine I was an alien responsible for so much misery on this world caused by our forgetfulness of past life experience is a horrible shock.  It’s then I realize that this revelation is more the reason for my disconnect with Saralise than the exhaustion of the 9 hour ride from LA.

We have a little time left for some late dinner before our planetary meditation in the 20 person capacity plywood pyramid and head off for a Thai restaurant in town in the snow.

As the snow whip at the windshield like shooting stars and my dream team of light workers chatter I am happy knowing my life has become more exciting than any movie or dream.  It’s the dawn of the new era in human consciousness and we are in Mt. Shasta to meditate on healing the ozone layer.

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