“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.” – Edgar Cayce, American Psychic 1877-1945

Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz

November 10, 2010.  I awake in Mt. Shasta City, in Northern California, after a night of amazing “downloads”, as Reiki master Dorothy Donahue calls them.  I’d been doing social media via my BuzzBroz.com service for 6 months for a show called LIFE CHANGES with Filippo and in exchange was blessed to take some amazing trips — no drugs Dorothy simply uses her awakening gifts, LED glasses and drumming — on her couch.

Dorothy’s light induced trance journeys began the awakening of my higher self that’s been revealing itself now for 9 months, culminating in the vision in Italy and all the after visions of that have become DreamShield: Planetary Meditations for a Gentle 2012.

It was on Dorthy’s magic couch that I began to see the codes of many cultures, pyramids, spinning DNA strands and decks of alien spaceships that have filled much of my nightly dreams to this day and propelled this 58-year-old former real estate exec with over $1 billion of experience into the New Age head-first.

Night at the bed and breakfast, discovered by Cali Rosen for our three person dream team, is pleasant to say the least.  My soft king sized bed is far more comfortable than the hard tiny twin I sleep on at a charity client, The Cool Change Foundation, that I donate social media in exchange for rent for in North Hollywood.

I rub the sleep from my eyes as I try to process scores of amazing dreams that I had channeled in the clear crisp Mt. Shasta night air at this B&B aptly named The Dream Inn.  The air is so fresh my smog abused lungs are thrilled with every clean breath.

As I shave I look at the spiritual guy in the mirror who I barely recognize from my old corporate self.  A corporate self that caused me to doubt for many months the angelic mission I was sent on in May of this year in Italy at a SoulDrama group meditation.  An angelic mission that asked me to honor the dates of 10/10/10 with a global web celebration.

After months of putting it off I finally got on the job and DreamShield 10/10/10 became a huge success with live coverage from LA, Nashville, home of sponsors Spirit Recovery and Princes Know it All and Greece, plus a non-filmed 3 day event in Italy

Conferring with Dr. Sarah Larsen, my lovely co-host for the LA event that had drawn 200 guests, I told her of my hopes that I’d not be called to do more work for DreamShield until 11/11/11, the next huge binary code date.  But here I was waking up over coffee at The Dream Inn, about to do 4 more planetary meditations over the next 2 days with Hollywood power couple Cali and Chris Rosen and the angels.

Over breakfast I ask Dave, keeper of the B&B, if he’s ever seen a UFO.  He chuckles “No!” and we learn, despite his place looking so heavenly, that Dave does not believe in any of the legends of Mt. Shasta. Though he shares with us the New Age legend that Mt. Shasta is thought to have once been part of Atlantis, back in the Pangea era.  The grounded Dave Ream is a great host and the place is named for him, D for David mixed with Ream, his last name, makes the “D-ream” for the Dream Inn.

Dave and Chris hit it off best, as Dave believes, like Chris, that none of the UFOs or spiritual stuff said to happen regularly on the American mecca of a mountain is true.  Including a tale Dave shares of Mt. Shasta being the Native Americans’ Garden of Eden where the first Native American was created by God, stepping down from heaven onto the great snow capped mountain peak.

This doubting Thomas of an inn keeper is clearly not what I expected to find at Mt. Shasta, but I somehow find it grounding in this fantastical place.  Chris’ spiritual and ET doubts, however, I am well prepared for having gotten to know Chris over the past few days.  Chris shares, over a course of grapefruit, that he has never in all his hundreds of hours air time, as a jet pilot and vet, ever encountered a UFO.  I realize as I write that this is perhaps a big part of what makes Chris cynical about DreamShield’s ET/angel work.

In spite all Chris’ doubts, he has come along to support his wife Cali who loves the work.  So it’s amazing that time after time later, on this three person DreamShield excursion, that it will in fact be Chris who notices the angel signs we are on the right path.

On the gorgeous 9 hour drive up to Mt. Shasta I had gotten an angelic message that Castle Crag State Park is to be the site of the first Mt. Shasta meditation.  Dave’s wife Lana tells us about a dirt road where we can get into the park the back way and save on Park fees.  We are grateful given we are all filmmakers on a tight budget.  So we finish up our Eggs Benedicts and we’re on our way, Cali at the wheel.

Exiting the 5 onto the narrow paved road fronting Soda Creek, it quickly becomes  little more than a dirt goat path. One wrong turn of the SUV and we are in for a crash.  But Cali holds the course until we reach a dead end about 5 miles in at a place, not kidding, called Dream Ranch.  There are so many “No Trespassing!” signs that we have no choice but to turn back.

But on the way to the dead end I had fortunately spotted what looked like a cool meditation spot beside the fresh rapids of the Soda Creek we turn back for.  Driving slowly, we wind our way to a small clearing nestled nestled in the pine forest beside the Soda Creek.

The circle of rocks sitting squarely at the center of the clearing seems the place to meditate.  When Cali suggests we perch upon the rocks I’m a little wary.  Last night’s light snow has left the rocks slippery.  But I manage, as you can see in the photo at the top of this post, to overcome my old corporate conservative ways and climb atop the rocks.

We gaze up into the little forest clearing to the blue sky and invite the angels to do the work, work which they actually started in LA at the other end of the San Andreas fault line in Tujunga Park begins…


I am blessed on this project with an angelic editor who was a great TV writer in life, he’s telling me to let the video do the talking now.


After we finish the planetary meditation to reduce tectonic and earthquake activity I am so moved by the work that I am nearly in tears.  This angel powered planetary work is so pure and powerful it cannot be described in words.  The closest I can come is the feeling of a million invisible Super Bowl fans cheering you on.

The angels love this DreamShield work and I love what they are doing for our world to ensure the negative 2012 visualizations we are having crammed down our throats by the mainstream media daily are totally canceled out.

Yes, in the end, come 2012, DreamShield’s success will be measured by the things that never happen, from asteroids not hitting us to nuclear wars that never occur.

A hard thing to measure, that which does not happen.  Easy thing, in fact, to say nothing was done at all if you are a cynic.

I’m glad I don’t have to be a cynic anymore.  My faith in the work, experiencing it’s magic first hand, has transformed me forever.  I’d really be a fool for it not to.  I am blessed to have my faith in more than what meets the eye restored since the vision for a gentle 2012 in Italy took over my life.

In the world of angels there is no such thing as time.  2012 has already happened and the angels’ work, facilitated by humanity, has succeeded.  There is no need or place for doubt or fear in this good work.  And DreamShield I am happily learning is but one player in many such positive meditations happening on the binary dates all over the world.

But back on Mt. Shasta as the meditation’s vortex where the Soda Creek was diverted to cool the earth’s core is closed, unlike some of my other DreamShield meditations, I am sad I am not seeing visions of angels.  No sooner do I utter those words to Cali when some distance out of earshot Chris points out angel shaped flying clouds over our meditation spot!

And there would be more signs like this photo to the right and top of the blog that I developed at few days later where angelic orbs we saw in the visions can be clearly seen.

“Moisture from the snow,” the skeptics will say.

Ah, but my new self answers, “Does it really matter if the angels made that moisture appear at just the perfect angle on the camera’s lense to see the image of an angel?”

There’s no time to ponder doubt at Mt. Shasta on 11/10/10.  Our little dream team of three must now race to a dormant volcano some miles from the Soda Creek back road we are on and we must get there within the hour of 1PM!

As we hurry to the SUV I spot at piece of plastic tape with magic marker letters scribbled on it that seems to hold an angelic message for Chris.  More on that next blog “Volcanic Vision at Mt. Shasta.”

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