Angels Want to Party

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” – Albert Einstein

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

I finished the previous blog post at exactly midnight and got into bed hoping for a good night’s sleep as tomorrow is the Butterfly Meditation.  But I was woken at 2:22 AM to do a “data transmission” meditation.  Seems we mortals don’t need as much sleep in the New Age.

This is a night photo of LA from space that I was directed to post for you, dear reader.  See the Butterfly?

I thought the name for our meditation came to our team because of the cocoon to butterfly thing. Old age to New age stuff. But angels work on many levels and dimensions at once.  And so I now know we picked the butterfly name for today’s planetary meditation because there’s huge quantum physics are work here to shift us into a gentle 2012.  We are being given the tools to reshape reality through quantum physics and raising our vibrational frequency.

Through Dr. Sarah Larsen and an amazing 6 hour physics video she armed me with, I am up to date and the solution to Einstein’s unified field theory and how its been totally worked out by today’s brilliant scientists.

You’ve not seen or heard much of this in mainstream media because they have not woken up yet to how what infinite vast beings we really are and how interconnected we all really are.

Long and short of it is that every person has trillion of atoms that they are made of and at the center of each of a black hole. We are literally flicker in and out of existence millions of time per second, at the speed of light. Considering that film created the illusion of reality at 24 flickers per second, imagine how tiny of a fraction of the universe we really only see… so far. Watch, these science people, they tell it way better than me.

So the Butterfly Meditation all fit together now. We are infinite beings the are the event horizon for the infinite large outside us and infinite small within, all of us butterflies.

OK, last thing, before I go back to bed if the Celestials guiding DreamShield will let me sleep. 2011 is the year we will solve all the programs used to scramble earth’s chakras. All the programs can be undone and are hidden in ancient myths. Put into our consciousness for this work. After half an hour of meditation where my eagle-self soared over the Middle East, for what I thought was a meditation on peace.  Instead I was given this info by our team guide Ramses who been blowing my mind since guiding the meditation for Mt. Shasta in the pyramid guided by Sarah Wellborne.


The Bible's Tower of Babel













Rames, who speaks to me as a great father figure, tells us the real Tower of Babel was in Brazil and was a space elevator, a way people on earth got off world. This was millions of years ago when we were given the keys to some primitive ships to explore our solar system by the ancients who helped shape our race’s DNA.  But we showed we deemed not ready and the space elevator was dismantled and our chakras were all scrambled to give us time to evolve to where we are right now, on the threshold of manifesting a better tomorrow.  This ancient tale eventually became the Bible, story of the Tower of Babel.

We’ve learned from cracking the Merlin code on the Mt. Shasta mission, the head charkra, that we must find counter codes to the above. I’ll leave that to the team. But once we crack it we will have better communication with the angels and the celestial beings guiding the work of a gentle 2012.

Night. Sorry for any typos. I’ll fix them when I am awake.  Over out.

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