Coolest Ever Prizes Raises Marketing Bar

Face it, my fellow humans born with egos, besides people in a forest there are a lot of other creatures always present to hear a tree fall; birds, deer, bears, dwarves, elves, fairies, other trees, etc. But a film that never reaches an audience is far quieter than the proverbial witness-free tree.

The flood of films with big stars and name directors competing for filmgoers’ pocketbooks against an independent filmmaker/self-distributor like me is beyond daunting. Even virtual venues like YouTube, Vimeo, Itunes, Facebook, Amazon and more are flooded with content. Just looking at Youtube alone, over 300 hours of new content is loaded per minute.

To get that last stat of 300 hours of new content added per minute per day to sink in, think of it this way: If a person devoted all their waking hours to being current on just one minute of new YouTube content it would take that viewer 3 weeks of dawn to dusk viewing. Accomplished only by eating all their meals at the computer screen and using a bed pan for rest room breaks.

Getting the grim picture for independent content creators? So the only solution to getting an important film like THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12 out to as many hearts and souls as possible is an ample ad and marketing budget.

Let’s back up for a minute. Why is this experimental meditation film, made on a shoestring budget and filmed in Antarctica in 2012, important for people to see? Simple. The film, a collection of 24 meditations, all done 9 days in advance of the end of the Mayan calendar, set intentions for evolution human consciousness. When people see the movie it’s an anchoring-in and activation.

That’s the serious “Why?” The film is a paradoxically whimsical creation that strives not take itself too seriously.

telepathic penguin

Back to the topic at hand. Ads cost big money and are the only way to get this movie out to the world. Next, crowd funding is the only way to fund our ads budget, as no studio is going to be interested in a movie about a man having visions of ETs that pestered him in dreams all the way to Antarctica by 12.12.12 to head the Mayan calendar off at the pass. But crowd funding is a swollen field too as there are so many wonderful independent films out there.

My solution? Copy the PBS, where I had a prime time show air in 2000, fund raising model of giving valuable prizes for support dollars. When I came up with this idea, after much wringing of hands, late 2015, in the week between Xmas and New Year’s, little did I realize I would attract not one but three giants of spirit science to grant us products from their lines to offer as prizes.

The result for The Coolest Meditation Ever is the most successful pre-launch for film crowd funder to date I know about.  I am pleased to report that our snowball approach grows our ads war chest daily. Contributors are loving prizes from scientist Patrick Flanagan, sonic healer Jonathan Goldman and cosmic coach James Wanless.

Adding luster to our coolest ever prize packages is the fact all contributions to our film starting late last year are tax deductible! This is thanks to my soulmate Elizabeth England who, in addition to connecting me to James Wanless, introduced me to Carol Dean of From the Heart Productions who became our fiscal sponsor and presto tax deductible prizes.

BTW, read about how this project actually helped bring about Elizabeth and I becoming a couple with some help from the ET spirit Ohom.

You can see our trailer and learn about all the coolest prizes from our titans of spirit science. Cool thing is all prizes are available right now, well in advance of our 4.4.16 crowd funder launch on Indiegogo, at







NEO co-creators, Patrick Flanagan and Stephanie Sutton

Our Indiegogo ended October 5, 2015, with a fab $1.6 million raised, for the NEO Neurophone. We sold out the entire 3,333 NEOs Dr. Flanangan allotted us. Yay and  What a dream of a DreamShield team we make!

Soon as he’s better from the injury that caused him to miss his own release party in June, the doctor is raring to work on NEO 2.0. He shocked me when he said he wants to investigate the possibility of a $99 Neurophone, much more basic than NEO. Pat did his best on making a $99 Neurophone but failed to achieve 2013-2014 as he could not find the right American maker at that price point. Still his striving to reach $99 gave us the $444 NEO, a great improvement in quality and features at a 45% price reduction over the NF3.

As of this posting there are only a handful of NEO 1.0’s remain at  I have no idea when the 2.0 will be here so I’d grab that last bit of the first batch of NEO bliss that was for 5,000 NEOs while you can while we all wish Patrick Flanangan a speedy recovery!

And you can see all the fun you missed in the new DVD on Amazon THE NEUROPHONE EXPERIENCE or watch on Vimeo online.

Pat’s been recovering in Mexico and Hawaii, his wife Stephanie faithfully at his side. Let’s hope to see him back in Sedona soon and back to work on NEO 2.0.

Even though it’s sold out until Patrick restocks the NEO please visit the smash hit Indiegogo to learn more.

The Robin Williams Visitations – Blue Whales and Coffee

Heaven Couldn't Wait Robin Triumphant VersionLove the visits still happening with Robin. Not had time to get on the blog much, especially after getting locked out due to some Merc magic. Let’s catch up with a wild one for you.

Back in August Robin’s newly minted ghost wanted me to go the San Diego with him and visit the blue whales. The mission? Help Robin be reincarnated as a blue whale. Robin explained he wanted to join the whales and dolphins is sending forth an ultrasonic frequency of laughter and love into the world to free humanity. I was too busy on the ultrasonic NEO Neurophone crowd funder to break away like that and Robin said a bit sadly, “I’ll go it alone then, Ken Sheetz.”

A few weeks later after the NEO funder launched, a huge hit that made it’s minimum goal in 72 hours I was having coffee a local spot here named the Coffee Pot restaurant and Robin joined me for coffee as he loves coffee and appears to me often when I have some brew.

“Sheetzy, I did it! I am in big mama blue whale waiting to be born again a as creature of the seven seas!”

There amidst all the overweight tourists Robin revealed his whale fetus self floating before me. I almost choked on my coffee and said telepathically, “Nice.”

“Nice? Nice is all you have to say? I’m a freaking baby blue whale, Sheetzo. No thanks to you. Hey, I kind look like that Genie I played in ALADIN!”

“I am sorry I could not abandon the Flangans, Robin. It’s how I am built. But I am happy for you. And I am getting now that it’s all connected. The pocket sized blue whale untrasonics of the NEO and your song with the blue whales.” I say to the smirking blue whale fetus. “How long until you’re born, Robin?”

“Do I look like a whale expert? Look it up on Google, please. Like to know how much longer I will be in mama whale’s belly.”

I type “gestation period for blue whales” in to my Iphone.

“Females typically give birth once every two to three years at the start of the winter after a gestation period of 10 to 12 months. The calf weighs about 2.5 tonnes (2.8 short tons) and is around 7 metres (23 ft) in length. Blue whale calves drink 380–570 litres (100–150 U.S. gallons) of milk a day.”

“Damn 2.5 tons I’ll be at birth! And I thought I was fat when I broke 200 pounds for a while!” belly laughs Robin.

“Looks like next summer late you will be a whale calf, Robin.” I say telepathically to Robin who has assumed his human form thankfully in the chair opposite me as my pancakes arrive.

“Yum. I love pancakes. Can I taste if you’ll be so kind as to loan me that fab bod of yours for a few?” asks Robin. “Been shy to ask you before. But we’ve bonded. You trust me right?

I nod and I feel Robin’s spirit merge with mine. I step aside from the body and let him taste the pancakes. “Oooh! Thanks, Kenny. Back to my chair.” Robin leaves my body, glowing with pancake joy in the across from me.

“Lots of people missing you, Robin. Been thinking of helping get together a Robin Williams Film Festival here in Sedona. Featuring great live standup mixed with your films and great new ones after the funder is rolling. Sedona needs more laughter. Such a serious place,” I say.

“Love it, Sheetzy! I’ll be helping you from the seas! Let’s make it happen. But I see one big problem,” grins Robin.

“What’s that?” I say.

“You don’t really believe any of my visits are real.” says Robin sadly, cupping his hands around the coffee mug I have filled and that sit in his chair, empty to all in the restaurant but me.

“I do and I don’t, Robin. Please, it’s my way of keeping my sanity,” I say thinking of my brother who has been recently in and out of mental hospitals.

“Fred’s not crazy because he sees a lot of what you do. He’s got the DTs.” says Robin, reading my mind. “Here let me give you a sign to show you that you’re not nuts seeing me, Sheetzo. Look at my coffee mug.”

DSC04666I reach across the pancakes and pick up the mug. There on the side of the mug, two blue whaled stand in relief, like reverse hieroglyphs!

Robin vanishes with a pleased laugh at my shock as the middle aged vet waitress comes up to my table, “More coffee, sir?”

“No thanks. I’ve had more than enough, waitress.” I say in wonder.

“I noticed you poured a cup to cool off while you drank the other. Smart. OK, hon, you need anything else you let me know.” She smiles turning to go.

“Wait, there is one thing. Can I buy this coffee mug with the whales on it?” I say showing her the whales in the side of the mug.

“Huh. Never saw whales on our mugs before, We have desert stuff on them. Kokopellie, cactus’s, ya know. Never whales. Lemme check with the manager if you can buy it.”

A short time later the waitress returns, “OK, young man, you have a deal. One whale mug from the desert of Seodna for $20.”

“Sold!” I say and off I go with my new mug and back to work on the NEO project, amazed at how the Neuroehone has amplified my psychic gifts to whole new levels and which I proudly promote here, for the most amazing product placement of my life:



This morning I had a profound vision in Sedona, on the road to Antarctica, of one of 24 time zone meditations I will conduct on 12.12.12 with your support.

I have little ego about all this.  It’s brilliant work I am simply channeling by the spirit guides.


The vision I saw today was shift of man’s predilection to War to overriding Peace.I stood on the ice of Antarctica on 12.12.12 and raised my hands which tingled with massive energy.  Weapons, from hand guns to atomic missiles, smashed from the ice the medicine wheel I had laid out in the snow.  The sound of sorrow of the collective human soul became a raging vortex of all the weapons of the earth spinning high about the arctic landscape. A hurricane of death.I saw my tiny human form, my crystal skull glowing through my 60 year-old pale skin, skin, strike the snow with my walking stick, like some modern Gandalf. “SHIFT!” my voice echoed through the crystals of icebergs nearby.  A chill, not from the cold, but the magnetism of South Pole, sent a shiver down my spine.

Doves of dazzling white sprung to flight from the snow. — One dove of peace for each weapon of death.  The doves began to glow with an intensity greater than the sun. The angelic doves grabbed hold of the weapons with impossibly sharp talons and drew out negative energy from the weapons.  Around and around the doves worked their magic until the weapons turned white-hot, molten.The melting weapons and doves forged themselves into single molten blob.  The silver blog sank, steaming into the mile thick ice sheet of Antarctica. I peered over the precipice into the deep shaft and beheld a silver spaceship lifting off!

No UFO, this was a human made spaceship. I heard angelic singing as the ship roared past.  Humanity’s war energy had shifted from war to peace to reach the stars.

Will this really happen when I reach Antarctica?  My spirit guides won’t say.  So we’ll only know when I get there.