Happy Equinox 2012

“A very merry un-birthday to you!” – From Disney’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”

By Ken Sheetz

ImageI don’t enjoy my birthday.  But it still comes every September 21st, usually the Equinox when it’s not a leap year like this one.  The reason I don’t like my birthday?   My father, who died 18 months ago, gave me more than a traditional birthday spanking when I turned thirteen.  You see, back in 1965 my dad got it in his head that age thirteen was manhood.  When I popped my kid brother Bruce in the jaw for teasing me about it getting a savings bond instead of the space toy I wanted, Dad popped his cork and beat me to within an inch of my life.

So, each year around my birthday I go through what the shrinks call “anniversary depression”.  I hoped all the personal growth DreamShield has brought that my 2012 birthday might be different.  But a few days away from my birthday arrival the old anniversary rage at my dad, a shockingly gargantuan amount, boiled up in me like a volcano.  Desperate to minimize my birthday blues, I disabled the notifications on my Facebook page before turning in for the night in the Great Spirits Ranch RV, determined to rough my birthday out in solitude.

Dad’s been dead 18 months now.  A wonderful man when not drinking, Dad loved adventure.  In a November 2011 vision of him Dad was on the adventure of all time, aboard a sleek silver bullet shaped ship traveling faster than the speed of light.  When I asked my dead father where his amazing space ship was going he said he’d let me know when the time was right.

Apparently, the time had come because at 4 AM on the morning of my 2012 birthday, as I lay awake in bed staring at the RV ceiling, dreading the coming day’s annual sorrow, I heard my dead father say, “Ready to know where my space ship has been heading, Ken?”

“Sure,” I said warily.

“Close your eyes.”

I closed my eyes and saw Dad’s silver space ship once again rocketing through the stars.  But I knew in that instant this was not outer space.  Dad’s ship was traveling to the center of my inner universe.

Soon Dad and I were standing on the freshly mowed lawn of our old home in Bay View Wisconsin.  I breathed in the fresh air of 1965 that wafted off Lake Michigan.  Invisible to all but each other, Dad’s ghost and I watched as the blue Chevrolet family station wagon pulled up to the curb.

Mom, a young beauty again in her 30s, was first to hop out of the car with her favorite Bruce, five-years-old again, in tow.

Ghost Dad watched with some shame as his drunken 1965 self stepped from the car and slammed the door shut so hard and loose piece of chrome fell off.   “You ungrateful little shit,” said 1965 Dad lighting up a smoke. “You don’t like your savings bond I’ll burn it, but no more damn toys! I was working and supporting my Ma and sisters when I was thirteen.”

My brother Fred, age eleven and my thirteen-year-old self hopped from the car, avoiding Dad as he did his drunken best to fix the fallen chrome.

“A savings bond is cool, Kenny.” said Fred, still my best friend to this day.

“I wanna model space station.” I grumbled.

“Don’t know when to quit do you, boy?” said 1965 Dad, cutting his finger on the sharp chrome, angrier by the second.

Smelling his chance to amplify family drama, Bruce ran up to Fred and me laughing.  “Ha!  Ha! Ken got a stupid savings bond for his birthday!”

My younger self reared back for a punch, the punch to my smartass baby brother’s jaw that would send my father into a drunken rage.  A rage where he’d beat me to a point I felt I was going to die and did in a way.

But my ghost father had other plans.  He simply reached out and held my 1965 self’s hand back.  So I never hit my baby brother.  My 1965 father  stormed in the house to fix his cut finger.  Fred and I ran off giggling from relief to hide out in the tree house until Dad sobered up.

My spirit self stood for a moment with my ghost father.  I listed in stunned peaceful silence as seagulls sang over Lake Michigan.  It was all so simple, so elegant a solution.  My ghost father had traveled back time to change the past.  And now there never was a beating on my lucky thirteenth.

“Happy birthday, Ken,” Dad said, tears of pride and joy welling in his blue eyes.

I woke in bed weeping and thanking my father.  I could feel it to my core.  Deep healing.  I was 100% cured of my anniversary depression.

Friday morning, my 2012 birthday, I woke filled with renewed energy, not only for my arrival date on the planet earth but life.  A scientist/artist/builder pal, Brian Kutza, offered me a ride off the ranch to the grand opening of John D. Riley’s new gallery and healing center happening that night in Santa Monica and I gladly accepted.

Photo by Brian Kutza

While Brian dropped me off in Santa Monica to pick up his divine compliment Ellen and his adorable daughter Kendra in Pasadena I saw RESIDENT EVIL 5 and bought some new clothes as a birthday gift to myself.  At John’s party I met beautiful new friends and happily told guests it was my birthday.   I thought to myself at one point, “So this is the joy people normally feel on their birthdays!”

Today September 22nd, the 2012 leap year Equinox, I told my brother Fred about my birthday visit from Dad’s ghost.  Fred was very happy for me.

Badly beaten on my 13th birthday?  Nope.  Never happened in this Golden Age we are entering where miracles await us all.  Happy Equinox 2012.

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ET Cure for Humanity’s Insanity Virus Nears

“Suppose, then, that all men were sick or deranged, save one or two of them who were healthy and of right mind. It would then be the latter two who would be thought to be sick and deranged and the former not!”
(Aristotle, Metaphysics 340BC)

By Ken Sheetz

Back in early July, I channeled my ET higher self Ohom to invite him to my UFO Skywatch on July 14th.  But as you see in this video Ohom declined the invite because humanity has a virus, an insanity virus to be precise.

So when the spaceships did not come when July 14th arrived I was sad but not surprised.  Humans as a species are terrifying to the ETs who see us as a greedy beings wrecking its own world, murdering each other and all life on this planet.  Witness last month’s Batman killings for sheer madness with no point but violence itself, or as recent as today’s massacre at a Sihk temple in my home state of Wisconsin.

Over the past seven months, based at Great Spirits Ranch, both on and off the ranch, I’ve witnessed insanity and drug abuse in the liberal left Light Worker community, and to the far right, equally bizarre behavior.  In myself I’ve battled jealousy, ego and depression.  In other words as ranch owner Deb Malmazada is famed for saying, “We are all f’ked up in (human) form.”

I was losing hope entirely for a gentle shift of 2012 when one morning a 4AM the soft echoing voice of Ohom, my higher ET self and guide, woke me from a deep slumber. “Ken, we want to test a cure for the human insanity virus on you.  Go to your faucet with your DreamShield coffee mug and get some fresh water.”

I’ve learned it’s far easier to comply with these odd requests, did as I was asked, and drank.  The 11.11.11 DreamShield mug glowed faintly in the darkness of the early morning as I placed the mug back on the RVs little night stand shelf and went instantly back to sleep.

I soon found myself in dream.  I was running through a strange yet familiar structure, running from a demon.  The demon, I somehow realized for the first time in a lifetime filled with these sorts of nightmares, was my own negative energy.  So I stopped in archway and turned to face my dark side.  The demon overtook me and my face twisted into monstrous forms. I panicked as leathery skin spread across my body.  Bat like wings erupted from my back and razor claws burst painfully from my finger tips.

Despite my terror, I willed myself to stay in the dream.  Pressure drummed in my ears until I thought my head would explode.  But in time, I have no idea how long this inner battle went on, I was able to integrate all the dark energy.  The horrific images of demonic transformation faded.  I looked at myself in a mirror in the dream, myself once more, only stronger.  A new twinkle in my eyes.

A voice called me to wakefulness with a mild Russian accent, “How is it you are feeling, Ken?”

“Like a Mac truck ran me over.  Thanks.  Is this my Russian physicist self from the 19th century the Damanhur have told me about?” I asked the voice.

“Da.  I am interested in how your ego has been affected by the waters,” the voice replied in good humor.

Confused on how I could be in the present and past at the same time I surrendered to the moment and simply answered, “I’ll get back to you, comrade.”

“Take heart, Dreamer.  The negativity visiting upon you, it is absorbed into the crystal caverns and waters below Great Spirits Ranch.   There, I and the team of ET scientists work day and night for the cure to the human insanity virus.

The virus, it is a mutation of the ancient Black Plague. It is sneaky and hides in the folds of the human brain. Look for yourself, Ken!” the voice echoed in my head .

I went into meditation and watched the dark recesses of my brain folds begin to light up with blue white light.  The cure was changing me.  But would it work?

When that long night’s labors ended, seems I work 24 hours some days, it was about 7:30 am.  I did my morning rituals as the birds sang, cleaned up after breakfast and commuted the 100 yards from the RV to my amazing office here at the ranch atop Malibu.

How, I wondered as I walked past the flowers and trees that adorn my commute, could people make themselves, human f’cked up in form me included,  make life, even here in a Malibu paradise, so miserable?  No wonder in the Bible stories God finally kicks out Adam and Eve out of Eden!  We are a contentious cantankerous lot.

After completing my agreed to 4 hours per day of social media, that pays my room and board at the ranch, and at various other places I’ve been blessed to visit these past two years since seeing my first visions in Italy, I decided I needed a break from the electronic world.

So I volunteered to help Deb, and new ranch hand Jason, with some manual labor.  We cleared brush from one of the patio areas where a new TV show’s cast and crew would be dinning over the weekend.  A short while into the work, Deb turned to me and said in her harsh yet straight forward style she is famed for, in her Maryland east coast accent she has never lost despite coming to LA as a kid, “I gotta end the board part of our bargain.  You’ll have to buy your own groceries from now on.  And I we need to rework our whole bargain soon.  I just don’t see the value of social media for my ranch.”

I could tell Deb was expecting a big scene from me, something she relishes in her cathartic way she provokes people’s issues to the surface.  But much as it stung what Deb was saying, I simply shrugged while gathering leaves and said, “OK.  Let’s figure something else out, Deb.  All I know is I want to stay on the ranch a while longer.”

My simple peaceful reaction to Deb’s words, without debate, was exciting progress for Mr. Debate here. We both felt a thrill in my change of style and happily finished our gardening together.  Deb made fabulous sandwiches for lunch to celebrate my victory over anger and ego.

I continue seeing things occurring on the ranch, the world and myself that show me the cure is far from perfected,  but I am hopeful that one morning I’ll be awoken again by Ohom’s voice to drink the waters of the ranch and the cure to the human insanity virus, devouring our world from the inside out, will at last be at hand.

Vision Art of Ken Sheetz Collection

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Balancing the Divine Energies at Great Spirits Ranch


Posted Via Android By Ken Sheetz

X marks the spot of a huge series of meditations at http://greatspiritsranch.com.

Wow.  Will the Illuminati ever give up trying to block our work with their chem trails? No matter, like it or not, they are shifting to the light.

Since arriving on the ranch, where owner Debra Malmazada says no egos are allowed, on January  25th, there have been a never-ending series of meditations of a planetary scale.  Most are focused on balancing and healing the divine male and female energies as well as major releasing the strangle hold on the flow of abundance to the light workers of earth.

At the core of so many of the meditations, all epic on the sacred vortex at Great Spirits Ranch. much like the one I have felt at Mt. Shasta, is a lessening of our planet’s duality.

More details to follow! See Galactic Enforcer Angus’s spiral meditation below! Super cool.

January 2012 – Winds of Change

I hear the howl of the wind that brings
The long dreary storm on its heavy wings.

William Cullen Bryant

By Ken Sheetz

Before we get started enjoy my last meditation video I made at BushWillows, where I was based for 11.11.11 planning.  Thanks Deb of BushWillows.

Something big is happening.  Are you feeling the winds of change?

Time has slowed to an amazing degree.  We rocketed through the Shift of 2010 and 2011 and now time is unfolding like fine wine.  In fact, I am living in a vineyard in Malibu called Great Spirits Ranch.  I am above it all, top of the Santa Monica mountains and my meditations have been non-stop.

I met a real life Alaskan cowboy here on the ranch who is a 3-time world champion ice sculptor named Steve here and after hearing how he searches for the form within a block of ice I’ve challenged him to meditate on sculpting a new reality for 2012.  Can’t wait to hear what he comes up with.

Sadly speaking of Steves, another Steve at BushWillows where I was based for 11.11.11 event creation work, passed away the day after I left of a heart attack.  Steve was a tireless worker and I spent many happy months getting to know him through doing chores, which the Bush Willows couple preferred over social media work.  And I happily agreed to some manual labor in the gardens.  Thanks to them I am refreshed and ready to burn it up on the computers again.

But Steve of BushWillows is not done with his work in the Shift.  As intense winds on my first night at Great Spirits buffeted the RV I saw the ET team that joins with me in the work of DreamShield had grown from 3 to 5 and now 6 with Steve, who dressed in white, and an RV owner himself, took the RV I am staying in on the ranch out for a spin in outer space.  Steve showed up at the wheel a few nights later again on another windy night and took me on a ride to inner earth, a paradise waiting to expand outward to envelope us all here on the surface.

Intense winds have been a theme in January.  In a DreamShield trip to the Anza Borrego desert Laura De Leon and I traveled down the 5,000 foot drop to the desert floor in winds that gusted to 80 mph.  Once we reached the desert floor we went straight to the spot where I made a powerful anti-war film in 2005 you can watch below.  We used the wind to cleanse old stuff from our troubled pasts. Laura’s request for the winds came so powerful we were almost blown off our feet!

80 mph winds trapped Laura and me in the desert town of Borrego Springs for the night.  And what was supposed to be a little day trip became an overnight trip.  We took advantage of the winds of changes pushing us by returning to the desert that night.  As Laura and I approached the outdoor amphitheater beneath the countless stars where I sensed a gathering of ETs of many races awaiting us.  Laura became frightened.  But I assured her all the ETs were friendlies and on we walked in the pitch blackness, lit only by stars.

Laura asked me to take the stage and I channeled Ohom from the Orion star system from the podium.  He spoke to Laura and the audience of ETs about the vital work restoring the divine feminine to its full grace.  How the work was vital to earth’s salvation and admittance to the Galactic council.  And then the channel was broken and the ETs gone.  I’d never channeled Ohom through voice before, only via the keyboard.  It left me exhilarated but exhausted.

Next came Laura’s turn.  I asked her to channel her higher ET self.  She stood in beauty beneath the stars and trembled with energy.  She turned for the Big Dipper, her home star system, spoke only one word “Remember”.

Then we hugged, me facing Orion’s belt and Laura facing the Big Dipper.  We prayed for each others healing.

Laura whispered to me that she had composed a new song on her 21 day meditation  in Costa Rica and I asked her if she’d sing it.  She began.  It’s a powerful and haunting melody.  Laura is a singer who downloads healing code as she sings.  I hoped her amazing voice and great heart might call in a space ship.  Sure enough a golden orb began to approach us from the distance.  It bobbed up and down.  Laura saw it too and kept singing, nervously now as the UFO loomed.

Suddenly the UFO veered right and became and ordinary jet aircraft.  Had we seen our first UFO together or was it a jet all the time?   Does it matter?  We felt the thrill.   We felt bliss and that ETs would be welcome for us.

By the way, we are working to reset the UFO sky watch with famed ET expert Renato Longato.  His 11.11.11 Sky Watch got rained out and he kindly agreed to try again for us soon as we can all get together.  What was easy and came together effortlessly on 11.11.11 has proven difficult.  But I have faith it will all come together when and where it should.

The next morning I was up early taking pics of the desert and soon we were on our way back home.  I don’t have much money, working mostly for room and board in the recession, and so I told Laura I’d just have water while she had her pancakes.  She wanted to treat me but my ego would have none of it.  And all our beautiful DreamShield work of the night before seemed so far away as I left the table to stew in the car alone.

What I’ve learned since my rocky 11.11.11 day is that issues arise for healing.  Laura never gives up and brought me some food to go in the car.  Yeah, we twin flames got through it.  There’s more light and less ego in me all the time.  I’m ready to accept the gifts people want to give me.  That’s the divine feminine balance making progress.  We heal ourselves and it ripples out healing the world.  Not always fun but vital work,.

Many new people and new visions to report about as I cruise into February in the magical RV I am living in high above the Pacific at Great Spirits Ranch.  I’ve seen giant spirits here and Steve’s ghost and a Hawaiian spirits and aliens in flame.  Stay tuned!

Heart in the sky at Great Spirits Ranch

Countdown to The End of Mayan Calendar – Mexico to Mars

What kind of world is this that can send machines to Mars and does nothing to stop the killing of a human being?
Jose Saramago

By Ken Sheetz

Photo by Stephen Collector

Like the trip to Italy that began DreamShield in May of 2010, I was bartering a spiritual workshop, this one in Mexico, for social media services.  And like Italy, with that barter there were still expenses for travel.  Earning money for a spur of the moment trip during the holidays was tough, especially in a disintegrating economy.  But through sheer will power to attend this once in a lifetime class on  the one year countdown to 12.21.12 I got the dough together and was on my way to the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan Mexico.

Soon I was learning Toltec wisdom from a world-renowned master.  It was pure joy.  My consciousness rapidly expanding.  Old patterns being discovered in the ruins of Teo and erased.

The goal of the 4 day workshop was to set our group dreaming of a better 2012 was a perfect fit to my DreamShield mission.  I felt divine guidance to be in Teo for the one year countdown to the end of the Mayan age.

But, I must admit, I also felt out of my league to be attending such a gathering of eagles as the teacher called us one day in Teotihuacan Mexico when we were atop the Pyramid of the sun.  Even though a natural eagle pattern has emerged in my hair as it’s whitened since seeing angels in Italy the first time.  Yeah, an eagle in my hair and I still have doubts.

It’s an odd stage for me.  I am no longer a newbie to spirit work and but there’s still a lot I do not have a clue about.  I feel like a spiritual teenager.  Well, a good thing to feel as I turn 60 in the fall of this amazing year of 2012!

In any case, I certainly felt honored to be in Teo. Fellow advanced students, I’ve learned at these gatherings, are as much a part of the learning as from the master.  One classmate, a charming man from Turkey, shared meditation technique for quieting the mind at the pool I had not heard about.

Later, I walked deep into the big garden behind the hotel, which sits itself upon ruins of Teo, that have never been excavated, and gave his technique a whirl.  It involves dividing your attention in two, giving half your awareness to a sound and the other to something visual.

I lay on my back on the manicured resort lawn and focused on the clouds and the feel of the grass in my hands.  Soon I went deeper than I ever have in meditation.  I saw dazzling energy erupt from all the Teotihuacan pyramids at once and was visited by the three angels from Italy that built the DreamShield in May of 2010.


I looked up at the three 7 foot tall angels I had first met in Italy.  The spiked feathers of their blue wings glittered in the late Mexican afternoon sun.

“The solstice is not until tomorrow.  You’re a day early.” I said as my higher Ohom ET angel self, annoyed my vacation was getting interrupted.

Archangel Michael said, “Element of surprise.”

“Yes,” I sighed, already far wiser than my Ken-self when I become Ohom.

Michael pulled me to my feet.  I looked down from my 7 foot height saw my human Ken-body resting on the lawn in warm Teo sun.

“Well, at least my human self is having a rest.”

“Let’s go!” said Gabrielle, a beautiful female blue angel.

A year ago, I didn’t know the names of these angels, let alone that I was part of their clan of galactic enforcers from the Orion star system.  Now 18 months later we had been on many missions together, closed the Bermuda Triangle, a failed Martian artificial  merkaba experiment that had destroyed Atlantis and the remnants of which cause our wars and divorces, healed the San Andreas fault, melted a portal in space time for the earth to travel to the 5th dimension, unscrambled time with the MERLIN code, cut the tap to Gaia’s energy for the world’s banks and the Fed and much more recorded in this blog.

We rocketed into the sky from the gardens of the hotel.  I could see the vast Teotihuacan pyramid complex shrinking beneath us as we broke though the clouds.

As we reached the edge of space, without asking, I knew our angelic mission.  Rescue the heart of Gia.  A heart I knew was no longer on the earth that was quickly shrinking beneath me.  No, Gaia’s heart was being held by hostile Martians on a fortified canyon called Valles Marineris on Mars.

The rescue of Gaia’s heart would be dangerous, even for us with our Galactic enforcer powers, as this Martian canyon was filled with traps and weapons bent on our destruction.  A tough search as the canyon is many times deeper than earth’s Grand Canyon and long as the entire US continent.

To be continued…

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A Blue Angel’s 2012 Predictions

Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like its heaven on earth. – Mark Twain

By Ken Sheetz

I’ve been resting up for days for this posting.  Channeling is still new for me and I feel a bit afraid opening myself up for this one big.  2012!  Have we done our job I wonder manifesting a gentle 2012?

I am nervous to open the channel.  I don’t want to have let Ohom and his people down.  Ohom, for any new readers is my higher ET self, a blue angel-like ET from the Orion’s belt star system.

To heck with fear!  Here goes.  This is like closing your eyes with them still open.  I have no idea what Ohom has in store for us…

“Ohom, I am ready.  Take over the keyboard and tell us what we can expect in 2012!”

“Thank you, Ken Sheetz, for this opportunity to share my predictions for 2012 with your readers.  I want to emphasize that my predictions are an energetic not to be taken literally, but spiritually. 

The work of gentle 2012 has been magnificent, keep it up, all of you people of the light, no matter how different from my 2012 predictions it may seem.  All sorrow is an illusion.  Stay joyous!

January 1, 2012 – As the last of earth’s time zones shift into 2012 a ripple in the space-time continuum flutters through the hearts of every human being on your world.

January 11, 2012 – The heart ripple, now 10 days old, breaks away the crust of the old programming around the hearts of humanity.  Freedom after eons of enslavement sends billions to dance in the streets.

February 10, 2012 – The heart ripple grows to a tsunami.  People for first time are able think as one. Governments, banks and corporations collapse when people see such ill serving institutions are obsolete.

March 21, 2012 – The dark ones threaten nuclear destruction if the people will not obey to the old.  New humanity calls the bluff, but it was no bluff and a launch of h-bombs is made.  But the human mind that now operates as one neutralizes the bombs midway and they fall to earth as rose petals.  Triumph.  Humanity is truly free.

May 11, 2012 – Freed of its slavery to the old for nearly two months, humanity creates the first thought powered forms of teleportation.  The first living being to teleport is kitten named Whiskers.  Whiskers travel around the earth in just 24 minutes, making one stop in each teleportation station in each of earth’s time zones.

June 21, 2012 – Earth celebrates the summer solstice with freedom from oil addiction by manifesting of a fleet of clean solar energy cars for all.  Oil wells are capped.  Gaia rejoices.

July 11. 2012 – Hunger and homelessness upon the earth is officially a thing of the fading past.  All eat healthy, and fast food restaurants are converted to living museums.

August 10, 2012 – The 2012 Presidential elections are officially called off as humanity no longer needs politics.  Whiskers replaces Obama as America’s figure-head of state.

September 21, 2012 – Love is recognized as earth’s official new currency.  All the animals in every zoo are freed.  The oceans and air are purified in a wave of purifying positive human thought.

October 11, 2012 – Cancer officially becomes the last disease to fall under the power of earth’s shared positive consciousness.

November 11, 2012 – Shared dreams replace TV and movie as the greatest form of entertainment on the planet.

December 21, 2012 – Parties that have been going on for 10 days erupt into global shout of joy at the end of the Mayan calendar.

December 22, 2012 – The spaceships of Orion hear the joyous shout of humanity and we arrive on the first day of your golden age. 

December 31, 2012 – One billion people teleport to my home world in the Orion belt for a cultural exchange.  To humanity’s shock it is You who we are learning from.  The people of earth are greatest manifestors in all the universe!  All galactic society rejoices that you finally have stepped into your own power to co-create heaven on earth.

Happy New Age 2012, Humanity!”


The Fall of Teotihuacan and the Rise of Humanity in 2012

“If you are not happy in this world you are stupid.” – Don Miguel Ruiz, Author of THE FOUR AGREEMENTS

By Ken Sheetz

Asking for Help with a Gentle 2012 from Quetzalcoatl at The Pyramid of the Sun

I sensed in meditation, that at its zenith, the multiracial culture of Teotihuacan did not know poverty or shame.  It was a culture of pure positivity and love.  Looking deeper, I saw in my meditations at the pyramid of the Sun, that the Teotihuacan culture became great through the tender guidance of ancient astronauts.  Or ETs as we call them, even though they have been here on earth long before our species emerged.

How then did Teo fall, I further meditated?  Ohom, my higher ET self sadly answered, “When our space ships left on a mission to another of the young worlds we care for, the people of Teo fell into fear of our return.  Deeper and deeper the people sank in darkness without the light of the “Gods” as they called us.  Finally, one of your elders suggested human sacrifice would speed our return.  In desperation some of the people agreed, while other people who did not agree left Teotihuacan forever and took to the jungles in secret.”

Ohom continued, “One day, when the “Gods” returned of our own accord, we were appalled at the taking of human life in our name and so we took back our gifts of technology you were not ready for.  Humanity was left time to evolve on its own before the ETs would ever return again.  Our return is delayed by human sacrifice in the form of war, greed, starvation and consumerism that has never been greater than it is in 2011.”

As Ohom’s words echoed I saw Teo’s ancient people weep as the ships left for the stars in the middle of the night.  Such sorrow went out from the people that I sat up from my meditation in deep racking sobs.

Ohom’s voice comforted me,  “Please know, Kenneth, that though you may not be able to see us that we have never truly left you and do watch over you and all the people of your blue world in secret.”

A year from now Earth enters a golden age.  The ET council still debates how fast our transformation will be, anything from a night-time to a million years for humanity to become the protectors, not consumers, of this world.

Both a night-time and a million years are the blink of an eye in universal time.  My higher self, Ohom, has asked the ET council that full transformation to a positive society be 50 years, of which we are now 18 months deep into.

I urge you to get in touch with you higher self in the coming year in meditation and put in your vote with the ET council for the speed of our evolution.  Much as I love him, I hope Ohom is out voted and the shift is faster rather than slower, for all our sakes and the world’s.  Please post your vote for the length of the Shift and your reasoning below!

I recognize all of the above could be my own overactive imagination in my DreamShield meditations, simply beautiful symbols for my subconscious to express in words the deep impact Teotihuacan had upon me.  An impact merged with my own history of abandonment as a child.  Or perhaps that my sad history is why I have been gifted to see into the fall of the Teo.  Who can say?

All that matters is that whatever it is that moves you, be it religion, science or visions of your own amazing minds, that we strive to change our society from the negative to the positive.


Ken Sheetz


Learn more of the wisdom of Don Miguel Ruiz at www.miguelruiz.com

Vision art “Welcome back” by Ken Sheetz http://facebook.com/dreamshield2012

The 11.11.11 Visions #4 – The 11th Vault’s Secret Mission

“Angels may be sneaky, but the stinkers have humanity’s best interests at heart.” – Ken Sheetz

December 4, 2011 – Important DreamShield 2012 Vision Report!

Back a few blogs ago I wrote of how at 11:11 PM, as Laura De León, did a meditation count down on the big stage at the 11.11.11 Ascension Convention we co-hosted,  I saw the 11th vault door, so massive that it locked off the entire face of the Earth,  turn red-hot as we meditated with the blue angels in our midst and that I saw the huge vault simply vaporize from outer space at the climax our day-long group 11.11.11 meditations.  And when Laura handed me the mic, expecting some lengthy vision I had seen I simply said, “The angels melted the vault,” to the cheers of the crowd.

But I went silent because strangely I saw no heart of banks to warm, the 11th Vault meditation’s purpose that climaxed 6 months of meditation opening the 10 other vaults to this final vault.  Or so I thought as I talk about in detail on blog link above (important to review to understand this latest vital vision fully)  Why then had I been guided to do this meditation that seemed pointless?

So many mysteries.  I’d not been so confused about a vision since this all began with my seeing the DreamShield in Italy back in May of 2010 that got this whole project started, set dates years in advance for key meditations, via a God-like voice and all.  Then, a few days ago, came the amazing 11.11.11 after-vision you see pictures above, as best as I can render it for you, dear reader, and I became even more confused.

So today I surrendered and channeled Ohom, my higher blue-ET-angel-self, to get the scoop on what’s the heck’s going on!

“Ohom, millions of angels tugging on golden threads wrapped around the Earth, pulling the world through a hole in the space-time fabric left behind by our 11th vault meditation.  What’s this 11.11.11 after vision mean?” I said, thinking I sounded more like a journalist than a channeler.

“Hallelujah!” Shouted Ohom.  – By the way, you’ve not lived until you’ve heard an angel shout ‘Hallelujah’ in your echoing head. –  Ohom joyously continued,  “Rejoice!  Your 11.11.11 event meditation, along with 5 million people across the Earth at various sacred sites, opened a portal to the 5th dimension.  We are in the process now of what you call The Shift.”

“We opened a portal?  I thought we were unlocking the vault to the heart of earth’s banks on 11.11.11?” I asked, feeling a tickle of anger.

“Sorry, it was necessary to withhold the true purpose of the work from you and everyone else on your world,” Ohom answered without shame.

“If you didn’t trust me to keep a secret, you could have at least trusted Laura De León, who ran sacred ceremony for event.” I said.

“Far too risky for the beautiful diva’s safety and yours.  We kept all 11.11.11 events across the Earth scattered, moderate in size, and unaware of what you were doing so as not to draw attention of the dark forces.  Forces that were, in fact, tracking your 11th vault meditation, which was all over the web.  But as the dark ones know that banks are in fact heartless, as you too now know, the dark forces merely got a chuckle out of your work.”

“A chuckle?”

“Their overconfidence is their undoing.  The portal you and the five million opened means the Shift will succeed without question.”

“What if the dark forces close the portal, or block it?” I said.

“According to the Galactic Treaty of Pangea since it was created telepathically by your species, the hole in space you co-created with the 5 million signals humanity’s ascension and thus the portal cannot be closed.”

“Nice.  All without any of us knowing what we the heck were doing? Kinda takes the fun out it.” I sighed.

“You mean the ego out of it?” Ohom laughed playfully.

“Laura got that ball rolling beautifully of ego to heart.  At least one of us knew what we were doing! ” I groused.

“Let go your anger, Ken, lest you end up a modern-day Moses.”

“Left behind as the rest of the people entered the promise land?  Swell.  You mean there will be an earth that’s like the one we have today to get left behind on?”

“Yes, but it will not be like the Earth of today. It will be a place of total Ego, no heart, where the few rule over the many like cattle.” said Ohom with deep compassion that tinkled like wind chimes.

“Sounds like a typical corporation.  Look, I’m doing my best, Ohom.  But, frankly, I feel blackmailed into giving up my ego with this Moses stuff.  And I sure ain’t no Moses.” I said, surprised at my own outrage.

“Ken, there’s not time left for soft-pedaling this.  You must live from heart to make the Shift.  I tell you this from love, not to blackmail you.”

“Sorry.  I’ve been a bear to be around for over a month now.  Where has all my peace of mind from the Work gone?” I said in hoarse whisper.

“The past and present are mingling in this transition, like the old caterpillar and the new butterfly in the cocoon.  Both existing simultaneously before the birth of the new.”

“You make it sound poetic, but I tell you this caterpillar/butterfly thing is driving me nuts.”

My best advice: Look forward.  Let yourself be happy that there is a higher power on humanity’s side, guiding all.  The dark forces cannot win.  I leave you in peace.  Namaste, Ken Sheetz.”

“Namaste, Ohom.  It is an honor to be part of you.”


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ET Angels Pack the House on 11.11.11. Well, we did advertise "ETs get in for free."

The 11.11.11 Visions – #2 – The 11th Vault and Its Uninvited Guardian

Most of the shadows or this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

By Ken Sheetz

11.11.11 was here at last.  The date that I’d been getting messages to hold a DreamShield event on since 5.5.10, when I saw the 7 foot tall blue angels build a force field around earth that was capable of harnessing the mass consciousness of humanity to protect this world and help manifest a gentle 2012.  Looking at the sentence I just wrote, I still have a hard time believing the 30 some events attended by so many now and recorded on YouTube in over 200 videos from around the world in just 18 months has really happened.

Really, I don’t proclaim to believe to know what’s behind any of my visions, could be anything from a tumor to the real thing, angels from outer space, and here was all this happening and much more to come.  And happening to a man not used to the public spotlight.  A filmmaker who prefers to stay behind the camera rather than in front.

11.11.11 - The Ascension Convention, LA

Unfortunately, come 11.11.11 I had been so busy helping put this event together, from securing our location event sponsor EARTH SHIFT PRODUCTS, also our 10.10.10 sponsor and to whom we are eternally grateful, to using my old architectural skills of making floor plans to marketing, via my social media company BuzzBroz, to arranging video production gear for the day, planning interviews with exhibitors and much more, that I’d not given much thought to my part in the ceremonies Laura De León had planned so impeccably for the day, but, out of love and respect, had left me the space to plan by myself.  And I’d planned nothing.

What the heck would I do on stage, in front of all these people who had paid to be here, if I saw no angels?  Sing karaoke?  Do a card trick?  I’d actually had one in my pocket I was not very good at.   It felt like one of those college exam dreams where you lost your speech and had to go on before the class, naked.

Nora Delgado's Workshop

Fortunately, Laura had plenty more wonders for the people to experience that day than me if I bombed.   As Laura’s day of amazing workshops on ascension minded topics drew to a close I took to the stage and looked at the enthused crowd.   A crowd that would have been larger but for the rains that were now starting to patter on the beautiful big tent that I thanked the angels was here for us.  I’d been angry with the angels all week during the lousy weather forecasts. It hardly ever rains in California.  Why rain and cool weather on this magical day of 11.11.11?

A voice kept assuring me, ” All is as it should be, Ken.  These fine group of people who braved the weather are just what this meditation to unlock the 11th vault needs.”

“Easy for the angels to say,” I raged inwardly at the voice within me.  “ETs and angels have no need for money.  This rain means I just worked 15 hour days for three months without a day off without a pay day.  Angels are lousy bosses.”

Laura De Leon introduces nervous me (Note the tongue.)

Very small of me, I know, chewing out angels.  They don’t call me the Larry David of the spirit world for nothing!  All my spiritual growth of the past 18 months was out the window.  So when Laura asked if I could speed things up on my meditation as the night was already behind schedule, well, this did not help my disposition.  Ironically, the theme of the night was Laura’s brilliant idea of humanity ascending from ego consciousness to living from the heart, and here I was having a ego trip about being rushed at my own event.

Yes, my angels love comedy.  It’s a galactic reality show I feel at times with all of us as human cameras, cameras that also have every human sense recorded for the galactic audience to relish in.  Kinda like THE MATRIX meets THE TRUMAN SHOW.  At times, frankly it pisses me off to be laughed at so much.  But ETs, as Jackie Salvitti of ETHEALING.COM, one of our night’s featured speakers, says, “ETs have a great sense of humor.”

It explains much.  How boring watching us would be if our weather were perfect.  Yeah, angels are stinkers that throw challenges at us that would make any reality show producer blush.  You heard it here first.

But all my doubts and ego subsided as I looked over the beautiful crowd of eager happy faces in the tent.  Honestly, Ive done a lot of public speaking in business and attended many events, but in all my 30 years of that corporate junk I’ve never seen a crowd as open as receptive and beautiful as the one gathered under the tent at Rancho De Las Palmas. The stinker angels were right.  This was the perfect crowd to meditate on opeing the hearts of banks.

Then suddenly, as the crowd’s passion picked me up off my grouchy butt, dozens blue angels materialized, filling every the empty white seat scattered in the crowd.  As I reported this news of ET angels joining the 11th Vault meditation, a thrill went through the gathering.

Now, I began to see earth from space and the golden vault door that was hiding the heart of earth’s banks.  This earth-size safe cracking was a mammoth job I told the meditating crowd.  Honestly, folks.  Whatever it is we are we are far more powerful than we know.  I could feel the energy of the crowd willing the vault to open.   The crowd’s energy filled my exhausted body with vitality and I knew in that moment what has kept old performers like the Stones young and alive.

Next, I saw millions of angels pulling at the golden door.  I shouted joyously the meditating crowd, “Imagine if we can open the vault and warm the heart of the banks! Banks with a heart would no longer fund wars, fund polluters! Banks with a heart would no longer steal peoples homes, impoverish us and would instead of enrich us.  At 11:11 PM let’s open the vault!”  I left the stage to applause, drained of my last reserves but feeling the energy of the crowd and angels building.

Laura turned to me as I took my seat and said, “Wow.”  Which made me feel a whole lot better.  I was almost myself again.

Laura De Leon blows the spiritual roof off the tent with Philippo Franchini

As the amazing night continued, the vision built.  At Aros’ dolphin mediation I caught a glimpse of lasers cutting the vault. At Jackie Salvitti’s amazing ET healing I saw my higher angel self with a stethoscope trying to break the combo. At Renato Longato’s amazing speech about ETs and their role in 2012 I saw the circular pavilion, where the exhibitors worked flawlessly during the day, become a giant spaceship pumping energy to the DreamShield, where the White Tree of 10.10.10 still stood.

And rather than seeing something, during Laura’s amazing singing with Philippo Francnhini, I felt a spark of something new ignite in my heart.  A spark that is still growing.

Finally, as Laura conducted the 11:11 PM mediation I closed my eyes and instantly saw the angels work reach its climax: The vault turned red-hot and simply vaporized in a shimmering wave.  Laura handed me the mic and asked me to report what I saw to the crowd.

I felt like the stoic Bruce Willis character in THE FIFTH ELEMENT when all I said was…

“The angels melted the vault.”

6 moths of meditations on opening the vault to hearts of Earth’s banks,  some very painful and poignant, but for the final vault this was all there was to it?  I was hoping to see more!

But the crowd cheered and danced for joy in the puddles that seeped under the beautiful tent.  I took a seat, too tired to enjoy the fun and wondering where was the heart of the banks?  I expected the banks to have a heart, my theory, as explained in the video above, that since the corporations have fought to recognized as living beings that this would mean they have a heart was kaput.  And I’ve seen the hearts of Apple and Disney and warmed them in past meditations with angels.  Now here, blessedly, there was only Gia, Mother Earth, free of the banks that had been sucking off her like a vampire.  But no bank heart to be found!

I can only conclude one of two things from the no heart scenario.  One, the heart is hidden somewhere on this world or, two, and very chilling, that banks are truly as heartless as they seem.  I prefer to think the heart of banks are hidden and that my higher self with the aid of the angels will find that heart and warm it.  Ever since 11.11.11 I have been doing just that in meditations.  Still not even a clue.  God knows we need to find that heart!

Back to the 11.11.11 fun and a moment that stunned me.  A couple that were in human form, but of other worldly height and perfection of form came up to me and congratulated me on the meditation with warm hugs.  The male must have been 7 feet tall and the woman a good 6 foot plus.  I asked if I could take a picture, thinking they were ETs, and they said yes.  I turned to get my camera out of my pocket but when I looked up they were gone.

After working until 2 AM to pack up the event and collapsing into bed at the hotel in that exhausted state where visions come easily, I saw to my shock that a beast had been in our midst as the crowd danced!  Our uninvited hairy guest was big and ugly, with the head of a black bull!  I’ve been told by my spirit guides that this Minotaur was an angry Wall Street spirit guarding the 11th vault.  Defeated, it was lost and out of job.

My spirit guide Angus assured my fearful mind that the confused beast was quickly tossed out of the tent by his Galactic enforcer clan, a vision to itself.  I’d not seen any of this in real time as I was too tired.

Was I imagining this beast?  Well, a few days later Laura would email me, without having heard my after vision story of the uninvited guest, that she had clearly heard a beast-like grunt come from near me.

And this after-vision of the Wall Street Minotaur would be just the start.  There was much more to the visions of 11.11.11 to come in the following days and weeks.


12.12.12 is the last primary date the voice in Italy has told me must be honored to power the DreamShield for the completion of this gentle 2012 mission on 12.21.12.  This will be a 10 day long symposium where all we have learned from 10.10.10 and 11.11.11 and other of the smaller events will be put to work.  We’re going to have this one somewhere warm and dry tropical, Hawaii.  Ha!  Try to make Hawaii’s weather funny, angels!  Oh, wait, volcanoes.  Never tempt angels.  Sorry, guys.

Too early for advanced 12.12.12 tickets, but stay tuned as I work on venue and sponsors, this time giving myself a full year to get this stuff done so I can enjoy myself at my own event!  Meanwhile, however, your love donations at DreamShield.org at the PayPal link on the page help me report work on the angel visions which, hopefully with your help, I will one day gather into a book.

And stay tuned as well for a February the rescheduling of Renato’s DreamShield UFO Sky Watch which was rained out on 11.11.11!