January 2012 – Winds of Change

I hear the howl of the wind that brings
The long dreary storm on its heavy wings.

William Cullen Bryant

By Ken Sheetz

Before we get started enjoy my last meditation video I made at BushWillows, where I was based for 11.11.11 planning.  Thanks Deb of BushWillows.

Something big is happening.  Are you feeling the winds of change?

Time has slowed to an amazing degree.  We rocketed through the Shift of 2010 and 2011 and now time is unfolding like fine wine.  In fact, I am living in a vineyard in Malibu called Great Spirits Ranch.  I am above it all, top of the Santa Monica mountains and my meditations have been non-stop.

I met a real life Alaskan cowboy here on the ranch who is a 3-time world champion ice sculptor named Steve here and after hearing how he searches for the form within a block of ice I’ve challenged him to meditate on sculpting a new reality for 2012.  Can’t wait to hear what he comes up with.

Sadly speaking of Steves, another Steve at BushWillows where I was based for 11.11.11 event creation work, passed away the day after I left of a heart attack.  Steve was a tireless worker and I spent many happy months getting to know him through doing chores, which the Bush Willows couple preferred over social media work.  And I happily agreed to some manual labor in the gardens.  Thanks to them I am refreshed and ready to burn it up on the computers again.

But Steve of BushWillows is not done with his work in the Shift.  As intense winds on my first night at Great Spirits buffeted the RV I saw the ET team that joins with me in the work of DreamShield had grown from 3 to 5 and now 6 with Steve, who dressed in white, and an RV owner himself, took the RV I am staying in on the ranch out for a spin in outer space.  Steve showed up at the wheel a few nights later again on another windy night and took me on a ride to inner earth, a paradise waiting to expand outward to envelope us all here on the surface.

Intense winds have been a theme in January.  In a DreamShield trip to the Anza Borrego desert Laura De Leon and I traveled down the 5,000 foot drop to the desert floor in winds that gusted to 80 mph.  Once we reached the desert floor we went straight to the spot where I made a powerful anti-war film in 2005 you can watch below.  We used the wind to cleanse old stuff from our troubled pasts. Laura’s request for the winds came so powerful we were almost blown off our feet!

80 mph winds trapped Laura and me in the desert town of Borrego Springs for the night.  And what was supposed to be a little day trip became an overnight trip.  We took advantage of the winds of changes pushing us by returning to the desert that night.  As Laura and I approached the outdoor amphitheater beneath the countless stars where I sensed a gathering of ETs of many races awaiting us.  Laura became frightened.  But I assured her all the ETs were friendlies and on we walked in the pitch blackness, lit only by stars.

Laura asked me to take the stage and I channeled Ohom from the Orion star system from the podium.  He spoke to Laura and the audience of ETs about the vital work restoring the divine feminine to its full grace.  How the work was vital to earth’s salvation and admittance to the Galactic council.  And then the channel was broken and the ETs gone.  I’d never channeled Ohom through voice before, only via the keyboard.  It left me exhilarated but exhausted.

Next came Laura’s turn.  I asked her to channel her higher ET self.  She stood in beauty beneath the stars and trembled with energy.  She turned for the Big Dipper, her home star system, spoke only one word “Remember”.

Then we hugged, me facing Orion’s belt and Laura facing the Big Dipper.  We prayed for each others healing.

Laura whispered to me that she had composed a new song on her 21 day meditation  in Costa Rica and I asked her if she’d sing it.  She began.  It’s a powerful and haunting melody.  Laura is a singer who downloads healing code as she sings.  I hoped her amazing voice and great heart might call in a space ship.  Sure enough a golden orb began to approach us from the distance.  It bobbed up and down.  Laura saw it too and kept singing, nervously now as the UFO loomed.

Suddenly the UFO veered right and became and ordinary jet aircraft.  Had we seen our first UFO together or was it a jet all the time?   Does it matter?  We felt the thrill.   We felt bliss and that ETs would be welcome for us.

By the way, we are working to reset the UFO sky watch with famed ET expert Renato Longato.  His 11.11.11 Sky Watch got rained out and he kindly agreed to try again for us soon as we can all get together.  What was easy and came together effortlessly on 11.11.11 has proven difficult.  But I have faith it will all come together when and where it should.

The next morning I was up early taking pics of the desert and soon we were on our way back home.  I don’t have much money, working mostly for room and board in the recession, and so I told Laura I’d just have water while she had her pancakes.  She wanted to treat me but my ego would have none of it.  And all our beautiful DreamShield work of the night before seemed so far away as I left the table to stew in the car alone.

What I’ve learned since my rocky 11.11.11 day is that issues arise for healing.  Laura never gives up and brought me some food to go in the car.  Yeah, we twin flames got through it.  There’s more light and less ego in me all the time.  I’m ready to accept the gifts people want to give me.  That’s the divine feminine balance making progress.  We heal ourselves and it ripples out healing the world.  Not always fun but vital work,.

Many new people and new visions to report about as I cruise into February in the magical RV I am living in high above the Pacific at Great Spirits Ranch.  I’ve seen giant spirits here and Steve’s ghost and a Hawaiian spirits and aliens in flame.  Stay tuned!

Heart in the sky at Great Spirits Ranch

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