24 Hour Planetside Assistance

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

By Ken Sheetz

You are more powerful than you knowYou are more powerful than you know.

Saturday a post on Facebook by Sedona spirit worker Ed Preston alerted me about the California fires. San Fransisco was in danger of evacuation, the great redwoods in danger too. So I did planetary meditations I blogged about yesterday. I just checked the news. WOW. Containment has doubled in the past 24 hours and the news says it looks like the giant redwoods and city are going to be saved after all.

How confident were the ET angels that guide me in meditation today about SF and the redwoods? They had me back on Fukushima duty today. Progress in the Pacific is accelerating as I learn to use the unlimited power of the DreamShield.

It’s a force field we can all access to protect our world. All planets with sentient life have these shields. Gaia was born without one for some reason. But I am blessed to have been part of earth being gifted with a DreamShield by ETs from the Orion star system on May 5, 2010.

We are the stewards of this world. And the dream shield is a tool. It manifests at various speeds and with our real world actions. Meditation sets intent. Fire, floods, earthquakes, comets, pole shift, rogue worlds, all manner of dangers, both within and without are on the way to obsolete.

News report: “Firefighters were aided by movement of the blaze into less forested areas, higher humidity and cooler temperatures…” From Yahoo News.

Rejoice and keep seeing the fires going out.

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