“Unless we do something about Fukushima we are all going to die.  Everyone of us.  I have the solution that I will share with the proper authorities.”

– Dr. Patrick Flanagan CEO

By Ken Sheetz

Real Life Jedi FinalEpic Dreamshield vision early this morning, 9.15.13. Birthday of my son, still lost deep in the Matrix.  I have just returned to Sedona from a 10 day visit to my brother Fred in Wisconsin.  He remains in an induced coma suffering from 2 bleeding ulcers.  His condition remains uncertain.  Fred now battles pneumonia and infections from his long healing process.

Early this morning I saw a hostile alien fleet enter earth space, in blatant defiance of the Galactic Treaty of 2010 that I have blogged about in great detail here. The aliens were so deeply cloaked in darkness that I could not make out their race or features.

The bastards were here to supervise their evil workings they set in place with Fukushima radiation #WTFUKU, addictions and diseases, meant to wipe us out the way the Spaniards wiped out the Mayans and Aztecs with blankets carrying small pox.

Malevolent does not even begin to describe this bunch of ETs preying on an earth addicted by pointless pursuits of amusement, wealth and fame.

But the ETs of Orion who guard our world were ready for battle. An example of the power of love would be made, a line drawn in the sand of space for these defilers of the galaxy.

Before the dark beings could dematerialize, the light ships of the Orions appeared from nowhere and flooded the hostile fleet with light that carried a code of unrelenting love. The dark ETs roared as the light poured through their every atom, blasting away all darkness and anger from their souls.

“A love beam!” I said to myself in wonder. Honored to be witnessing a great shift and seeing low love conquers evil in the heavens.

Transformed into beings of love and light the hostile aliens, newborn ET angels, set to work at undoing their evils upon our planet. An emissary of the once hostile fleet set off for the home world to transform their species forever.

Ohom of the Orions spoke to me at great length after the vision about my brother, still in induced coma after 12 days. I and the whole family, minus my two estranged kids who have each gotten a stern and well deserved rebuke from me, visited Fred from all across the country.  After 10 days I felt he was out of enough danger to return to Sedona to my work on The Flanagan Experiments. 

Ohom gently assured me, “Fred is a powerful being who has been doing battle with the dark forces for many lifetimes. Know that whatever he chooses, to stay in this world with you in this world or not, that he will be held in the light of love. Darkness cannot fight the light.”

Many thanks to all who have kept Fred in your heart in his battles in the twilight.  Special thanks to Patrick Flanagan, Stephanie Sutton, Mica Monet and Deborah McGill who have been using their powerful gifts of remote healing to help my brother and our family through this hard time.  Earth angels rock!


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