Gia, 1s and 0s & Play

“For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” – Carl Sagan

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Up early because in meditation this morning Gia spoke to me for the first time and I wanted to get it onto the blog.  As usual I have no idea where this stuff is coming from.  You’d think after a year I’d know if I was going nuts or the Shift is real.

Gia said, “I am healing, not falling apart as those who deal in fear are saying.  Be assured all will unfold gracefully, like a flower.  All you need do is love and watch my skies, my children.”

Then ET angels showed me visions as they spoke and I saw dinosaurs walking the earth.

“We are beings of light who live very far from your world and watch over many intelligent worlds.  One of our observers discovered Gia while she was quite young.  We were stunned at what Gia was creating from the primordial soup.”

An asteroid hit earth as the ET voice continued.

“It was when a comet struck killing the great lizards that we realized that gentle Gia lacked a planetary protection that all intelligent worlds possess.  And so we gave assistance.  Through transmission of certain codes, which you call binary, 1s and 0s, the human species, you, arose to be Gia’s caretakers and protectors.”

“Other intelligent species, less evolved than we, interfered with our binary gift to your world. As a result our gift was turned against Gia.  Through all this she has loved you and awaits the happy days to come soon when you will realize your full potential as the protectors of Gia.”

After getting the above blogged, I washed and help host Laura De Leon get her amazing home ready for guests Aros Crystos and Elizabeth England.  Aros and Liz provided a nice break from DreamShield planning work for Laura and me.

Aros Crystos

After Laura’s amazing pasta we all got in the pool.  Aros communicates telepathically with dolphins and he had many cool stories and insights to share.  Later we all watched THE FIFTH ELEMENT on Laura’ big screen.

We got on the topic of Sheldon Nidlle, whose wild predictions about massive 2012 change were the inspiration for DreamShield’s vision of a gentle Shift.  Liz and Aros, who are fans a of a big shift, complete with spaceships to whisk us to new worlds, were a bit surprised how conservative I am in my beliefs the shift will be gentle, a more heart felt humanity.

But, the shift within, as Laura describes it, and which fits with the gentle visions I have had for over a year now, is huge and can do a lot.  Imagine humanity’s heart awakening to protect this world, its creatures and each other.

Night and Happy Labor Day.

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