Super Beings

Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe. – Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor – SUPERMAN

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

In a dream last night I was waiting for a taxi in a long line.  But since I am Superman often in dreams I decided to fly instead.  I looked for a secret place to take off.  You know, the old phone booth routine.

Laura De Leon, my partner in the work of DreamShield’s global events and a powerful shaman, asked me last night over dinner, “Where does Superman make his changes now that we all use cell phones?” I chuckled and told her that any space will do.  Superman’s a speed dresser.

But in the dream I decided the heck with secrecy.  I bounded into take-off mode over the taxi line.  A couple of businessmen in line looked up in mild amazement, for a bit went silent, smiled at me hovering, and then went back to chatting.  Most just ignored me flying over their heads.

As I woke I thought, “Here I’ve been keeping my powers secret all these year and nobody really gives damn!”

I went into a meditation and contemplated the Superman dream, in a good place having had a dream of cleansing the night before where I was in my family home taking a bath.  The water was very dirty but when I unleashed the drain it emptied leaving a deep tub filled with sacred geometry beneath the leftover tub scum. Since that dream I’ve felt a great progress on letting go of the past in preparation for the gentle Shift of 2012.

Back to the Superman dream meditation.  I asked my higher self what it might all be about, no one caring about Superman and his amazing flying powers.  The answer came fast and clear in that voice that’s not a voice in my head, “No one cared in the dream because they are all becoming super beings on Earth.”

Makes perfect sense.  A professor once taught me, “Something for everyone is no big deal.”

And since we are one in this work of a gentle 2012, all of us are destined to become super beings.  Beings capable of caring and protecting for this world from any disaster the universe can toss at us.

But the story of our species growth won’t end there,  once we’ve mastered caring for our own world, we’ll be the next ET angels grooming a new world out there somewhere like ours for their shift.

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