The Shift is On!

“The past has no power over the present moment.” — Eckhart Tolle

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Laura De Leon and Ken Sheetz

Sundays at Bob Jenkis and his wife Laura De Leon’s magnificent home in the hills of Hollywood, where I’ve been a guest since the DreamShield Solstice event in June I hosted with Laura, are usually languid days of relaxation.  This Hollywood power couple work very hard during the week yet know it’s vital to regenerate on weekends.  Something I’d forgotten how to do in writing 12 screenplays and banging my head against the Hollywood gates for the past 8 years, before the celestial beings who built DreamShield put me on the mission for a gentle 2012.

Over breakfast, after Bob left to go back to bed for a snooze, Laura, who’s practice MyMysticMuse, helps Hollywood creatives reach their full potential, was not in her usual relaxed Sunday mood.  Looking over her coffee mug, deeply inspired by the visions of the week we’ve all been experiencing, she said,”I am making the Shift and I am taking as many people with me as humanly possible.”

I appreciate Laura’s sureness on the matter of making the Shift.  Much of the time, as I am still new to the spirit work, I worry my old ways of fear and anger will hold me in the 3D earth while many of my new light worker friends move on to the fifth dimension; left behind in a dying world like a modern day Moses.  And since worry is fear I’m in a Catch-22.

But this past week gave me hope I will too make the Shift,  Early in the week I witnessed the birth of that 5th dimensional universe over the city of LA with Laura, in a vision of a Lotus Moon.  This was while I was wide awake and not in deep meditation.  After enjoying a movie with Bob, Laura and I went out to into their backyard paradise in the full moonlight.  As I stared up at the brilliant moon I clearly saw a lotus flower appear over the moon and then the moon divide in two, like you see in this new video.

The last time I had a waking vision was back in January.  I saw white and brown alien looking symbols flowing from Laura’s mouth in a widening curved line float right into my heart.  I shook it off as some trick of the eye.  But how do you shake off a new universe getting born right over the hills of Hollywod in the form of a lotus moon?

As we finish our Sunday coffees, Laura tells me, “Ken, it’s time for you to step fully into your role as a New Age leader in this work and not just a social media observer.” Not entirely sure, I tell the Mystic Muse I am up for the challenge.  Whatever the outcome, my life has made a change for the better just knowing Laura as this powerful song she sang at out last event tells.

For a behind the camera person the spotlight of a New Age leader is a tough adjustment.  Time to stop clinging to my old ways of being invisible.  There’s simply no more time for the old ways.  The Shift is on and, like Laura, I want to make it and help as many people to shift too.

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