Lotus Moon, New Moon, New Universe

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. – Joesph Campbell

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Lotus Moon 7.15.11

Sleepy the night of 7.15.11 and the full moon, I thought I might have been dreaming when the ancient symbol for the flower of life, carved into many pyramids, first appeared over the bright moon and then transform into a perfect lotus flower.

This second night I was well rested after a big Saturday nap and swim in Laura and Bob’s pool.  No resort I’ve been to in the world can match the paradise these two have created in  the Hollywood hills.  Wide awake and not expecting to see the lotus moon again.  1. Because my rational mind was convinced it was an optical illusion caused by the intense brightness of the moon and the clarity of the sky, an usual clarity for smoggy LA. 2. Because the moon was no longer quite full.

Bob headed straight to bed after enjoying RANGO, a film I love for it humor and spiritualism, while Laura and I played the kid game Trouble.  After playing to a draw with Laura, it’s challenge to play games with a mystic muse who can bend space and time, I checked outside and there was no sign of a moon at all.  So I headed for bed myself in the lovely guest room Laura and Bob have so kindly provided for me.

No sooner had I checked some email and lay my head to the pillow than there was knock and I heard Laura’s child like excited voice though the door, “The moon!  It’s up! Want to see?”

“Yes!” I answered and Laura was on her way to wake Bob.  As I came into the hall she had his door open but Bob, a sound sleeper, was out.

Out into the garden Larua I went and sat upon her lovely stone bench.  The moon was missing a piece and looked ordinary with my glasses on.  As Laura softly chanted I removed the glasses expecting to see nothing.  After all, if this were an optical illusion the conditions we so different how could I see a lotus flower again?

Blessedly I was wrong.  Quickly the blurry vision of the moon became again a perfect lotus flower. I marveled to Laura, “I see it again.  The lotus moon.”

“I knew you’d see it again.  Do you know where lotus flowers grow best?” said Laura.

I shook my head, not taking my eyes from the moon.

“Black water,” she whispered.

“Well, nothing could be blacker than the black of space.” I marveled when something even more amazing happened right before my non glasses wearing eyes. “The lotus moon is dividing in two.  A regular moon and the lotus moon.  It’s incredible.”

Possums live on Laura’s property and one scurried near us setting off the family dog, Bella.  So we decided it best to go in.  But before we went in I took Laura’s hand and we stood bathed in the double moon for bit in wonder before another scurry in bushes sent us in for the night.

In meditation this morning I got in touch with the angels and St. Germaine, who like for many in this work, is my higher self.  I asked for the answer to what the lotus moon means.  The answer came clear and strong.

“The meditations DreamShield.org and light workers all over the earth have been doing worked.  A new universe is born.  A place of peace for a gentle 2012.  Congratulations.  You’re halfway through the Shift.”

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