Tiny Dancers at The Dream Inn

Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand
And now she’s in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my hand

– Excerpt from TINY DANCER by Elton John

Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz

Richard Hite's Gongs before the fireplace at The Woodman's Lodge in Mt. Shasta

The fireplace is the only light  as we listen to gongs played Richard Hite, sonic healer, courtesy of Lee McCormick, a DreamShield sponsor via Spirit Recovery.  Play this short sample of Richard’s gong meditaion music while you read to get into the mood we were in at the Woodsman’s Lodge in Mt. Shasta.

I’ve searched the web and here’s the closest picture I can give you of the vision of an infinity of triangles I saw during Richard’s gong meditation, except in my vision the triangles were rainbow colored and dotted with tiny UFOs, no bigger than points of light.

After the gong meditation, for which words can’t describe how peaceful it made me feel, Richard Hite agrees to join our 11:11 PM mediation despite the fact he’s tired from a 37 hour road trip to bring his gongs to Mt. Shasta from Nashville.  Lee on the other hand is sadly pooped.  No wonder after the strain of being host to 20 people from Peru and Nashville.

After Lee gracefully bows out for the night, I share my excitement with Richard that we are going to meet a microscopic race of celestial beings tonight in our meditation.  I catch Chris’ “Yeah right” smirk.  But I don’t resent Chris for his skeptism, much as it annoys me, because I was right where he was just a few short months ago.

We never got to meet anyone at Mt. Shasta this trip who has had first hand UFO contact despite the town’s world fame for ET contact.  But ironically a few days after the trip to Shasta is over, talking about my new gentle 2012  mission in life with my beloved Uncle Jim, he tells me has saw a UFO up close and personal 20 years ago.  I’m overjoyed when Jim reveals this to me.  Turns out Jim’s been afraid to talk about is UFO story with anyone in the family for fear until now out of fear they’d lock him away.  Jim’s agreed to let me share this with you, dear electronic reader, to help you believe.


Reports Uncle Jim,”I was on a residential street in a countryside neighborhood at night when this UFO drops from the sky.  It hovered right in front of my car. The flying saucer was bright white. Orange lights shot from the windows where I could see little blue aliens watching me from inside, laughing!  I threw the car in reverse and burned rubber.  The UFO floated, giving off a soft whirring noise, as it chased after me up the street.

A neighbor lady ran out of the house at the sound of my tires screeching.  She saw the UFO and screamed her head off and the saucer zipped off to the stars. I run outta the car and talked to the neighbor who swore she saw the exact same thing.  But neither of us ever reported it to the media knowing they’d think we were both nuts.”

I imagine there’s a lot of this sort of non-reported sightings that happen every day.  Before he retired a few years ago Jim was a VP in a construction company and he’s still one of the most respected scaffolding experts in the world.  Yep, if Jim’s seen UFOs you can be sure they exist. And I was so comforted by the fact Jim believes 100% in my mission for a gentle 2012 because you see Jim is my biggest investor in my filmmaker career I’ve devoted to this heavenly calling through 2012.

You have no idea how much joy the talk with Jim has brought me that he’s a believer in the DreamShield.  So much joy tears have welled in my eyes as I write this blog.  I wish Jim used computers to share the blog.  You are likely to be reading his recounts of his ET encounter before he does.

Though perhaps ET’s are not what they seem or the best term for them.  LA’s dream team leader Dr. Sarah Larsen dislikes the term ET as there little “extra” terrestrial about these being of light, who we sometimes see as angels, that have been part of earth’s entire history before dinosaurs roamed.


Earlier over dinner at the Black Bear Cafe, when the handsome kid waiter tells us over our apple pies that he’s never seen a UFO here but his aunt has, Chris can’t help a chuckle.  I always it find that interesting people doubt UFOs considering how big the universe is and how rare habitable worlds are.  Earth is a real curiosity to aliens. A galactic tourist attraction.

My theory is that intelligent life can’t get here in conventional as the distances are so great, but I believe there are more ways to travel than our primitive world yet knows.  Thought travel is one of my beliefs.  Take a look at your computer right now.  Think back to only 10 years ago.  Could you have imagined you’d be reading blogs instead of newspapers? Blogs that are free to read and come with music videos and cool graphics that are putting newspapers into the grave?

Once Cali, Chris and I get back to The Dream Inn there’s still about two hours to get ready for the 11:11 PM meditation.  I scout the quaint backyard and feel we need some runways lights for the tiny visitors!  So I pop just across the street to the friendly Ace Hardware Store and pick up a couple of strings of white Italian Xmas lights.

As I set the stage in the backyard grotto of the Dream Inn I listen to Elton John’s TINY DANCER on my Ipod, a tiny modern miracle that has space for thousands of songs, photos videos and apps.  Take a commercial free listen to Elton John yourself as you read, dear web traveler, and ask yourself is this not a gift?  I barley watch TV anymore.  I love YouTube. I love creating something and within a nano-second you are reading or watching it in China.


Soon it’s 11:11 PM, and we are 4 now including Richard Hite, not counting his tiny pair of 300 year old chimes from Tibet that are older than America.  We begin the meditation in the small gazebo.  Everything is miniature for this meditation.  I almost giggle at the thought of little celestial beings flying for us at the appointed 11:11 PM binary time on this binary date of 11/10/10.

Richard hits the chimes and says. “Feel the tone travel inward.”  I close my eyes and the chime’s “Ting!” travels ever inward and onward inside me through an infinity that never stops.  I hear its pleasant faint “ting…” even now as I listen for it still traveling inward after two weeks.  And there in the frosty gazebo at the Dream Inn, for the first time in my life, I feel, while fully awake, the vast infinite stillness and peace of the inner universe that lies within the world called Ken Sheetz that I normally only sense in dreams.

Globe the holds the Nanonite Universe at The Dream Inn

Our dream team of four walks over to the glass globe lawn ornament that glows covered in the night’s frost.  I explain, “Inside this globe is the entire universe of the Nanonites.  Billions of galaxies, trillions of solar systems and countless worlds lie within this globe.” Even Chris seems to see it.  Richard hits the chimes as I add, “Let’s ohm 11 times.”

As we “ohm” I see in my minds eye a swarm of Nanonite ships rocket from the lawn ornament universe and jet about we giants.  I warn the group, “Whatever you do don’t laugh.  The Nanonites are very sensitive about their tiny size.”  Well, I have to admire the groups composure as I write, because I know as a comedic writer that not laughing when someone tells you not to is almost always sure to lead to giggles… but no one loses it and the Nanonites are pleased.

Tiny spaceships whiz about us and through us, filling us with light and joy.  Yes, it is easy not to laugh, to be respectful of the celestial beings that have always lived on the earth and watched over us.  “There!” I point to a table top.  “The Nanonites are building a miniature of what our cities of the future will look like.”

See the bowl of water we left for the Nanonites? For them it was an ocean.

I tell the group that I see a tiny roller coaster roaring through the white towers of the vast miniature city, filled with little Nanonite kids squealing in delight.  This makes us all smile.  It’s fun sharing these visions.  This is what humanity used to do before film and TV.  In fact those mediums pale by comparison as I realize DreamShield is as much new as ancient, timeless.  What’s truly new is how we can share it with the world to grow the DreamShield for 2012.

We breathe deep the Mt. Shasta air.  It such a joy as the 11th “ohm” leaves our frozen lips and we raise our arms to the countless stars, tiny and invisible ourselves in the vastness of the heavens.  The space ships form a rainbow in the dark and disappear into Mt. Shasta.

We blink open our  eyes and Cali, a natural to this work says, “The Nanonites have granted us each a wish. Mine is for world peace. What’s yours?”

Wow, I’d not expected wishes and while Chris wishes for, “Prosperity for all.” I finally come up with, “Protection of the earth from asteroids.”

Soon as I picked this wish it seems overly ambitious.  Too big of a thing to ask a race of tiny beings to protect us from that which ended the rein of the dinosaurs.  Richard adds an elegant wish I’ve forgotten, dear reader, but that I will insert here next time I speak to him and I reedit the blog for history.  This blog is a living thing as opposed to the print of old.  I find myself tinkering here many times until I happily work out the typos.  Free blessing to anyone whoever catches one I miss and points it out to me:)

The Nanonite leader asks me to allow Cali to speak for their entire race.  A big job and Cali is momentarily humbled.  It seems maybe she’ll pass the baton back to me as I told her she could if she wished. But she smiles warmly at the honor and says, “Imagine peace.”  Yoko Ono’s words she’ll remark later to me that the Nanonite  message was not very original.  But who knows if Yoko did not get the words from the Nanonites to inspire her husband John Lennon?  They are great words and get to the core of the planetary meditation work of what we are doing, imaging good things for this earth to make the shift gentle for 2012 and beyond.

We each suddenly realize we are cold now and quickly head into the warm and cozy Dream Inn B&B.  Richard hangs out with us.  The Southerner is really fun to talk to and our chat becomes a lighthearted EMDR home therapy session as Richard is an expert in the field.  He teaches us how to release old emotional loops with rapid eye movement techniques.

It’s 2 AM before Cali calls it a night for the group.

Early next morning, while Cali and Chris still asleep in the next room, I spring out of my dreamy bed at the Dream Inn and record a Vlog of the events of the night while the Nanonite visit is still fresh in my mind.  Watch and see here if the Nanonites have agreed to protect earth from asteroids, big job for a little people?

Cool!  I’d been thinking they’d have to blast them or knock them off course,  Why had I not realized that a people who can shrink entire worlds could shrink a few measly asteroids for us?  All we had to do was wish and bye, bye DEEP IMPACT and ARMAGEDDON.

Thanks for heads up, Elvis, via my screenplay ELVIS AND ARMAGEDDON.  I felt so close to Elvis writing that.  “Thank you very much.” If you have some time on your hands, and a good sense of humor, click the link above to read the screenplay that’s won a few honors before I tucked it away until the Great Depression 2 blows over, no point fund raising for films in these times unless you are well established and I was only out here Hollywood a couple of years before the world as we know it began to come to an end.  But no complaints here.  I’ve been richer than I am right now cash-wise but never richer spiritually.

It’s 11/11/10 and we still have one more planetary mediation left at 11:11 AM before we return to the city of angels and based on seeing how much Cali and Chris love each other I know what it’s going to be about as you’ll read in my next post, “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”!

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