There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung. – The Beatles – Lennon and McCartney

11.16.10 – Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to have enough dough to buy an Ipod with portable speakers to use in the planetary meditations.  I promptly went over to Itunes via WiFi to buy some music.   A child of the 60s, the first purchase I of course made was my favorite Beatles songs including, “All You Need is Love”. Imagine my horror when I discovered Apple did not sell original Beatles music and what I heard coming through my headset was a bad cover band imitation!   Sigh.  Well, now just a few weeks later we have the Beatles for real on Itunes.

Everything was for real when it came time for the 4th and final meditation at Mt. Shasta. My dream team that I’d gotten to know so well on the trip, Cali Rossen and Chris Rossen, a Hollywood power couple, were, like any couple married 17 years, having a few problems in their relationship. But those problems are small and I envy this couple that have stood by each other through thick and thin in this hellish economy. I’d been guided before we even left LA that Cali and Chris’ love was going to be the basis of the Planetary Love Meditation.

Cali scouted up a wonderful spot, a boardwalk built over a marsh behind the charming town of Mt. Shasta that led to a reflecting pond where the mountain shimmered. As we set up to do the work and lit some incense sticks that Dave at the Dream Inn had given Cali, a pair of Mallard ducks, male and female, paddled by.  Yes, it was a perfect romantic location for this work and this time rather than an “ohm” meditation I felt a “wow” meditation was in order for this wow couple.

As our Mt. Shasta trio “Wowed” together my mind ran back to the amazing “Wow Meditation” at the closing for 10/10/10. I’ve never felt so much love as when that meditation ended and the group of about 100 people joined in a group hug of me, Dr. Sarah Larsen and Dr. Robert Cassar.  Here’s a look back at 10/10/10 and the vision in Italy that got DreamShield started back in May of 2010.


I snap back to the present at Mt. Shasta and feel the love of 10/10/10 connect to the love of Cali and Chris here on 11/11/10, another of the amazing binary dates prescribed for these meditations eons ago. Angels have no sense of time and these binary dates and times are the ideal way we can access their power to create planetary scale meditations.

As our 11 wows complete I feel the awesome presence of the angels about us in the clouds above and on the mountain peaks.  I saw a pink ball appear over Mt. Shasta, much like the one the Good Witch of the North flew to Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”.  Now the pink ball floats down from Mt. Shasta to surround Cali and Chris in pink bliss.

Our three person dream team concentrated on growing the ball of pink love. It grew rapidly big enough to encompass the other three meditation sites in the Mt. Shasta area.  Planetary meditations where we reduced earthquake/tectonic  activity, volcanic activity and gained the protection of earth from asteroids with the help of tiny celestial beings called the Nanonites.  And you can read all about these three other planetary meditations in the blog index.

Today, 11/11/10 at 11:11 AM, Love was our mission, love for the world, love between all people. The pink ball grew to meet the DreamShield on the edge of our atmosphere, surrounding earth in bliss amongst the stars.

At this heavenly moment, the marsh seemed to smell like a pineapple field in Hawaii.  I don’t have much a sense of smell so this filled me with joy.

I saw the blue string of the incense sticks Cali and Chris held connect them with blue angel energy like I first saw join our group of 20 in Puglia Italy where the DreamShield came to life.

I asked Cali and Chris to kiss. What a kiss!  Sorry no filming:)  Ah, there was so much love, I felt like a preacher doing a wedding.

Angel fairies giggled and glided over the pond as the lovers kissed a kiss for the whole world.

To close the Love Meditation, Cali took one of her sacred stones she had found 10 years ago in Italy, an amazing gray stone with a white cross in its heart, and placed it inside a waterfall at that led from the marsh, fed by the snows of Mt. Shasta, and visualized the love from her kiss with her husband of 17 years reaching all the oceans of the earth.

After some packing up, we departed the Dream Inn, made a quick stop at Castle Crag park to run the Rossen’s pair of dogs, who were both so good the whole trip they deserved a reward of chasing each other thought the forest.  After I have a free Reiki session to reward the Rosens we were on our way back to LA.  On the nine hour drive home I had time to reflect on the Mt. Shasta planetary meditations, each a huge success.  I laughed at myself for thinking the work of 10/10/10 would be over for me and DreamShield for about a year.  Here it was a month after 10/10/10 and I’d now conducted 5 intimate scale planetary meditations.

As I got back to The Cool Change Foundation, where I live in a modest studio for my work, and donate a lot of work above and beyond what pays my rent, I realized DreamShield is something that is not only beneficial to the world but the people, including me, that do the work.  The angels have huge plans for 11/11/11 and 12/12/12, but there are amazing spiritual adventures in between, at intimate scale events, to savor.

And I can’t wait for my return to Mt. Shasta for the total lunar eclipse, the last of the old Mayan calendar on December 19-22.  Only one week away.  This spiritual expedition, hosted by Dr. Sarah Larsen and me, will comprise a dream team of 9 amazing people.  And Sarah, a third generation palmist an holistic doctor, has been planning amazing treats for this dream team, from mineral spring baths to visits to a new pyramid for the eclipse.

Will we have more meditation visions of UFOs and angels?  Stay tuned and remember ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. The link here takes you to the real Beatles version.

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