“There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad.” – Salvador Dali

Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz

As you can read in the last blog post, VOLCANIC VISIONS AT MT. SHASTA , getting our three person dream team to the dormant volcano meditation spot at Mt. Shasta turned into an ordeal like a comedic AMAZING RACE episode.  For the first time on these angel guided events I am late for the 1:11 binary planetary meditation appointment at a volcano, worried if the angels are still here.

Out of breath in the thin mountain air, I scramble onto the cracked asphalt plateau and hear angels laughing at our misadventures.  My stress fades into hoots of joy.  Cali and Chris hurry up the trail to join me.

We place the last of the sacred objects, that Cali and I had each been gathering for decades without know why, upon the old ’91 Saab.  Cali pours water we had taken from the Soda Creek into three depressions on the rusty turned over bottom of the car.  At last we were ready.

Chris, Cali and I join hands and begin to meditate, to call in the angels.  As soon as the first “Ohm” leaves our lips I see two powerful angels spin the heavy old wreck like it’s light as a feather.  Faster and faster the angels spin the old  Saab.  The wreck begins to glow as it bores into the earth.  The drill the angels have made of the Saab cuts through the earth like a hot knife through butter.  In less than a minute the angel drilling team reaches the earth’s core.

Three beautiful female earth angels, that seem Native American, protect each of the human dream team with a shield of golden energy that crackles and sizzles in the fresh mountain air.  Glowing white steam of shoots from the Saab’s drill hole, bursting through the clouds and intersecting with the rainbow.

As Cali, Chris and I raise our arms the steam column hurtles for the edge of outer space.  Now the steam column turns bright orange, feeding magma energy for the DreamShield — the spinning circles of bright energy that ignited my first angel powered vision in Italy back in May — releasing volcanic pressures all over the earth.

A great chorus of angels sing what sounds like a Native American chant to keep the energy flow going.  The heat is so enormous I see the volcano shimmer in the mountain air.  If not for the three angels shielding us our dream team would evaporate.

Satisfied, the angels reverse the spin of the old Saab, raising it up and away from the earth’s core, upwards though the layers of rock, crystals and oil to the surface where this all began.  The angels release the ancient wreck from it’s mighty task and vanish.  Our “ohm” chant ends and the column of magma turns to steam once again and sucks back into the earth with a loud rush of air that almost pulls me into the vortex as the vision fades and reality returns.  I am cold I realize.

Our team breaks hands and I take a deep drink of Mt. Shasta water from my bottle. “I’m beat.  Usually I feel energized after this work,” I worry out loud.

“That’s because we are not done with the work!” says Cali, eyes twinkling in the afternoon sun.


Cali plucks stones from the wreck and jams them into fissures in the reddish purple asphalt looking plateau.  I help her place sticks and flower petals into the wounded surface.  Chris is gazing at the volcano’s top that swirls with clouds.  The mountain peak looks from this angle very much like the profile of the old Native American who had led us on a wild goose chase earlier.

Chris, cynical about New Age stuff, seems to be doing all this work to please his spiritual wife Cali.  But, showing signs of awakening, Chris has been surprising me all day with the angel imagery he spots.  And Chris surprises me once again when he suggests we fan out in a wide triangle.

Chris perches himself on a mound of earth.  And, looking a bit like Moses in the fading sunlight, Chris reaches out his arms to Cali and me below.  The connection I feel between the group re-energizes me.

A triangle of energy forms between our three person dream team that flows with the same blue angel energy I was first flooded with in Italy.  The triangle is nature’s strongest geometric form and our trio’s triangle now pulls energy down from the DreamShield spinning high above the earth.

I’m stunned as a pair of red triangle frames form over my eyes to aid my vision.  The heavenly spectacles allow me to see earth from space.  I gasp as a healing tremor ripples across the entire planet in a triangular shimmering blue wave.  Fissures slam closed deep within the earth.  Unbridled tectonic energies, visualized in movies like “2012” to rip the planet apart in 2012, are slowed to normal.  The blue triangle spreads out, overlapping upon itself to heal the weary earth.

I look up a Chris on the mound, the non-believer still looks like Moses his arms outstretched, giving us his all.  And then, as Chris lowers his arms the work is done and the vision fades along with my heavenly spectacles.  But I know these magical glasses are an angelic gift I’ll be using many times in future planetary meditations with the angels.

“Wow…” was all I can softly say.  I stand tall,  completely re-energized and let loose a “Yahoo!” that echoes in the mountain air.

Later, over lunch at the Black Bear Cafe in town, Chris seems to have returned to being the cynic.  He’s mildly annoyed by Cali and I recounting our spiritual adventures of the day.  Since we are only half done with the Mt. Shasta planetary meditations, still two more to go, I am still hoping Chris will realize everything created on this planet starts first as thought, including us… for what is love but a thought?  And are we not all born from that moment our parents first met and thought, “Wow, I really like this person!”

My cell rings before we can discuss this further. It is Lee McCormick, a country western singer out of Nashville and head of Spirit Recovery, a DreamShield sponsor. In fact, Lee’s being in Mt. Shasta on these dates is the reason we took this trip in the first place.  Chris asks to be dropped off at the Dream Inn to catch up on emails, this was a week day after all. So after we let Chris off to do some biz, Cali and I head over to meet the musician and spiritual guru, a powerful shaman, the amazing Lee McCormick and his dream team from Nashville.

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A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. – John Lennon

Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz

Last blog we jumped ahead to the psychedelic dream I had at Mt. Shasta that I am really an alien on a secret mission. I swear no drugs, folks.  Just Mt. Shasta water and mojo.  The place is amazing.

Now, let’s dream-jump back in time to the DreamShield event at North Hollywood’s Tujunga Park’s 9/11 monument on 11/01/10.


As the successful DreamShield ceremony winds to a joyous close, with Shaman Isabella Stoloff closing the healing vortex in the earth we’d dreamed together, a couple new to the group, Cali and Chris Rossen, invite us to join them for lunch at the Bombay Cafe.

Soon Cali’s breaking nana bread with about 8 of us, excitedly sharing a tremendous release of sorrow she felt when we washed the soiled 9/11 monument, not just with soap and water, but love.  Cali then sweetly adds, to warm smiles from all, that she’s thrilled to have found a new family in her fellow DreamShielders.  But Chris, though happy for Cali, his wife of 17 years, appears not to feel quite the same about our eclectic bunch of New Age healers.

After lunch Cali invites me to their home nearby to see angel art she created at age 5. Their wonderful home, where Clark Gable once had his studio, is perfect for this Hollywood power couple that writes, produces, acts and you name it in the film world.


A few weeks earlier, our sponsors for the 24 Global 10/10/10 event, Lee McCormick, founder of SpiritRecovery out of Nashville, kindly invites me to join him at Mt. Shasta in Northern California for an event. But I am so busy wrapping up the reporting of 10/10/10, over 2 hours of videos, and then planning 11/01/10,  I’d not really figured out if I could make it. When I finally do catch up it finally hits home that these are binary code dates –11/10/10 and 11/11/10 — that fall within Lee’s event.  This is a sure sign I must go to the mountain.

Forgetting how tight my cash is I accept Lee’s invite to hold DreamShield meditations at Mt. Shasta on 11/10 and 11/11.  Lee kindly grants DreamShield up to 4 guests (3+me) with free access to drop into his event, normally a $1200 each event ticket.  When I send out the invite for the exclusive Mt. Shasta dream event on Facebook, Dr. Sarah instantly accepts as well as Cali, promising she’ll do her best to convince Chris to come along.

We have our dream team for Shasta. Now I start getting angel messages that this DreamShield mission will be big:


Angels work on a planetary scale I could never imagine myself.  After all the amazing work with the angels I’ve been seeing since Italy, I have complete confidence in their spiritual abilities. Abilities focused into our physical world though the dream team human facilitators.

Plans to ride up to Mt. Shasta with Dr Sarah and meet up with the Rossens at the mountain change last minute when car troubles force Sarah to cancel.  But Cali and Chris step up to share the ride, so now I’ll travel to the New Age Mecca with the Hollywood power couple.


The night before I am to leave, 11/9/10, an angel pops into a dream and startles me, “Wake up!  You must do a 3:33 AM meditation to begin the Mt Shasta work.”  I bolt awake and check my night clock.  It’s 2:59 AM.  I say to the angel still fluttering in my mind, “Please, I need my sleep.”  But there’s no arguing with angels.  I am gifted some energy and wide awake, up for the last minute meditation.  So I shuffle out of bed, dress and do my best not to wake my roomie as I tiptoe out the front door, despite the fact our place has floors that squeak like a haunted house.

No traffic at this hour, so I easily make my way on my bike the mile and half to the site.  I stop for a water at the 711 on the way, important for spiritual work as it dehydrates you.  A man in the checkout line before me wears a jacket with an angel on it’s back.  A sign I am on the right path.

I pedal for the 911 monument through the abandoned park.  It’s a little scary at this crazy hour.


Meditating at the 9/11 monument to Ennio Morricone’s THE TRIO, I notice signs about the site I hadn’t noticed in the daylight. Signs that further supports the vision of clean energy future free of oil wars.  The signs?  Solar-powered street lamps light the 9/11 monument site set in a triangle.

Deep into the meditation, pounding the light poles like gongs, I see blue ET angels land in the vortex tree.  Quickly gathering orb seed, the angels soar off, along with a reassembled Flight 11, filled with happy passengers.  These orb seeds I am told will be planted along the San Andreas fault line to grow into series of giant energy trees feeding off the DreamShield that will heal the fault line with magical roots when we meditate in Mt. Shasta.

I can’t wait to make the trip in a few hours knowing such miraculous meditation success awaits us. I ride my bike back home in amazement and vlog about this pre-vision vision on YouTube through the wee hours.  Luckily, I’m able to grab a few short winks before Cali arrives at 9AM. And after a quick business meeting for Chris, an internet wizard when he’s not writing screenplays, we are on the…


Chris loses himself on his PC in the back seat the whole way. Like many couples I meet in this work, the Rossens are in different places on the spiritual road.   So I figure besides the big work of DreamShield at Mt. Shasta, perhaps this spiritual adventure to Mt. Shasta also carries the purpose of bringing the dynamic Hollywood duo more into spiritual alignment.

As the valleys and hills of California spin past the white SUV windows, Cali, at the wheel, is on fire about the DreamShield gentle 2012 meditations.  She’s seeing angel signs in everything, right down to our rental’s license plates.  This starts to elicit some spiritual overload grunts and groans from Chris as he types away in the back with the dogs.

At rest stops along the way Cali and I get to know each other better while she walks her two adorable, if a bit wild, dogs, Ricki and Emmy. I learn her childhood hero is a magical artist named Simon.  Take a look.  Marvelous!

I explain to Cali that I’ve only been getting visions in meditations for about 6 months.  For Cali it’s been life long.  She made art about seeing blue angels when she was only 5.  Cali loves Chris deeply and wants badly for him to be with her on her spiritual journey. On one of the stops, after asking if she wants my two cents, I tell her gently, “Lead. Don’t drag Chris into all this.  Stay in your power and don’t take it personally if he does not get the work.”


I explain to Cali that before my angelic powered un-thawing in Italy, May of this year, I was right where Chris is, maybe not even as far along the road to spirituality. Yeah, being honest, compared to Chris, who is writing and growing and supporting his wife’s exploration of the spirit world, without the angels help in Italy I’d still be a spiritual caveman.

Cali’s a great driver, self taught I learn, and we arrive in Mt. Shasta City at the base of the mountain, covered in clouds in the night sky.  We all agree on a late dinner at the Black Bear Cafe to celebrate our safe arrival.  It’s my first real chance to get to know Chris who was silently working on an exciting new screenplay about pilots. Turns out Chris is a vet who has seen action.

I’ve never traveled with virtual strangers and it’s more than a little awkward for us all.  But by the time we finish dinner I learn one of the reasons Chris is so quiet is he lost a close brother a short time ago that he is still grieving.

Wow.  Then it hits me like an angel kicks me in the shins and I realize how much of my old junk I am projecting onto Chris.  Yes, it was me stuck in the mud, my own paralyzed heart that caused me to thwart and belittle the soulful dreaming of not one, not two, not three… but four wonderful spiritual women who came and went in my life.

Yeah, this side mission of helping Chris was really all about me healing me!  Healing my past transgressions on the spiritual plane with so many women, going all the way back to not believing in my psychic mother and superstitious Irish grandmother.  This healing is important for the gentle 2012 work because we are switching from our warrior patriarchal ways to a nurturing matriarchal society.

The sign I’ve finally figured this out arrives at exactly 10:10 PM when huge healing white snowflakes begin to gently fall past the coffee shop window, drifting on the cool night mountain air like angels.


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