A Long Way ‘Til Morning

It’s 2 AM June 30th and I feel as if I have had so many dreams it should be morning.  I am working with spirit on what my next project after the successful launch of scientist Patrick Flanagan’s NEO Neurophone wraps up in August.  I’ve been a great inventor myself in past lives and filming Dr. Flanagan and using his brain enhancing Neurophone for two years has inventing unleashing inside of me again. Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.24.04 AMThis combination of seeking my next big thing and working with spirit on my next big thing has me happily tossing and turning. Some ideas so far:

– A super ambitious project to find a way to electronically share dreams. An open ended challenge where I’d set off the create a dream sharing methodology with no set device or technique.

– A meditation tool for harnessing the power of color.  My college thesis was color psychology.  Brings me full circle with the art career I put aside to marry young and raise a family.  I see it as pyramid in shape and using LEDs to work through the rainbow of the human chakras.

– Attach some big name stars and raise capital for the feature film SUMMER RULES. It’s a powerful love story about healing from 9/11 where the time may finally be right. And more ideas flowing as the hit NEO wraps up. The campaign will be almost a year old when the doctor has me end it as he wants to go retail now.

I am happy to report he is home and recovering rapidly from a serious fall that landed him in the hospital and caused him to miss his own release party on June 13th. His stepdaughter Gwendolyn stepped in for him.  Here’s the video as I head back to bed and more noodling on my next big thing.

Wish me luck.  Morning feels like years from now with all the dreaming that lies ahead of me at this amazing time the Star of Bethlehem alignment.

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