Illuminate Film Festival: Movie and a Healing!

I have to thank my love and partner Elizabeth  England for convincing me to take a break on THE COOLEST MEDIATION EVER film work and crowd funding to attend Danette Wolpert’s blossoming third Illuminate Film Festival, June 1-5.  Not only did we both have a great time seeing cutting edge conscious film we met amazing luminaries of the work to which we we are both dedicated.

Instead of just popcorn in the lobby of this festival you can visit a healer, 0r have a sound healing or virtual reality experience.  To all my film friends in LA, this is fest to mark you calendar for next year.

The parties were first rate with lots of Vegan and Kombucha and filled with conscious conversation. Lifelong connections were forged with conscious filmmakers from across the globe and it was great to see familiar face with old friends and meet new ones.

Ken Sheetz and Elizabeth England with Jai Uttal

We met too many amazing people to list.  Here’s our interview we participated in with Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith. More videos and reviews of new films yet to hit the theater to come.

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