Do Penguins Meditate? We Better Hope So.

When I traveled to Antarctica in December 12th of 2012 it was balmy summertime for the penguins. The head guide of the Ushuaia, our ice cutter tour boat, Augustine, told me 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the high on 12.12.12, was unseasonably warm for Antarctica this early in summer.

At the time neither of us made the global connection, Augustine too busy handling 70 Antarctica tourists from 19 countries and me busy filming 24 meditations in a single long day.  But since 2012, research has shown the unusual warmth we experienced all the way south was an early sign of global warming as discussed in this 2014 film ANTARCTIC EDGE.  Not to be confused with our meditation film releasing 12.12.16 THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12.  We salute our fellow filmmakers and encourage you to view the startling discoveries their scientific expedition reveals about global warming happening faster than we’ve all imagined.


While puppet politicians and pundits endlessly debate the matter, protecting a status quo that no longer serves humanity, global warming is rapidly melting both the north and south polar ice caps. Penguins in Antarctica must now contend with 90 days less of sea ice than they enjoyed 30 years ago. Ice the penguins depend on for their fishing, like their counterparts the endangered polar bears to the north.

Hotter than normal Antarctica weather is weakening penguin chicks. Thus lessening the penguins’ numbers each year. It’s alarming to think we could lose this beautiful species to our self-centered overproduction of carbon dioxide emissions.


While resting between planetary meditations, filming on a stone pebbled beach in Antarctica, I found an amazing red boulder shaped just like a lounge chair. Soon as I laid down on the red stone lounger and closed my eyes for what I thought was simply going to be a nap, I saw a powerful vision of countless penguins ringing the continent of ice and snow. Then I saw the gathering of penguins send out a wave of cool white energy. The wave of sparkling white energy swept upwards to eventually blanket the earth, all the way up to the North Pole.

telepathic penguin

Life gets in the way. And as the playful art above shows, I can be dense psychically. So it’s taken me 4 years to fully process the powerful unexpected Antarctic beach vision of the white energy wave the penguins sent out in 2012. I named my film project the Coolest Meditation Ever day one, 4 years ago. Blessedly, the film project instantly went to #1 on Google search result for “coolest meditation ever” and has remained entrenched there ever since.

But I was so wrapped up in the chilling out the Mayan madness in 2012 I was not tuning into the sweet little penguin that showed up in meditation 4 or taking a hint from the very name I was guided to choose. Indeed my project was really always about cooling Gaia down with the coolest meditation ever.


Now, please do not fall into fear. The 7 foot tall blue ET Ohom of the world Nectaar who I have been connecting to in meditation since 2010 says fear is the path to paralysis.  “No fear, dear humans,” says Ohom, “Saving your world is in your control. Why fear when you already have the answers?”

So here’s Ohom’s warning I’ve been pondering sharing for a few days now:

Halt global warming soon or humanity as a species, along with most life on earth, will go extinct in 50 years.

Ohom showed me earth gone the hot house way of Venus with scolding temps of 444 degrees Fahrenheit.  50 years is not a lot of time. But it is enough time if we take immediate action. Action can take many forms great and small.  Simply reducing our individual carbon footprints by means we all know, but are too slowly adopting, can turn the tide. Yes, we need not wait for ego bloated politicians serving corporations.  It’s really up to us.  But we need to pick up the pace.


great-pyramid-of-giza-kings-chamber-inside-cofferI am doing my best to raise the alarm without fear while I meditate on solutions. This past March 2106 I traveled all the way to Egypt, despite it being tough on a independent filmmakers  budget. Even tougher on the budget as I felt it both wise and pleasurable to bring along my soulmate of many past lives and this one too, Elizabeth England.

I was totally unprepared that of our 13 days in Egypt most mornings had early wake up calls, some as early as 3:45 AM. This rigorous schedule began day one after a 25 hour flight. With so little rest time built into the trip I became, no nice word for it, a grouch.  I also was not prepared for the desperation of Egyptians due the dramatic decrease in tourism recent tourist killings have had. It’s sad thing to witness a decimated economy firsthand. I did my best to share some of the relative abundance I enjoy in my life with the many vendors clamoring at me. But it got hard to be kind with so many of them shoving necklaces in my face at every temple, I must admit.

On the trip I felt isolated by my strange meditation mission and my exhaustion. I’ve learned in a kundalini yoga session yesterday and the ensuing crap that came out of me. that I have a terrible habit of getting attention by getting sick and anxious. An old remnant of a rough childhood, is what I saw in yoga meditation. It’s manipulation many times I do unconsciously to gain attention and love. But Elizabeth is not one to coddle and so I sat outside in the inner temples alone as she joined the many ceremonies Sarah conducted so beautifully with Elizabeth support in the doctor’s fine little group.

Egypt was not, in other words, the romantic idyllic spirit vacation I hoped for. And I had resentment and anger over that.  It took a great deal of rest and meditation to recover mid trip.  I had to isolate myself from everyone.  Even lovely Elizabeth.  The trip was amazing nonetheless andI would not trade with the many hard life lessons I gained in Egypt.  Once that I am still processing.

After all my grouchiness and exhaustion, I am happy to report that on March 18th in the sacred space of the King’s Chamber, nestled deep inside the great pyramid of Giza, I got the download of many lifetimes. Spirit guided by Ohom, in a lovely ceremony conducted by my 10/10/10 DreamShield event partner Dr. Larsen, assisted by her amazing husband Greg, joined by Elizabeth and our small group of Americans, I saw great oceans of codes and symbols wash over me.

Now, if you’re a fan of my blog, you know I’ve had huge planetary downloads before. Antartcica being a huge one I am still digesting since 2012.  Long ago I stopped questioning why this happens to a pretty ordinary guy like me. But nothing compares to the King’s Chamber Giza river of global cooling information that flowed into me that early morning. I may have blown a few circuits had I not connected to a past life as a female Brazilian shaman where I learned how to ground myself.  And the great pyramid was an ideal antenna and grounding point in one.

I saw thousands zip-like files which I’ve never seen in download visions before. The blank red granite walls of the King’s Chamber swam with data. Closing my eyes, I was taken into deep space. There I saw humans in spacesuits building solar blocking spheres to help cool earth down from the baking sun.

Since returning to our home base in Sedona I’ve now been using the vortexes of Sedona to send this data out into world in yoga, sweat lodge ceremony, sound healing ceremony, Kirtan and more. And I am still at in 7 weeks after returning from Egypt. A shout out to Quest Tours who worked for the Larsens in setting up this amazing spiritual adventure that opened me up for the King’s Chamber download. Last, I felt Quest kept us safe in these dangerous times in the Middle East.

As I typically do when I get powerful messages from Ohom, especially like this dire one about our imminent extinction unless we get our global warming cooled down, I search the web for confirmation. Lots of disinformation out there, of course.  But here is the best piece I found from Stephen Hawking to help raise the alarm.

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