The Robin Williams Visitations – Blue Whales in the Desert

Elizabeth England took the stage at the inaugural Earth Shift conference, hosted and created by musical artist Julian Forest. Her mission tell the audience, nestled in their seats at the conference center at Miracle Hot Springs resort, about the plight of the blue whales. Many in the crowd were shocked to hear the population is down to only about 10,000 across the planet as compared to half a million 150 years ago.

During Elizabeth’s fine speech I thought back on Robin Williams, whose spirit reincarnated as a blue whale and who I am frequently visited by, dropping in on me at a recent whale guitar performance by Julian back in Sedona.

Robin was not his usual cheerful, blue-whale-self. He was sullen and pained in his expression as he said, “If the blue whales go extinct, mankind goes with them.” No playful Nanoo Nanoos. Robin simply vanished leaving images of a dangerous shipping lane he was traversing with his mother, Mamoo.


By the time I came back to present Elizabeth was onstage sharing the story of the largest life force on earth, Pando. Pando is a 20 square mile, 80,000 year old cluster of Aspens that all share the same DNA. Earth’s oldest being lives in Utah, Elizabetf, bedecked in gorgeous new robe with twin Dolphins on the back, swimming up a DNA spiral.

I am so tired from the hit Do Penguins Meditate crowd funding marathon that I only came to Earth Shift for my love Elizabeth, and though the crowds have been small, I’ve had great time seeing other great speakers like Dr. Dream, Athena Starseed, Astar, Joan of Angels and more.

I will be back next year. This time Elizabeth won’t have to drag me from my computer because there is something special happening here.

Visit to learn more about Elizabeth.

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