Pay Attention to That Man Behind the Green Screen!

Note the golden medallion like shape of the wizard’s work spot?

A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others. – Wizard from “The Wizard Oz”

By Ken Sheetz

“The Wizard of Oz” is my all time favorite movie.  Last night I had a dream/vision of getting caught like the Wizard behind the curtain.  In the dream a vast green screen is a spread across a valley I stand above atop a vast mesa.  I am the media Gandalf for an army light workers resting between battles.

A warrior princess I am serving spots the fact I use the illusion of the green screen and shouts,”Trickery?!”

“Yes, and no, fair warrior.  The green screen is a portal for those on the web to travel and share in your battles for change.”  I say handing her my camera with a graceful bow, “Please, if you’d be so kind as to snap a picture of me stepping from behind the curtain I would be deeply honored.  It’s time for me to be seen.”

The warrior princess takes my camera with a wry smiles and says, “I would be honored to capture your magic behind my magic, Wizard.”

“Don’t be alarmed.  Flying is quite easy for me.” I say as I step into thin air and float gracefully downward into the valley to a spot to have my photo taken by the warrior princess.

But as I drift to the green screen I find myself teleported aboard a train in the Wild West of the 1800s.  I sit down with a grizzled sheriff as the Sedona rocks speed by out the train window.

The Science of Hydration - Final
Real-life Wizard Patrick Flanagan

“Welcome aboard, Wizard.  How come you can time travel and levitate, and I can’t do squat except shoot people?” the sheriff says, spitting into a spittoon.

“Make no comparisons, sir.  You are right where you need to be.  You have greater powers than you know.  We are all connected, sheriff.”


I awake feeling better than I have in weeks.  I’ve been getting out from behind my desk and out of my head.  DreamShield’s mission has become less in spirit and more in connection to those around us.

Feeling guided to be stronger in form, I’ve joined a health club and bought a pass for hiking the canyons as the weather here in Sedona cools.

Patrick Flanagan has been advising me on lowering my blood pressure by releasing anger with my father.  He’s enjoying the blog about my progress. Over lunch the other day I tell him, “Yeah, my issue is not giving love but letting people love me.”

“No.  You don’t do love well either giving or receiving, Ken.  Until you release your anger with your father no love will flow.” the scientist says sipping his iced coffee in the 111 degree heat of August in Arizona.

That stings.  I feel like I have been giving great love with the videos I make for Patrick.  But when I look at it hard, that’s just excellent performance on my part.  I do love the genius.  But the videos are mostly me performing with the little love I can squeeze out of my closed heart.


My father 6 months before his passing. He loved the story of the DreamShield I told him in 2010. My kids are another story. They were shocked I saw 7 foot tall blue angels in Italy.

So this past weekend I finally did let of my anger with my father in a personal DreamShield meditation in Phoenix at the dazzling Botanical gardens.  It was interesting how sad I was about the idea of releasing that father anger. A sure sign I was truly letting go.  After I finished the short ceremony among the cactus in bloom I see how clearly I was holding my father, who passed in 2011, to this world.  I freed a soul 30 months in limbo and myself in Phoenix where the new me begins to rise.  I ask my father as I finish releasing us both of old rage, “Any last words, Dad?  Before you leave?”

The answer is simple and heartfelt in my father’s voice, “I am sorry.”  My tears dry fast in the 112 August Phoenix heat and Dad is gone.

The next day I feel lighter in the private dance lessons I am taking from Mica Monet, a healer here in Sedona.  She’s a great teacher for this Wizard too often stuck behind a computer and in his head.  She also is the first client friend to turn the camera on me like the warrior princess in the dream, though there was no physical resemblance.  Her photo of me has become the banner art for my social media company

The other night after salsa class we had dinner at Enchanted Village, it’s set deep in the rocks of Sedona.  I shared that Patrick had out me over the top on her father forgiveness advice.  Then I listened to Mica, when I could stop myself from interrupting, an issue I am working on, as the angelic one shared her plans for more dance classes, art, fashion and more.  This confirmed my feeling we all need to be doing more in form.  The mental part of the shift is passed.  It’s time to get real.


After a sumptuous meal, Mica and I do a two person Dreamshield mediation about accepting love personally under the stars and the rocks of the Enchanted Village.  I’m happy to have her expertise on the emotion of love with me as I place my hand to the wet lawn of the freshly watered crochet field.  Mica has had a rough childhood, like most light workers who choose this in our life contract to make us spirit warriors and wizards.  And so she shares the same issues in feminine form as I do.

“Let the love of Gaia flow into you through the earth, Ken.” she says sweetly. “Trust.”

“I’m trying… but my love is still all going outward to Gaia. I can’t feel her love,” I say sadly.

“You are a man.  That’s giving energy.  Accepting love is harder for males.  Don’t lose hope,” Mica says.

Desperate to accept Mother Earth’s love I get down on my hands and knees and bow my forehead to touch the wet lawn. “I only feel a trickle from the flood of love Gaia is sending me.”

“Good start,” says Mica.

“Shit I forgot your leftovers!”  I say and run back to the restaurant.  Funny way to end a mediation, we both laugh as I run off.

“Meet you back at the car,” Mica shouts after, alone beneath the stars with Gaia.  Maybe Gaia wanted some one on one time with Ms. Monet.


It’s such fun hanging with such great wizards in Sedona.  Even Connie Miller, who been working on helping me forgive me father since 2010 when I first saw angels in Italy, miraculously showed up here for a weeklong SoulDrama workshop in May.  Accident?  Nah.  That’s the magic of the DreamShield I am honored to be custodian to!  I am sure she’ll be happy to hear I finally managed the job and took her insights onto my new quantum physics theory of bipolar disorder that just might earn me a Nobel prize one day.

No easy task, as my father made childhood a living hell for me.  A sentence of 18 years of daily insanity.  I can’t express my gratitude to her, Patrick, his wife Stephanie Sutton, who worked on getting me focused on why I chose such a bipolar father before birth and sweet Mica, all three for helping me heal the biggest wound of my life.  It’s been that hard for me.  A team of three people working on me daily for six months.

Patrick Flanagan’s 14K Gold Platted Sensor V Medallion

Most of the 44 completed videos for THE FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTS have been filmed on green screen.  But like the dream I have stepped from behind the green curtain for this stellar video about Patrick Flanagan’s portable portal, as I fondly call his Sensor V medallion.

Since I began wearing the doctor’s medallion the flow of wealth and abundance has increased.  This allows me to do work on my teeth and eyes that need some repair from a 2008 recession that’s never really ended.  Man does not live by meditation alone.

BTW, Patrick is also a huge Oz fan.  He’s brought the Emerald City to life at Burning Man.  No accidents in all this work.  I am honored to be the media wizard bringing you his real life wizardry via my magical green screen.

Enjoy this teaser video about the amazing Sensor V medallion.  Martian inspired jewelry that’s out of this world.

Special thanks to Somas for inspiring me to get a new lens to capture the wizardry of Patrick’s medallion.

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