“In the not too distant future, humanity will have full on telepathic abilities, that we will be able to levitate and fly.” – Dr. Patrcik Flanagan of from the hit web series THE FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTS

By Ken Sheetz

Still of Me and Patrick Opening Portal
Patrick Flanagan (left) and me on the set of THE FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTS. Click the pic to watch the videos!


Arizona is not the place to be in the summer.  Temps daily top 100.  Gets as high as 120 in the shade.  Touch a car in the sun and it burns your hand!  Forest fires are the norm.  Despite all this, Sedona and a good AC unit are holding me here on an epic healing visit that began and February to film super scientist Patrick Flanagan for THE FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTS.

There are just five videos left to film of the 50 video web series and Patrick and I are following spirit and letting them unfold in their proper time and order.  So far the web series has gained over 23.5 million views on YouTube and made BuzzBroz my #1 YouTube channel of the many I own and service.  I am excited I will be filming Patrick today after a two-week break.

A few weeks back, a Hawaii based client offered as sizable paycheck with a place and car on the big island to steal me away from filming Patrick. Then an offer came in to direct a feature film in New Orleans.  But I turned both offers down without hesitation despite the hot, dry Arizona summer.  Why?  ET spirit guides or no spirit guides, I know how rare the chance is to capture on film the life a scientist that LIFE MAGAZINE named as one of the top ten scientists in the world.

I’ve created over 50 posters promoting the hit web series that are the best social media art I’ve yet to create.  Patrick brings out the ET in me.  He loves to upgrade all who work with him and I am no exception.  Since coming to Sedona he’s been improving my gear and me.  From meditation with his brain boosting Neurophone he invented in 1957, to my health with his Crystal Energy and Megahydrate products that are making me feel like a kid again.  So The Flanagan Experiments is more than another film project in my 18 years career as a documentary filmmaker, since giving up being a Chicago real estate mogul.  Working with Patrick, and his lovely wife Stephanie is nothing less than a rebirth for the second 60 years of my life’s work of assisting in the shift.

In my 2010 awakening I was directed by the voice of the collective consciousness, what many call God, to live to the age of 120.  I was stunned.  How would this be possible, I wondered?  The longest any of  my family members has lived to is a senile, arthritic 92!

Now, here in August of 2013, about 2/3rds through the long hot AZ summer, I see how I will not only live to be 120, but thrive and live well beyond.  I am honored to be the person to film Dr. Flanagan’s discovery of immortality he labors on 24/7.  No wonder I am still in Sedona despite the summer heat.  To bring the world to the world of the greatest discovery in human history: Eternal youth!  It will happen soon my ET pal Ohom says.  Subscribe to BuzzBroz on YouTube to be the first kid on your block to learn how we will all soon be immortal thanks to Dr. Flanagan.


Since, according to genius Flanagan, we are all going to soon be immortal, I’ve decided to make room for the new me of the Golden Age.  So I have been working wth Mica Monet, a powerful intuitive healer, clearing the debris of my past.

I first met Mica in LA in 2010, my year of awakening, and it’s no accident we are here in Sedona at the same time.  Unfortunately, I first mistook Mica and I being here in Sedona, who arrived just a couple of weeks before me, as fate we would be lovers.

And who could blame me for falling for the dazzling healer with a million watt smile? I chased Mica all over Sedona like Pepe Le Pew, despite the fact she was clearly not attracted to me that way.  But her spurning of my one-way infatuation gave me a huge clue that I have a giant issue.  I have always loved in one-way fashion in one form or another.

Solving this imbalanced love I have seen is a huge dynamic that is my next DreamShield planetary mission.  As a world we need to stop loving leaders in religion, politics and business who do not love us back equally.  And it’s inspired a new novel and screenplay called LOVE MONSTER about a mother who loves her son to death.

But doing this work healing deep childhood wounds has been tough.  One morning, after a profound but exhausting session, Mica texts me: “Hi Kenny B.  Just wanted to make sure u wet OK today.”  Then a follow-up text “‘Were’ not ‘wet’ OK.  LOL.”  Voice texting was recently made fun on the show ELLEN.  Iphone’s still have a long way to go.

Mica’s concern is sweet and so I send her a report text: “Survived a bad steak dinner after our session. Alive and seeking answers from the past as you suggested.  Love that you are always right.”

Over Tuesday breakfast, July 30th, the last day of the old age according to the Mayan expert Stephanie Sutton, I recall my past life as Maya the 18th century shaman from the Brazil rainforest.  A past life I learned of from the Damanhur of Italy.  Maya I recall lived alone inside a cozy home-built into a hollow of a giant tree.  Maya and I talk when I need her shaman wisdom.  The Damanhur opened a permanent dialogue for me with Mayan that gives me a built-in expert on healing for my planetary and self-healing.

“Maya,” I ask in my mind as couple from young man at breakfast from Phoenix, here at the B&B for a few days shows me a dream shield with an eagle tatoo on his left arm.

The clay statue of my life as Maya is in the foreground. That’s Damanhur past life guide Shama Viola in the background. Brilliant woman! I adore her for all she taught me about Maya. I look forward to learning all five past lives of the most pertinent to Ken Sheetz’s that Damanhur of Italy have chosen for me to study.

“Yes, Ken.” answers Maya’s sweet voice from two centuries past.

“What was your love life like back there in the 1800s?”

Maya giggles, “I never took a lover.”

“Why not?” I ask.

“I am a wise enough to know my heart is not built to accept love.  Don’t pity me.  I am happy with my life of service.  Giving love is easy for me.  Taking love, however, was impossible.  So I chose to remain a virgin until my passing as an old woman,” Maya answers as the young man with the tattoo passes me the butter for my toast.

“Maya, why do you think your heart and so many of our past lives can only give love and not accept love?” I say in my minds voice across the centuries to Maya who I see is gathering berries in the jungle.

“Seek the answers as far back in time as you can travel in meditation.  I will be with you on your time travels,” says Maya.

Sebastian, the B&B owner notices, I am unusually quiet at breakfast this morning and teases me out of my trance, “How was your session with the amazing Mica?  You ever get anywhere with her?”

Sebastian is not asking spirit wise.  He’s become a good pal here in Sedona.  We talk often of my hopeless crush on the angelic Mica.

“I’ve finally let go of chasing Mica.  And every other woman for that matter.  Off the market until I figure my problems with love out, ” I say.

“Hmm.  Maybe I should do the same.  Done with your dishes?” says Sebastian wish a grin that tells me he thinks I am lying and still hung up on Mica.  Maybe I am.  But I am in too much emotional pain to know.  I feel sore from over exertion of my brain, all this meditating and writing about love is taking a toll.

Winning the heart of Mica is the least of my worries.  I really am off the market.  Even if I did win her heart I’d be like a dog that finally chomps into car bumper and doesn’t know what to do with it.  I leave the breakfast table before Sebastian comes out of the kitchen as I hear my dishes clatter into the sink and head up to my room to my man cave.

I work promoting a new video of Stephanie I shot in Sunday when she and Patrick treated me to lunch a the five-star Le Barg about the Golden Age.  But I feel far from Golden as I work on her video.

At 11 AM on this busy Tuesday, Patrick shows up at the B&B with his legal beagle pal Thomas to show him the place.  Thomas is going to be staying at Sebastian’s lovely B&B too for a few months.  Should be fun if he can ever stop talking law, law, and more law.  Sometimes listening Thomas I feel like I am in an episode of LAW & ORDER.  Not easy for a guy a left real estate to escape all the red tape.  Stay tuned.


Angel dentist Kimberly Wachter DDS of Sedona Smiles saved my teeth

After lunch at my editing desk, where I just have finished Stephanie’s brilliant interview,  I head out for an emergency dental visit to Sedona Smiles.  Patrick Flanagan has referred me there and, like all he does, his referral is brilliant.  Wow, wherever I live after THE FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTS. my dentist will always be Sedona Smiles in Sedona.

The cool thing about this dental emergency for a cavity, as the X-rays will confirm, is I saw my new cavity in a vision.  I was tiny and floating about the black cavity like a tiny orbiting satellite cameraman.  A few days later than dull pain under an old crown sent me to Patrick for the referral.

Only in Sedona would I share a story of a vision of a cavity with a dentist without fear of straightjacket team from the funny farm waiting for me in the parking lot to throw a net over me.  In other parts of the world spirit is for Sundays.  Here among the red rocks spirit is an everyday part of life.  My new dentist, however shares something with me I did not see in the vision.  I have developed a chronic case of gum dis-ease that is dissolving my jaw bones and damaging my heart with dangerous plaque making it way from my sick mouth.

I accept her recommendation for an emergency cleaning of the deep tartar beneath my gums.  I am not surprised.  I have not been to a dentist is 7 years.   My dentist as a kid was sadist who never gave anesthetic.  This sad fact gives me a pathological fear of dentistry and doctors in white for that matter.  Sometimes that protects me from the Matrix pharma system.  But this is a holistic dentist and friend of Patrick’s.

Regardless, I ask for nitrous oxide, which Patrick says is in also in Cool Whip and he used to experiment with a parties back in the day.  I go under and keep meditating on past life as a young tech goes to work on my teeth.  But I see nothing but the nice ceiling and clouds out the window.  Sedona is a vision.  No need to go inside to have one here in the red rock counrtry.  And the people here are angelic like you don’t see in my home of the city of.

The cavity turns out to a blessing that will save all my teeth.  I learn from my new dental angels that people’s gums are fooled into not feeling their own death by the sneaky bacteria.  Had the cavity not gotten me here I would have lost all my teeth very soon and ended up with dentures like my dad who lost all his teeth in this 20s.

On the way home, my third drive up scenic 89a I am loving the drive and life.  Maybe I am still a little high on the nitrous, but I relieved to feel more myself.  Driving is always a meditation for me.  Like Steven Speilberg I get my best ideas on the road as operating the car shuts down my busy mind.

Yeah, I am thrilled to be taking care of myself with the dental work.  Dental work!  Ha!  I am proud as hell I did not blink when I was presented with the $2500 estimate in starting the rescue mission of my mouth.  “Let’s do it, doc!”  I said when the angel dentist presented the bill.I’ve kept all my teeth these 60 years as Ken Sheetz, but I’ve done it with a lot of self-hatred as being weak. Now I was loving myself without hesitation.  I texted my therapist pal Mica about this self-love and she was very happy for me in the text back.


Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz004I get about half way back to the B&B on route 89A that gets more beautiful the more I drive this amazing piece of what many call the beautiful drive in the world, when one of my favorite spirit friends from the 23rd centuty: Jake Resinald of Akshic TV pops into my head for a visit.  I have recorded Jake on DreamShield videos starting in 2011, but there are no cameras here in my rented car except the cosmic ones, no bigger than a molecule,  that broadcast all of our lives to billions of viewers across the universes.

“Jake Resinald, Akashic TV reporting live from the red rocks of Sedona.  Where DreamShield founder and champion Ken Sheetz is pondering his dental work, and many on the earth’s, problems accepting love!”  I say aloud, alone in the car as Jake, whose voice is loud and boisterous.

“Hello, Jake.” I say genuinely happy for Jake’s visit.  Before I came to believe in my work I simply believed Jake was a character I improved like say one of my favorite character Rosane Rosanna Danna from earlier SNL fame.  Shame cancer took her so young.  Even at only 60 I have outlived so many great people of my generation.

“So, Mr. Sheetz, the audience of the Akashic is watching you help accelerate the shift with the great Patrick Flanagan!  And I’ve asked to visit you today with a simple message for you personally as one of the early pioneers of the Akashu. DON’T GIVE UP!” I say as Jake, shocked at his boisterous emotionally charged words of hope. “You ARE going to find the answers and succeed in your mission of finding how to LOVE in balance!”

Suddenly It’s as though I am sitting in the passenger seat and Jake is driving.  I see Jake for the first time.  He’s younger than I imagined he was. He has blonde wavy hair and piercing deep green eyes and he is crying tears of love. I almost lose the vision as I worry how a man from 200 years in the future has taken the wheel of the dark grey Nissan Altima.

Jake voice but now own from behind the driver’s whee and not my own.  His voice is higher in frequency than I’ve been channeling I notice as he says bravely, “Sorry I am crying, Ken.  But in my time, 200 hundred years hence, thanks to your great work here in the dawning of the Golden Age in 2013, we men cry as freely as women.” Jake wipes tears from his tan cheeks to see the road.

Now I find myself crying too that this great reporter of the Akashic from the 23rd century loves me so much that he has felt my heartache enough to fully materialize to me. And I say to him in wracking sobs that shake me to my core, “Thanks, Jake.  I apologize, by the way, for not thinking you were real.”

Jake and I get a great laugh out of the last of doubts about the visions of DreamShield drying up here in the desert like the monsoons of the past few weeks that have halted the Arizona fires.

“Don’t give up, Ken Sheetz!  You were born into the childhood you chose to set you on the path to discovering new frontiers of love.  You will unlock the secret of your closed heart and take the knowledge back to the future 5 billion years from now.  You are ripe to move past your abusive father’s role in shaping you to be who you are.  On the verge of greatness you cannot imagine.  By the way, you father William sends his deepest apologies for playing his part of the abusive dad too well.”

We both cry together over my tragic childhood.  “I know many kids have had it far worse than me, Jake.  I am done with my anger at my father but I still feel shame at letting this happen to me,”  I say to Jake through a torrent of tears..

“Ken Sheetz, my dear fellow reporter of the early Akashic Ken Sheetz.  You are far too hard on yourself.  Try telling an eight-year-old child who has just been thrown across his bedroom into a wall by a brute of father and feeling his little arm break like a twig, ‘Other kids have it worse than me.’ And see what reaction you get.  A little child can only sink in spirit so low without passing.  You came close to death on too many occasions to note at your father’s demented parenting!”

“Thank you, Jake.  No one’s ever put my suffering as a child so well.  Namaste, great  reporter of the Akashic.” I say bowing to Jake.

“This driving is fun!  I  the 23rd century our cars are all driven by robots.  You are blessed to live in these early times.  Times where you must feel stop feeling shame over your outrage.  Your father went to his death a few days early to avoid your 2011 visit.  He was the one who felt shame.  That is where it properly belongs and even he has been forgiven.  If you can follow the beautiful Mica’s advice it will help you discovery.

A car tries to pass mine on 89A.  But I don’t want them to see perhaps no one at the wheel if they cannot see Jake like I can and so say, “Take the Nissan up to 80 and stay ahead of that car behind us.”  I watch the car behind us get left behind.  “OK, Jake, slow it down.  Wouldn’t want a speeding ticket.”

“I want to do this driving again with you sometime, ” says Jake slowing the car after we have some space to talk on the highway. “I am turning the wheel back to you, Ken.”  And as Jake says this he’s now in the passenger seat and I am behind the wheel.

“Wow.  You have to teleporting me around the car Jake before we have a crash,” I say only half kidding.

“I leave you now Ken Sheetz to return to the Golden Age is full swing in the 23rd Century.  But as a parting gift l give you a clue to solving your mystery of a heart that can give but not accept love.  An ailment you are right that is planetary and wreaking havoc on mother Gaia. Listen to Mica and Maya in your search.  The answer does in fact lie in the past as theyb advise you.  Travel back as far into the past your powerful meditations with the new aides of Dr. Falanagan Neurohone can take you.  There you will find your answers to what is blocking your ability to accept love.”

Thanks, Jake.  I hate that she’s always right.  She saw right through me.  I am not love material,” I say as I look for Jake in the passenger seat.  Though he is already gone I am still in touch and speaking for Jake in a my funny imitation of his boitrous Robin Leach like voice.

“Not for Mica perhaps are you ‘Love Material” but for someone even more wonderful for you and your work. You will know true love.  This is Jake Resinald signing off for Akaschic TV. Farewell for now, Ken Sheetz, brave warrior of the Shift we honor and love you.”

Jake’s visit was so powerful that I am even a mess writing this now 24 hours after the vision on 89A.   Stay tuned for the next blog where I tap into my very first life 4.54 billion years ago for the more answers to healing my one-way heart in BABY GAIA.


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